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Proof that Mesut Ozil is definitely not unhappy at Arsenal!

Despite the official Arsenal website still not confirming that the Gunners have signed Shkodran Mustafi, everyone seems quite happy to talk about it as if it is a done deal, including the player himself.

The German international has related that Mesut Ozil was the team-mate that convinced him to move to the Emirates. Now my question is; Why would Ozil do that if he was thinking of leaving Arsenal and refusing to sign a new contract? Here is what our newest defender said: “I did not see Per for a long time because he quit international football but I talked to Mesut,” Mustafi told Sky. “He told me everything I wanted to know. Everything was positive, so I was convinced very fast. It did not take much.

“I have always loved Arsenal, I like how they play here, it is not typical English.

“The game here is more like in Spain and with the German national team, keeping the ball on the grass, so it was easy to convince me.”

Do you think he would have been convinced so easily if Ozil was complaining about Arsenal’s ambition? And revealed that he was going to refuse to sign a new contract? I doubt it very much. In fact Mustafi said that “Everything was positive” from Ozil.

So can we stop the silly rumours about Ozil being unhappy now?


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31 thoughts on “Proof that Mesut Ozil is definitely not unhappy at Arsenal!

  1. The12thMan

    The proof will be whether Ozil signs a new contract or not. Player recommendations are standard lines new signings say at interview when talking about their new club, so I wouldn’t get excited just yet!

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  2. Tas

    No GUARANTEES in Football so much money involved, if Ozil was offered 350k a week you think he will stay? i wouldn’t and i’m very loyal, i must be i’m still an Arsenal fan 🙂 😉

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  3. Uzi Ozil

    For now, he is happy. For now, as it appears.. He wants to win trophies with Arsenal but things can change in a twinkle of an eye. I hope he stays with us for a long time. He is a player I like. I have followed him since his werder bremen and schakle 04 days hence my name Uzi Ozil. Hehe

    Can’t wait for Mustafi and Perez deal to be official. They have signed but we want an official announcement with them holding their Jersey..

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  4. kev

    I would do the same if I was Ozil.I wouldn’t have said anything negative about Arsenal to rub their name in the mud because I would also want my fellow friend at the club.How do you know if Mustafi called Ozil or Ozil called him?I for one do not think because of Ozil convincing Mustafi to come means he’s happy at the club.After all what major trophy has Ozil won since he arrived.He’s a player with ambition and even if he’s happy he will eventually become sad if things go on like this.

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  5. kev

    It was also Wilshere who told Wenger to allow him to leave on loan and not vice versa.The funny thing is he’s being called average but top teams are in for him in Spain and Italy.Jack Wilshere is my favourite Arsenal player and I want him to fulfill his potential even if it’s not with Arsenal.He’s as talented as Pogba and if you think I’m lying watch them when they were young.He is still the player with highest potential in Arsenal and I’m considering the academy.Frimpong could have also been a legendary defensive midfielder and could have been like Claude Makelele.Wenger must loan the players who need to be loaned sp that they can improve.

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    1. Dee@ease

      The reason he should go on loan is because Xhaka,Cazorla,Ramsey,Coquelin,El Neny are all better or ahead of him in the pecking order,he needs game time to sort himself out and stop living off hype created by the english media!

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  6. JustJoy

    the media is trying to destryoy the image of this our beautiful club.. the Wizard of Oz will surely help the team blend and if this crop of players blend hahahaha, other teams will sit at the edge of their seats in disbelieve while we win the title.

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  7. The Analyzer

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    1. G-Rude

      Mr Analyst (lucky i spelled that right!) I think Admin is correct in his title. For instance I am definitely not unhappy about the title, but I am not particularly happy about it!

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    2. Admin Post author

      Mr Analyzer, thank you for the critique of my heading.
      May I just point out that nobody has ever marked one of my assignments because, I’m afraid, I did not even finish regular school, never mind go to college or uni. Having said that, and having read 423 of your comments so far, I can assure you that my English grammar is infinitely better than yours. Would anybody like to point out the spelling mistakes in Mr Perfect’s comment, and remark on his grammar? For instance I see you started with a question, but I’m not really sure because I don’t see a question mark lol.

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      1. onlyoneicefm

        “just arsenal commentry” by icey

        And the admin delivers a KNOCKOUT BLOW! The analyser will have to analyse how how he lost this war of words after he learns how to spell recuperate! Lol

        Admin don’t take it too seriously, I’m sure he’s sorry! Also I don’t think English is his first language so let’s cut him some slack.

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    3. sanmi.marvellous

      I think that there is nothing wrong about the sentence. It is 100% correct in my opinion.

      I am not unaware of your plans = I am aware of your plans
      Ozil is not unhappy at Arsenal = Ozil is happy at Arsenal

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  8. Twig

    “No more signings” ~ David Ornstein

    My Almiron dreams just went up in flames 🙁

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    1. Fatboy Gooney


      David Ornstein 
      Wilshere loan 1yr no break clause if right club found. #AFCwant to keep Gnabry but big #FCBayern offer may change things. No more signings
      5:20 am – 30 Aug 2016

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  9. Lucas Perez

    I wouldn’t much read into the comments of Mustafi regarding Ozil’s influence. If he did, good for Ozil but then again, that is no proof for his happiness. From what we saw in the pitch against Watford, Ozil seems to be pretty happy and that is the exact kind of happiness we want from our record signing and star player.

    I think both Alexis and Ozil are delaying signing new contracts just to know who will be the next manager. Once the future of the manager, Wenger or another, is sorted, both will sign a new contract.

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  10. RSH

    So is Gnabry leaving permanently? Bremen director is saying Bayern are not involved in the transfer at all. Maybe it’s a loan after all I hope… It’d be a huge mistake to let Gnabry leave permanently. Gnabry and Campbell shipped out in one window, while Walcott and Ox remain… illogical.

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    1. Lucas Perez

      Absurd, I agree. AAAAAANDDDD Lucas Perez deal has been officially confirmed.

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      1. RSH

        Nice! Been waiting to see him in Arsenal shirt! Mustafi to follow shortly I’m assuming.

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        1. Lucas Perez

          Mustafi deal will be confirmed but his unveiling will be after the international break I think. He is currently with the German squad.

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    2. Lucas Perez

      Campbell on loan was a shock, selling Gnabry is a shock, SANOGO remaining anywhere near North London is not a shock, its the freaking electricity itself.

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      1. RSH

        nobody in world football would have Sanogo, that’s why he’s staying.

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  11. Fatboy Gooney

    Mustafi already stated that he was a fan of Arsenal’s style of football.
    Also, it’s no secret that Ozil had told a few of his young German teammates to make a move to the EPL.
    He even recommend Leroy Sane to join City!

    If Ozil had intentions to stay at Arsenal, beyond the 2 year’s left on his contract, he would have extended by now.
    Either way, if he doesn’t want to stay, he should at least extend so that Arsenal fc get a better deal on his sale.
    Which would go to show that he has the best interests for our club… but I doubt that, As a free agent, he would be able to demand ‘Ibrahimovic’s’ wages, elsewhere.

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