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Poll: What would Arsenal fans consider to be a successful season now?

With the boring interlull about to start we think it is a good time to discuss what Arsenal fans would consider to be a succesful outcome to this season, considering that we have already lost 4 of our first 11 games?

The Gunners are currently sitting in 6th in the Premier League table, but our reserves are through to the next round of the Europa League, and are in the quarter-finals of the League cup, but what is the minimum you would expect the team to achieve for the season to be considered a success with our current players and manager?

You can only choose ONE answer, and remember you are choosing the MINIMUM you would accept…

What would consider to be success for Arsenal this season?

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Thanks to AndersS for coming up with the idea….

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20 thoughts on “Poll: What would Arsenal fans consider to be a successful season now?

  1. Frank

    The league was gone before the season started and it won’t matter where we finish because I think Wenger is after the FA Cup and the Europa League.

    1. Remember Resource?

      The league title and ucl were never part of our plans. It is unnecessarily expensive and competitive. We saw and still do see a lack of economic incentive in doing so. Our plan was to slowly move into a europa league/top 4 contender side. This had to be done gradually as we had to wait for the epl to become a bigger brand. The fanatics were never a concern as we have seen in the recent past, inspite of protests our revenues have not reflected any negative change. We wanted to become a stepping stone for talented players, this not only benefits us handsomely, it also benefits our clients and the assets we help build. We see it as a win-win situation for all involved. This is a great business now and faces minimal disruption as it is an entertainment franchise. The Arsenal name carries with it a priceless brand.
      We believe that we are close to our objective. Our next objective is to begin servicing a new potential client in tottenham hotspur. This won’t go down well with the fanatics in the short term, but in the long run they will have to get used to it or stop loving the club (we know that this is impossible). All in all we are in a fantastic position and only see huge amounts of free cash every year from Arsenal Capital.

      -Stan Kroenke

    2. funkyrith

      Europa League? Really? We still think we can win it? Teams like Atheltico Madrid, Napoli, Leipzig, Dortmund will soon join the roaster. GL with the hopes

      Misfiring L’pool will drop points against smaller teams, we need to win ours and we can fight for top 4 (4th spot)

  2. Ray

    Dude, the options are seriously lacking and forceful. There is no democracy, why?

    It’s like saying here are six turds to stand in..

    Option 1.) A hard but massive turd
    Option 1.) A soft but well spread turd
    Option 1.) A very smelly but cleanable turd
    Option 1.) A hard to remove turd but extremely small
    Option 1.) A dry turd that will not smell bad
    Option 1.) A wet turd but washable within seconds

    Sorry, but no turd sounds good to me!

    Do you work for Arsene Wenger by any chance?

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

      It’s a well known fact that you can’t polish a turd and regardless it still stinks.

  3. Tony

    cant believe ppl r actually voting this garbase options lol.its like choose top 6 or top 4 and call this season successfull

  4. barry glik

    Nobody expects Arsenal to win the league.
    Arsene and the AKB’s will celebrate 4th
    But 5th or below will see Wenger go.
    Huge Derby on the 18th.

    1. jon fox

      Merely finishing fifth or sixth. will not necessarily get Wenger out, whether sacked or resign and I couldn’t care which AS LONG AS HE GOES). It MIGHT but we need to keep up and increase the Wenger out protests on a grand scale to further heap the pressure on him going.

      1. Ivan

        I agree. Footballwise the season is already and we have not even got to our weak period. BUT if the Wenger cancer leaves Arsenal I will consider it our best season in 13 years.

  5. Quantic Dream

    Europa league trophy and either of FA or Mickey Mouse cup will be excellent for me regardless of where we finish as champions league and europa league will be secured.

  6. zTOM

    Had to vote Top 6 + Europa League but it’s missing a couple of other options of success:
    – A GREAT season (given the competition and crappy Sanchez/Ozil situation, etc.) would be Top 4 + Domestic Cup(s?) + Europa League
    – A very good one would be Top 4 and one of the FA Cup or Europa League.
    The first would cement the club (and Wenger) as the all-time best in the oldest Football Cup in the world (which has a nice ring to it and winning at Wembley always is a great feeling), the 2nd would also be very sweet as we could use adding a European Football Cup to our trophy cabinet (and the bigger one is out of reach for the moment)!

    But yes, a return to CL football is vital for the club’s future so doing so while winning a trophy we’ve never won so far would be job done.
    And a successful season setting up a good base for Wenger’s potential last season and a healthy transition towards the next Era for the club.

  7. jon fox

    Being perfectly serious, a successful season to me is Wenger gone by end of it. The “glorious treble” would be if Kroenke and Gazidis also went. These necessities are far more important than merely winning silverware this season. I am NOT being flippant and I urge you to really think about the truth of what I have written, if you want us to regain our place in the very top strata, which we are getting further and still further away from each season this cancerous regime remains. Pointless talking about sticking plasters, (buying this or that player, since Wenger regresses them all, or drops them or plays them out of postition, as we all know) when the club has cancer from the top downwards and cancer MUST be cut out. I speak as someone who had a cancerous kidney cut right out( a nephrectomy) 12 years ago and I have recovered. If it stayed I would now be dead. Sorry to be graphic but the truth needs plain speaking to make it’s true effect.

  8. Andrew Elder

    The speculations are all totally pointless. This club is going nowhere until they change the manager, the players seem to be going through the motions without conviction but with their huge wages. All this talk about total unity and resolve is bullshit and reminds me of a phrase which sums it up ” don’t p..s down my back and tell me it’s raining”.

    I never thought I would ever say it but bring back a ‘George Graham’ type of manager who will sort out the prima donnas and create a defence that teams will fear like Diego Simone?

  9. Nothing changed

    I prefer top 4 because it would suggest that we still have a halfway decent base to make it back to the top and have regular CL football which is important for a club like Arsenal to allow the attraction of good players and top managers once Wenger leaves.

    Finishing 6th and making it back to the CL via the winning of the Europa league still spells trouble for next season since the gap with the top of the PL will have been established rather than a one of fluke. So getting into the CL via the Europa league would be my second choice.

    If no CL football next season only Wenger’s departure and the appointment of a top manager would count as somewhat successful IMO.

    Best case would be CL football plus Wenger’s departure and a new top manager but we all know that is not going to happen.

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