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Ranieri says Vardy has not accepted Arsenal’s offer…..

There has been untold speculation about why Jamie Vardy has not made a public decision on joining Arsenal next season, ranging from pressure from the England boss Roy Hodgson, to the fact that his new wife Becky was receiving abuse from Leicester fans after it was revealed that Arsenal had met his buyout clause.

But according to the Foxes manager Claudio Ranieri, the reason Vardy did not make an announcement before the Euros was simply that he has not yet decided to accept or not. ‘We want to keep him, Arsenal have said they will pay the full release clause, but he hasn’t accepted yet,’ Ranieri told Sky Italia.

‘He gets the last word.’

But of course that doesn’t mean that Vardy himself does not know what his final decision will be. He will now have time to consider Leicester’s counter-offer to waylay Arsenal’s move, and of course Arsenal may not be the only club that has agreed to meet the buyout clause, and he could be mulling over other offers too….

The word from the England camp was that he was leaning towards staying at the King Power, but there are definitely other aspects that the 29 year old will be considering as well, as in if he would want to spend more time away from his family only a few months after getting married, or even the upheaval of moving his new wife and teenage children away to a new life in London.

I, personally, think that the 29 year-old will say yes to Arsenal in the end, but us Gooners need to be fair and understand that it is not such a simple YES or NO decision as we would think it is. There is much for him to think about before such a big change in him and his family’s life, and we should respect his need to have time to think about it…..


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36 thoughts on “Ranieri says Vardy has not accepted Arsenal’s offer…..

  1. Sam, need a striker

    Whether it is Vardy or someone else, I really hope we could sign a good striker far better than Giroud …

    1. Jim A

      News flash, Vardy will not be brought in to replace OG. He will be brought in to provide goals from which side of OG he is on.

  2. ras911

    I had my doubts about him and how he would fit in with us and with all this drama a la Telemundo i even care less. One of the best clubs in the world historically and perhaps currently wants you with a big increase in wages at 29 Years old when you had 1 great season in your entire career and you make them wait and play the indecisive diva?

    1. dwon

      Let’s not go overboard. Said club has been paying a forward 140k/week for 4 years to deliver sick notes and fewer goals over the entire 4 years than this ‘one season wonder’ got in 1 year.

  3. damochy

    I hope it stays that way….not what we need, one dimensional small club player with just one good season behind him…i swear Wenger makes it so easy for fans too easy for fans tl have a pop at him, instead of going all out and making a grab for proven established strikers he is content going for someone who in all probability is just a one season wonder who don’t even fit into Arsenal’s style of play, bonkers, just pure bonkers…..and to make.matters worse the dude is sticking his finger up ay Wenger, despite triggering his exit clause and offering him almost triple what he was earning, can it get anymore humiliating for Wenger?

    1. Admin Post author

      Wow Wenger doesn’t make it easy for fans to have a pop at him. Simply SOME fans will twist any story to give abuse to him. Who could we be talking about here…
      The fact is that Wenger (as most sensible fans do) believes that Vardy will be great cover until Welbeck comes back from his new injury, and will probably score a lot more than Giroud.

      PLUS – As the article says… it is not just a matter of Vardy saying yes or no, there are other considerations which obviously don’t matter to someone with your agenda. Why is this humiliating for Wenger. You shout all season for an experienced striker and when he bids for one you still slag him off. You are the one that should be embarrassed…..

      1. damochy

        Vardy an established striker? After one season?.I will not even bother to join issues with you, your Assertion that Vardy is ”established” says it all about your level of understanding of the game, so long!!

      2. damochy

        And I suppose Michu, Kevin Phillips, James Beattie, Kevin Doyle, Marcus Stewart are all “established stars” in the parallel universe you inhabit, right……smh!!!

    2. Skills1000

      i still dont get it when fans keep saying Vardy is a one season wonder. Why? This was the best player in the EPL. He scored in 11 consecutive games. He is quick. Is it a crime if we change our style and stop passing balls aimlessly. Stop discrediting Vardy. We suck at these comments. Appreciate Wenger. If he says until after the Euros, then lets be patient and wait for his decision while still looking for alternatives. Vardy is better than Lukaku. If you say Vardy is a one season wonder, so is Aubameyang.

  4. mohawk

    Getting Vardy is risky. He is already aging and has only had one great season.

    He is not a likely a player to give Arsenal 4 or 5 good seasons. So it is fine to get him but the price must be LOW because to risk is high.

    1. Skills1000

      forget about 4 or 5 years. Iniesta is 32 and is still top quality. Vardy is just 29. Stop all these comments. Football is about what you achieve now. We accuse Wenger of not signing Strikers. Now he made a bid for the best Striker in the EPL last season and we are still complaining. Even if Wenger goes for Messi, you guys will still complain.

      1. stubill

        Seriously! You’re comparing the most decorated Spanish player ever, and one of the best midfielders the world has ever seen, who has played for Barcelona 1st eleven since 2002 with Vardy. I’ve heard it all now.

        1. themadhurata

          Take away the whole Arsenal transfer thing and I would be up for that argument.

          Vardy has never got a fair run or been given the opportunities of Iniesta. He had to fight for everything whereas Iniesta had everything given on a plate to him.

          If you reverse their fortunes, Iniesta would probable be a postman somewhere or a waiter whereas Vardy might have put Wayne Rooney in his shadows.

          1. stubill

            Maybe he didn’t get the chances because he just wasn’t good enough, how about that for a theory.

        2. jonm

          Stubil, all skills1000 has done is make comments about players and their ages. There is no comparison between vardy and iniesta or messi.

