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Overview of Arsenal’s Champions League chances this year

Champions League season 2013-14 by Blaz

The Uefa Champions league season 2013/14 is off and running. As per usual, Arsenal is a part of competition and as per usual we didn’t have any luck with the draw. For the last couple of seasons we have been paired (in the second round) with future champions like Barcelona and then Bayern Munich and it was more of the same a month ago. We actually got the worst possible combination – last years finalist, a team that spent almost as much as Tottenham in the summer and former champions Marseille.

We play the latter today in France and we do have a a fair chance of winning the game. I do believe that we were quite fortunate with the schedule, even if the draw was harsh. We should start the new season with a win and than at least a draw at home against Dortmund. In a couple of months when the games turn it will be us hosting Marseille at home while Dortmund and Napoli will be trying to beat each other senseless for the remaining spot in the last 16.

I feel no matter how much we suffered in the EPL, Europe was a place where we would always get the task done. Even though Borussia became a European powerhouse, a team that somehow can’t do wrong and always gets the right players, we did always manage to get a result against them, even in our darkest hours (after the loss of Nasri+Fabregas). In the last decade Italian and French teams brought us good fortunes more or less, so I do expect more of the same this year. And we did have luck, we won’t have to travel far – ok, Napoli is not that close, but still, it ain’t Russia or anything. And besides that, it should be nice and warm over there. For the last few years our experience was enough to get to the top 16 and than we maybe missed a bit of good fortune, which this year, with the current crop and an extra player or two in January, shouldn’t be a problem.

Some of the pundits would have you believe that Arsenal doesn’t stand any serious chances, well they can go to hell! Manchester city, with all their money and new players don’t have the right champions league mentality. The only one with real credentials in the competition is their boss – the thing which is completely opposite with their neighbours United. An experienced team (maybe a bit old even), but Moyes isn’t the one I would want to lead my team in the UCL. Chelsea has Mourinho, of course, a doddle of a draw and a good team, but I feel they rode their luck already and their golden generation reached its peak few years ago. So, if you ask me, Arsenal are the best English hope of achieving a proper result this year in Europe. That is, if we stop losing players every game because of injuries (and even before games).

Last year loads of City fans said that had they been in our group they would also go through, but since they were in the group of death and blah blah blah (seriously, there’s just so much one can take from anyone who likes Man City), so now this year it’s our chance to show the world how it is done – how to kick Borussia and the master of European tournaments, Benitez. I can’t wait for the games to begin.

Blaž from Ljubljana a.k.a. Archangel

Ps: A truth or dare moment, my fellow Gooners: A few years ago, when Chelsea played Bayern in the finals and Tottenham was fourth in the Premier league (a place leading them into CL next year had Chelsea lost), tell me the truth, who did you support? Bayern, whose victory would see Roman cry like a baby again, but also Tottenham in CL, or Chelsea, whose victory would see the spuds cry like babies yet again? I must admit I found myself cheer for Chelsea couple of times; what about you?

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36 thoughts on “Overview of Arsenal’s Champions League chances this year

  1. sheggz

    competition way too strong im afraid but then again ANYTHING can happen; Chelsea won it for crying out loud and they have had better teams in the past that haven’t won it.

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  2. Tobiasnewman

    What i love aboy the cl is that anyone who is playing in it has the chance to go all the way and win it
    i do fancy our chances to get into the quarter and evan possibly the semi finalswith our team spirit and with players comming back from injury

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  3. Twig

    I wonder if Flamini will return to France as soon as he achieves his “unfinished business” at Arsenal? Recent comments indicate he’s not ready to drop his journeyman habits anytime soon.

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  4. leo

    Man in court for trying to have s*x with sheep at Tottenham training ground news via evening standard

    hahahaha lol spuds how desperate do they get

    Tottehnam fan? Why always them? rofl/pmsl

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  5. leo

    cazorla likely to return by oct19 but could return early as well can’t wait for him ozil,wilshere,theo & ramsey to play in that mf

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  6. leo

    Arsenal’s under-19’s defeat Marseille 4-1. Let’s hope the seniors can repeat it as well coyg’s

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  7. leo

    Sky Italia say Tévez reputedly told Llorente—”Perhaps you’re useful for basketball, but in football I’ve never had a worse striker partner”

    llorente could leave & arsenal are looking at him

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  8. Simba

    I fancy us beating Marseilles Home and away

    Beating Napoli in Italy and earn 1 point in London and a vice versa result against Dortmund. This will makes us leaders of the group with 14 points.

    Then maybe with luck on our side we’ll make it to quater finals if we manage to make the semis we will definately be Champions…

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  9. nmdb

    @leo……are you serious? a sheep? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…………OH Dear…….the sc*m have grown that desperate huh!”””?…………….

    over to you arsene,………(*in his deepest kratos tone*


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  10. ArashBehnia

    We have beat Bayern, Barcelona, Ac Milan, Dortmund… We can beat anyone… This is the beauty of this sport, any team can beat any team. Obviously Barca and Bayern are the strongest teams followed by Madrid and Dortmund. We are the 3rd category with teams like PSG, Juventus, Athletico… Teams that are building again or improving.

