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Players who are Fans can drive Arsenal to success!

Arsenal could build a strong fanbase core! by AH

With the comments Szczesny made today it made me realise we really could have the next generation of a real competitive club which is full of true supporting players who will be playing their hearts out for this club week in week out.

Szczesny told;
“I think there’s a lot of players in this team that are genuine Gooners. You’ve got people like Carl Jenkinson, there’s Jack Wilshere, Emmanuel Frimpong – a lot of young players who really feel it’s the biggest honour they could have, to play for this club. I think that’s very important for the future.”

And he’s not wrong, a team that’s based around these players could really see us return to the competitive state that we were at before. Football isn’t all down to quality and ability, although it obviously plays an important part. A team with pure spirit, support and a real wish for the club to get results can be very effective when it comes to success, and I can really see a strong core being built around the young Arsenal supporting players at the club.

This includes, Jack Wilshere, Frimpong, Jenkinson and Szczesny himself, but not forgetting the likes of Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, Aaron Ramsey, Kieran Gibbs and Theo Walcott (if he signs) all of which have a genuine love for the club to do well.

All these young players look set to be on the way to greatness, with them all showing such ability from their respective young ages and it’s certain that all of them will no doubt improve! It looks to be a very promising structured team to build around and the best part is they would all have the same spirit that the great Tony Adams displayed when he proudly captained our club in times of greatness.

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44 thoughts on “Players who are Fans can drive Arsenal to success!

  1. leo

    well done michu
    Total cost of Swansea City’s starting XI tonight: £18.3m. Total cost of Chelsea’s starting XI tonight: £203.5m

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  2. leo

    when Wenger said “We’ll be very busy” in the window, he was only referring to players leaving

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  3. Arsenal till I die

    The only way to get off this depression and tensions is get on fifa 13 and manage arsenal. I really hope when theo’s deal is done and dusted, there will be movement on signing prolific players for arsenal. Please wenger please.

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  4. SlengTeng

    and people were saying our draw with Swansea was poor…. We completely outplayed them and they fluked a draw…
    People need to stop slagging the team

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  5. obi

    I wonder why wenger stil has faith in injury prone diaby.hez not a true gooner.he stays because hez alwayz on treatment table.if he waz class tru out the season he would have gone long time ago.hez one of the players who might get him fired.and to say the truth am tired with wenger.wenger out gualdiola in.

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  6. leo

    Wenger is prepared to SELL any player that doesn’t believe this team can achieve success. He’s said this in training sagna is fedinetly going out in summer

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  7. G-Force

    Oh come on Leo, you can do better than that. Let’s say the cost of Swansea’s first eleven is £18.3 million as you mentioned.

    Simply just by putting the cost of JUST FIVE players from Ar$ene’s first eleven such as Poldolski, Mert, Carzorla, Arteta, Vermaelen – the cost is already approximately over £50 million!

    Any yet Arsenal lost and drew one with Swansea. So I really have no idea what your point is?

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  8. ivan gazidis

    oh sczeny ! true lad!
    after a couple of years youre gonna be the best in the world and kroenke is gonna buy another ranch so solution?
    sell you of course !!
    couple of milions for stan and a huge payrise and bonus for me hehe!!
    keep improving you young guns i am shitty fan and gonna sell you to shitty arsenal shitty’s youth academy looooooooooolllllllllllloooollllll

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  9. Gunner 8

    Tomasz Rosicky for “Al Jazeeru”papers:
    “I swear I gave my vote to Cristiano Ronaldo,
    but surprisingly Lionel Messi’s name was on my paper!”

    Gianluigi Buffon for “Gazetta dello Sport”: “I voted for Cristiano Ronaldo and my vote was given to Pirlo. I don’t know what happened!”

    “I voted for Cristiano Ronaldo, but according to FIFA my vote went to Messi. It’s a petty
    these things happen.”
    — Thiago Silva (PSG)

    A journalist from Indonesia claims he voted for Xavi, Barcelona midfielder, but his vote
    was given to Messi.

    José Pekerman, Colombia coach tolocal news:
    “I gave maximum points to Radamel Falcao, of course. According to FIFA, I gave it all to Messi, I don’t know what happened but it is not how I voted.”

    What’s going on here, then… O.O

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  10. Fletch

    The future is definitely bright, we have a number of young players locked up for the next 5yrs.

    Experience is essential, we need experienced quality players to be added!!

