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Pathetic Arsenal lose away again – Who can defend Wenger now?

Pathetic Arsenal lose away again. by Konstantin Mitov

Well beaten and well unable to accept gifts. Arsene Wenger has ruined us. You can give him Messi and he’ll still be a joke manager, but it’s not only him.

Those players have zero guts in them. Clueless with or without the ball we were outplayed all day long. When does it end with Wenger? No win in 16 away games in the league against the top 6, just 3 wins away this season. Would anyone possibly back them to win away, even with a bet365 promo to give them free bets it wouldn’t be a sensible thing to do.

Again, the tactics were all wrong, but that defence is such a joke. I can’t really believe we are playing Cech and Mustafi. Did you notice the amount of mistakes both made that almost cost us a second goal? Those players are terrible all year, yet they are first pick every time. And those sliding tackles make me vomit every time I see them.

What was our tactic? We had Bellerin trying to take the ball forward when our midfield was clearly overran. We got out pressed and outmuscled in every tackle, yet we still tried to control the ball, instead of being more direct. Our midfield included Elneny and Xhaka. How does that compare to what the other top 6 teams have in midfield?

This whole football club is a joke. Lacazette was gifted two brilliant chances to rescue a point and he wasted both. We paid 110 million for attacking talent, but we have ZERO ideas how to put the ball to them and when it luckily falls to them, they can’t put it in the net.

Wenger will now of course blame the “unlucky” misses at the end, completely ignoring how poor we we’re all game. We were so bad, Alex Iwobi was the best player on the pitch since he came on and played CM!

Wilshere was so poor. Ramsey apparently got injured again and we got destroyed. I would have them both leave in the summer and hopefully Wenger can leave with them. What now has to happen with this team in order to change something?

The subs at minute 70 when you are getting wrecked tell you the story. This is Wenger for you lads! He will never change. He is a historic monument wrecking piece by piece and damaging everything around it. We can talk change only when he is gone and I don’t know if that will ever happen.

They say managers earn their money at half time but what Wenger does is throw random attacking players and hoping something miraculously changes. This was not the first time we start the second half of a game dead. I don’t get it?

We looked tired like we played midweek when it was the other way around. Pathetic really, but it is only getting worse until the deluded one is forcefully removed, because he’ll never leave on his own. Sad times, very sad…


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  1. mikki

    Was 350k ozil not in the match?we have players who influence games against smaller teams not the big matches calibre…. Some of us are bias that’s the same problem with the clubs let’s admit that arsenal is fading away and totheham are better than us for the now….they have better players than us,the result yesterday was not a surprise…is time for Wenger to go along with his mid table players…. Ramsey, eleny,xhaka,mustafi,bellerin,and many more….

    1. John Ibrahim

      and many more?….thats already 5 first team players named

      its about time you buy the club and do whatever you like with the team

      be the first club to release the manager and the entire 25 squad players…

      a world record Fifa18 style

      1. Rkw

        That’s right …many more … We have an defence made up of players either past their best …kos Monreal … or never likely to get there…. bellerin mustafi chambers … We have a non existent midfield and a series of overhyped youngsters … Iwobi, the French kid who was the next Henry maitland miles the polish kid who was the next viera … Etc etc … Some might still make it after loan spells in lower leagues but after 10 years of cheapskate mismanagement the rot runs deep and can no longer be treated with a polishing here and there … Your endless reference to FIFA 18 has lost even it’s flippancy … The club has entered the second tier of the EPL and serious supporters need to get behind a campaign to remove wenger and kroenke before we go the way of leeds villa and forest … All clubs with wonderful pasts just like us

        1. John Ibrahim

          potentially finishing 6th is 2nd tier

          just do it get 50,000 fans to protest to have 25 first team players and manager to be released

