Reality Check – Arsenal were playing World-Beaters but still improved as the game went on

So Unai Emery lost his first Arsenal game, and everyone is predicting relegation or worse for the Gunners after losing to the CHAMPIONS Man City with a new team, new tactics and a new philosophy. Maybe a little reality check is needed? Man City have been learning Pep Guardiola’s tactics for two years and now have it perfected, it took a year of his training to get them to play his way, and that was with the most expensive team in the Premiership, valued at nearly one BILLION Pounds. They are so finely tuned they only lost two League games in the whole of last season.

Guendouzi the shining light despite Arsenal defeat to Man City

When we look back on this game further on in the season the records may say that Arsenal lost Unai Emery’s first game against Manchester City, but there were positives along with the heartache. The debuts of Lichtsteiner and Torreira were very promising and Sokratis can only improve but looked determined. But the best debut of all was by the 19 year-old Matteo Guendouzi who looked mature far beyond his years in his first ever big game as a professional.

Arsenal v Man City Player Ratings – An excellent insight to the future despite loss

So here with have our first Arsenal player ratings of the season, and despite the defeat we were nowhere near as bad as in the same fixture last season and there were many performances that give us hope for the future. Even if we lose again next week I am certain we will will start flying up the table as Emery gets his philosophy and tactics into the players heads…

Was it the defence or attack that condemned Arsenal to Man City defeat?

Arsenal’s new team under Unai Emery was not quite up to speed as they succumbed meakly to Pep Guardiola’s admittedly superior team of Champions. Petr Cech did extremely well to keep out the City strikers but we didn’t really do enough to test the City defence either. Sokratis and Mustafi were our centre-back pairing and are very inexperienced together, and Guendouzi had never played in a Premiership game before in his life but actually wasn’t too bad.

After all the changes, it’s the same old Arsenal

After all the changes, it’s the same old Arsenal. by Konstantin Mitov

Beaten by ourselves again. We lacked confidence, tried to play a style that doesn’t suit us and we lost. It is not exactly the start we needed.

Arsenal v Man City Review – Spirited Gunners still have a lot to learn from Emery

Unai Emery’s firsrt Arsenal game strted in a positive fashion with Aaron Ramsey getting a look on goal after just a couple of minutes, but then City settled and started to take control with Mahrez getting lots of space on the left. Inevitably, it seems, Raheem Sterling put the visitors ahead after just 14 minutes and City looked like they were going to dominate last last season.