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Ranieri confirms Vardy bid – and Kante to follow?

Arsenal fans are very accustomed to having very frustrating transfer windows, but now it seems that after last seasons weak capitulation to Leicester in the title race, Arsene Wenger is going all out to beef up the team in important areas by stealing players from the Foxes.

Having secured in Granit Xhaka, the top class holding midfielder we have all been yearning for, it seems Wenger is now going all out to sign last years surprise package striker Jamie Vardy. Not only has the news that Arsenal have activated Vardy’s buy out clause been announced on Sky and the BBC, the Foxes boss Claudio Ranieri has also confirmed the news. When asked about the rumours by the Italian footy paper Gazzetta dello Sport, Ranieri said: “Yes, it’s all true.”

So we can stop worrying about the deal just being another Higuain or Benzema windup that we have grown used to over the years. Another Leicester player we have been strongly linked with is N’Golo Kante, and the French international has admitted that he has had offers, but he states that he will not be making any decisions on where he plays next season until after the Euro2016 competition is over.

He said in the Mirror: “I am a Leicester player.

“For now, I have not taken a decision even if I have been made offers.

“It will be great to play in the Champions League. I will decide my future after the Euros.”

Arsenal have got a great deal with Jamie Vardy’s 20million buy-out clause, and it is being reported that Kante has the same figure in his own contract. Wouldn’t it be great if Arsenal could get two title winners for the price of one?


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20 thoughts on “Ranieri confirms Vardy bid – and Kante to follow?

  1. Samiora

    Get Vardy,Sell Walcott.
    Home grown players equation balanced,goal scoring improved. Win win situation.

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    1. Samiora

      Oh and ofcourse..walcott is on 140,000 and romuors are Vardy will be on 120,000. Cheers

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      1. atid

        Or how about get Vardy get rid of Sanogo? Sell wellington bring in mahrez and replace flamini with kante?

        Why get rid of walcott if we don’t have to?

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        1. Fab

          That signify the end of a hold up play.

          If he arrives, I will be the happiest person comming next season. Arsenal need him more because he is the type of striker who can offer a mixtures of goals: his speed and foot work is a thorn to defenders so we expect to have a lot of goals from spot kick next season, plus he can score from a long range. I remember the beauty long range strike he scored against Liverpool.

          Welcome Vaaaaaaddddddy!

          Can we also go for either Carrasco or Mahrez? If we manage that we will be the most complete team in Europe.

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          1. JoJo

            The most complete team in europe? Damn your standards are low.

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  2. Mick The Gooner

    Prefer to get Mahrez than Kante. Now that we’ve signed Xhaka, we have more than enough midfielders.

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    1. Drew

      yeah we seriously do not need another midfielder. we basically have 3 proffesional to world class box 2 box players (elneny, wilshire, ramsey, Carzola) and 2 seriously good DM (le coq, xhaka)… we need a wide player and VARDY!… why all the vardy complaints, i mean 20M, then sell Walcott for 40M, give vardy an extra 50k to be on 120k pw with xhaka, walcott is already on those wages.

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      1. JoJo

        Who in their right mind would buy Walcott for 40m LOOL.

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        1. rkw

          Am willing to chip in a tenner for a teach yourself Cantonese course for the whippet …they would cough up north of 20m for him but about the only ones … If we bring in a top quality wide right attacking player then I will be more than happy … Though I would still feel easier with a solid centre back addition

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  3. sanmi.marvellous

    I am still forced to read this
    Emanuele Giulianelli
    Vardy medicals scheduled at 1 pm
    #Arsenal #afc

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  4. Uzi Ozil

    Vardy is different from Giroud. We want a player that posses different quality to Giroud. Vardy has pace, he is direct, he is a box man and clinical. Giroud will also hold his own next season. Competition will bring the best in them.

    Our midfielders will create chances for Vardy. All we want is for Vardy to adapt to our style of play or we play to his strength.

    Arsenal all the Way!

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  5. adajim

    oh no. vardy alone is ok.. let’s look elsewhere
    I saw mkhitaryan gossip somewher, dats ok too..
    vardy,mkhitaryan, a young cf and another defender. what else do we want? I tink that will represent an excellent summer in recent yrs for me.
    OT: I will wish wilshere goodluck if he choses city, he can’t get regular first team here as ramsey is still favourite nd he deserv better, if pep want him it means he will get regular football

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  6. energy

    i just hope this verdy rumour will not be another Suarez saga

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  7. fem-vcc

    Wenger will never sell wilshere to man city of all teams….barca, Bayern possibly(lol) but to a guardiola team????? fuq to the no!!!!!. man city have an advantage already..their coach is arguably the best there is with unlimited funds burning a hole in his pocket..y ‘weaken’ ur team to strengthen their….who knows, wilshere goes there, goes injury free becomes the best player in epl

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  8. horlu

    i don’t see wenger signing another midfielder. we are already too loaded in that department. we definitely have other places in the team we can improve on. we should try and get a winger in sanchez’s mould. the ox is just far too inconsistent and walcott has really, really for campbell, we can still do better than him. we also need a quality LB, monreal is good and consistent but as for gibbs, i think his time is up. so a good LB will do as well as a CB, mertesacker is getting old and paulista is just far too inconsistent to command a starting beth on the team on a regular a good LB, CB and a good winger and i think we are good to go.

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  9. Gundown

    Let’s go Vardy, and we shall be complete, remember we only lost this EPL because our strikers couldn’t find the net, if we have that complete finisher in Vardy, then I guess our midfielders will have the extra boost.

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  10. quantic dream

    Now we just have to get rid of both walcott and chamberlain and then bring in either mkhitaryan or mahrez.

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    1. Samiora

      We will be short in home grown players..unless we replace them with home “grown players”

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  11. kaybiks

    I don’t think vaddy is the man because of his age. If Wenger will stop favouritism and field the right players. We don’t have issues up front like we do at the back. The crop of players we have don’t have fighting spirit and desire for success.

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