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Oxlade-Chamberlain Impresses One Manager At Least!

After the defeat against Spurs yesterday, and even before once the teams were announced Gunners fans were asking where is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain? After scoring two goals in his last two games he was widely tipped to start the game against Spurs, but mysteriously he did not even appear on the bench.

His performances may not have been good enough to impress his manager Arsene Wenger, but one manager is clearly impressed and that manager is England boss Fabio Capello.

Capello has been speaking to the Football Associations official TV Channel FATV and said, “I have been impressed with him. He is a really interesting player. He is a good player, who has a lot quality and is playing at a really high level. He will be a really interesting player for the next friendly games before the Euros, which hopefully will happen for us.”

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So it sounds as if Capello has plans to fast track the teenager into the senior squad. Good enough to play for your country, but not for your club.

Capello is pleased that Oxlade-Chamberlain is gaining vital experience in the Champions League and added, “For players to score goals in this competition is really important, both to improve and find the confidence in their quality. It is the same when you play with the national team. When you play in the Premier League, you can score but the whole thing is really normal.”

I know we lost the game yesterday and in hindsight it is easy to make rash decisions and comments, but do you think that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain should have been involved at some point either from the start or from the bench?

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34 thoughts on “Oxlade-Chamberlain Impresses One Manager At Least!

  1. Jason

    this is just a shot in the dark, but maybe Wenger was afraid that someone on spuds was going to go in “studs showing” and break his leg.

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  2. arsenal till i die

    i think RVP should make a headline saying, “i will not renew my contract if Arsenal did not improve and didnt finish top 4” with that, just to open wenger’s eyes and his head will fall apart just so he could realize that the club’s ambition is fading away along with the best players in the club. Arsene, please do something that very relevant that could improve the squad. listen to the squad, whats their opinion to improve the team. come one gooners! Arsenal till we die.

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  3. Richie

    Why did he sign park and santos if he is refusing to use them in the league

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  4. Braulio

    definitely think he should’ve at least been on the bench. with the way the game played out, he could’ve gone in instead of arshavin

    all i know is ramsey is a nothing player

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  5. chisha

    Ok on the ox there Wenger was right not to play him do u guys forget wat happened to Ramsey. Right now there is jus too much attention to the Ox so that needs to cool off first

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  6. Red DB 10

    I can’t believe the bullS**t excuses I read sometimes.
    Chamberlain was not in the team because AW is arrogant and wants to make a point that he is the manager and even if all the fans in the stadium would shout for chamberlain to play it wont happen cos AW is the boss.
    This is how Arsenal has been working since Dein was kicked out.
    Every year we hear his ridiculous excuses and that we have potential and building a team for the future and bla bla bla.
    The man has lost the plot and is now a danger to himself and our beloved club.
    It’s basic management tactics to play your on form players and to say he was protected or saved is a joke.
    What are you saving him for?
    It’s a derby game and we need the points!!

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  7. Gabriel Ogadi

    Wenger knows that theo walcot and gevinho were not match fit he went ahead playing them . Why didnt wenger play park and later bring in walcot ,this led to the injury on sagna because walcot was not helping him

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  8. Mohamed Zubairu

    There is a lot of sense to go for experience in a game like this. On his day, Walcott could be pivotal to getting the right result for Arsenal. Unfortunately, Wenger is not a prophet to know when a player will have a good game or not. Now that we are in this situation of having 7 points after as many games, I think it is time for Wenger to throw caution into the winds a bit and bring in Oxo into the premiership game. Sagna’s injury might delay the process now since Oxo is a bit lacking in tracking back to defend. It will also be interesting to see Miyaichi at the other end too.

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  9. i

    why do people say he is being protected y
    Chelsea play sturiddge week in week out
    Manure play phil jones and danny welback
    so why vthe FCUK dont we play our ox


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  10. Elisante Sandy

    I’d love to have Ox in the team but we are going to see a lot of him in future. It’s only October, we need to gudge AW by May. I don’t understand the fans with Chelsea and Madrid mentality, to suck the menager is not the solution! AW can turn thing around, he just need to go back to how he did it in the past, build another invicible team, but as for me, I will stick with gooners even if we go down

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  11. carlo

    i think the ox should have started as he is a player that never gives up and that would have given his all to help us win.just look at what scott parker did for spurs the ox would have been like that. wenger was stupid not to even have him on the bench as arshavin is just somewhere else at the moment

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  12. Big Gun

    @ Jason If Wenger had that attitude with all his players we would not get anywhere at all. Maybe that is why we are where we are, besides the other obvious managerial mistakes.

