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QPR v Arsenal Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

QPR vs Arsenal Preview, Predicted line up and score by KJ

Arsenal are looking to keep up their impressive league form away to relegation battlers, Queens Park Rangers. It is always a difficult game at Loftus road and with Arsenal still fragile from the embarrassing defeat to Monaco, this game will be anything but easy.

The game against Everton was largely a poor offensive performance with a lot of the players struggling to retain possession and to effectively move the ball forwards. Only Mesut Özil seemed to do that for the majority of the game which was a worry.
With the win under their belt since that loss in the Champions League, you’d expect some more confidence from the players and with the possible return of Ramsey, we can potentially play a far more solid midfield against QPR which would make us far more functional in both attacking and defensive phases.

We won’t control the game possession wise but we need to ensure that QPR can’t frustrate us and that we play crisp, counter attacking football rather than turning over possession constantly as we have done in the last two games.

Predicted Line up:
Chambers – Gabriel – Koscielny – Monreal
Coquelin – Ramsey
Welbeck – Rosicky – Özil

A bit of rotation will be required considering some of our players haven’t had enough rest and their performances have started to drop as a result.

I assume Ospina will keep his place with Szczesny coming in for the all-important FA cup tie against Man Utd.

Chambers over Bellerin as he’s too inexperienced to play 3 games within a week.

Monreal over Gibbs simply because I assume Wenger will go with the Englishman against Man Utd and wants to ensure he’ll be extremely fresh for that game.

Coquelin will probably start with a mask on for his broken nose. I doubt he needs much of a rest.

Ramsey to come in finally, he’ll probably be slightly rusty but will need this game time as I’m sure Wenger is thinking of drafting him in against the Manchester club.

Welbeck and Rosicky to start in place of Alexis and Cazorla. They latter two seem sluggish and have lost a bit of sharpness due to being overplayed. I think we can afford to bring in Welbeck and Rosicky to give them a slight rest.

It will be a tough game with us still struggling to find that ruthless consistency we desperately need. However, we will edge the game 2 – 1.


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22 thoughts on “QPR v Arsenal Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

  1. KickAssFan

    We need TROPHIES!!!

    Thumbs up, if you agree!!! #FOYS

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    1. ArseOverTit

      2 ‘Arsenal Fans’ so far think we are ok for trophies!!!!:)))

      This site is funny.

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    2. KickAssFan

      Ok, now that’s it!!! If you know you thumbed that comment down, PLEASE honourably identify yourself this minute.

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      1. Hunterito

        I thumbed it down. “Thumbs up, if you agree!!!” Obviously we f**king agree stop trying to get likes for attention you plant pot.

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    1. KickAssFan

      Ahahahaha!!! Green thumbs!! What now, amigo? Only aliens got green thumbs.

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  2. misoko_gooner

    3 points… Again i’d rather play Cazorla and bench Ozil… Then the wings lets play both ox and sanchez, so my line up

    Bellerin, Gab, Laurent, Monreal
    TR7, Santi Cazorla
    Ox Alexis

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  3. ArseOverTit

    I’d put Ramsey if available next to Santi but apart from that I’m liking two Pacey wingers and the solid ‘looking’ defense. Giroud is a no brainer considering he is our only goalscorer.

    We need a WC goalscorer in the summer.
    We will probably get Andy Carroll!:((

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  4. davidnz

    There are 5 days between QPR and United
    5 days between Unted and Westham so
    there is no great need for rest.
    We basically have a 20 man squad because 5 are injured
    6 on loan and we have half a dozen promising youngsters.
    So picking the 18 is straightforward. Ony Martinez and one other miss out.
    Arsenal could easily get 2nd in the league

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  5. Gunner

    @ Admin
    Where’s the Predict the score competition – IM SURE NO1 WON THE MONACO MATCH 1…

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  6. rkw

    ramsey has been utterly sh** all season…the idea he jumps in to the team because he is fit is just pampering to wenger`s indulgences…. need to play a consistent team from now through may…one of the biggest problems in recent years is his endless and needless rotations….why bellerin cant play 3 games in a row is just utter bs

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  7. ArseOverTit


    thumbs up if you agree!

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    1. misoko_gooner

      Hey @Hafiz Rahman, what if we beat Qpr? I think Wenger knows best, 3points COYG

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  8. Budd

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  9. GoonAR


    Le Coq-Rosicky

    – Bring on Walcott shortly into the 2nd half.

    – Also, give Ramsey some gametime to help w/ fitness.

    Prediction: Arsenal 3 QPR 1

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  10. dJRahul3445


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    1. fred cowardly

      I like your line up a lot more than the one in the article. Yours makes more sense..

      I like Walcott and ox on the wings with Ozil in the center where he belongs. Rosicky can play well at the back with dm Coquelin as box to box midfirlder.

      I’m okay with Welbeck up front but prefer Giroud

      Anyway you get a thumbs up

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