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Ozil and Lacazette hint at fab future for Arsenal

When it was announced that Arsene Wenger had finally got his man and the transfer of the France international striker Alexandre Lacazette had completed his transfer from Lyon, one of the first of the current Arsenal squad to say something about it was Mesut Ozil.

Despite not having signed a contract extension yet, the German looks like he will be an Arsenal player for years to come and he spoke about how much he was looking forward to linking up with the new Gunner. Yesterday in the penalty shoot out win over Bayern Munich I think we saw the first real signs of why the German was so excited about his new team mate.

Even though Arsenal were generally second best in the first half, with an under strength side and a sickness bug not helping us, there were some real moments of quality link up play from the pair and when you consider how little time they have spent training together as well as the problems we had dealing with Bayern in general that is very encouraging for the future of Arsenal.

The understanding between the two almost paid off in the best possible way as well, with only a brilliant save denying Lacazette a goal and Ozil the assist. So are we already seeing the seeds of what Ozil’s creative vision and talent behind the sharpness of Lacazette can do?


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25 thoughts on “Ozil and Lacazette hint at fab future for Arsenal

  1. Eddy Hoyte

    Can’t wait for August. I miss EPL a lot. Lacozil will deadly i guarantee it

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    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

      Ozette sounds better 😜👍

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  2. rkw

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    1. Sir Muda of Arsenal

      You sounds too negative, beside, our main issue for years was CF if you ask me, it is like 60% of our problems , followed by CM after Cazorla injury. after that it is just a matter of upgrade or backup but not too much an issue.

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    2. Eddy Hoyte

      You’ll never get satisfied innit? Wenger refuses to buy, you complain and moan…Wenger buys, you complain and moan, Wenger is still trying to get another player which we all know, you complain and moan. City might even spend billions on players, united too, but as an Arsenal fan who cares?? Relax, the Transfer window is still open. And eventually when the league kicks off i’m hoping we dump our moaning aside and support the team at all cost. Let’s see how the first of of the season goes first at least. Please last was bad for all of in every way, don’t bring any bit of last season here or around me, we’ve hurt enough from last season’s failure. Look forward to the future.

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      1. Joe lacazeete

        200% agreed with u…always moaning 😂😂😂

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        1. l

          Let the “Moaninhos” continue to moan. No matter the positive step the club takes, they will never be satisfied.

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          1. rkw

            thats because we have been ffing right for 6 years now … and no we dont feel good about it… but at least give a bit of respect for those of us who have pointed out that we cannot win trophies with the likes of walcott ramsey giroud flamini arteta ox mert etc etc etc as starting players …. but no …having fried the brain on 4th place smack for a decade its all praise for the yoghurt man for bringing in a new striker but keeping the deadwood around … so again without a quality wing option and a quality replacement of some kind for carzola trophies are out of reach for the 14th year in a row .. closing in on the record of the old days … its not moaning its utter frustration coz we are not asking for mourinho type spending just a dose of reality

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    3. JPS_AFC1

      Transfer window isn’t over yet mate. Chill out and wait till its finished before you pass judgement. Im the biggest WOB out there but he has even impressed me so far this summer. Lacazette and Kolasanic early, refusal to sell Alexis. Its all coming together.

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  3. Mayuka

    Arsenal transfer business is very obvious to me
    Renato sanchez is a beast and he is only 19 years and bayern wants 48m € for him
    How we could miss on that?
    But unfortunately i didn’t hear any rumor that we are in for him
    With renato we are good to go and we have a strong starting eleven (in case of sanchez staying)
    But we don’t have good quality backup for the front 3 (ozil,sanchez,lacazette) in the 3 at the back formation so we must go for mahrez as he is calling for a transfer out and will be an easy business for arsenal.
    And if the chilean guy is leaving then go for lemar or any other left winger
    I think this is a one of the easiest tranfer markets ever

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    1. ThirdManJW


      Couldn’t agree more, and what worries me is that it doesn’t seem as if we’re in for a central midfielder anyway. We really need a replacement for Santi, but it looks as if Wenger will do his usual thing of going with favouritism over talent, and stick with Ramsey. I am not too concerned with the back three, but your’e right about the front three. We more depth in quality there.

