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Pep Guardiola is worried about facing a rested Arsenal first team

This could be the point of the season where Arsene Wenger’s policy of playing two completely different Arsenal teams in the Premier League and the Europa League is looking like a stroke of genius, as we just about to face our first Top Six side, Man City, just a few days after they have had a hard game in Naples in midweek, while our First XI have had a full weeks rest as usual.

Pep is worried about tiredness affecting his top players after a gruelling 4-2 win over Napoli. The City boss said: “We need our fans’ support. After the Champions League, it is so tough.

“On Thursday [in the Europa League], Arsenal played without the real squad who are going to play on Sunday, so they rested for one week.

“The lack of energy we will have is normal after the Champions League, so our supporters can help us in that.”

Arsenal fans already know the pitfalls of playing your top players in both competitions and the danger of dropping points following big European games, so our dropping down to 5th last season could end up being a blessing in disguise as our rivals show signs of fatigue.

Maybe Wenger isn’t such an idiot after all! And maybe it is Guardiola that his getting his excuses in early for a change!

Sam P

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12 thoughts on “Pep Guardiola is worried about facing a rested Arsenal first team

  1. XhakaFan

    How about we play a 4-3-3 ..
    Bellerin Kos Nacho Kolasinac
    Xhaka Ozil Ramsey
    Iwobi Laca Sanxhez

    It may surprise city and work in our favour

    1. GB

      I think Kolasinac is still injured so we need someone else at left wing back. Xhaka is a liability defending wise but Coq shouldn’t be anywhere near this team so I would play Niles as DM. I like the attack though.

  2. the barrel

    Arsenal should not field players that lose possession easily like Ramsey and Ozil. We need pace to beat Man City. Walcott and Elnerny should take places of Ozil and Ramsey

  3. John Ibrahim

    Rested or not…

    lets be honest …we will still lose

    hopefully we dont lose by more than 2 goals….

    City has lots of firepower and their players are beaming with confidence and determination

  4. deleny

    just keep ur morale draining scoreline to urself. Dnt worry am gonna come back here and rmber u abt what happened. All i knw is that guardiola and his men cant go d entire season without tasting defeat. No! The epl is more competitive nw than ever before. Atleast we re coming back with a draw. I dnt see city beating this team. #coyg!!!

  5. Wolfgang

    Its about time MC lose a game. The law of averages will see to tah.
    Unless you are playing Scotland where Celtic have gone 63 games unbeaten.

  6. Dangote Save Us

    Don’t worry Pep we might have a rested team but we also have a tired and out of date coach to compensate that


    I want to see Kolasinac in the defensive midfield role for this game .
    ………………… Lacazette………………….
    I think that team can beat Man City. Enough Defensive cover and creativity

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