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Ozil explains how Arsenal have turned weakness into STRENGTH

It has been said of Arsenal in recent years that although the squad may have been a bit light in certain areas, with the forward options, defensive strength and the keeper situation all having caused us problems and attracted scorn in the last five years or so, there has never been a shortage of small and tricky players for Arsene Wenger to choose from.

I suppose that is still true to some extent, with our options in that area including players like Jack Wilshere and Tomas Rosicky who have not even featured a lot this season. Despite this the boss still has a tough decision to make each week about whether to play Mesut Ozil, Santi Cazxorla and Alexis Sanchez altogether and if so, in which positions.

Wenger´s job has been made easier, however, by the way that all of our players can be fluent and interchange their positions during a game. We have seen Alexis play in all three forward roles as well as behind the main striker, we have seen Cazorla perform well in the box-to-box role as well as his usual number 10 and wide roles and we have seen Ozil play across the front line as well as his creative midfield position.

So maybe Arsenal have now turned what was perceived as a weakness by some into a strength. Too many similar players? Maybe, but these players all understand each other perfectly and that is perhaps why they can work as well together as Ozil explained to Arsenal Player.

The German said, “[Santi and Alexis] are the type of players that, like myself, think before things happen on the pitch. Especially with Santi, you can see that he’s playing such an outstanding season for the team and he’s so important for us.

“When you look at the whole squad, it doesn’t matter if the manager rotates slightly because we can compete as a team, no matter who is playing. That’s a big plus for us and that’s why we’re near the top of the league.

“[My partnership with Alexis is] progressing really well, and you can see that in our matches. He’s really important for the team and that shows with the goals – he’s scored a lot of goals this season.

“You can see it in training too – I look for him when I have the ball because he makes those runs. For that reason, we’re happy to have a player like that in our ranks.”

Assuming that Welbeck is unavailable for the Premier League clash with Liverpool on Saturday, Wenger will have to decide whether to replace him with a forward in Theo Walcott or one of our tricky and versatile players. My money is on Walcott watching from the bench. How about you?

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16 thoughts on “Ozil explains how Arsenal have turned weakness into STRENGTH

  1. fred u

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  2. juhislihis

    Off topic, don’t wanna raise any hopes since no one knows what will happen but:

    “”I can honestly say that I am thinking about my future. I think moving abroad will be good for the personal development. Eventually, I would like to leave the Bundesliga.

    I’m being open about this because I’m not a fan of those who claim they are staying but, behind the scenes, have actually secretly agreed a transfer away from their current club.” – Mats Hummels , “KICKER”

    Damn, any possibility him to be available in the summer?

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  3. AYZAY

    Meaning Marco must be among those with secret arrangements, to Madrid maybe, to replace bale maybe

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  4. fred u

    we ve indeed found some momentm at the moment bes the new found belief and confidence the team has got itself in and i think largely bes of bench will ve schesny, chambers,rosicky,welbeck if fit,carzola and wilshire.

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  5. CraigZWE

    So the weekend sees BPL media darlings vs media foes, let’s kick some ass

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  6. fred u

    my lineup to face loserpl..aspin bellerine boss gabriel gibs lacoq rambo theo ozil geroud alexis..on any day,that team can beat any team on a good day!Arsenal 4 0 loserpool.theo 2,ozil and alex to score!

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  7. TheDrax

    Flash back : anyone still remember that stupid transfer by Madrid years back much did they pay for Lassana Diara. from Arsenal or was it free?

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  8. Goonsquad8

    Off topic

    I’m so happy to see gnabry back on a football pitch! I had to do a double take when he came on since its been so long

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    1. NY_Gunner

      He looks like he’s ready to fight for a spot in the 1st team.
      Good match…

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      1. Goonsquad8

        Ya I agree the kid has all the tools at such a young age to compete at the highest level a la ox.
        Plus jenkinson w 2 assists.

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    1. Hafiz Rahman

      we only have 1 experience RB but Debuchey is ageing and injury prone…..

      Jenkinson only played 1 full season and hes still very inexperience…..

      Bellerin like Jenkinson previously only play 19 top games…very inexperience

      Considering our injury record….i wldnt be suprise if we had 2 RB injured at the same time…

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