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Petr Cech looks for positives in Arsenal’s defeat at Chelsea

Just like Arsene Wenger, Petr Cech thought that Arsenal were a match for Chelsea before Mike Dean and Costa decided to ruin the game as a contest by giving Chelsea the numerical advantage.

Cech said after the game: “We played really well in the first half and that sending off changed the situation on the pitch. It’s up to the referee and his officials to make decisions. I can’t comment on it because I didn’t see the incident or what happened after. The important thing is that they had the one-man advantage for the second half and they took advantage of that.

“I would say that a positive thing was that we made it difficult for them when we went down to 10, and then down to nine. We had a few half chances, so we didn’t make it easy for them in the last 15 minutes when we started to push a little bit more. The second red card then came and that was what they needed.”

“I came back and hoped that I could get a result for my new team. We prepared for the game but couldn’t win. My individual highlight will be the reception I got from the fans which was amazing. I would like to thank everybody but obviously I would have liked to win the game. We go home with no points so that’s the disappointing part.”

Just after the opening day defeat to West Ham, Cech spoke about his philosophy of simply concentrating on improving in the next match, and he said the same thing yesterday in his parting shot: “You have to pick yourselves up and continue. That’s the only thing you can do because you don’t win or lose the league after five games. You need to carry on until the last minute of the campaign. Obviously we need to keep going.”

Hopefully we can get some consolation by beating Tottenham on Wednesday….

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13 thoughts on “Petr Cech looks for positives in Arsenal’s defeat at Chelsea

  1. Hafiz Rahman

    Alexis needs a rest….if he can be rested for both games Leicester and Tottenham…it would be very beneficial…

  2. Demwan Jones

    Eager to see iwobi and adelaide against spurs. They were good during preseason. Some of our first team players need rest

  3. illiterate

    What’s the latest on Dein and Costa anyone. Please keep me updated if any sanction is implemented. Thanks!

    1. Budd

      Don’t put your hopes high. If FA really wanted a fair game they wouldn’t delegate Dean as official for Arsenal. And it doesn’t even matter anymore. Damage has been done to us.

  4. Goonsquad8

    I don’t think enough people are giving wenger credit regarding our game plan. We decided to play conservative, focus on our shape and pick when to attack, but yet people complained we weren’t at our free flowing best creating 20 chances!

    Going into half 0-0 was feeding right into our game plan, Chelsea were the ones that needed the 3 points they were the ones that needed to take the game to us and that would’ve allowed walcott more space which is what we wanted.

    The loss is disappointing but at the end of the day were still 5 points off the top and have a lot of football left to play. COYG

  5. Goonsquad8

    I also thought chambers played well when he came in. Granted we were pretty deep in our own 3rd but his positioning and reading of the game was solid and was putting his body on the line

  6. Kotte

    I dnt knw about u ma fellow Gooners bt i feel like Wenger is toturing me badly Arsenal is stressing me…our manager tells us no nid to buy we are strng smtimes he says theres no one to buy bt evry team in europe buys and then we knw hw it will end…wts wrng with Arsenal am i expecting too much frm it or wat? Shud i start accepting that we are nt capable of winning trophys? Better u ma friends u always see positives in our team bt 4 me i dnt c anythn positiv. Arsenal season is like a story which u knw hw it will end. Now barely 6games into the new season we already knw we arnt strng enaf to win the epl. God i pray 4 Arsenal the playrs and the fans bt most importantly touch Wenger!

  7. Twig

    Classy from Cech. We were not terrible maybe a little bit naive. The game could have changed completely had Alexis converted that easy chance. I’m still wondering how he missed.

  8. illiterate

    Please educate me. How do one thumb a person up or down? I’ve tried numerous times already. It’s becoming frustrating

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