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Ostersund v Arsenal Review – Run-of-the-mill Gunners ease to a good lead

Arsenal arrived in Sweden to freezing temperatures but were expected to blow away the minnows of Ostersund, and at the start it looked like that was going to happen as the Gunners went straight for the jugular from the off. The pressure paid off when Monreal put us 1-0 up in just 12 minutes after an Iwobi shot was spilled clumsily by Keita and it looked like we were in for an easy night. The home side, who are out of season right now, looked very nervous and Arsenal scored again in the 24th with an own goal after a wicked deflection from Mhki’s cross. It looked like Ostersund were gifting the game to Arsenal.

But then the Swedish side came alive and started to look dangerous and the next 15 minutes were taken up with Arsenal sitting back and Ostersund realising that they should actually be playing. It was starting to look like a Sunday League game as Arsenal looked like they were being matched all over the pitch, and it looked like the Swedish side were going to get back into it, but the Gunners managed to keep their 2-0 lead at half time. To be honest Welbeck and Iwobi had quite a few chances to increase the lead but the finishing was woeful. Iwobi looks like the one that most needs to go to sites like Plus Voucher Code to get sme discounts of body building supplies! Although Arsenal are the EPL side, the Swedish minnows seem to be bigger and fitter…

The first ten minutes of the second half saw Ostersund continue to impress as it looked like our stars were feeling the cold and were doing the bare minimum to stay in front, but with half an hour to go Ozil took a speculative shot but the goalkeeper didn’t hold on to it and it continued into the net.

The game looked over and Ostersund seemed to have lost their fight, so Arsenal were given the upper hand as they pressed to put the tie beyond doubt. Welbeck failed to impress against these lower league players and Wenger gave Nketiah a chance to impress in the last 7 minutes, but there was very little action to speak off.

Right at the death Ostersund were given a consolation penalty when Bellerin got caught wrong-footed, but there last chance went begging as Ospina saved it easily.

A good result, but hardly breath-taking. 3-0 is a fair result in my mind but it really should have been more. But to be fair, it was very very cold and there was no need to break much of a sweat against a very mediocre opponent…

If Cech was in the Ostersund goal he may have finally got a clean sheet!


33 thoughts on “Ostersund v Arsenal Review – Run-of-the-mill Gunners ease to a good lead

  1. gotanidea

    Wenger’s way usually works against small teams like the Osterichs, but let’s see when they have to face Dortmund, Atletico, etc. Monreal was passionate as usual and Iwobi worked very hard.

    Welbeck’s confidence looked very low currently. Maitland-Niles could not show his raw pace and skills, because he played in the center.

    1. MW supporter

      Oh my word why can’t you people just say good result, we won in freezing conditions on a plastic pitch were not used to ffs. Why constantly moan and attack our own players.

      1. Ackshay

        Oh so we should all behave like you expect us to behave now lol. where the hell did he criticise any players. He praised super nacho,iwobi and rightfully said that welbeck is out of form and confidence since he returned from injury.
        Not the usual iwobi is shit as is welbeck we only beat weak ass team we hear often.

  2. Goonerforever

    So frustrated that we never take on players, attack down the wings, cross or shoot. Yes we won, but sooo boring when we should have been attacking at pace and putting them under pressure rather than pass, pass, pass. The same old tactics, whoever the opposition….no wonder our forwards lose confidence

    1. gotanidea

      That is Wenger’s method to win the ball possession. On paper the formation was 4-2-3-1, but actually the wingers played nearer to the center, as if they were central attacking midfielders.

      Ozil was supposed to play behind the striker, but he often went very deep to release himself from the opponent’s pressure. Klopp and Guardiola use the width of the field brilliantly, but Wenger seems to be stuck on his version of tiki-taka.

    1. muffdiver

      they were a dead team
      we never left 2nd gear
      didnt press

      found it hard to watch continuously – ended up cooking and hearing my girl talk about work- like i care what anna in human resources thinks

      this is bullsh** mayne

  3. Lupe

    Brilliant result and performance from the boys, they showed character today. Ozil showed up today, worldclass player!! I can’t wait to see him re-appear again against Brighton. Man city next, fingers crossed.

    1. gotanidea

      0-3 is a brilliant result and yes scoring a goal against the Osterichs was the sign of a world class player

  4. stubill

    Nor exactly inspiring was it.

    Yes we won, by my god it was boring, against teams like this we should be dring forward, but we still persist with the sideways passing, it does my head in.

  5. citrenoogeht

    I hate to put a downer on the result, but I thought that that result flattered our performance. Ostersund, should have been awarded at least one other penalty (possibly two) from the one that we got. We were very vulnerable in defence and our recognised striker (Welbeck) was embarrassingly wasteful. Unfortunately I can’t see us winning this cup with Welbeck as a lone striker.

  6. Innit

    3-0 away is always excellent
    It looks like we will progress ???
    Remember there are still Dortmund, Atalanta, Moscow, Athletico Madrid, Bilbao, Villareal, Lyon, Napoli, Milan, Marsaille
    This is a VERY tough tournament

    My big worry is the same as before the match.
    Welbeck won’t be enough up front innit.
    Good news is that the round of 16 is in May
    So hopefully Lacazette will be fully fit by then.
    Bad news is that Dortmund won 3-2 at home so looks like Aubameyang is out.
    Stupid rule by the way. Aubameyang hasn’t even played in Europa but unfortunately he is barred by the rules. Hope there is a miracle win by Atalanta but doubt it.

    Anyway, we desperately need to win Europa to play in CL next season. So from the Round of 16 onwards we MUST play our best players

    Let’s get a ? we’ve never won before

  7. ks-gunner

    In case Real or Uefelona come and offer us a hamburger for Bellerin, we have to take it and just run.

  8. Kenny Rolfe

    If we play like that in the League Cup Final we’ll get murdered. That team were not even League 2 standard. They were similar to non league outfit. Mustafi was a joke, constantly giving the ball away like when they earned the penalty . Bellerin, well I don’t know what’s happened to him, looks a different player to the one a year ago. Iwobi running around like a headless chicken, square and back passes only and Welbeck, how United had us over with him but the dinosaur was happy, shaking the hand for once with the EUFA official. So many people on this site happy with the win over a team probably equivalent to Sutton United

  9. Innit

    Greizmann just joined the party.
    1-4 to Atl Madrid
    They look like the tournament favorites. Well to me anyway.

  10. Sam

    Oh my oh my, This is not the Arsenal I use to support. Even when we had the worst Arsenal team, we still managed to play well. I remember Denilson was our first choice DM and we played him there for three to four seasons before we finally sold him. But we still managed top four finish evey season. Is Mr Wenger ever going to give us major trophies that we deserve as faithful fans of this great club?

  11. Break-on-through

    If we make it to the final and our opponents are already guaranteed a place in the CL does the spot go to us automatically. Anybody know if this is the case.

  12. TR07_hide

    Ozil and Mhkitaryan should have led our attack but created very, very few.

    We lost the ball way too easily and too cheaply in the build up, thus put ourselves in danger.

    Only Ospina and Elneny looked just decent, average, did their job. The others were all below par.

    One thing for sure: we belong to this lower competition. We have no CL quality.

    And in the league, we are obviously a midtable team. We can’t beat top 4 clubs.

    As long as Wenger manages, we are stuck in where we are now.

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