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Mesut Ozil wants to win the title for “extraordinary” Wenger

wenger with 2 cupsThere have been numerous Arsenal rumours flying about that apparently have indicated that both Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez are unhappy with Arsene Wenger, and especially Le Prof’s policy of not buying every available player in the summer transfer window.

But the latest statement by the German Assist King would seem to indicate that the opposite is true, and Ozil is very happy with Wenger’s management skills, in fact he wants the Gunners to go on and win the Premier League title for Wenger after admitting that the team has mostly made a ballsup of this season. It is certainly not a lost cause for the Gunners with 8 games still to go and they are still available at 6/1 to take the title. Maybe it’s worth taking advantage of a Betfred promo code and back them with the bookies own money?

The German admitted that Wenger’s team has made it hard for themselves: “Looking at our season so far, we have to be honest and admit that we screwed up ourselves.” Ozil was quoted as saying. “We did not play to our potential in the games against the so-called smaller teams. You immediately get punished for that in the Premier League.

“But we still have a chance of winning the title. We have to hope Leicester and Tottenham slip up and then make the most of it.

“I would be delighted for Wenger if we win the title. He played a major role in my decision to join Arsenal.

“He was desperate to sign me. Everybody knows he is an extraordinary manager.

“He is always hungry for success, has a lot of experience and always takes his time for the players. He helps players develop.”

Well that doesn’t sound like a player that is disaffected by his manager, and is threatening to leave does it?

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15 thoughts on “Mesut Ozil wants to win the title for “extraordinary” Wenger

  1. KickAssFan____Legendary

    I won’t lie, if Winger wins the league, everyone of us would love it and I doubt anybody would want him to leave, as much as some of us do now. Just that the situation is frustrating and annoying.

    PS: Dear Admin, why am I being moderated!?

    1. admin Post author

      You know why.If you want to return with meaningful contributions then you are welcome.
      If not you will be maderated again….

  2. Trevor

    Now that is some great reading, what makes it so good is that you can tell he fully means every word of it. Ozil is not the first player to say he chose us with Wenger being a deciding factor. Alexis said something similar, and then parents of youngsters know full well Wenger is the man that will give their kids an edge. Lets hope he’s right about the title shot, it would be remarkable if we were to come back from the dead and jostle for the top spot ..stranger things have happened.

    1. dragunov762mm

      Mesut statement indirectly pointed that the biggest side to blame for Arsenal recent position are the players not the manager. Different angle produced different picture of same object. The eminence of Mesut opinion, it was taken from inside the dressing room.
      Anyway, glad to hear that he’s still happy at Arsenal, and Barcelona or else should take their “greedy” hands out of him.

  3. jonm

    This sounds like a player happy with his manager. The question is “is he happy with the majority shareholder”. Has Ozil been sold the line that Arsenal now have funds to buy top players, is he expecting a top striker to convert more of the chances he creates?

    Is Ozil happy with Kroenke’s recent comments which seem to be saying that top 4 finish in PL and last 16 CL with minimum spend on players and transfers is the aim of the club.

    Will Ozil, despite being happy at arsenal and happy with the manager want to go to a club with an owner who “wants to win championships”?

    1. jonm

      Despite what I said above, i think the statement from Ozil is great, seems to tie in with what some ex arsenal players have said. My comment above really applied to end of season and transfer window with other teams trying to tempt our best players away.

    2. NY_Gunner

      Could you post a link to where Stan “seemed” to be saying that top4, last16 with minimal spend is the clubs aim…
      Thank you

      1. jonm

        Ny gunner. I based this comment on Kroenke’s comments at the MIT Slone Sports conference. He stated that “if you wanted to win championships you would not get involved”, I take this to mean that kroenke would not get involvolved, as opposed to abramovich and sheik mansour who do want to win championships. So if Kroenke does not want to win it must be to make money. He then talked about growing the “Brand” and what Manu have done in this respect. Also talked about fan loyalty, the guy flying by helicopter from south africa.

        I find his comments difficult to follow because surely growing the brand requires winning. My interpretation is that winning the PL is not an aim because he said so, so it is something less than winning. To maintain the “brand” we have to achive something and champions league brings in a lot of money. Hence my statement about what he “seemed” to be saying. Also if we do not get in to CL then we are going backwards.

        Sorry if this is not as definate as you hoped but Kroenke says little and probably regrets what he has said, i suspect we will have to wait for arsene wengers memoires to find out what actually has been going on.

  4. KickAssFan____Legendary

    If I want to return with meaningful contributions? Where did I go to, in the first place? I’ve not been here and you had no hand in it.

    By the way, I don’t know what you mean by “meaningful contributions”, but my contributions will always be my personal opinions, never to please you or anyone else. Only thing I won’t do is abuse or insult anyone just becuz I don’t like their opinion.

    Good morning

  5. KickAssFan____Legendary

    It’s amazing!!! Anyone who takes all the arguments and digs here very personally must be a child at heart. You should not expect us all to sing the same song.

  6. gooner tetra

    wenger is a great coach and a great squad builder I will give him that.
    But he is so much of a gambler and too arrogant which is really costing the team.
    He lacks the urgency he once had and leaves so much liabilities to our team.
    Ie Some players need to be given time to come of age but he still insists on using them every time in such demanding situations.
    He rotates less when it matters most.
    The foward line being the place where we really need rotation.

    This results in success being postponed

    1. dragunov762mm

      Mesut is too happy to see that. I hope we can get the title before he realize this.

  7. SarsfieldNY

    He’s right. All of the Wenger Out folks should recognize Wenger put the team in a position to succeed all season and players did not deliver on numerous occasions.

    On a more positive note, Ozil seems to be intent on making the most of his Arsenal experience. He has complete freedom with the number 10 role and now he wants to emphasize why he chose Arsenal to the effect of other world class players joining him. Statements like these, from a player like Ozil, are exactly what we need to convince TOP players to join us.

    1. jonm

      I totally agree. Only problem is that we have a majority shareholder who has stated that he bought the shares, not to win championships. So the question is, will top players want to come to arsenal in these circumstances?

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