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Proof that Arsenal really have joined the big boys

Arsene Wenger may still have the reputation of being a bit of an Ebeneezer Scrooge and treating the Arsenal purse strings as if they were his own, but after spending big money on the transfer fees for Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez in recent years and splashing decent amounts on other players like Calum Chambers, the Frenchman has certainly come out of his shell a bit financially speaking.

The club paying off the debt we created with the building of the new stadium is obviously a big part of that but a lot of Arsenal fans and those in the football media still think the Gunners are a long way behind the really big spenders in the Premier League.

Maybe so when you look at the transfer fees paid by Man City for players like De Bruyne, Sterling and Mangala and the silly money spent by Man United on the likes of Angel Di Maria and Anthony Martial, but a report in the Daily Mail tells a different story.

It is all about the wage bills of the EPL clubs and while Arsenal are back in fourth place behind the usual suspects of Chelsea, United and City, the numbers might surprise you. The Gunners paid out a massive £192.2m in wages last season and that is only slightly less than the £193.5m of Man City. United were a bit further forward with £203m and Chelsea were out in front with £215.6 million, but the evidence is clear that we can no longer use the big spending of our rivals as an excuse for not challenging for top honours.

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10 thoughts on “Proof that Arsenal really have joined the big boys

  1. Greg

    We have got the money it’s a fact! because Wenger is a no nonsense business man with a degree in economics and knows how manage a buck! The great thing is that we are not in debt like man u, Chelsea and man City! so despite Le professor being called a miser for not bringing in much big name transfers, we got to give him some credit for us not being in debt like the big boys!

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  2. Twig

    While City is able to meet the crazy wage demands of top class players, Arsenal tend to overpay midlevel players who just make up the numbers without delivering much on the field. Ozil, Boss and Sanchez will probably earn 200K+ at a different club.

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    1. Kojima

      U really saying that Arsene has payed the most to unwanted players in the Premier League? Happens everywhere no club can boast of having never signed trash or players that don’t fit in, tottenham and their 100m from bale, chelsea with first Torres then Falcao, man u with everyone recently (lol) with no research at all I could pull this out…

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  3. davidnz

    This year Arsenal only
    paid 10 mill for Cech
    and will probably
    win the Premiership.
    I don’t think money
    was ever a problem.

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  4. Greg

    At 10 m petr cech is proving to be a great buy and a crucial asset to the arsenal team, not like some of rivals that spent a “king’s ransom” for overrated players like man u did for Memphis depay!

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  5. WOS

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  6. WOS

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  7. Fatboy Gooney

    I’m shocked to see that we are only a millon pound behind City regarding wages 😲
    That don’t seem right when you look at the amount of star players they have, who earn twice as much as ours!
    And there squad is stronger in depth.
    Most of City’s players are on or over £ 200,000 + aweek,
    so something isn’t right there! Even their boot boy is earning more than Ozil 😲

    Maybe it’s Wenger’s wages that boost us up there?
    Whats that Mr Tax man?
    Someones fiddling the books at the Emirates 😂😂😂

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    1. Fatboy Gooney

      @ Admin

      Are you sure it’s £192.2M and not £92.2M for Arsenal?

      It’s like two people doing their shopping at two different stores! 😂
      And then looking at your quick savers groceries and comparing it to your buddies M&S groceries, which is filled with quantity and quality goods, yet only cost a tenner more!
      Wtf! Hahaha 😂😂😂

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