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Ramsey reckons home form can fire Arsenal into title race

The good news for Arsenal fans is that our next Premier League game, and the last one before the next international break comes around, is going to be played at the Emirates Stadium. The fact that our visitors on Sunday will be newly promoted Brighton and Hove Albion does not hurt but it seems to be more about the location for Arsenal recently.

While our away form so far this season has not been great, the Emirates Stadium is feeling something like a fortress and the last time we even dropped points there was back at the beginning of April when Man City came to town. The last team to beat us was Bayern Munich and the less said about that the better, but you can see why Aaron Ramsey thinks that our home form could be the platform to get us back in the title race proper.

As Metro reports, the Welshman was talking after our latest home win, in which he played pretty well again against West Brom and his comments and mentioning of the title race reflect the growing confidence around the club.

Ramsey said, ‘We want to make the Emirates a fortress. That’s three wins here now and we want to build on that.

‘We know our home form will be important in the title run-in. And playing away at top teams, we want to be a lot more organised, everyone was aware of their jobs defensively.

‘[Chelsea] was the type of performance we need away from home against the top teams.’

Arsenal move up to 7th and at least one of the sides above us will drop points at the weekend, with Chelsea playing Man City, so another home win will really send us into that break in a good frame of mind. The question is, can the Gunners build on the home form and really start looking the part?


12 thoughts on “Ramsey reckons home form can fire Arsenal into title race

  1. wenger

    I thought our players were not committed at the start of the season, even at this match I felt not every player are their usual self. Sanchez, Ozil, Bellerin, Mustafi are question marks for me. I hope Mustafi and Bellerin proves me wrong, but I dont fell theyr even 80% the usual player after the transfer window.

    Keeping Sanchez and Ozil is clearly a strategy to prevent rivals strengthening instead of a strategy to keep them to renegotiate a new contract. If Sanchez had joined Man City, they would be clear champions already, their performance are just pure class lately.

  2. Ljgomez93

    I really liked Ramsey in the front threes,
    He’s push in center more so it’s not like when he played on the wing. He makes dangerous runs like always stays active with out the consequences of leaving the middle exposed n
    But I don’t think wenger has the stones to keep Ozil out of the starting 11.
    And elneny and xhaka Stay at home more in the middle which is what we need.
    Could be something good

  3. Angello

    Ramsey played very well? I really don’t know if we saw the same match, i admit Ramsey is blessed with infinite energy, as a matter of fact he can chase the ball for more than 2 hours…. But Ramsey tends to be a liability most times. He gave up possession countless time, i dare not mention his numerous misplaced passes oh God! We won the match but thst definitely wasn’t my Arsenal. I hope it’s the road to better days anyway.

  4. Lord CASHIES

    I think xhaka, Wilshire partnership in the middle and the front three of Sanchez, Ramsey, lacazette will sublime for me and ozil should shown the way out of arsenal and we sign draxler to replace him in January

  5. dave

    He should have said ‘[Chelsea] was the type of performance we against ALL teams.’
    We lacked some of the pressing and urgency shown in the Chelsea game and thus the lackluster win…

  6. Nothing changed

    Let’s be honest, we didn’t replicate the effort, concentration, and level of the Chelsea game and that is typical Arsenal. Most importantly we got the result against West Brom but if we want to start thinking about a title run-in as naive Ramsey mentions (hahaha!), we have to bring the concentration and application as a team, not just part of the team, that we brought in the Chelsea game but Ramsey’s frame of mind seems to think you only have to do that on the road against big teams and that is a mistake IMO. In the PL which is so competitive, you have to bring that mentality every game, no excuses.

  7. Chekwube Kwentua

    Guys give the players a break for once! they also want to win games as much you we do but things don’t always work the way we want! I see Arsenal shocking a lot of people this season! just sit back and watch us win one or two major titles this season! my guess? the FA cup and the Europa

  8. DKfresh

    I prefer been lazy wit 3point than been fantastic wit notin or a draw. Am all abt d result, not how d result comes abt.

  9. Ken

    Charity shield and fa cups highlight our efforts when it come to big treams; the intensity will always differ when dealing with Chelsea and then west Bromwich, hence the draw, win sequence. We won that’s what the fans should focus on the most, it’s a positive, not a negative, let arsenal outsiders, pundits; media and the discruntled manager let it be about one incident

  10. TheGrove

    All Ramsey knows is he could be blind with on leg shorter than the other and he would still make it in to the first team. I’m telling you – he has an Arsene Wenger s*x-tape or something. No player can be that mediocre and wasteful and still get picked week in/week out.

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