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Pick your Arsenal XI for Chelsea in Community Shield

If Arsene Wenger really wanted to he could start with the same Arsenal team that beat Chelsea the last time we met at Wembley to contest a trophy, as long as the Chile international star Alexis Sanchez really is ready to go as the Frenchman has suggested ahead of this Community Shield clash.

The starting line-up of Arsenal in that fantastic FA cup final was like this.

Holding, Mertesacker, Monreal
Bellerin, Ramsey, Xhaka, Chamberlain
Ozil, Sanchez, Welbeck

However, I do not think the boss will go with the same side despite the fact they did so well. Surely he will want to bring Koscielny, who was unavailable in May through injury, into the defence. I would also expect to see Kolasinac on the left after he looked so good in the Emirates Cup last weekend.

There is also a strong case for young Reiss Nelson and either Giroud or Walcott or both to start in our attack and that is before you even consider the big summer striker signing Lacazette. I would also consider starting with Elneny alongside either Xhaka or Ramsey to give a bit more defensive solidity, so this would be my Arsenal XI.

Holding, Koscielny, Monreal
Chamberlain, Elneny, Ramsey, Kolasinac
Walcott, Alexis, Ozil

Who would you like to see Arsenal start with?


28 thoughts on “Pick your Arsenal XI for Chelsea in Community Shield

  1. gotanidea

    Holding, Koscielny, Monreal
    Chamberlain, Elneny, Ramsey, Kolasinac
    Iwobi, Giroud, Lacazette

  2. GB

    Ramsey and Coq both injured so I don’t expect them to feature and Ozil also has a knock so could start on bench. I have a feeling Welbz will possibly start to run at them through the middle and cause them problems as before.

  3. GB

    Also feel it’s a very difficult team to predict as there have been so many variations in the pre season games so far.

  4. Bryanz

    Ospina, Nacho, per, koscielny, chambo, Ramsey Xhaka, kolasnac, Alexis, Lacazatte, Walcott.

    I would prefer chambo and Walcott coz they have a good scoring record against the blues.

  5. Kane

    Holding kos nacho
    Ox el neny xhaka kolasinac
    Ozil lacazette welbeck



  6. wilshegz


  7. John Ibrahim

    The Ibrahims Arsenal Fifa 17 lineup


    Mbappe Dembele

    Mendy Lemar Pogba Sidbe

    Umiti Kos Varane


  8. Victor victory

    Putting up these names really saddens me. After what happened last season, I thought Wenger and the board will be proactive for once. But what am I seeing? Same transfer routine, window shopping, bidding 35m when you know the selling price is 50m etc. At the end, Wenger will say he didn’t find quality that will improve the team. Let us be honest, what make this team better than the team that kicked us out of top 4? Worse still, at a time others have invested heavily to improve their teams . Wenger never change.

    1. John Ibrahim

      Selling price keeps going up..

      after the Neymar deal its no longer 50m anymore….close to 80m more likely

  9. wilshegz

    Ramsey needs to be tasked to give xhaka adequate support in CM, he is not a CAM… he should also time his runs forward n not do it too often.

  10. Nahayo Wycliff

    Cech koschielny mustafi monreal kolasinaic Ramsey xhaka ozil Sanchez lacazette Chamberlin

  11. Opeyemi


    Holding Koscieny Monreal

    Chamberlain Xhaka Ramsey Kolasinac

    Walcott Ozil (or Iwobi)

    On the bench, I will like to see:
    Ospina, Per, Elneny, Sanchez, Giroud, Welbeck, Nelson

  12. Gbenga omiyemi

    Kosielney. Mustafi. Holding.
    Chamberlain. Xhaka. Ramsey. Sead.
    . Ozil.
    Lacazete. Alexis

    Sub: giroud. Welbek. Walcott. Iwobi. Elneney Nelson. Wilshire. Monreal . Mertesaker. Belerin. Ospina

  13. ozil10

    Never before have I felt so hopeless before the start of a season. I just don’t want the season to start.?. I simply can’t watch Arsenal having a miserable season once again & Alexis leaving on a free next year. I was really hoping that we would considerably strengthen our squad. Like previous years we have acted fast to bring 1 high profile player & then stopped( kolasinac also is a pretty good signing). I don’t know why it’s taking us so long to sign Lemar. People will blame wenger for this but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t do the negotiations. All I can say to people who feel the same is that don’t set high expectations for the upcoming season otherwise you will be left massively disappointed at the end…..

    1. gotanidea

      I think Arsenal doesn’t really want to sign Lemar at such high price. In my opinion, he is not worth fifty million. For that price and above, Arsenal had better chase Dembele.

      Rather than chasing Lemar, Arsenal should focus on Seri, Rafinha and Sancho. They also need to sell the underperforming players as soon as possible.

        1. gotanidea

          Ousmane Dembele. His price could be higher than Mbappe’s.

          Tottenham’s Mousa Dembele is also good, but he is much older.

  14. Segun

    Almost everyone has chosen the “usual suspects”, but it is plausible that Ozil and Ramsey don’t play/start. In that scenario, the midfield could see Xhaka, Ox and Elneny. Also feel Holding won’t be started for this one. Mertesacker will get the nod to play alongside Kos and Montreal.

  15. Declan

    As Kos can’t play in opening two league games I don’t think he should start this one so we have a settled defence for league start. Just my opinion but there again, I am just a dog, woof ?

  16. Nakul

    While I want Arsenal to buy 1/2 more players, I like the fact that we have a big squad. 2 Arsenal fans cannot get the exact same lineup, which means we could have diff game plans in place. This season will be interesting. We have a lot of quality backups.. frankly I am yet to decide on the best starting 11.. now that we have kept hold of our best players, I am excited about this season.

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