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Pocket Football – The Best Games to Play on the Go

Statistics show that football is the most followed sport in the world, with a fan base that exceeds 3 billion at a global scale. No wonder it has left its mark on so many aspects of our everyday lives – we see football stars and teams in ads, movies, tabloids, and news, and we see them in our favorite video games, too. And not only in high-profile simulators and management titles but simple, casual games as well. Today, let’s take a brief look at some of the most representative football-inspired casual titles you can play on the go.

Football Star

If you have ever visited All Jackpots Casino Football Star is surely a title that’s familiar. Released at the All Jackpots two years ago, in the wake of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Football Star has quickly risen to the top of its popularity list, driven probably by the football fever that swept across the world at the time. After the fever wound down, Football Star remained one of the most-played games at the All Jackpots, even today.

Football Star is a fun game to play, paying an homage to football as a whole. Its symbols and sounds are all inspired by the sport, and its background noise makes its players feel like being at the stadium. It’s a game for more than just the football-loving All Slots player – its mechanic and bonuses make it attractive for general slot machine lovers as well.

Football Star runs on any smartphone with an HTML5-capable web browser.

Flick Kick Football Legends

Mobile game developer PikPok is well-known for its sports-inspired games. And Flick Kick Football Legends is one of their best, combining elements of team and player management with onfield gameplay and a comic book look and feel. Players can completely customize their players and teams, participate in major international tournaments, train players to increase their experience and efficiency, and challenge friends in the leaderboards. Besides, they can engage in some onfield action by shooting, tackling, passing, and defeating rivals.

Flick Kick Football Legends is available free on Android and iOS powered smartphones.

Score Hero

Score Hero, First Touch Games’ smartphone football simulator, is a surprisingly realistic game with amazing 3D graphics. It’s a football simulator where players can customize their player completely from the top down, and take him on a journey to a legendary status. The game has over 450 levels to conquer, filled with amazing on-field football action. With over 50 million downloads and more than 2.9 million five-star reviews on Android alone, Score Hero is among the best football-related mobile games you can choose.

Score Hero is available free (with in-app purchases) on Android and iOS powered smartphones and tablets.

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    PES club manager is the most realistic football game, especially for Us Gooners, this game forks you over on and off the pitch, yet it keeps you going back for more.??

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