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Owen explains why Arsenal and Lacazette will shine!

Most Arsenal fans are well aware of the fact that the former England international striker Michael Owen is not exactly a Gooner at heart. Perhaps it is because he used to play for two of our big Premier League rivals with Liverpool and Manchester United, but he almost always has something negative to say about our club, our manager or our players.

Fair enough I suppose, as he is a pundit (although a pretty poor one in my humble opinion) and he has the right to his own ideas. So when he actually has something positive to say about Arsenal, not only is it a surprise but I think it is worth looking at, and his recent comments reported by Metro about Alexandre Lacazette are certainly that.

Some may have accused him of being a bit of a goal hanger but Owen certainly knew how to score goals and when he was asked for his prediction of who would bag the most in the new EPL season he went for our summer signing from Lyon, explaining that Arsenal always create plenty of chances and combined with Lacazette’s excellent rate of conversion that should mean goals galore for the new Gunner.

Owen said, ‘He had the highest chance conversion rate in Europe’s top five leagues last season and Arsenal create plenty of chances, so he should get plenty of opportunities.’

It all seems pretty simple really when you put it like that, so do you agree with him about Lacazette getting the Golden Boot?


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12 thoughts on “Owen explains why Arsenal and Lacazette will shine!

  1. John Ibrahim

    Lacazette needs time to adjust and settle to a new country, club, culture, food etc…

    on another note,

    Since PSG has open the floodgates,

    City may meet the asking price and sign Mbappe for 180m and up

  2. gotanidea

    The way Lacazette moves in the field and his build look like Sanchez. He might struggle as a lone striker, but he could be great if playing behind a tall striker.

    The other player Arsenal should chase is Jadon Sancho. His close control and movements are like Sanchez’s. I hope Arsenal gets him.

    1. Dee23

      Arsenal did exist and succeed before the acquisition of Sanchez, you know?

      People seem to think that any forward we sign should play like Sanchez to guarantee our success. We finished 5th with Sanchez. I’d rather sign a player who played like Henry or Ian Wright and have a player like Kante in our midfield.

  3. sygre

    Ozil and Sancez need to find the early quick pass. then he needs to be backed up quickly. It like Bergamp once said “my first movement is for the defender, the second is for you. Sanchez and Lacazette to play down the midddle Welbeck/lemar down the left. Chamberlin Ramsey backing up. Seri anchor. Belerin is not a defender. (his speed get out of trouble, which he relies on most of the time). So he should be tried in a 3 as a wing back. Meteracker should not playing at all unless in emergencies. Arsene should certainly go in for van Dijk and make him captain. If we get those 3 buys, i would say happy days or here again. arsenal biggest problem isnt up front but at the back. A team confidence relies a solid defence, which we have not had for some time. Our woeful displays in the last decade agains top side both in the prem & CL is evidence of a poor defence. Lacazette is a wonderful player and a great addtion. now get the other 3.

  4. JJPawn

    Lacazette will have good service from Ozil, beyond anything in France. Many teams will try to break up this combo. However, with Alexis also in the mix, there will even better service to Laca, with Alexis also tracking back. I would like to play Ox or Iowobi high, both tracking back. Ozil should stay up with Laca for the one two fast bread, as otherwise Ozil is wasted. This particular formation will be strong against the top 5 sides.


    Use Giroud when there is a need for a 4-4-2. Giroud playing together on with Laca up top. Alexis drifting in with Xhaka, back and the wing backs being aggressive.


    If Mahrez comes then he gets in front of Iowbi and Ox.
    If Lemar comes…

    With Wenger being clear that he would rather get Champion’s League cash next year than cash for Alexis now, and with the addition of Sead and Laca(zette), this is a much better team than last year.

    The boss should add both Mahrez and Lemar, and compete with a deep squad. Lemar should play in front of the solid Sead, while Mahrez should take over the roles played by Iowbi and Ox.

  5. Waal2waal

    Lacazette needs only go sniffing round the box and he’l have his chance to do what he does best. I only hope fans retain 100% enthusiasm about our latest no9 and that any resentment aimed at our manager does not filter towards him.

    we should be thankful for getting lacazette at price we did. had we waited till the naymar show the cost for him would have soared. alexis, lacaz and ozil are a nerve racking prospect for any prem defence.

  6. Kane

    After finishing 5th last season, i expected at least 4 new quality signings. So far we have only 2 in….im not excited with this our new squad. Except jack wilsher & chambers returning from loan is “like a new signing”……either way, leicester city title triumph makes the little boy inside me cry that arsenal can lift the epl if we avoid injuries to key players & have quality replacements if the inevitable injury does occur. Meanwhile Alexis & Lacazette playig together is mouth wattering ?

  7. Nakul

    Owen is trying to put pressure on Arsenal. It’s like he says we create chances now we have a chance converter so there should be no problem in getting goals in. Fair enough but he is going to use this as fodder if arsenal fail at scoring goals.

    I won’t be too concerned about his predictions. He is selling himself. Personally I would like lacazette to shoot more often then what the likes of giroud n wlebeck have been doing..
    Arsenal will always create chances, that’s how AW teams play.

  8. Victor victory

    Strange to hear Owen say something positive about arsenal. Well I’m not surprised. In a season when PSG knocked Barcelona with a £198m purse ?. Sanogo realising his level. Freddy Adu rejected on trial in Poland. Hmmmmm. Got me thinking. Maybe this is Arsenal year. Like community shield winner. FA cup winner. Europa winner and wait for it. ………..EPL champion. Wake me up when the season is over.

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