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QPR could beat Arsenal to 2 Transfer Targets!

It sometimes seems as if Arsenal do the scouting for all of the other teams in the Premier league, because once stories hit the papers about some player that Arsenal have been watching, then the likes of Tottenham are usually being linked with them. It is common knowledge that Arsenal are looking to bring in a strong and defensively minded midfielder in January because of the recurring injury problems of Abou Diaby. Two of the players who have been watched closely by Arsene Wenger are now being targetted by old saggy face himself, Harry Redknapp.

The former Tottenham boss is staring relegation in the face with his QPR team. His arrival has done nothing to suggest that the club will avoid the drop. He did manage to get the first win of the season against a woeful Fulham, but they have lost three games in a row since then. They are rooted to the bottom of the table with just 10 points on the board. The only thing the club has going for it is the money of the owner.

Fernandes is ready to back Redknapp by authorising an £8 million bid for Yann M’Vila from Rennes and triggering the £3.5 million release clause of Mohamed Diame from West Ham. The problem is, why would they want to jump on board a sinking ship? Surely Arsene Wenger would not have to do much to persuade either player that the Gunners would make for a better destination.

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32 thoughts on “QPR could beat Arsenal to 2 Transfer Targets!

  1. leo

    ba to chelski deal is off because of wage demands i hope arsenal doesn’t sign him greedy his agents are also demanding 4-5m on top get villa/negredo/llorente far far better than ba

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  2. Sank

    we nearly have a good squad.
    gk- schesney, old gk
    rb- sagna 3yr extension, jekinson
    cd- verm,per,kos, new??, miquel
    lb- gibbs, new?? luke shaw
    dm- arteta, diaby last chance, new??, coquilan
    cm- wilshere, ramsey, promote
    am- cazorla, rosicky, promote
    rw- ox, walcott shift, new?? arda turan
    lw- podolski, new??, gervinho
    striker- walcott, giroud, new- BA

    plus our young guns- eisfeld, gnbury, akpom, aneke, dench, ryo, afobe, campbell and many more.

    most important except walcott and sagna all above players have atleast 3yrs on contract.

    coming yrs are glory yrs for us.

    Spend 30-40 million and save ur job wenger.

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  3. lhkhnkjnj

    luke shaw is good but not good enough..
    better promote meade looks very good and money for transfer is also saved 🙂

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  4. In Ures Boots

    ‘To beat us to 2 transfer targets’ implies we are in some kind of race or competition to sign them.

    Arsene lost interest in M’Villa after all the stories emerged of his lack of discipline, commitment and self control, we are not in that race.
    Demba Ba in another kettle of fish but as the moneybags of Chelsea are baulking at the agents fees it is highly improbable that the scrooges at Arsenal would accede to his demands. In summary I do not believe we are in the hunt for either.

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  5. goonner

    call me crazy i believe the perfect player for arsenal would be João Moutinho, we dont need him right now, but he plays exactly our style of football

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  6. Cryme d shatter


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  7. true goon

    Think Ba is better than Llorente,he is quicker than Llorente stronger,more powerful and he has premier league experience,think we definitely need a striker,

    Not as convinced about Walcott as the rest of you,but hope he signs,but if he doesn’t that hatrick should get us some decent money.Can still see him getting isolated upfront by himself,and he still can’t hold the ball up.

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  8. gunnerstilidie

    M’vila is the perfect player for arsenal, we need a viera type player to stop us getting bullied by other teams and instil fear in the opposition.
    The attack is inconsistent, sometimes good sometimes bad. However this may be due to the settling in of the of the two forwards with the best record of scoring goals (giroud and podolski) and giroud is starting to settle in and put in a brillaint performance against newcastle. Walcott is the best forward at the club currently so he must sign. He resembles Henry in many ways and hopefully may grow into the next Henry. We should sign david villa however to keep a prolific goalscorer in the team whilst our young Henry grows. And the most important thing is to play two strikers, it won us titles back in the day. Also sign isco or Turan as they are on the cheap and are class players and can be deployed as quality wingers which we are lacking since the movement of walcott to strike

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  9. let's be Realistic says Arsenal has tabled a 10 million Adrian Lopez bid……I hope this is not the Exceptional player Wenger wants to sign

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  10. Gunners

    Someone’s just mentioned moutinho. That would actually be a very shrewd signing he is exactly what we are missing. He can defend, start attacks, pass shoot tackle a very complete midfielder. A bit like arteta but much better. He would cost around 20m.

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  11. gooneray

    I hope m’villa is a definate as he reminds me alot of Viera. Then Diaby can play 3-4 games on the trot then rest. Also I would like to see Diaby refraine from playing for france until he has played a full year for the club that pays him.
    I would also like to see Arteta move more advanced role with Jack then buy a top striker or two if we don’t keep Theo. Also like to get Shaw and Zaha for the future

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  12. No more excuses

    The problem is wenger farts about offering stupid money for top players … Then ends up paying stupid wages for worse players . Do we sell players for half their value ? No – so why should other teams . Just another example of the hypocrites that run our club . We blame Chelsea , city , utd , property prices , refs , pitches , other teams tactics , FFp , barca , international matches , other managers , the emirates and every other bloody excuse under the sun for all our failings – when the people to blame are plain to be seen – THE PEOPLE WHO RUN OUR CLUB ! It doesn’t matter who’s most to blame – be it kronke , wenger , gazidas or whoever – the fact is they all take their pounds of flesh and expect the supporters to keep financein them . The whole lot are a disgrace and shud go .

