Arsenal to swap Ozil for Draxler in January?

I know that Arsene Wenger signed the Germany international Mesut Ozil for Arsenal because he thought the 25-year old superstar would be one of the key pieces in the jigsaw for the Gunners team of the future. And the Frenchman has always backed his record signing and given him plenty of time and patience to produce the sort of performances we used to see for Germany and Real Madrid.

But as yet, Ozil has not found his top gear in England and there are growing suggestions that the Premier League might not be the right place for him. I am holding on to see, but surely in this second season, Ozil should be much better and more influential in our games.

Arsenal tactics – Time to go back to basic 4-4-2 system

Forget 4-1-4-1 and 4-2-3-1 We Need to Play 4-4-2 by ES

A lot has been made of the fact that Wenger is playing the 4-1-4-1 formation this season and it has been offered up as the cause of Arsenal’s bad start. Of course there are other factors, players who are simply not good enough, zero tactical nous displayed by the manager and a thin squad but for the purpose of this article I will look at the formation.

Why critics are GOOD for Arsenal and Ozil

Arsenal need to find some form, somehow, anyhow. We have been in this position before, of course, like two seasons ago when the Gunners were well beaten at home by Bayern Munich after going out of the FA cup to lower league Blackburn before losing to our north London rivals Tottenham. That left us with no chance of a trophy and with a real struggle to beat the spuds to fourth spot.

The critics, including many Arsenal fans, were relentless, with the players but especially Arsene Wenger being put to the sword and written off. That seemed to spur us on and we went and beat Bayern away and did not lose another game for the rest of the season.

Should Arsenal scrap the new system for Aston Villa?

Arsene Wenger takes his battered and beleagured Arsenal team to Birmingham on Saturday for the Premier League clash with Aston Villa. And after what happened in Germany against Borussia Dortmund, on top of a pretty average start to the season, this game has taken on great importance.

I have seen people suggesting that the change to a 4-1-4-1 system it one of the reasons for the Gunners struggling so far, so should Wenger change it, or would that be hitting the panic button before he has given it a decent chance to work?

Arsenal must hope to outscore Aston Villa on Saturday!

Match Preview: Aston Villa At Villa Park

Arsenal fans may still be upset with Tuesday’s Group D Champions League defeat against Borussia Dortmund. However, this coming Saturday’s league tilt against Aston Villa offers the Gunners a great chance to get our title credentials back on track. While not viewed as a contender in the EPL, Aston Villa have proven time and time again to be a pesky side. In recent seasons, they have taken top clubs down to the wire on several occasions, particularly early in the season. Take a look at Aston Villa’s 2013-14 league results at ESPN and you’ll recall early-season wins over Arsenal and Manchester City and tight, one-goal losses to Chelsea and Liverpool.

Why it’s TOO SOON for Arsenal fans to PANIC…

Don’t Panic Arsenal Fans! by Sam P

There is a lot of anger and recrimination going on among the Arsenal fraternity again, after a woeful display against Borussia Dortmund in Germany that could easily have ended in another one of those really heavy away defeats that we had to suffer last season.

So we have the inevitable calls for Wenger to leave the club, while players like Mesut Ozil, Mikel Arteta and Per Mertesacker are being slated and told they are not good enough to play for the Gunners. And I can understand people’s feelings but just want to call for a bit of common sense and patience here.

Arsenal fans need to be patient with Danny Welbeck

Not the time to jump into conclusions on Welbeck by SE

Arsenal’s opening champions league fixture could have been a lot different had their 16 million pound signing on the Transfer Deadline day, Danny Welbeck, been a bit clinical in front of goal and tucked away the chances that came his way. Danny’s detractors and skeptics would be having a feast of their ow, after seeing the Englishman fail to bury clear cut chances in his first two games for Arsenal but, logically, this is not the time to jump into conclusions whether Welbeck is the striker pertinent to Arsenal’s scheme of things. Read on.

What could have Arsenal done differently against Dortmund?

Arsenal played Dortmund away on Matchday 1 of this season’s Champions League, looking to pick up a point or three, after drawing three successive games in the Premier League. The Gunners, however, struggled to live up to the high pressing and high tempo game plan from their German opponents and, had it not been for some profligacy in front of goal from Klopp’s frontline and midfielders, Arsenal were looking at a much bigger margin of defeat. In hindsight, what could have Wenger’s wizards done differently?
Play overhead, long passes and stretch the pitch

It’s time for Wenger to leave Arsenal

Arsene has to change or go, time’s up. by KM

After another terrible Arsenal performance at Dortmund, how long before Wenger is taken to account for his mistakes? Are the AKB’s still happy with him ? Arsenal were miles behind the Germans. You could just see what a young manager with some tactical plans does to him.

Wenger is soft and weak. He is happy with being humiliated every season. Mikhitaryan could’ve scored 3 himself, and if he opted to assist, he would’ve gotten 3 assists and it would’ve been 5:0. Worst of all, it would’ve been a deserved result.

Arsenal Debate- Sell Ozil and buy Carvalho?

I believe its high time Arsenal start playing and more importantly look to start thinking to play like Arsenal of the old. Whats stopping us from doing that! Well too many cooks spoil the Broth. Too many playmakers playing the No. 10. This needs to be stopped.

The key area should be acquiring a beast of a Defensive Midfielder who can defend the back 4 and more importantly should look imposing on the opposition.

Carvalho fits the bill like no other as he is young and can be easily molded into Arsenal’s style of play and sync with the rest of the team and importantly go on to serve the club for a long time.

Where does Wilshere ankle injury leave Arsenal?

The next two days could turn out to be the most important of the season for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. A humbling and humiliating Champions League defeat by Borussia Dortmund on the back of a stuttering start to the Premier League season has left us teetering on the brink of disaster.

Morale and self belief among the players must be pretty low and Wenger also has a mounting injury crisis to deal with ahead of a must win away game with high flying Aston Villa, who beat Liverpool at Anfield last weekend, so now is when the manager needs to really earn his money.

Arsenal fans can REALLY start to worry after Aston Villa

It is still early days in the season for Arsenal, but unless the Gunners start to get into gear, like starting at Aston Villa this weekend, then the fans really can start to worry. If we don’t somehow produce a match winning performance at Villa Park then it will have been a truly awful start to the season.

Just one win grabbed in the last minute in the opening day against Crystal Palace will see Arsenal way off the pace and playing catch up already and we do not look like a team that is going to catch a cold at the moment. The fight and determination that we showed against Everton, Leicester and Man City was encouraging but we could have lost all three.