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Pedro transfer is NOT what Arsenal need

I get the fact that a lot of Arsenal fans are still not convinced by our France international centre forward Olivier Giroud and think that Thierry Henry was right to say that the Gunners could not win the Premier League with the big man leading the line.

But even our club record signing felt the need to backtrack on his words and explain that he meant that we needed more options, not that Giroud was not good enough. And the general consensus is that we do not want just a Giroud clone to fill in, but a striker that will bring something different to what Arsenal already have.

That is why I am not too excited by the Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with a summer transfer move for the Barcelona and Spain international star Pedro Rodriguez. His main attributes are his pace and finishing, mainly operating on the right side of a front three and I have just two words to explain why this is not what the Gunners need; Theo Walcott.

In fact, the England forward has proved that he also has the ability to play as a central striker with some success and that is not something Pedro has in his locker. So what is the point in bringing in a player very similar to one we already have, just not as good?

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27 thoughts on “Pedro transfer is NOT what Arsenal need

  1. muffdiver

    we couldnt use someone of pedro’s quality?
    his finishing is superior to girouds an hes got walcotts pace, theres alot more to his game too
    as an overall package hes better than our whole team except for alexis

    sorry ive watched him for barca an spain….would have him in a heartbeat

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    1. seancali

      Pedro is needed at arsenal. We could useva quality winger in Pedro’s class desperately. It would allow us to move Theo to the central role

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    2. seancali

      Pedro is needed at arsenal. We could useva quality winger in Pedro’s class desperately. It would allow us to move Theo to the central role

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    3. jonestown1

      If Theo wants to hang himself out to dry in full view of the world and go for that CF spot then the lad at least has some balls – unlike some I won’t predict how it will go but would surprised if you could get better than even odds that he wouldn’t get 15-20 goals if he had a season at CF.

      If he thus frees up the RW slot then Pedro would be a very good option – his scoring more or less matched Alexis’s at Barca. Same pace as TW loads more trickery. Pedro and Ox fighting it out for a slot would be pretty cool.

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    4. NoSentimentsJustTruth

      KOSCIENLY – 10
      CAZORLA – 10
      GIROUD – 9
      SANCHEZ – 9
      COQUELIN – 9
      BFG – 8
      MONREAL – 8
      RAMSEY – 8
      OSPINA – 8
      CHAMBO – 7
      OZIL – 7
      BELLERIN – 7
      GIBBS – 7
      WELBECK – 6
      WALCOTT – 6
      SCHNESKY – 6
      FLAMINI – 6
      CHAMBERS – 5
      DEBUCHY – 3

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  2. NoSentimentsJustTruth

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  3. optimisticgooner

    Pedro is exactly what we neeed!!!!
    Pedro gets less game time only because of MSN and not because he has done anything wrong! He’s definitely a world class player for me.

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  4. YingYang69

    Pedro is a better player with the ball at his feet than our Theo. Goal returns and assists its hard to say, maybe Theo would edge it but because of injury we dont know if he would have been consistent whereas Perdro is consistent.

    Sanchez and Pedro on each wing sounds devastating, introduce Theos pace and it becomes frightening. Ozil Arteta Cazorla and Ramsey delivering at various stages with Bellerin Monreal offering extra width… yeah i could deal with Pedros arrival.

    Ps.. I hope che dont get Isco, he would be a good option for when Cazorla Rosicky Arteta step aside soon.

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  5. wizardry

    Meanwhile chelsea have loaned one of their youngsters to stoke in order for him to learn how to not play football.

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  6. moneytalks

    Arsenal need a striker who can score 25 league goals per season like Benzema or Lewandowski.
    Giroud hasnt even scored 20 league goals in one season in the last 3 seasons at Arsenal.

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    1. jonestown1

      Hate to break it to you but neither have ever scored 25 league goals in a season in their entire careers. KB has only broken 20 once with 21 – exactly the same as OG.

      Last five seasons OG has 74 league goals – KB has 79. Not exactly night and day is it? If you don’t count his penalties RL has 85 league goals in the past 5 seasons – 2 goals a season better on average, and he is the best centre forward out there in my opinion.

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  7. truegunner12

    Personally this transfer window grows more unsettling as the weeks go by. The reasoning behind that is when you take a look at the positions we’re interesting in adding depth to the options on the marketplace are either overpriced, being courted by several clubs or unavailable.

    Case in point, the general consensus is that Arsenal need a striker and 3 names we’ve been limked with are Benzema, Lacazette and Higuain. Now obviously either option is such that they’d improve Arsenal but take a look at the dynamic of ach transfer.

    Arsenal have already has a 45 million Euro bid (32.4 million pounds) bid for Higuain rejected. De Laurentis has already given his take on the matter but 32 million pounds for Higuain seems more than a fair valuation of Higuain and I don’t see Wegner getting anywhere near there ridiculous evaluation

    Benzema has more than once reiterated his interest in staying in Madrid but even if Real Madrid could be persuaded to let him go you only imagine them doing so if they are able to get Aguero, unfortunately he is at a club where money is no issue.