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  11. leo

    @g-force no i wasn’t comparing arsenal to swansea i was comparing them to chelski ajax combined costed just 4m compared to city’s 200m+ or dortmund costed 20m it’s just a comparisson that’s it but for wenger must spend no more cheap moneyball signings

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  12. leo

    @gunner8 yeah messi got 41.6% vote ronaldo 23.68% & iniesta got 10.91 uefaloana might be at it again anyway did anyone see pep guardiola refusing to shake ronaldo’s hand at the award lol

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  13. G-Force

    @ Leo

    You might fool the wengerites with your comparisons but you don’t fool me. I know what you are implying when you compare Ajax’s £4 million squad vs Man City £200 million squad. Or Swansea’s £18.3 million squad vs Chelsea’s £203.5 million squad.

    But it’s nice to know that we agree that quality signings have to be made.

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  14. leo

    @g-force no not saying buy cheap unkown players we have all seen how that has worked out in the last 8-years need quality signings else top4 trophy is not happening

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  15. Mudah

    Sorting theo’s contract is a step 4wad atleast we begin to keep stars which is our greatest failure

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  16. leo

    park chu young had a poor game for celta vigo he isn’t good enough for a newly promoted club how on earth did arsenal sign him is beyond me he even makes gervinho/bendtner look good really 6m wasted + 50/week is bullsh*t

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  17. A Goonersville Citizen

    Sometimes I think Arsenal FC forgets that transfers are not only about investing in players, but also investing in fans. Right now, on evidence of ticket prices, team performances, & transfers dealings, fans are at the bottom of club’s investment priorities.

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  18. Thala

    I have No Idea why People r calling for Pep !! He won with Barca , Even Tito is doing it. When Pep was Barca’s Coach , even they had No Plan B. He made Lots of Transfer errors . I would Definitely have Wenger for Pep Gardiola .
    If u ask me if Wenger is doing the Satisfactory job in Arsenal, i may have Second thoughts abt it. One thing i hate abt wenger is , he does the same mistake again and Again. he is not learning from his mistakes.

    I feel Arsenal should Go for either Klopp or Conte as Wenger’s successor definitely not Pep !!!

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  19. abel

    If we beat man city on sunday we can all kiss our transfer dreams goodbye! #FACT

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  20. Neil

    Everyone needs to stop saying the Theo situation has been sorted. It hasn’t.

    Just because the press are saying ‘he will sign this week’ , doesn’t mean anything.

    If there wasn’t an issue he would have signed and I’m sure the board would want to release the news asap to get people off their backs.

    So…after a third of the window we have signed nobody and haven’t persduaded a key player to sign a new contract.

    I’ll always back the team…even if Wenger goes full mentalist and plays Santos up front and Cazorla in goal.

    I’m still on Wenger’s side…but if nobody comes in January and we finish 6th or 7th…and Cazorla, Theo, Podolski, Wilshere and Vermaelen request moves…his time will have run out.

    If he signs the two or three we need I’m sure we will finish 3rd or 4th. Who knows, with a good run even 2nd may be possible and possibly a cup.

    But he needs to stop being a tight bar steward and get his arse moving today.

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  21. leo

    @thala park was signed for 5m actually google it arsenal at the start of this season wrote off 5m from park chu young’s departure to celta vigo he will be another one that may stick to arsenal for a long time earning 50/week pathetic

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  22. YoungGun

    Remember we are told by Gazidis that Arsenal will compete for players in 2014
    He’s waiting until the World Cup to spend that £200m promised from all those times Wenger had “£30m-£70m” in almost every transfer window

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  23. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Neil

    Agree with you on this…

    if theres no signing and Arsenal finished poorly and out of top 4 then Wenger has to go……

    think thats fair enough

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  24. S.H

    Not sure about Ramsey reaching greatness though. I almost choked when I read that. You are a funny man

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  25. johnverdal

    szezcsny, wilshere, frimpong and chamberlain are the future of arsenal

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  26. Dan

    Fergie was the only manager to do it with a British core with the likes of Giggs, Scholes, Beckham, Neville brothers, Keane, Butt and Rio.

    The thing is these players had spirit and quaity. Gary Neville was already quality going into his twenties while we still have question marks over Jenkinson, Ramsey and Fimpong

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  27. gunner

    give palace 10 mil and an offer to loan, wilf zaha, frimpong and Gnabry until the end of the season.
    He may not be a proven player but ox wasn’t proven when we bought him, we shall not lose this fight.
    He is a gunner, and that means what ever happens he will stay loyal to the club.
    manure must not have him

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  28. KING

    luke shaw signed a long term contract with the saints. will we be stuck with santos?

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  29. Thala

    @Leo …That 5.5 mill is including his wages . But i agree its a “Impairment charge” . we will not recover that money by selling him.

