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Has Ramsey lost his place to Arsenal Player of the Month?

The question of who should start alongside Francis Coquelin in the Arsenal central midfield when our Premier League campaign kicks off again with the visit of Watford on Saturday will be a very easy one to answer if the rumours about Aaron Ramsey having suffered a setback to his return from injury are correct.

The manager of the Welsh national team Chris Coleman certainly set tongues wagging recently with his talk of Ramsey maybe only getting a couple of games in for Arsenal before the summer and the Euro 2016 tournament while the last we heard from Arsene Wenger was that he would be back after this international break.

Assuming that the Frenchman is not holding something back from us about the Welshman’s fitness, he is going to have a very tough call to make on the team selection for Saturday, because in the absence of Ramsey our new signing from Basel has taken his chance to impress.

And just to highlight what an impact Mohamed Elneny has made, an report shows that the Arsenal fans have voted the Egyptian as our Player of the Month for March, narrowly edging out the impressive Danny Welbeck with Mesut Ozil back in fourth.

So do Arsenal stick with Elneny? I am not so sure, especially as the onus is on Arsenal to attack the hornets at the Emirates this weekend. The stats on suggest that while Elneny has performed well so far, Ramsey has the edge when it comes to going forwards, creating chances and trying to score.

Elneny has got that one goal against Barcelona but in the Premier League he has not really showed that side of his game and he actually had a bit of a shocker in front of goal during the FA cup defeat by Watford. So would you bring Ramsey back in, for this game at least, or has our new man taken his place in the first choice Arsenal team?

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30 thoughts on “Has Ramsey lost his place to Arsenal Player of the Month?

  1. awesome gunners

    EXACTLY…… Love what Squawka says. Ramsey goes forward and attacks and complete forgets he has to defend first. He is not a striker. At the moment Ramsey needs to earn his place. He is not anywhere near good enough to walk straight into the starting 11.

    What type of message is that…. No matter how good you play if certain players are back they automatically start. Thats bull… Its happened to Campbell, and to Welbeck and it will happen to Elneny.

    Is Wenger RACIST……. #justasking…. #justjoking…….#justmaybe

    1. Arsenal007

      @ Awesome gunners,
      I don’t appreciate your final question (joking or not).
      I’m presently one of Wenger’s biggest critics, as I’ve not been happy with the team’s performances.
      Wenger is stubborn and set in his ways…but not a racist. Please mind your statements.

    2. CazorlaPogba4no.10

      Repost as Admin didn’t allow the 1st post.
      My realistic summer IN’s

      My realistic summer OUT’s

    3. gooner100

      Stupid question really….ask Vieira, Henry, Campbell (Sol), Lauren, Silva etc…think you’ll find it’s a resounding NO! #juststupid.

    4. Midkemma

      You do understand that a BOX 2 BOX player is someone who goes from our BOX to the oppositions BOX?
      Not into the oppositions box and then walk back expecting his teammates to win the ball and to play it to him.

      You got no idea of what a B2B player is and you got no idea on what racism is either, may I suggest you read a LOT more before you spout any more BS?

    5. stevenaive

      What an idiotic comment to make, jokingly or not. I think you should look at Arsenals players over the last 20 years and you’ll see that players are signed regardless of ethnicity. You could find yourself in trouble if you go around saying stuff like that, legally I mean.

  2. Arsenal007

    No one on the Arsenal team should be guaranteed a starting position. You are on the line-up due to your performances.
    As it stands, Elneny has performed better than Ramsey (injury or not), and deserves a start.

  3. Arsenal_Girl

    Eleney is currently playing better so he should get the nod over Ramsey. Ramsey will have next season to compete with Cazorla, Eleney and maybe Ox. But right now as long as Eleney is not injured Ramsey should come off the bench.

  4. Twig

    “and he actually had a bit of a shocker in front of goal during the FA cup defeat by Watford”

    Ramsey doesn’t do shockers apparently.

    1. Midkemma

      lol, of course he doesn’t, it would mean that Ramsey normally performs without shocking and he hasn’t done that for how long now?

      If anything I think saying Elneny had a shocker is praise for someone so new, it means we trust him doesn’t it?

      We get shocked when we get surprised, no surprise when Ramsey is at fault for a couple goals but all is forgotten because he scored or assisted a single goal…


  5. TR7

    ramsey back=favouritism back..wenger will always sacrifice someone for ramsey no matter hw he plays…too bad 4 us and other players like JC MElneny.