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  11. nmdb

    you guys are so gonna love this


    So 15 thOctober Nineteen Eighty eight A legend is born so remember the date He began his career with Schalke 04 But after 30 games they showed him the door A playmaker at 17 with the same on his shirt To lose him to Bremen must seriously have hurt So why sell Mesut Ozil to a rival at all you say? He fell out with the management and had not wanted to stay To Werder for Ozil then in January 08 Within 4 months a trophy chalked on his slate Cup Final victory over Leverkusen by 1 goal to nil No guess’s who scored it, Mesut Ozil From joy in one Cup to UEFA cup pain A final defeat to Shakhtar of Ukraine A poor second season a club level in 08/09 But on a personal level Ozil continued to shine Fifteen assists in a struggling side A first German call up accepted with pride Germany was recognizing the talent on show But 2010 was the year the whole world got to know Third place for Bremen the following season In reality the success down to one reason 9 goals and 17 assists Ozil had come of age The World Cup in Africa the beckoning stage An assist and a goal in winning the group Mezut the creator in this talented troop The destruction of England next for his team Would Ozil wake up from living this dream? A semi final defeat the bitterest of pain Going out to the eventual winners Spain A personal triumph and nomination for the Golden Ball Now a world star, Real Madrid and Mourinho would call Wenger had wanted him at Arsenal Barca and United too I heard tell But the pull of Madrid was hard to resist A new Galactico Ozil the king of the assist A new playmaker welcomed by Los Blancos with glee Not van de vaart not Beckham but Ozil number 23 His first season saw Barca the dominant team But Madrid’s 23 was the goal maker supreme With vision, with skill and to his team mates delight He made 24 goals for his colleagues in white The summer of 2011 was the moment when The ‘Special one’ decided Mesut was his 10 Jose set the team up to play through Ozil Together La Liga winning an ambition to fulfill With 1 7 assists the magic he weaved Los Blanco’s 32nd title and Ozil’s first was achieved 100 points amassed and in football recognition That Ronaldo was indebted to a German magician The Euros that summer next in the story 10 wins, 5 goals, 7 assists in qualifying glory 2 man of the match highlights for Ozil en route to the semi Then disappointment, defeat to the Old Italian enemy. Technically superb with vision to burn The deftest of touches, the quickest of turn Called the German Messi or the German Zidane But why make comparisons even if you can Described as unique by Mourinho, not one inclined to be soppy “There is no copy of him, not even a bad copy” “Technically perfect, with total control of the ball” Said Ruud Gullet, not bad himself after all 35 goals laid on for club and country in 2012/13 Such consistemcy of assisting has rarely been seen The world’s best No 10 to secure a place in Real’s history Any other outcome surely a mystery But with Jose departed and Pezez wants Bale Surely not foolish enough to sanction Mesut’s sale? Yes £85 million spent on the one season Welsh Wonder Could yet be seen as Madrid’s biggest blunder With days left in the window Ozil’s wants out Many will want him but who has the clout? Would he follow the cash to Paris or United Or to follow a dream by Wenger ignited? Magic hat back on his head, a new dream alive Arsene has Ozil convinced, it is London N5 So we waited all summer and hoped for action sooner But on deadline day we say proudly, Ozil is a Gooner Not since the arrival of the Iceman in ninety five Has the expectancy and excitement felt so alive Can the Premiership muster a more creative trio than Santi, Mesut and of course our own Theo? Who knows where Ozil can take us or what lies in store But one thing is certain we won’t struggle to score Is this the catalyst to end the 8 year drought? With the addition of Ozil I feel there’s no doubt Ozil. Ozil – He came from Real Madrid

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  12. mjGooner

    Dont know what you guys thing but Gnarby needs to start getting into the 1st team now!!
    He totally destroyed Marseille U19..
    Im telling you guys, this kid is ready!!!

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    1. juhislihis

      No he’s not. At least not for Arsenal. He’s too lightweight. He got skills yes but at the moment he will be eaten alive my Stoke players. He needs to be loaned any time soon though.

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      1. th14

        Hes like chamberlin very strong and physically developed for is age, just lacks experience at the top level.

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    2. mr lean

      he should get a start next week in the capital one cup game at west brom so cant wait to see him in action

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  13. haywill

    the bookies back arsenal to beat marseille. we are the favourite mate 😀 😀 😀

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  14. mr lean

    really excited about tonights game as looking forward to seeing ozil in action again,keep pinching myself to make sure its not a dream that he is playing for us !!

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  15. jackieboy

    I’m not really worried about our group as much as the media likes to kick up a fuss about it. In all homesty, I see Dortmund being the hard nut to crack. Napoli and Marseille are there for the taking IMO. 10 or 12 points shouldn’t be a problem. Win all our home games, and avoid defeat once or get a win away and we’re laughing.

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  16. mr lean

    Kaylan hinds who played for the u19’s today looks like a really great prospect and english

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