Could selling Mesut Ozil save Arsenal’s season?

Could a Mesut Ozil departure benefit us? By Nick

Rumors are currently swirling around that Unai Emery might want to offload Mesut Ozil this winter. If the rumors are true this will be the second midfielder we’ll be losing in 2019. Since our only option is to loan at the moment, selling Ozil could give us some extra money to buy players.

Is it time for Arsenal to forget Top Four and aim for the Cups?

After the honeymoon of Unai Emery’s 22 game unbeaten run, the wheels have come off and Arsenal have dropped to six points behind our London rivals Chelsea and are set to face them this coming weekend. Even if we win (somehow!) we will still need to improve drastically to overtake them, and we have the small matter of Man United flying up the table behind us.

Great idea – How all Arsenal fans can protest against Kroenke without boycotting games

Our FA Cup tie last weekend coincided with Blackpool’s ongoing protest against their owner. Fans refusing to come and watch the team they love based on, where possible, not wanting to put any more money into Owen Oyston’s pocket. It should be stressed that Seasider supporters grievance against the Oyston family go beyond the footballing side of things but also a moral stance over legal misdemeanours. It wouldn’t be fair to compare him to Stan Kroenke.

Arsenal Debate: Does ‘pressing’ win you games or scoring goals?

Another rude awakening? How long before we know Arsenal are getting worse? by Eddie

Watching the game yesterday there’s only one thing I kept thinking; Arsenal is clueless, with no style of play and no direction. All hail Almighty Emery who’s our saviour with his pressing games. I see folks on here keep saying stuff like “Emery’s pressing is great, and it makes the players work hard” and “Under Emery if you can’t press then you can’t be in the team”!

How crucial is Arsenal’s game against Chelsea now? Win or bust?

Is beating Chelsea next week even more crucial than it was before? by Nick

Manchester United have beaten Sp*rs 1-0, making us and United Level on points in the table. While Arsenal are 7 points off Chelsea, the game between Manchester United and Tottenham really shows how crucial a win against Chelsea is next weekend.