          1. Rkw

            LOL …4th place is like winning the league getting into the Europa league is like winning the league and now 6th place is like winning the league … Of course it’s second tier it’s where spurs used to pitch themselves and Everton still do and we used to make fun of them for it … We know from medical experience that some junkies are treatable but others are habitually doomed .. You my friend I am sorry to say are in the latter category …

            1. John Ibrahim

              u want change thats the only way buy the club or heavy protest such as empty stadium or 50,000 fans marching

    2. mobella

      We beat them, we are better. They beat us they are better. You guys are way too emotional when you discuss about arsenal. You are as deluded as Wenger if you think spurs is better arsenal. Right now, the only thing they have that’s better than ours is the coach. And that is because he is younger and can motivate his players.

      1. bran911

        You forgot Kane, the best striker in the league at the moment . You even forgot how Dembele bossed the midfield and how 3 players were second best to his strength and everything else. They have a better keeper, not tall like ours but better. Their defense was better, organized and well prepared. The whole team played with heart while our team crumbled under a simple pressure, and it’s not only this match mate, every single match, whenever pressure is applied we look like Arsenal ladies team B

        We are no longer catching up with our name. Arsenal is a big name and what’s currently happening, is not Arsenal-ish. and you are right, their manager is waaaaay better than ours

  2. tatgooner

    wrong team selection
    wrong tactics
    Lack of preparedness
    wrong gameplan
    non motivation
    It seems arsenal are okay with losing.There is no pressure on anybody to perform.
    players like elneny xhaka are not ones to start these calibre of games

    Would rather have started with
    kos mustafi holding
    bellerin wilshere niles monreal
    ozil lacazette auba
    At least there is better balance in that team.
    This way you cover the entire pitch and apply pressure higher up

  3. tatgooner

    In summer players like elneny iwobi welbeck have to go.
    Give the rest of the team a chance to see how they woud fare under a different manager
    xhaka looks good playing for switzerland and was performing well in germany. could be the team’s setup affecting him.

    1. Winnie

      Seriously for some Xhaka can do no wrong … only Iwobi a young player who rather did well has to be sold … when it comes to Xhaka it’s the set up .. unbelievable .. Xhaka is the worst player at Arsenal by far …

      1. Puffie

        Piss off with this he’s young bs… We already went through that with walcott and ox… A shit player is a shit player whether young or in his prime… Look at sane, sterling, martial, rashford, mbappe… Are they not as young if not younger than iwobi.? Stop making excuses for iwobi when actually he’s only championship level.

      2. Chuky chuks

        These people slating Iwobi has to watch the game again and see who made the only through pass that got lacazette one on one with their keeper, wheelchere had many opportunities to put simple pass but most times over hit it. Iwobi is the best attacking midfielder we have, he is the only player that can play him self out of trouble from tight corners, in fact he is the only player in arsenal right now that I have confidence in that can dribble well at the same time pass well.

  4. Steven

    Another I’ll-considered rant from Konstantin. Actually Cech and Bellerin played well. Wilshere showed a bit of spirit. He played a brilliant pass to Aubameyang which was wrongly ruled offside. The main problem was that our midfield was overrun by bigger, more powerful players. We need to find an imposing central midfielder in the summer and another centreback.

    1. GB

      Agree with you 100% @Steven, Konstantin should engage brain before opening his mouth let alone let him anywhere near a keyboard. Yes we were outplayed yesterday and yes the manager needs to go and yes some of the players do not deserve the shirt. But, though Cech was extremely shaky at times he saved us from a thrashing with at least 3 outstanding saves. Mustafi made a couple of mistakes but he also saved our arses a few times with last ditch tackles. Bellerin played exceptionally well defending the flank on our right and basically nullifying the very good Son. Wilshere tried his hardest and whilst I am not a fan of Elneny or Xhaka they both combined well, especially in the first half. Auba did not get any service, apart from 2 terrific through balls from Jack. We also made our first subs on 60 ish minutes not 70, though I thought Iwobi was way off kilter when he came on. So a bit of credit eh Kon Man instead of constantly slagging off our whole team and performance. Sometime you just have to admit we were beaten by a far better team!