  6. BarryL

    With LeCoq and Elneny playing in midfield together we have a more stable platform, protecting back four, and enabling Ozil and Iwobi to roam. Alexis and Welbeck upfront provide speed and movement. Just hope they both have recovered from international duty by the weekend.
    The guy we really miss is Cazorla

    P.S. Ramsey has not had a good season, but he will comeback to form.

    1. Midkemma

      I do hope Ramsey will comeback to form, to do that he needs to mature and play his role fully, that means get back to defend is equally important as getting forward.

      I still remember the few months he had playing alongside Arteta and he made Arteta look good in CM, he was scoring freely and he was getting back to defend to the point where he was out performing our holding CM in defending.

      Then Ramsey got injured and came back… I don’t know what changed but he hasn’t got the same desire to get back anymore.

      I was comparing Ramsey to Vieira during that period, I would love to see that Ramsey back again but as time goes buy I doubt it more and more, it has gotten to the point where I would not be sad if we sold him.

      Maybe Elneny will not disappoint us in the same way is how I think now, Ramsey is the man who has to change it by performing when he gets the chance, like all Arsenal players I still want him to do well but we can’t keep being a charity to players who have the talent but develop an attitude of not putting in 110%

  7. kamn288

    Forget this Ramsey news when Hector is now courted by pep for fun and if he is reminded of things that has changed Arsenal don’t need the money along with kind of abuses Fabregas received from Barca fans and then also the Barca media and players blamed Arsenal for his bad-performance even-though he did really well. The second part is that Wenger promised after the Van persie transfer “never again”. This is not good for the club and its respect. Rather than saving your career Arsene you need to die for the club and that means showing the finger to the opponents before camera and stop acting like bi**h keeping under-performing players before the world class players like Özil leaves.

  8. JAmerican

    OT and this isn’t a dig at Wenger but, he is/was known for attracting top French players being that he’s French himself and 1 of the best in player development.

    Since the invincibles I haven’t really seen that anymore. The only French player to date that can remotely be mentioned in the same sentence as Henry, Viera, Petit hell even Wiltord to an extent is Koscielny.

    Even though Giroud scored his fair share of goals so far he is still more painfully than joyful to watch. Debuchy was France’s starting RB until he came to us, got a couple of injuries and became trash after a year and a half and now on loan. His attitude doesn’t help either. I’m not even going to speak on Sanogo.

    How did we manage to get Sanogo on a free and couldn’t get Pogbawhen he was free?
    Griezmann turned down Wenger to work under an Argentine coach in Simeone instead.
    Why didn’t we try for Laporte instead of Gabriel back then regardless of fee which we probably could have negotiated? Watch him come to the BPL but not to Arsenal.
    Varane was backup for a while a Madrid but even now he said he wanted a new challenge playing more regularly under Zidane, he would rather go and play under Mourinho again at Utd.
    What a gem of a player West Ham scooped up in Payet.
    Coquelin has been in the rise since he came back from Charlton but has yet to get a nod for his national team whereas Kanté’s first season in the BPL and he just made his debut with a goal at that. Watch him go to Chelsea.
    People laughed at what Utd paid for Martial and rightfully so, but I would have him over Sanogo that’s for sure plus he’s still very young.
    Fekir is a player we should seriously look into even though he’s coming back from injury, the guy is going to be up there in no time.

    Let’s see what this summer has in store for us this time around…

    1. muffdiver

      wenger was known as the go to guy for french talent….15 years ago

      rest assured no matter who we bring in, with his coaching an training techniques it will be the same as this and every year.
      all we can do is support our club an hope we will become elite again one day

      just think teams like liverpool an spuds are lucky as they have young progressive coaches who are bringing new ideas and bring that edge that arsene lost a longtime ago.
      man city and manure spent money- but with coaches who are outdated
      it will be the same for us i fear if we spend big

      1. gooner100

        Only agree with your first comment muff. He was definitely the go to guy 15 years ago for French players.

        As for the rest, pellegrini hasn’t become old or the tactics in the PL suddenly evolved such that he is suddenly behind the times. Mourhinho is he suddently old and out of date too? Van Gaal is struggling as he’s still trying to find the right team, formation and squad and has had many injuries. Ranieri is as old as them all but plays a very simple game. No sophisticated tactics at play there.

        What are the great things that Pochetinno or Klopp have brought in? Pressing? Higher intensity football? A new formation? Can’t see it to be honest.

        Personally if we had the right squad (the consistent issue for most Gooners) with Wenger in charge, I think he’d deliver.

