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QPR boss warns Arsenal off Taarabt

QPR manager Mark Hughes has obviously heard about the alleged interest from Arsenal in one of his star players, because the Welshman has issued an all points, hands off statement warning the Gunners and any other potential suitors off the Moroccan international Adel Taarabt.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if clubs were looking at him, but I know for a fact that he is very happy here, and he sees his future here.”

“This is the best place for him because we support him, we give him the best chance to be successful and he understands that.”

We have all heard things like that before, usually just before a player is sold. I am not privy to the ins and outs of transfer dealings, which are normally kept pretty secret until the transfer window opens at least, but for a manager to comment makes me think that there is something in it.

It seems to me, though, that Arsenal are overflowing with attacking midfielders and we need to strengthen the squad in other areas. Taarabt can play as a second striker but is better on the flanks. Who would he replace?

Maybe he is being lined up as a replacement for Walcott. Arsenal need players who can get service in to Giroud but who can also chip in with goals and come inside at times and attack. Would we rather have Walcott or Taarabt?

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30 thoughts on “QPR boss warns Arsenal off Taarabt

  1. bob

    The QPR manager said he is not for sale then he is not for sale…Why, because it is Arsenal that want him….If it was Man Cit for example that wanted him, then no mater what the QPR manager said…he will be sold.

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  2. Tiko

    This guy is inconsistent !!

    We already have one of those !

    We need a striker who can bang in the goals.

    Shrulle is the one for me cause he can play in from the left as a LW or RW can also play CF and his fav position ST just what arsenal need. Someone who can play everywhere upfront and is good at it where ever deployed. Also would’nt mind snapping up a couple of contract rebals at other clubs e.g lorente,mbwigwa,douglus etc

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  3. S.H

    Taarabt has improved but I still don’t think he’s the quality we need to really lift the team. Some say he’s a hog, but sometimes you have to be when your team is letting you down. They need a spark. Defoe is actually more selfish than any other player I’ve seen. I don’t blame him though. He sees an opening and just goes for it. That’s what a striker is for – pure instincts.

    If I had a choice to replace anyone in midfield for Taarabt, it would be Ramsey. At least Taarabt can keep possession and beat players. He would then be an upgrade definitely. I still prefer Isco, M.Suarez or Holtby.

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  4. Goona

    Get Younes Belhanda instead. He is a Moroccan playmaker as well and will compliment Giroud as they were a major part of montpellier’s winning season

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  5. gooners

    I prefer Taarabt as he’s a proven premier league player. He has better ball control than Walcott, better passing and movement but Walcott is a faster and much better finisher.

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  6. mohawk35

    1. Who cares what Hughes says? Have other teams ever concerned themselves about Wenger as they target Arsenal players? Please.

    2. Taarabt is a decent player but is not the quality needed to improve significantly.

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  7. madaboutthegoons

    i dnt think replacing taarabt with walcott will be a great improvement. so wats the point

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  8. k

    I personally don’t want him.
    Our midfield is fine but I think a defensive midfielder could help us a lot.
    Defence we need a backup left back.
    I also want a winger who can actually cross, we have 0 of them currently and we are playing a formation with has 2 wingers and a striker who relies on headers. Not going to get very far if neither winger can actually cross a ball.

    All together:
    Left back
    Winger with good crossing ability
    Possibly a defensive midfielder

    Rough cost:

    Now after the sales of Nasri, Fabregas, RVP, Clichy, etc. I really don’t think 30-40m is too much to ask from the board

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  9. yoo

    A question I ask is is Theo worth 100k per week. I seriously don’t think so, but in the hindsight his recent form has been great and his pace is definitely a USP. But with Giroud and Poldi as the other strikers we need a player whose has good pass accuracy/ great cross and one who can dribble past players and link up with Cazorla

    I think Adel Tarbaat checks most of the requirements if not all. I can’t comment on this attitude in the dressing room and on the field. But overall, I would say Adel would better than anyother names suggested because he’s from EPL and hit the ground running.

    finally, Adel is way better finisher can Gervinho and can fill in for Cazorla he is needs a break

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  10. Chris

    Tell hughes to shut the hell up.. No one is trying to get that sorry ass player. He believes he is Ronaldo and looks well against scrubs.

