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Playing Walcott could be vital for Arsenal

Why Theo Walcott is important from the bench by KJ

After Friday’s internationals, Walcott was taken to hospital after suffering a suspected broken rib against San Marino – something that could keep him out of football for a good two months.

After being kept in overnight, he was quoted saying that “it felt like being hit by a bus”. Fortunately, it is now being reported that he’s got a bruised lung and should be out for no longer than two-three weeks.

This is great news for Arsenal as Theo coming off the bench has been a revelation. Many will probably be sceptical considering that Theo himself hadn’t had too much of an impact until the game at Upton Park, however, there is more than meets the eye.

Walcott being subbed on changes the entire dynamics of the game. Let me refer to the Man City game at the Etihad to demonstrate my point. We were losing 1-0 and needed to get a goal back to get a very positive result against the Premier League champions. Wenger puts Theo on and although he didn’t make any direct impact, he indirectly swung the game back into our favour.

His pace and finishing forced Man City to sit back for the remainder of the game. They had just got into their rhythm and were passing around us but were forced back by Wenger’s genius substitution. They knew that on the counter, they would lose the match. This caused us to slowly grow back into the game and start creating chances that would ultimately lead to the corner that we directly scored from. I’m not taking anything away from the boys but the fear of Theo’s pace swung the game back into our favour.

That’s the impact the Englishman can have for the next two months even if he doesn’t sign a contract. We want the best for Arsenal and if that means playing a well behaved player in the last year of his contract, so be it. He could be the difference between winning a trophy or not.

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12 thoughts on “Playing Walcott could be vital for Arsenal

  1. ButtFlaps

    Walshot must to sign, he have the times to chance to think to realise Arsenal is top top for him.

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  2. Chucky

    Waloott is a good player but he needs patience…. That is what is stopping him from growing as a player. focus on one thing @ a time and with Wenger’s guidance u will be a well equipped central striker…..

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  3. tom

    Doesn’t have the the bulid or cf instinct that Giroud has at the moment to be a striker

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  4. true goon

    i think your partly right i think he is most dangerous in the second half of games when the opposition are tired like against coventry,or west i think you could be right about him being a good impact sub,but theo needs to bring more variation to his game so he can be more of a threat from the start of matches

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  5. koolio

    Walcott is only a supersub at the moment. He might be contributing with goals, but we all know how he is in parts of the season where he can’t complete the simplest pass. Hes only 23, and must wait for the managers permission rather than force his position as striker. If he doesn’t sign a contract, I won’t be sad to see him go, but would like him to stay.

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  6. Awesome Gunner

    Hope Wenger could see that the OX plays way better when used as a CAM as the case in the England game.

    Sorry to hear about Walcott but hope he gets better soon. Just hope that we have no more injuries during this international breaks. Its these International breaks that usually makes that Arsenal players come back injured.

    We have a good chance to be in a good standing in the league if we take all three points in the next 3 games.


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  7. Malik


    what the hell does tupac have to do with whether walcott plays or not? read the article and comment ON the article and stop talking about a dead man (R.I.P 2pac) and show some respect 2 Arsenal F.C. and talk about them on their site

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  8. iga darks

    hi my dear arsenal fans we general need waltcot do not pretend he is agood guy in the second half and and he keep defender in single positon no overlapping .taking defender like evra he is good at overlapping he need people like walcot to keep him one wenger give him another chance.
    to walcot.
    plz be patience to see yourself a good player with wenger he seem to have love for u and even the fans have your favour u almost suit everybodies need in the club give urself time.
    i love to see u play for arsenal.ur big fan from south sudan.

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