      1. John Ibrahim

        Exactly finally someone that analyse the game…

        Mkhi and Ozil were totally ineffective and marked out….

        Tottenham were certain a better team at Wembley just like we were the better team at the Emirates!!

        1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

          As Stephen stated, the problem that has been evident in Wenger’s Arsenal since the successful teams, has been the dilution of the number of physically imposing no nonsense robust players. Arsenal have too many small fragile midfielders, who are constantly bullied off the ball.

      2. Vlad

        Spot on both of you. KM is a joke and a clown. The ficklest of fans. One week he says we need to keep Wilshere, the other he needs to be sold. All the players he mentioned had a decent game. Mikki and Ozil did not, and I’m Mesut’s biggest fan.

  5. Winnie

    Xhaka does not dominate the midfield.. he gets overrun .. remember we bought him to impose himself and lead the team … but my god he can’t defend can’t run.. cant wait to pass the ball back sideways or backwards…Wenger even said he can be the box to box midfielder we lack .. oh my word .., oh no it’s Iwobi’s fault .., makes me wonder sometimes

  6. barryglik

    Actually 0-1 away to in form Spurs
    is quite a good result really.
    Could have won it but
    Alex had a Laca composure 🙂
    So many losses and so many draws but…
    Only City (H) and United (A) of the big teams remain
    so top 4 from the league is a good chance.
    Carabao cup is a possible win as Arsenal’s recent
    cup record is outstanding especially at Wembley.
    Napoli and Atletico don’t need the Europa to make top 4
    and the rest we can beat so Europa Champions is definitely on.
    Despite the gloom Arsenal could have a bright end to this season.

  7. Sue

    I’m dumbfounded at the difference between our home & away matches! No one seems to try when we’re away… I missed the last 20 mins yesterday as had to leave for work. But I thought Wilshere & Bellerin did alright.. was really disappointed with Ozil & Mhki ☹ we didn’t create anything… and it could have been a lot worse
    Don’t think I’ll be watching any of the remaining away matches!!
    barryglik… I like your optimism man!! ?

  8. Davin

    If Iwobi had started that match, we would have won. He balances the midfield and distributes the ball well…its high time u arsenal fans should stop using him as a scapegoat.

    1. Phil

      Tell me a single game he has influenced.Tell me a time this season you said at the end of a game “WOW-Iwobi is going to be a great player for Arsenal”.Tell me when you saw in a game when you thought this boy is bringing balance and distribution to the team.
      Back in the days of Alexander Hleb,he was described as the player who made the pass to the player who made the pass to the player who scored the goal.It made sense.Involved in the build up but rarely scored.The difference with Hleb and Iwobi is that he really did bring to the team the two things you quote Iwobi as having which is BALANCE and DISTRIBUTION.
      Iwobi has NOTHING to compare him to a player like Hleb.What is he?A Striker?obviously not.A number 10 playmaker?obviously not.A Winger?He has very limited ball skills and only average pace.Central Midfielder?My god-I would rather have Zhaka and that’s saying something.
      There is a saying “Don’t try to defend the indefensible”and you should seriously consider this as your argument comes across a very weak when you consider what talent Iwobi actually has-NONE

      1. Abel

        Iwobi has decent pace but very good acceleration especially with the ball at his feet. He is an attacking midfielder whose best position is no 10. However, just like AMN, he is being played in wrong positions to suit, ‘bigger’ more expensive players like Xhaka and Ozil.
        Ramsey was also played on the wing a few seasons back.

  9. Nikkogunners

    It was a TIMID set of tactics. I insist, with the current squad, this should be our play pattern:


    In a case like against Spurs, when Ramsey was not available, We can play Bellerin on the width and Mustafi in the Right Back. Aubameyang can operate the Left Width and Centre forward and the Lacazette does the same on from the right/ Both these players are adapt at running away from defenders and Lacazette, playing slightly deeper can carry out his link up play too.

