Latest Aaron Ramsey gossip – Man United keen? Agent says no? Wenger chimes in….

I am very sure that the Arsenal transfer rumours regarding Aaron Ramsey’s next club will go on right until the end of the summer and they are showing no signs of letting up during the boring interlull, despite no one saying anything of substance. Arsene Wenger was even asked for his opinion on the Ramsey contract and he replied that he has no idea, but for the record this is his words: “We tried that before and it still can happen,” Wenger told reporters.

The Top Ten Teenagers that played for Arsenal

During this international break, a lot has been made about Gareth Southgate not being afraid to put his faith in youth, Jadon Sancho the first to be born after the year 2000 to get called up to the England squad. When it comes to not being afraid to blood teenagers though, Arsenal have one of the best reputations in the world. In fact, statistics show the Gunners are the most likely top-flight club to give youngsters an opportunity. So here are my top 10 teenagers to have played for Arsenal.

Arsenal is still a work in progress, but Unai Emery is getting results

Arsenal has had quite a fractured progress report going for the last few years. Gordon Strachan once told The Debate that it might take Arsenal 10 years before they get back to the top. If you think the gunners haven’t been performing to their potential lately, you are right. However, maybe it’s time to back your team and place your bet with Betway; you never know when there is a turnaround! For one, things are looking good this season!

Arsenal facing NINE games in December – Emery’s rotations will be fully tested

There is always a lot of anticipation ahead of the dreaded busy Christmas schedule, and looking at the fixtures that have been changed for the TV stations today it made me look closer at our future fixtures, as Christmas is looming closer every day….

Thierry Henry proud to be confirmed as Monaco boss

Thierry Henry joined Monaco as a tender 15 year old before going on to becoming Arsenal’s biggest goalscoring legend, and now at 44 he is starting his managing career back at his the club that gave him his very first contract. Henry himself announced on Twitter how proud he is to return to Monaco….

Were Arsenal’s Invincibles the Greatest League Team of all time? Of course they were!

This week the BBC, bored perhaps of the international break, started a debate about who is the greatest ever Premiership team. The games governing body themselves have long voted Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ as winners of that accolade, one of several awards we have received for going a League campaign undefeated.

Was Thierry Henry right to wait for Monaco job?

Since the Arsenal legend Thierry Henry gave up his job at Sky and announced that he wanted to concentrate on a full time management job, he has been linked with many possible destinations. The international side from Qatar was the first possibility (other than as Wenger’s replacement of course), and then there was the chance of taking over at Aston Villa which looked like a live possibility, but now it looks like he has landed the plum job at Monaco who were French Champions just a couple of years ago.