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  11. leo

    first of all when did arsenal said we want him it’s the stupid media that linked us with him secondly should any club come calling a top club he will leave no matter what mr sparkles say i mean they are fighting to avoid relegation who would want to stay at such a club but i think we need better players like jesus navas/isco/lewis holtby/afeally + karim benzema is not happy at madrid for bieng a bench warmer come on arsenal sign him

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  12. leo

    i don’t want him he is no better than the one’s we have the like of thomas hiesfeld/myiachi/connor henderson all will be in first team in 2-3 years don’t need him

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  13. leo

    Raheem Sterling demands wages of £50k p/w to stay at Liverpool.” He needs all the money he can get, must be hard providing for his kids he is only 17 & has already got kids lol

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  14. OGPDSC

    Have this strange feeling that giroud will start banging in goals n i hope podolski remain on the left as he is soo far the best left forward we have only he can provide good balls to giroud unlike gervinho futhermore podolski is also good at defending compared to arshavin eventhough arshavin gives super passes/crosses to the CF. by looking at the way giroud ran/observe an opening in the shalke 04 defence and the way podolski provided the beauty cross was just purely fantastic,soon they would understand the movement of giroud and he will start scoring! COYG,i hope we do have 1-2 reinforcement. I hope le coq starts today instead of jinx ramsey lol!!!!

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  15. wuhan gunner

    Fellow Gunners, please let’s not be too forgetful and thus become ungrateful. How in the world can you even compare the two.. Have we suddenly forgotten Theos contributions for the last four seasons, this season aswell he has come off the bench to save Wengers skinny ass. Am all for Theo any day he has more arsenal running through his vains than most of you mediocre fans. Let’s get behind our players please especially those that have constantly put in their hearts into it. COYG!!!

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  16. Invincibles nice (1)

    Must say that Hughes does strike me as the type of manager who would hold back a players career/progress also take away his shot at CL football especially if it includes hindering Wenger/the Gunners

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  17. Awesomeness

    People should stop doubting Ramsey nd continue supporting him instead.Eventually trust me he will be our best midfielder and will run our midfield with Wilshe

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  18. Bob Dylan

    Chelsea are dept free and made a profit, so man city should be dept free to and make a profit for their last financial year, looks like we are gona be hearing more excuses from gazidis how ffp hasnt worked how it was ment to, naive pathetic business men

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  19. destination N21

    @Bob Dylan

    LOL no team is debt free. Chelsea get their backing from financial doping. What ever they fall short on, Abramovich will cover. Arsenal still have money owing to the stadium. In terms of making profits, it comes down to a team’s success with trophies (money), tv rights (money) and sales. Chelsea had a good year winning the champions league collecting a total of about 60M. We’ve remained successful regardless of winning trophies and this is the obvious reason why many question the boards ambitions. We’ll have to wait and see what happens when ffp comes into action 100%

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  20. 1nil2theboys

    What difference does it make what Mark Hughes has to say?I doubt he’ll still be their manager by the beginning of December,never mind the end of it.The worthless sack of sh!te.But anyway Adel Tarrabt isn’t the answer.Thomas Eisfeld has everything he has plus more but if we’re determined to buy a goal scoring attacking midfielder with premier experience I’d prefer Hatem Ben Arfa to Tarrabt anytime.

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  21. Amol

    Qpr already Av a replacement for taarabt in granero

    its just matter of money n the players will

    wenger needs to lure taarabt n offer good money to Qpr
    so they can strengthen
    the squad

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  22. kieran

    grand keep ur crappy player.we have reserves better dan him.get belhanda r someone else who is creative 2 help cazorla.we wud be lost without him

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  23. Niyi Riba

    Taarabt & Isco both will be lucky charm for Arsenal. Wenger should replace Ramsey by bringing in these two players who will help in shaping Arsenal as 2003-04 season. Ramsey often tends to lose ball from his possession.

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