    Mkhitaryan and Ozil again at their super best positions sharing the Attacking Midfield. Mkhitaryan can get his free role because Ozil is along side him. Kolasinac and Ramsey are in the Width areas and both have played in the central midfield areas and when called upon they will help out in the centre. But they can help defensively and attacking-wise too. Ramsey can once in a while pop up in the attacking positions late enough to take advantage when he plays. Kolasinac should drop into the defending positions that remain unattended when need be. Wilshere, moving up and down the boxes, starting things and trying to finish up things with the decisive passes to Ozil of Mkhitaryan to find the centre forwards. I’m sure we would have won yesterday and Mkhitaryan would be the same hero of Everton’s 5-1 result. We are an attacking side with an attacking DNA. We decided to try defending…

  10. Mikekobi

    I’m not surprised abt the game against spurs, i know will turn out to be a joke, we r so confidence we will defeat spurs bcus we hv Aubameyang n mkhitaryan and wembley is our second home. Arsenal use to turn things to a Joke when u hope on them, for me the first thing is to change arsene Wenger and start to change and rebuilding the team, even we get Messi and Ronaldo will still turn to a joke with Wenger.

  11. John0711

    Guys pls stop thinking lacca and Auba can be played consistently together both are striker who have on occasions played wide
    I think lacca will be gone at the end of the season wether wenger stays or goes
    I would prefer a new manager with guts

  12. Phil

    The AKB’s will be very very silent this morning.Even they cannot offer any defence after THAT performance and THOSE comments.

  13. jod

    Looking at it from a Spurs point of view Wenger actually got his tactics spot on. We struggle against packed defences and that is exactly how Arsenal set up. That made it difficult for us, plenty of possession but no penetration. The problem you had though was at the other end of the pitch. When you set up like that you need to play on the break but Mkhitaryan and Ozil to my mind are flat track bullies who go missing when the going gets tough so they didn’t provide Aubameyang with any service. Once we got the goal everything changed. Arsenal had to come out and try and get a goal which left space which we could exploit. We could and should have scored a few more but our finishing was terrible. Still, its about grinding out a win when its not really going for you and right now we are much better at that than you are.

  14. Dudu

    Wenger accepted defeat before the game started……
    He is always scared ? playing against big teams likewise konscienly………….Wenger out.

  15. Waal2waal

    the difference appears to be premiership striker who is without doubt at the top of his game – can’t blame auba or laca or the uninspiriring mkhi for finding wembley a most daunting place to play – especially in front of 83,000 fans.

    First half we did alright – but we do ourselves no favours by endorsing wembley as our second home, when its not. Emirates is our only home and we planned poorly for HK in simple our defence lost focus and paid the price for it.

    Playing Mkhitaryan with Auba from start wasn’t such a bright idea – why execute the same plan against spurs as you did against faltering everton in the game before? its senseless. Also contrary to some opinions welbeck should have been on from start for the simple reason he puts defenders on their backfoot whenever he plays for us and mkhitaryan could have played from off the bench. We didn’t need his assist because we use ozil for that purpose.

    Unfortunately spurs will have gained further belief after beating us in front of a record premiership crowd at wem.
    we are far too sentimental about players who really need to be shown the door.

    in all honesty when we look at our available midfield or available defence do we seriously consider its ready to catapult us into champions league or epl title contention?
    wenger must step aside and allow somebody elses ideas if we are to make a sustained recovery and earn back our respect.

      1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

        Arsenal have international standard defenders; the issue is the lack of coaching in techniques, tactics, organisation structure and discipline of defending when without the ball. Klopp like Wenger doesn’t appear to coach defense.

