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Ozil’s representatives confirm positive Arsenal contract talks

Dr Erkut Sogut has revealed that his client Mesut Ozil is keen to stay in England beyond his current Arsenal contract, adding that talks with his current club have been ‘positive’.

The German international is inside the final 12 months of his contract, and has looked destined for an exit before next season, but may well end up staying in North London.

Manchester United and Barcelona have been strongly linked with his signature, but recent reports have insisted that Arsenal have as much chance of keeping him as they have of losing him.

His agent has now confirmed reports that he could well end up staying with the club and sign an extension to his current deal.

“Ozil wants to play another two to three years in the Premier League,” he said. “Our contacts with Arsenal continue and are going in a positive way.”

The other way of looking at the statement would be to rule out a move to Catalan club Barca, with the likelihood that Man United would be leading the chase for him should we fail to agree terms with the former Real Madrid star.

Ozil joined the club back in 2013, signing a five-year contract, and has refused to agree new terms since joining the club, but after a long process he now looks likely to stay.

Alexis Sanchez still remains highly likely to leave before next season, with his contract also set to expire next June, and I don’t think anybody expects him to negotiate an extended stay in North London.

The Chilean was believed to have agreed terms to join Manchester City on Deadline Day, only for his replacement Thomas Lemar to opt against moving to Arsenal, and Alexis will more than likely be negotiating his future from January onwards.

Will Ozil thrive without Alexis in the side next season? How much of a boost would the German be to our squad for next term? Would his extension be a good advert in bringing further top players to the club?

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23 thoughts on “Ozil’s representatives confirm positive Arsenal contract talks

    1. ThirdManJW

      Most Arsenal fans wouldn’t use Ozil for tough games, or games against top teams. Most pundits share this view. No top clubs were interested in Ozil this summer, despite only a year left on his contract. In fact, was ANYONE interested in signing Ozil this summer?

      Now there must be reason why so many people feel the same about Ozil?

  1. gotanidea

    No other clubs want to give Ozil higher salary? Arsenal will never win the Premier League, as long as they keep playing with a passenger.

    Off topic, Calum Chambers has signed a new contract that will be valid 2021. I’m glad to hear this, because he has good skills, good physical attributes and play well as a central defender, despite he is not fast (I remember Jefferson Montero from Swansea beat him several times when he played as a right full back).

    1. Tony

      u r not happy with ozil but u r so happy with chambers!isnt that funny? lets say ozil cant win us epl but how can chambers?

        1. GunnerJack

          Yes – I see Tony Pulis teams always do well with their concentration on mass defence, fouls and intimidation.

    2. Mobella

      You are happy with Chambers renewing but not with Ozil. No wonder you are just a spectator like me.

  2. Vlad

    In modern day and age, money does most of the talking. Ozil has already won titles at a club, and international levels, so what is there left for him? He can leave and go somewhere else but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. He’s talked about being comfortable at Arsenal and he loves living in London. So I believe if he gets to close what he wants as far as wages are concerned, he might stay. And frankly, I would love for him to, but wouldn’t blame him either way. Sanchez feels that he can still win something with Pep, good luck to him. Ozil just wants to ride out the last good few years of his career and make some decent dough on in the process. No shame in that.

    1. GunnerJack

      I’m not so sure that a player who is “iscomfortable at Arsenal . . . and wants to ride out the last good few years of his career and make decent dough” is what Arsenal need right now. I’d much prefer a hungry and loyal player happy to give his all for the Arsenal cause in every match. Jack Wilshere comes to mind. Please God give him a break – he’s had more than his fair share of injuries.

    2. Goonster

      Ozil is an overrated girl… No serious club have been in for him since the summer.. You wonder why? Imagine if a 28 year old iniesta was down to his last year of the contract. Just think about the clubs that would be falling over to sign him.. Ozil is overrated and that is why no one is trying to sign him..

  3. ks-gunner

    In case you have won something before at other clubs, Arsenal is good place to retire

    No ambition, no stress, big money

  4. Arsenal_Girl

    We need a player like Cazorla to deliver balls to Ozil and a new manager to kick him up the backside (excuse my French), then Ozil will be fine.

    Seriously, I hope Ozil stays and we get another CM to push him

    I still believe in him
    People criticized Koscielny, he came good
    People bashed Giroud, he came good
    Ozil still has some good seasons in him. He is an Arsenal player and fans should always support players. Managers are a different story

  5. Goonerboy

    This news has spoilt my day really,I wonder what kinda salary he will get now…

    Have been secretly hoping he won’t sign so we can get a better, well rounded playmaker….we are so f**ked!

  6. the barrel

    If Ozil extends the contract, I will believe those who said Wenger is losing it. No club bid for Ozil and Wenger is still holding on to a passenger. Thats the worse news Ive ever heard in ages. Now I surrender. Wenger is a smart man to be lured by unfound rumours regarging Barca and man U. How can Wenger sabotage Arsenal like this

    1. GunnerJack

      He can sabotage Arsenal like this because he’s had plenty of practice. Stifling players by playing them in the wrong positions is one of the more obvious ways he does it.

  7. Yossarian

    The way Arsenal use Ozil is like owning a Ferrari and never driving it.

    I still think he could be fantastic with the right tactics and players around him.

  8. Jeremy

    Like him as a player but doesn’t like the way it unfolded. I hope we are not his life buoy, he stayed because no one wanted him.

    Have to acknowledge he is no Paddy who can drive the team. But only hope we can have a good captain who will kick his ass to make him work for us.

    His reported behavior towards team event, is disturbing. I just hope he doesn’t become a disruptive influence in the dressing room.

  9. Frank

    Let’s break down Ozil’s playing style.
    Has a good short passing game.

    Can’t defend.
    Isn’t a leader.
    Goes hiding in big games.
    Is inconsistent.
    Can’t adjust to different styles of play.
    Can’t beat players one-on-one
    Rarely makes runs into the box for a no.10
    Struggles to breakdown good defenses
    Is lazy and doesn’t track back.

    I truely believe that Giroud has been wasted by having Ozil in the team. Giroud is one of the best headers in the world so, if Ozil is world class like some of you believe. Why wouldn’t Ozil change his game to play to the strengths of his team mates? If he can supposedly unlock teams defences with his accurate passing. Why can’t he use his super power vision and get the ball on the head of Giroud?

    Because Ozil isn’t world class and is overrated. That’s why no other club is after him.

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