        As for the article question, Elneny should continue alongside Coq. The increased energy and protection is what gives us stability and they need game time as a pair. Likewise Gabriel with Koz. It’s gives us much more pace, aggression and defensive strength. It’s the front four (Ozil and whatever other three we play) that need to deliver to get us the results. For us in the run in its first not losing, then making sure we take our chances. Ramsay in my view is an attacking MF who can make runs into the box and nick goals but lacks discipline in a central midfield pairing and unless we lose a winger or cm (or perhaps Ozil) is better benched and used as a sub.

      2. Trevor

        JAmerican …Your forgetting about the talent we sold in between from them til now. RVP, Fabregas, Adebeyor pfff, Song, Clichy, Hleb, Eduardo, TV5, Sagna, etc etc. These are not of the Invincible mold but they rarely make players of that ilk any more. Most likely there will never be another Invincibles in our time, it’s one hell of a large measuring stick to use. Football has moved on with Barca influencing it more so than an Atletico or a Chelsea ever could.

        Those names I mentioned are still good spots from the boss seeing as they came cheap. Today’s team I think Bellerin would have been a good shout for making the Invincibles team. Monreal is the type of fullback we used to all call for when A Cole left us, this was a very good spot too. Coquelin, even though he arrived late in his years is likened to Gilberto, so there’s one for ya. Cazorla is a Barcelona-esc player all over and we got him for fifteen mil. Fifteen mil in today’s money is nothing like it was in those times, and that would have been what we payed back then.

        Now we are talking about Elneny, so the boss can still spot them. I think the biggest difference from that time to now is that his misses are more frequent than they used to be.

  9. Fatboy Gooney

    I like Elneny and I’m sure that he will be a big star at Arsenal,
    in the future.
    He definitely has that Patrick Vieira aura about him,
    His still young, So there’s plenty of time and room for improvement.
    His Stamina and passing is top notch and once he improves on his tackling and shooting accuracy, he will be World Class!

    1. muffdiver

      did u just mention elneny in same paragraph as viera

      automatic L for you bro

      could be worse , you could have thierry henrys old jersey number , be on 140 k and still be unhappy

      #pray for theo

      1. Fatboy Gooney

        Wait and see mate ?
        I’m talking technically and not characteristically!
        But you you never know, Elneny might slap a few opponents in the future. ?

      2. Trevor

        Vieira’s aggression and mentality for fighting has him a very different player. Also Vieira was the king of the sliding tackle, almost always won it when he went to ground. Something tells me though that if Elneny had come over to us fifteen years back he would have been very capable in handling the pitch wars. Would he dish it out though, maybe.

  10. Trevor

    Elneny has to start the game, himself alongside Coquelin. The last game we finally watched some real signs of an aggressive midfield pairing which other teams are going to find very difficult playing against. It would be insane to not play that pair after their last showing. That goes for Welbeck and Iwobi, and Gabriel Koscielny too. Then we have our two top notch full backs, next all we need to see happen is Alexis back to his best and for someone to hurry up and claim that right wing position. All this built around Mesut Ozil. We need to add more but I was very happy with what I witnessed last week.

    1. CazorlaPogba4no.10

      I don’t think ozil likes it here , true he has been assisting but i for one prefers the GUNNERS plays with GUNNERS 1st ELEVEN , So far all the players are PASSIONATE & HARDCORE GUNNERS except DEBUCHY & OZIL, So i don’t want them…

      1. CazorlaPogba4no.10

        I know most of you would make excuses even if its against all the other players just to justify ozil but am not most of you , am not a blinded football watcher , I am a passionate GUNNERS fan and we NEED A TEAM not a WORLDCLASS one + GUNNERS 10..

  11. Raoh

    Look probably not to the point where he loses his place but 1 thing is for sure he’ll have to step it up!
    Elneny is showing to some degree that you don’t have to be the star of the show to influence the game & be effective!!Ramsey is one of the most talented player in the squad on raw skills & natural talent but oh boy is he wasteful. Sometimes playing that simple pass, providing options with tireless runs as well as pitch coverage, being disciplined & making the game fluid! He can do all of that & than some. His best season with the club he scored more than a few & was having a positive impact on both ends…just got to get that back but Elneny will give him a run for his money.

  12. The Analyzer

    An article without perspective. Ramsey only played alongside a defensive midfielder because Carzola was injured. His position since the start of the season was to play wide, and it is that formation which saw Arsenal flourish in the first half of the season. With Elneny establishing himself in the team’s starting line up it means when Ramsey is fit he will fight with Iwobi (who is a central midfielder as well) for the wide role. With that formation Arsenal appears to have stability as shown in the Barca and Everton games.

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