  16. Wiggy

    Absolutely Gutted! If I was the real Wiggy (Satan), this what I would do:
    Put Elneny back on the first flight to egypt
    Put Iwobi back on the first flight to Nigeria
    Just embarrassment, do NOT deserve Arsenal shirt.
    Dembele bossed the midfield bullied elneny and xhaka like schoolkids. elneny had zero successful tackles. Iwobi pub playing footballer..

  17. Wiggy

    With Alexis Sanchez playing even half heartedly we could have a pulled a point or three points. In this game because Miki playing the Sanchez role -comparisons were inevitable. Sanchez 100 times better than Miki. Mourinho must be laughing – pulled wenkas pants down again!!

  18. Phil

    Wiggy your bang on the money Pal but not just these two.
    And the FIRST OUT on the FIRST FLIGHT should be WENGER

  19. Bur

    Weegor said he couldn’t understand our poor away form. He is the manager for goodness sake. He is paid to know. He is supposed to know his players. I had to laugh when people said our woes are over with the latest purchases, nothing has changed we are still rubbish under his management.

  20. Ozilla

    Mkhi had a poor game giving the ball away a ton, but I thought Ozil was okay. The problem is he couldn’t impose himself because we couldn’t get possession. Spurs kept winning every 50 50 ball and every header. Every arsenal or spurs goal kick always turned into spurs possession. We need a strong, tall, defensive minded central midfielder! Or probable two!!

  21. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

    Arsenal aren’t in the position they are in because of an away 1:0 loss to Spurs. We are where we are because of our away form and a defensive performance, which has shipped as many goals as teams now fighting for relegation.

  22. Vlad

    What makes me vomit KM are your posts. Cech actually saved us from being humiliated yesterday. Mustafi had a decent game as well. Wenger’s tactics were spot on in the first half. Goal changed everything. Plus, a few players were not up to snuff, including our new signings. And we still had a chance to get something out of the game. Sometimes that is just how it goes. Top 4 was always going to be hard. Spurs will probably not going to get it either. We still have Europa League. So take a chill pill.

  23. Midkemma

    “Alex Iwobi was the best player on the pitch since he came on and played CM!”

    Iwobi was one of the worst when he came on, he put effort in but he gave the ball away a lot and failed to drive the team forward. He put in effort and did wave his hands around a lot though…

    “The subs at minute 70 when you are getting wrecked tell you the story. ”
    64th min double sub, closer to 60 mins but hey, that doesn’t sound as bad right?

    “This is Wenger for you lads! He will never change.”
    No, that article was you showing everyone that you know nothing Jon Snow.

    Wenger has changed for a lot, the biggest change which should be picked up on by AOB is the fact he is no longer a top manager, silly AOB people will prefer to push a lie than the truth which is equally damaging.

    Wenger trusted in kids a lot more than he does now.
    Wenger used to fill his squad with confidence, now they get destroyed as quick as Sead and Lacazette has been.
    Wenger used to be able to get players to develop into stars but now they struggle to get past prospect.

    The article from K was nothing more than a child throwing a hissy because what he wanted didn’t happen.

    We did lose because of Wenger, K may be right about this but a broken clock is right twice a day, doesn’t mean they are reliable.

    Wenger picked tactics and AFC lost the CM battle.
    Wenger can not drop Xhaka from the starting lineup and he contributed towards us losing the CM battle, which contributes towards our Att getting less service.
    Wenger made the subs and they didn’t work as intended, if Wenger did have any intention.

    It is frustrating to see fans blame Wenger for stuff which he isn’t to blame for, he has plenty of blame that if you take 5 mins to look at it then you can spot multiple reasons other than knee jerk bandwagon type of articles.

  24. Aussie Jack

    @Konstantin: PATHETIC , that`s the word I was looking for to describe Arsene Wenger at the press interview after the game. He looked like he`d been on the booze and slept in the park on a rainy night. Maybe he had been out in the rain at Wembley, if so, I apologize.

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