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Owen Coyle – Miyaichi is fantastic and will have a big impact

The Bolton manager Owen Coyle did a great job with Jack Wilshere when he spent six months on loan the season before last, and if anything he is even more excited about this seasons Arsenal loanee Ryo Miyaichi.

The skinny Japanese winger won Bolton’s Player-of-the-Month trophy after just three games, and Coyle thinks that Miyaichi will be a great help as the Trotters fight against relegation, despite looking too fragile to compete in the Premier League.

Coyle said: “He’s not the stature for a sleeves-up battle to stay up, but he does have an effect.

“He’s wiry and takes kicks. He will be back and blue because of the kicks he took as he’s so positive playing against good players.

“He shows unbelievable quality, he’s brave and he’s got an unbelievable temperament about him.”

“He went to Millwall and scored a wonder goal. He went to Chelsea and frightened the life out of their defenders and he did the same last week at Manchester City. Joe Hart had a wonder save from him.

“I am just excited by everything. He continues to grow, develop and I believe he will have a big impact in his remaining games.

“He’s been fantastic since coming, but he has to kick on.”

Miyaichi may look weakish now, but he is still 6ft tall and as he is only 19 he has lots of time to fill out and beef up his muscles in the next couple of years, but it doesn’t stop him from running rings around big lumbering defenders!


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29 thoughts on “Owen Coyle – Miyaichi is fantastic and will have a big impact

  1. sammy

    i am proud of that guy, i watch bolton games always jus bcos of him. He av been playing wonderfully, we av got a future ronaldo in him

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  2. Aurijit

    @ sammy same here….have been following his contribution… Respect Owen Coyle as a manager and his inputs to the game…. Hope Bolton survive…and Wenger can entrust this relationship with more loanees next season….Miyachi is sure shot class…still refrain from comparing him so early… Go Ryo!!

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  3. ktr04

    Ryo,Walcott, Gervinho, Chamberlain, and Arshavin (in form) makes me so excited.

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  4. frediville

    Ryo is simply top quality…class like AW will call it. I dunno, just picture d likes of wilshere, AOC, ryo, frimpong n coquelin playing together as matured players…it’s sure to scare d living daylight out of any teams(even barca)…where does AW get there young wonders from? COYG

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  5. Alex jackson

    Yes i do wach Bolton games jt b,cos of RYO he is developing wit every game so it seems Bolton under Owen as been a develop center 4 our players now may be we should be loan more of our player 2 dem cos Owen no hw 2 bring d best out of dem jt like Arsene is been doing in all dis years well done Owen. Ryo will be like new sign 2 us next season but we shouldn’t over heap him as dat can affect is development.wachout 4 dis guy in red n white next season ok.

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  6. John Legend

    I hope by next season, he will be ready to compete to a place in Arsenal line-up.

    Thanks Coyle. We probably should bring Chuks Aneke next season.

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  7. Bitchplease

    Wait he dont look 6ft tall admin but he is destined for greatness

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  8. ftre

    have been watching bolton games and ryo is an amazing talent….
    my only worry is that he tries to dribble tooo much,that might be bcoz there is not much options bcoz there is less movement in the bolton team,,once he returns to arsenal trust me he”ll be better bcoz of the way we play,,
    imagine Ox and Ryo,,plus walcott upfront with RVP and podolski,and jack….the most talented team in bpl…all that is needed is trophies,,COYG

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  9. Jodam

    Ryodinho is a young, classy and exceptional lad. Just hoping he’s N̶̲̥̅̊☺t going τ̲̅ȍ land on the treatment table like young thea Ąπϑ robin or like n̶̲̥̅̊o̲̣̥w̶̲̥̅̊ manu. Hope S̤̥̈̊o̲̣̥.

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  10. Charlie

    Hope Bolton stay up because they’re providing a great training for our young fringe players and that training wouldn’t be as good in the Championship. It feels strange as an Arsenal fan to support Bolton, the styles aren’t exactly similar but while they’re doing Arsenal a service i’ll be behind them. Ryo isn’t likely to build up to (now retired) fat Ronaldo proportions because he’s Japanese but being skinny doesn’t cause Messi any problems.

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  11. Sam

    Exciting prospect we’v got in Ryodinho, cant wait 2 c u on red nd white

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  12. anew

    says who need the academy when we got owen coyle doing wonders with the youngsters. maybe it’s time to rename the ‘bolton wanderers football club’ to ‘arsenal’s academy’….lol..

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  13. Charlie

    I read somewhere that the FA are considering allowing B Teams into the league like they do in Spain. That’d be great news for Arsenal because it’d be more like an Arsenal U21s and they’d play much more competitive matches.

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  14. Big Gun

    I’m just worried that he might get injured, considering everyone is saying how fraile and skinny he is. We do not want another Diaby ‘Sickboy’ on our hands. Let’s hope he can withstand the physical toll of the premier league, and skin them before they crunch him. Good luck Ryo

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  15. LoveArsenalLoveWenger

    i simply love owen coyle, he helped jack a lot, had a huge role in his development, now doing the same with ryo… hope the stay in the pl, they help us a lot… if not, and coyle decides to leave bolton, when rice retires, would very much like coyle to be wengers right hand man… but not over rice, just when he retires, which is very near… maybe bergkamp, but it’s to early for him i think…

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  16. neil moxon

    Bolton was good for Jack and will be for Ryo so i think he
    should stay on loan next season as well,if he came back next season he would be sat on the bench a lot a bit like the OX this season.

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  17. Matt

    Hey guys, I see some of you have been watching the Bolton games. So what position does RYO play in the Bolton team, was just wondering where he could feature next season if AOC, Podolski, Walcott, Arshavin and Jack are all fit and ready, plus we have Ramsey, Rosiciky too.

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  19. Akay

    My favourite club(arsenal) seems to look like a club that will lift up trophies next season. I think we’ve got many forward and mid field. Even back line. Now i think my players will be free from too much injury next season. Top gunners. (till i die)

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  20. bob

    Is this not an old story….I did not know he was 6ft…thats good, he can get stronger over time

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  21. andre

    At Bolton he plays on the right wing. but his basic position is left winger.

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  22. InWengerWeTrust

    We should of loaned him out at the start of the season, oh well he’s still a great player and i hope he plays as well for Arsenal as he does for Bolton at the moment.

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