    In big games like yesterday, we need our best players. Doesn’t make sense to rest our best players in crucial games like yesterday does it?? Ox is one of the few players in AFC who actually show some fight and passion to win. Wenger was an absolute idiot in not playing him. So you ask, what if he got injured? Well that is why we have something called ‘an equal substitute’ a term Wenger has probably never before heard in his life. When United, Chelsea, City etc have an injured player, they have a substitute just as good as that player to sub with. Yet with AFC’s board and their stingy money policy, we will never have the depth of the squad needed to win and also manage will all the injuries we are having.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, we need a new primary shareholder, someone who is not shy to spend big on the players we so desperately need, someone who has a trustworthy board under him managing the funds properly and giving the manager financial backing needed to buy the right players. It is a shambles from the top all the way down to the bottom. Wengers tactics are stale and this defensive problem we still have since 3 seasons ago is UNNACCEPTABLE. Countless managerial mistakes…

    So AFC needs a major overhaul. New primary shareholder, kick out the corrupt board members and A NEW MANAGER. Please anyone can do a better job than what Wenger is doing at the moment.

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  13. Bowin

    Ox is a good i screamed in anger wen d team was announced nd he ws nt even on d bench.he can become a world player like ronaldo.dis wz d same way ron started.walco wz virtualy useless yetrday

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  14. Bowin

    Ox is a good player. i screamed in anger wen d team was announced nd he ws nt even on d bench.he can become a world player like ronaldo.dis wz d same way ron started.walco wz virtualy useless yetrday

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  15. Chris

    Szczesny is an impressive keeper who will stop anything strikers throw at him from close range and even face to face, but he seems to struggle with long range shots. Look at all the saves he made against Spurs on Sunday.

    On the front side I think it’s time Wenger listened to Walcott and allow him to play in a more central role. Winging his way towards the goal is a waste because, no matter how fast he can be, by the time he gets to the goal, the defenders have ample time to cover up. But imagine how devastating his speed can be if he were playing central. Wingers can lay the ball for him behind the defence and he can use his speed to outpace the defenders and that would leave him mostly facing the keeper. What is so hard for Wenger to see this? Pride? I know he’s paid to do this and he usually knows what’s best, but sometimes what’s needed is to experiment with players and allow them to capitalise on their strengths.

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  16. arsenal til i die

    guys its obvious wenger knew that there was a chance we could lose against spurs so thats why he didnt play alex. it was for his protection, wenger wanted to make sure he dont loose the winning spirit

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  17. board out

    arsenal funs its obvious wenger knew that there was a chance we could lose against spurs so thats why he didnt play alex. it was for his protection, wenger wanted to make sure he dont loose the winning spirit

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  18. Eriss

    The impatience amongst fans and blind hypocrites called critics and analysts, are killing Arsenal much more than anyone thinks of Arsene . Ox is no doubt a good player, but we must allow him grow within the ranks. We may have lost yeaterday to spuds, but we can take some positives from that game. And thats exactly the confidence we need. Arsenal will surely bounce back. But we must encourage Arsene, and let him do his job.

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  19. amde

    i have always respected wenger but after yesterday its gone out the window. the two goalscorers not on the field [unbelivable], when are we going to play 2 stikers,whats wrong with Park, you played 3 players coming back from injurys, what are you thinking? i think its time for a change at d top

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  20. Elvis

    When are arsenal going 2 bounce back? Six yrs without a trophy n 7games with only 7points? This is a big shame 2 the club plus we fans. Ox shud’v played that game plus Santos n Park n we could’v av a dfrnt result. There shud b major changes to the current arsenal lineup for us to win games. Without that, the club is heading to the dogs. Wake-up Wenger or leave!

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  21. Stuart

    Hi all, Time Wenger finds out who wants to play For Arsenal,Get rid of R.V.P, it is obvious he wants out, as a captain he his sending wrong signals to the squad. Time for Park and Walcott up front, Ger[RIO] and Alex[ Arsh.]wingers.Speed is our only weapon. Until we get Verm and Kos back, forget about sorting our defence as we dont know how.Fill the defensive positions with mid- fielders, Ram, Art,Aneka, Song, Frim,Coq,Sez.[Wilsh.]
    To our defensive squad, go out on loan, or fix friedlies matches for them to get it right.All out attack, run, run, dribble, pass, pass, shoot at will.

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  22. luwegunner


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  23. Saw

    Aw decision wrong this match. He should use ox,should respect ars funs advice. Players bought very late and sting. Now, our ars funs are very sad. Let we support continue ars team and ox.

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  24. Saw

    Ox, this boy is intelligent player, brave boy, can change match result, likely maradona that is sure. Matual is not depend on age. Ars funs get another maradona. Did u see maradona ability? I believe that sure.

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