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Proof Mourinho was talking balls over Arsenal transfer

Footballs, and lots of them, are being kicked around by Arsenal and our rivals as the opening weekend of the Premier League season hoves into view like the sail of a ship to a man stranded on a desert island. This is a time when every fan is full of optimism and every manager is hoping for success in the coming months.

So there is more football talk than ever at the minute, although I don’t think we will be hearing much more from our old friend Jose Mourinho, at least on the subject of Petr Cech and the keeper’s transfer to Arsenal this summer. The Chelsea boss has tried to play down his disappointment at the Czech Republic star’s decision and even tried to claim some sort of noble part in it but that has quickly been shown to be the usual rubbish from the delusional one.

After Cech himself admitted that he had clashed with his former boss and John Terry lamented the boost that the move would give to the Gunners, there are two more pieces of evidence in the papers this week that make a mockery of Mourinho’s claim.

Firtly the Guardian reported the Chelsea defensive midfielder Nemanja Matic admitting his unhappiness that Cech will be playing for one of Chelsea’s main rivals and not their manager’s former right hand man Steve Clarke has made the situation even more clear.

The current boss of Reading said, “For me, he’s still one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

“He’s a great signing for Arsenal.

“I smile a bit when I see Jose’s comments because I know inside it will be killing him having to sell one of his best players to a title rival.”

And the fact it is Arsene Wenger will make it even worse for Jose, a fact which I am sure the Frenchman is fully aware of and will no doubt try to make even worse by starting Cech against his former boss in the Community Shield. Revenge is sweet eh Gooners?

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21 thoughts on “Proof Mourinho was talking balls over Arsenal transfer

  1. Greg

    I was Watching chelsea being beaten by new york redbulls the other day, and just watching the agony and dejected face of mourinho was just “priceless”!

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    1. Champagne Charlie

      I think Mourinho’s above feeling any ‘agony’ about a pre-season game…

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  2. Greg

    I would be elated for petr cech to have the last laugh on mourinho, if arsenal defeats chelsea in the community shield! WAIT let me rephrase that “wanna be positive here” when we beat them in the community shield! Coyg!

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  3. Mick The Gooner

    Weird that all the other major clubs are spread out across the world, yet Arsenal have been back in North London for almost a week already. Chelsea play PSG this weekend in the USA. Man Utd are still in the USA too. Liverpool are in Malaysia and Man City are all the way in Australia.

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    1. Lethal Prince 9

      Haven’t Arsenal played in Singapore and won the Barclays Asia trophy? Plus you know for preseason, Arsenal always organizes it’s own “Emirates Cup” in their stadium.

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  4. rpk

    Liverpool in talks with Reus. Yeah its laughable but you know anything could happen in football. We should never let liverfool to sign him..

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    1. leo

      agreed don’t want to see liverloool getting him hope wenger goes for reus

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  5. leo

    reports in the Czech Republic seem convinced Rosicky’s injury is his imminent arrival at Sparta Prague I hope he stays
    Robert Lewandowski Agent
    “I think Manchester United should cast a higher bid. If they provide a minimum of 35 million pounds of money think Bayern will consider to take it off,” said Cezary Kucharski agent of Lewandowski

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    1. davidnz

      The clean out continues.
      Wonder though why
      we did not make
      these changes 5 years ago?

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  6. leo

    Chelski have 30 players on loan, never promote from Academy to first team, and yet the 1 player they are chasing this summer is a 19yo at Everton

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  7. davidnz

    Yes Cech to Arsenal
    is a mystery. Why would
    Chelsea let such an
    experienced player go?

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    1. dragunov762mm

      Mistery? Where have you been? It’s all clear. The reasons:
      1)Petr and his family wants to be happy. For Peter it means playing regular football weeks in weeks out. For his family it means to stay in London. Petr didn’t want to go apart of his family. He wants to go to Arsenal and he want Chelsea to honor his long contributions by letting him go.
      2)Jose as we though has no balls to let his world class bench warmer go to direct rival by any means, but he can’t do nothing when Roman (the real special one at Chelsea) decided to sanction Petr for his long serve. Then Petr move. Period.

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  8. leo

    van der Vaart: “When you see that team, you have Bale, Modric, me, Lennon, it was an unbelievable team

    Still finished behind Gervinho, Squillaci, Chamakh, Almunia and Silvestre COYGS

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    1. davidnz

      Yes but those players you
      listed barely played.

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  9. davidnz

    Alex Iwobi is a promising lad.
    Reminds me of John Barnes.
    Hope he gets some game time
    in the Emirates cup.

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  10. rpk

    Board member “Wenger has 200m to buy any player”
    Claasic Wenger “He has gone a bit OverBoard”

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    1. davidnz

      Lol 🙂
      The board member needs
      to be tipped over board 🙂

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      1. Rationalist

        Exactly. Hardly shrewd business to inflate the price of every single transfer target by stating you’ve got a fortune and make it less likely for AW to sign someone. Or perhaps it is shrewd business as he doesn’t want AW to sign anyone! Who knows!

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