      Lemar seems to be the only strong rumour at the moment, and that is a big worry, because we need more. Shouldn’t be relying on the deadwood anymore.

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      1. dutchy

        I wouldn’t mind giving the Ox a run in midfield. But in any case we need a new winger if want to play with four defenders again against the weaker teams. At this point i would only sell Debuchy and Gibbs, with EL we actually need a big squad.

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        1. Break-on-through

          Renato didn’t look too beast like when Iwobi dispossessed him and beat three/four players then Renoto not being able to catch-up even though Iwobi had the ball with men to beat.

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  4. Sandeep

    In front three apart from Lacazette,ozil and Sanchez iwobi welbeck ox and giroud can play. We are covered in front 3 if we play with 3-4-3 formation.

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    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

      Sanchez to PSG, they’re supposedly in London for talks.. Fork knows who with 😂👉 isn’t everyone busy getting food poisoning in China? 😮

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  5. Keagan Clayton.

    i doubt we buy anymore quality players unless a few depart at the moment.

    though i believe we should be labelled contenders as always, however apart from the signings so far which i am happy with,
    i would like to see how this season pans out with Wenger altering his tactical approach according to the opponents faced and whether at home or away.

    for example: i dont believe 3 defenders would be necessary at home to a Stoke or Burnley who usually set up defensively when away,but could still be required for Liecester even when at home.

    but anyways for now, i just hope this Elneny playing CB OR EVEN STARTING DIRT COMES TO AN END BEFORE THE 11TH OF AUG.

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    1. McLovin

      There’s a rumor going on that we accepted Leicester’s £10 million bid for Elneny but he personally rejected it because he enjoys London. We should sell him for that price.

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  6. Krish

    We dont need renato sanchez if we buy a cm he shouldnt be the type of ramsey xhaka or coq so no renato, carvalho etc. he should be somebody like cazorla, wilshere who has superb ball controll and can just spread passes to the attacking players short/long passes or dribble out of the defensive midfield, no box-to-box MF or destroyer type MF please, deeplying MF who has good ball control

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  7. Mayuka

    Yes they can play there but they won’t perform only giroud or welbeck for lacazette can perform
    You even didn’t mention iwobi who the best winger to cover sanchez and he is not good enough to compete for the title
    I want 11 quality player on the field or a player with potenial
    Enough deadwood representing our club

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  8. Gabie

    I am looking forward for Ozil and Lacazette , Ozil was missing someone like him who is too fast and finishing good. The link between two though it was only 45 Minutes was enjoyable, Unluck Ozil should have assist but Lacazette’s finishing is too good, What i like about him is that he is too fast , We have to be happy Wenger at last bought us a striker .

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  9. Toro

    “Alexis is a player from Arsenal. Arsene said that,
    it’s because he knows more than me,” he said . “We
    have two really good strikers in Sergio (Aguero) and
    Gabriel (Jesus), so in that position we are good.
    “The problem we had last season was Gabriel was
    injured for a long time and I would have liked to see
    Sergio and Gabriel in more games together. We
    created a lot of chances but there was a lack of
    goals, it was a problem last season.” – Pep.. Looks like the Wenger tactic could be working after all

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    1. Gabie

      Pep used to get ready made players since he has been coaching, now he is under pressure if he does not win this season he can kiss premier Man city byee !! I real do not understand these coaches does arsenal looks like southampton where they are selling players, Those time of selling best players is gone, I doubt if Wenger can strengthen rivals . Sanchez must stop throwing some tantrums and be happy at Arsenal , we bought Lacazette and Sead . No premier team will win UCL the one he is looking for. May be someone ( player is coming ) He must come and sign extension. If he wanted to win UCL he should stay at Barca on the bench and win UCL. At premier i do not see any team wining they are happy to be on top 4.

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  10. ruelando

    Hope to see them play some more and Laca sharper, couple more friendly games to go, so we should see more link up with both players.

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