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  30. kmkm

    I believe we are one Defensive midfielder and an experienced right back short of matching the teams above us this season. Diaby is a risky gamble though he is a talented lad. For the long term, I’d ship out Santos and find a quality LB, get a proper left winger and play Poldi upfront with Giroud in a 4-4-1-1 with Walcott (or Ox) on the right. Add to that a suitable cover for Chezzer and we are good to go!

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  31. cryme d shatter

    Wenger has put his Arsenal Career on holdf! He has put his Contract on hold It mean if the season ends up well then he will sign a new contract and if the season ends badly then he will be stepping down for PSG Wenger needs to go , I don’t fu**ing think, Pep will be the right idea , Let me tell you this ‘Not All Glitters Is GOLD’ , I will prefere Klopp Because He Promotes Young Players and trains them well to be Super Stars! Pep has all the tools he needed at Barcer and he even made a Huge Transfere Mistake by Swapping Etoo for Ibrahimovic!!

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  32. Thala

    I really feel Arsenal[Management] can do wonders ,if they can change few things.
    1.Pay structure. i am totally against ridiculous pay. but Socialist pay is bad.
    2. Big Signings[not big money,i mean top player signing] will actually increase fan base and increase jersey selling.

    Arsenal should sell fabby, Vito, Sagna, dojouru, squid, santos, denilson, arshavin, bentner, chamack, park.
    They should not mind the transfer fee, their target should be getting 30-35 mill in transfer. it will free up the wages and able 2 sign some meaning full players.

    I have added sagna bcoz , his work rate is reduced and his body language is changed and i am confident jenki will step up.
    i have not added Diaby , ramsey, gervinho, rosicky to the list bcoz Diaby is Very talented, as the doctors finally found the diagnosis, i am confident his time in treatment table will reduce.[i am doc too].
    Ramsey, give this kid a break, he will do well in 2 yrs time. he has the potential. i still remember fans criticizing song , Eboube . But after they improved ,same fans were crying when they left.
    Rosicky is one player who can never be hated. he can certainly make a difference . i really wish our TR7 retires in Arsenal .
    i agree Gervinho frustrates us. i think he needs time 2 adapt. he is a good player . he has potential 2 be a star. i really feel we should be patient with him.

    Transfer target- 1 GK. shaw, 1 CB, 1 CDM , 1 LW. [ 5 palyers] selling 11 players and get 5 players .

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  33. Uk

    Of course how wont a player be a fan of a big club, who gives a 1st team spot on unmerited wages, purely based on potential? If/When the potential becomes performance, then you’l know who the true fan is. We’v heard same from true gooners like henry, fab, rvp. When they come of age n realize they aren’t indebted to the club, but are where they are because of their talent and effort, they’l demand more ambition/effort from d club’s management

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  34. N21 gooner

    @ Neil, good post! Lets stop negotiating Theo’s contract in the media and just get it signed dammit!
    I want to see signed Walcott contract now not more carefully worded media BS! Other clubs do not negotiate contracts in public, I didnt see the terms of Jack’s new contract splashed all over the papers. Something seems to have gone wrong internally here, I dont know where or with who but this is not the usual AFC/AW way of doing things. Perhaps AW realises another one of our best players leaving means his days are over, so there is pressure on. I dont know.

    I’m not even sure I understand why we are signing him. Will he be our new replacement striker? Is it part of his new deal that we must play him in a central role (which means changing our formation, even if it doesnt suit the team)? What if he doesnt score goals (we cant play Newcastle and Reading every week you know!)I like Theo, he is a very good and exicitng player, good for the club, marketable, good role model (my kids have met him and he is a nice fella from what Ive seen), but I am worried we are gonna end up with our very own Torres. You would expect this level of negotiating to bring across an out and out goal scorer with a proven record in the Prem or other top league. Guys like that can set their own terms. This all seems a bit overdone. Come on Theo, sign it and be done. Please.

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  35. LoCkAy

    @ Leo

    You are spot on mate…
    When Wenger was mentioning being busy on the transfer market in January, he was obviously talking about the players leaving.

    He said that his main preoccupation was to sign Walcott and get Diaby back in the team.

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  36. swapnil g

    Look at Manutd they have quality youngsters in their team and Arsenal have one of the best Youth Academy in the World…we have Immense number of talent in the Ranks but dont know y Our manager don’t give them a Chance to show their talent…i know one game wont decide their talent but this kids look the club and infact they will do whatever it takes to win look at Frimgfong he’s dat guy who can actually do the vocal leadership which keown did for arsenal…look at bartley he was the star player for swansea…come on Mr. wenegr this young lad play for Arsenal not for Money

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  37. karl

    I totally agree, this is why i think we should grab Wilfried Zaha he is a great young talent that’s a die hard arsenal fan.

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