    Then you have Lacazette, 3 English clubs other than Arsenal have been linked with him and that’s IF you discount City’s reported interest.

    If neither does come to Arsenal who do you think IF ANYONE would be a suitable addition. For those who think no members need o be added are you confident the current strike force is able to score the goals needed to challenge for a league title and the CL?

    The same logic could be applied to the defensive midfielder position. With Arteta signing an extension do you think Arsenal have sufficient cover for Coquelin in the event he gets injured?

    My honest answer to both is no but even then whom would you add, especially if for example Schneiderlin ends up at United? Who feasibly could we add?

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  8. trophyhungry gooner

    sometimes i see the kind of effort that small teams like west ham or Southampton put and am just amazed….it makes me feel like we are not just doing good enough as a top four club…i just feel that with a management that cared a little bit more about performance on the pitch we would
    great…19yrs in CL and being in the final only once sounds more like failure than success…i wish we had better management

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  9. SoOpa AeoN

    Everyday……… Pedro pedro Pedro pedro Pedro pedro Pedro pedro Pedro pedro Pedro pedro Pedro pedro Pedro pedro Pedro pedro Pedro pedro Pedro pedro Pedro pedro Pedro pedro Pedro pedro Pedro pedro …….ain’t we ever Tired?

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  10. georgie b

    I would guess transfers can still get done with manager and club on tour?

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  11. YingYang69

    If we are to look into another def midfielder whilst Schneiderlin is unavailable well then id like L Bender.
    If we cant get Lars well then id take a closer look at Rudiger and Kramer. I like how professional German players seem to be even in times they aren’t reining world champions, I know those players wouldn’t necessarily walk straight into their National team but it is only one position which they are all vying over so I would assume good quality will miss out. I reckon they could be gotten at a fair price compared to a regular starter in another National side.

    Competition for Giroud. Its difficult, we all having preferences, so you’re not going to get total agreement. Lacazette, Im not too sure on well not nearly so sure as some seem to be. I have seen too many players of that ilk heralded from France and claiming to be the next big thing since Thierry Henry. I would have liked Wilfred Bony before the man city move, totally my own preference believing he would have suited our teams play. He’s not the world class player we are all hoping to see.. but still, a pretty strong finisher with pace and goals. Of all the players mentioned I would have to say my pick would be Higuain, definitely not worth the price mentioned but if he could be gotten at a fair price well then I’d have to say he would suit us just fine. I’m not choosing him over Lewendowski or Cavani It’s more me being realistic.

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    1. mohawk

      sorry but Wenger already has competition for giroud. his name is theo. just keeping it real.

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      1. YingYang69

        Like I said, we all have preferences. Theos threat from the wing is huge, so my preference would be to keep him there and bring in a striker. But if we are to replace Theo with a winger then moving Theo further forward well then Im more than happy to see him get his shot.

        Look, from the wing Theo can be involved directly with about 30 goals, moving him forward we will lose his assisting ability, and also there is the fact he is an unknown quality regarding main man role.

        If Theo fails to deliver of whats expected of him I better not see you or others on here thrashing him and Wenger by saying stuff like we should have gotten a striker and Theo was always a winger. Obviously I’m talking of the Fans who say we don’t need a striker as we have Theo. So basically, don’t be a hypocrite.

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  12. SoOpa AeoN

    meanwhile……. Yohan cabaye returns to pardew….. How many times were we linked with him in the past?…. Funny scenario

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  13. Jimbeam

    Pedro, Draxler, Greizman, Aubomeyang, these are all same type of players. Fast wingers that can score goals, and can potentially play as Striker. What I like about this solution Vs a Benzema or Higuain type solution is that it gives us a more flexible attack. They can easily switch with Theo or Sanchez and we will always keep the opposing defenses guessing.

    A trio of fast, technical, winger/strikers with Ozil passing behind them can be a devastating attack.

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  14. rkw

    This is the kind of drivel that has allowed wenger to get away with his 4th place is a title bs for the last 10 yrs …. Will Shakes was right “Ambition should be made of more quality footballing stuff than the whippet” …. I would even take benzema at this point and am not a big fan … But If all we have come early august is a slight upgrade in goal keeping area it will be another summer of being strung along by corrupted board and it’s Gallic mouthpiece

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  15. Zapperkid

    Pedro is not needed, promote Gnabry or Welligton Silva ( if he’s any good in pre-season )or even Akpom to the first team those guys need to get games under their belt. Even tho a word class striker would be perfect
    ST : Giroud & Wc striker
    LW : Sanchez/Welbeck
    RW: Walcott/Gnabry

    Campbell & Chamberlain could be playing in those positions and some young players too ( Iwobi/Willock ) and maybe Wellington if he’s any good.

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  16. GoonAR

    I disagree. Pedro would be a good buy and would fetch a below market price just because he didn’t play all that much last year. He would give Walcott his chance to play the majority of the game through the center. I wouldn’t be disappointed with him on our squad. Just my two cents.

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  17. Valentine Chitiya

    We nid world class players who can change a game when it matters most,we shouldnt be a grooming ground for other clubs

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