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  13. donal de burca.

    why would any player in their right mind want to sign for the blundering professor . you would wanna be crazy to come to arsenal right now , dreadful tactics , players playing out of position , coaching gone down the tube , nobody to stand up to wenger , medical team the worst in the premiership . yeah , come to arsenal they said , sure it will be grand .

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  14. youngold gunner

    guys this maybe completely off topic but i spent most of my time last night watching some of the arsenal youngsters that ive heard of but not seen much of.I know anybody can look good on youtube,take a look at gervinho youll know wht i mean.i started watchin gnabry that kid is only 17yo but hes already maturity, good dribbling,passing range and his name is cool SERGE!goes well with guns,cannons &gunners.
    Now one that i never saw before and got me really excited was no other than the brazilian Wellington silva.OMG when did we get NEYMAR!.I had a thought before yesterday that for all the times we tried to buy C.ronaldo,hazard,ibrahmovic etc i hoped for once we suceeded to that person of the stature of the above mentioned.And man that guy on youtube reminds me of ronaldinho!.Then there is myaichi probably one of the best crossers in a.f.c &fastest players in the world!.then there is joel campbell,The Ox & Wilshere.
    i just know we have struck gold not only once with these guys.I see us having not only one henry or ronaldo but two of them or more!.

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  15. aussie gunner 247

    Bullcrap, y would diame or mvilla go to qpr.
    They r bottom and pretty good chance of getting relegated

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  16. first lady

    pls guys if we sign a DM where does that now leave arterta? bcos its going to be eida he plays or wilshere or cazorla get benched?

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  17. Invincibles nice (1)

    Its a mute point

    Who in there right mind is going to sign with a bottom of the table team over a CL playing team, some might say sure qpr will pay allot more than us if they really want the player. The other night Redknapp touched upon the fact that players arriving have to incude an if relegated clause, they must except a pay cut, im sure the player(s) will choose the steady club and steady paycheck, every single time

    Personally i dont rate Mvila very highly, just dont think hes a stand out performer, at the best of times. Wouldnt be bothered in the least if qpr signed the lad.

    I dont believe that Harry will want the both of these players. They have got money but a good striker is going to be a must. I think he will sign another keeper, am sure he will ask about friedel, a top keeper is a must for any relegation fighting teams hopes. From the sloppy goals there giving away another defender or two alongside DM pos will want sorting. With all this i cant see them targeting both these lads especially considering Harrys playing style and pacy type players he usually prioritises

    Diame might just of had a good first half of season in the way that players and clubs often do, or he could be a good player. If Wenger really wants him i hope we get him

    My preference would be that we sign Sunzu along with another holding player, id love it to be Fellaini but think its never happening. The Argentine lad sounds a good player when reading certain articles but sounds average when reading others. Capoue i dont think is much better than Mvila, but again if Arsene wants one of them. The standards with holding players have either dropped dramatically in recent times or almost every single one of them is happy with there now club so arent even rumoured in transfers

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  18. jibber

    The holding Mid/DM/CDM/enforcer/whatever u call it now is important to arsenal at this point cuz we just don’t have one.

    I want to believe in Diaby, but even including him and Coquelin, that’s only 2 with 1 having slightly more experience.

    The problem we have now in the midfield is that Arteta and Wilshere are relatively similar in roles and function. it’s not a problem in terms of offense, only it is in defense and that’s been our on going issue.

    cazorla is looking more and more exhausted game in game out and we need someone who we can rely on for the full 90 to play in the mid.

    And it isn’t like the standard of the holding mid role has gone down like Invincibles nice(1) said, it’s that the role itself has always been overlooked by most people since it’s relatively boring to watch. It is also the role that is often not in the heat of the action like a goal scoring chance would be. So that leads to the camera man often disregarding them and therefore a lack of footage online that shows their work.
    Another thing is that the holding role’s significance isn’t obvious to those who don’t bother with tactics, which means it’s not as self explanatory as it would be with a good dribbling play. That also leads to less video footage that pick out these bits.

    sry for going a little off topic there.

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  19. daniel

    GK, Szczeny, mannone
    LB, Gibbs, ***defensive minded lb***, Meade
    RB, Sagna, Jenkinson
    CB, Mertesacker, Vermealen, Koscielny, Miguel
    DMF, Diaby, ***new enforcer, strength is a priority)***, Arteta (easy games),Cocquelin
    CM, Wilshere, Cazorla, Arteta, Rosicky, Ramsey
    RM, Ox, Walcott, Cazorla, Rosicky
    LM, Podolski, Gervinho,***Pace, stays on the wing, and can cross***, Rosicky
    ST, Giroud, Walcott, Podolski

    if walcott doesn’t sign we will need a ST for sure but right now, 3 ST for a one forward formation is fine, more concerned with a winger that can get Giroud in the game more.

    if there are injuries bring up the youth. Thats 4 new players

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  20. Greg

    Mvilla and diame aren’t stupid why would they go to a ship that has everyone already shouting man overboard!namely the SS queens park rangers!wenger shouldn’t have any problems persuading them to come to emirates!coyg!!!

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  21. Gundam

    @you gold, the problem is with a few players like wellington silva, is that they can’t get a visa to play here, so we have to wait. Not 100% sure, so don’t quote me, but this was the story last i checked.

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