      2. Skills1000

        I am not comparing them. I am saying people should not discredit him based on his age. Iniesta is 32 years. If he is available, you wont turn him down based on his age cos he is quality. Payet is 29 and is quality. we should be concerned about what he brings to us even if its for a year or two.

    2. Big Gun

      Arsenal are not in the situation to play it safe/stupid anymore. We need better players and we need them now. We have tried the ‘buying young players with massive potential’ routine, and look where that has led us. Half of them left, the other half turned out mediocre or injury prone. (Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey, Chamberlain, the list goes on.) It is no coincidence that after we signed players like Ozil and Sanchez, we won two consecutive trophies.

      Vardy may not have all the experience in the world, but you can’t deny the guy is exactly what we need up front – he has the skills, passion and determination to score goals. A much needed improvement over Giroud in every aspect if you ask me. Giroud still has his place though for sure. We have seen many strikers go well over 30 years of age and still do well. 25-30m for 3-4 years service is a no brainer, especially for a striker who we know he will give it his all.

  5. 007

    I cant believe all you gunners continuously bashing Vardy.

    Don’t get me wrong his not my first choice either, of course in the perfect world I would also prefer Lewa, Kun, Auba, Suarez etc but can we afford them or would they want to join us?

    The second rate strikers likely to be on offer we are also bashing them (Lukaku, Morata, Higuani, Icardi, Vardy) then what is left out there?

    I see Vardy as a short team fix (maybe for 2 or 3 season’s) as Wenger might still feel Welbeck would be first choice in a few seasons or Wenger just wants Vardy to take him across the line and allow whoever will come after him to buy that WC striker we are craving for.

    I WOULD RATHER HAVE VARDY than going into the season with just OG, Theo and Sanogo!

    1. dragunov762mm

      Who the hell bashing Higuain? He just broke Italian goal scoring record ever with his 36 goals. I even think he should be in your first choice mate, not second.

    2. themadhurata

      Seems like the bashers what a third rate striker in the hopes of him becoming a second rate striker, which seems odd to me.

      Milik and Janssen, right? Those are the 2 names I hear on here. Not see much of either to be honest but it is obvious that no one thinks they will become the top level, Neymer, Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Abau, Lewy and so on.

      Why not harp on about Gabriel Barbosa or Gabriel Jesus? They both are likely to flop but both have higher ceilings then Milik and Janssen, right?

  6. Trevor

    I reckon Vardy will be donning a Gunners jersey soon too. I think there is a reason for him delaying his answer but I don’t think that reason is because he’s undecided. It could be just the fact we made our move on the bloody eve of the tournament and it would have been too disrespectful for Vardy to make the decision in the form of a quick band-aid rip.

    I see ourselves and liv are supposedly chasing Slimani. Must say he has a decent record at international level, especially considering it’s Algeria, he has a good club record too but again it’s one of these lower league’s. Still, Portuguese league may be inferior but some of the worlds best players and most expensive kicked around in there for a while. He’s six two, which is perfect for a forward if you ask me. Weird that liv tried for Vardy when we did, and now it seems they have the same second target, me thinks they might want us to do the scouting for them. Klopp at Dortmund was chasing similar players too. And Klopp strikes me as a guy who would think it smart to keep an eye on what the competition is doing.

  7. fem-vcc

    FINALLY!!! at least some r seeing d problem…. they mention morata, cavani, vardy…we sai no no no…Wenger bids for vardy, pple bitch about his age, him being a one season wonder, his hesitation….let me put it in lame mans terms
    WE CANNOT AFFORD TO BUY A 22-27 ‘TOP CLASS’ STRIKER!!!!!!!! y??, they r so scarce u can count them on one hand and every cash money fc will b want them….coming to grade b strikers, among all d lowest risk bearer is hardy…’one season wonder’???? u know who else they called a 1 season wonder after their first good season???? EVERYBODY… much as his hesitation pisses me off, I can understand perfectly….he’s d king of Leicester, who just won d league, who will play in d champions league and that team is like a close knit family…he’ll only gain regular c/league and slightly higher wages(since Leicester increased their offer)…if i was in his shoes, I’ll think hard about it….somtyms, we arsenal fans shld stop being sentimental and look at his situation from a neutrals perspective…pple abusing Wenger concerning this summer transfers r first class id*its…4 d first tym, he’s solving all d positional problems we’ve got and ur not satisfied???? how many English teams have made signings yet??? we’ve competed 1(overpayed in fact), placed a bid for another and d transfer window is not officially open…what more do u want…for us to chase messi with a 250m bid b4 u lay off Wenger???? I don’t like Wenger when it comes to tactics and stuff and I also don’t believe he can move us to d next level but when he’s tryn to do d ryt tin, I’ll take it

    1. themadhurata

      Not to disagree with your main points but that slight increase in his wages is 1 million pound a year and the same slight increase in wages Leicester are now offering to Vardy.

      Over 4 years Vardy will turn down 4 million pounds to stay at Leicester. Quiet some loyalty Vardy has, if he does stay. More then any other footballer I know of.

  8. Uzi Ozil

    I saw this comment from an Arsenal fan named gunnerdaremarcedonia online.. And he said I don’t like the dragging on but if you can read between the lines I think LC asked vardy and arsenal the transfer to be completed after the euros so LC can buy a replacement (which they started immediately offering 20m for Deny and now they are chasing Sporting Lisbon striker which will cost the same) and LC fans don’t get hurt, they like to soften the blow, even in Ranieri’s comment he doesn’t mention like I’m sure vardy wants to stay, or not accepting the offer immediately proves like he wants to stay with us, or stuff like that he is saying that vardy has the last word which translate to we can’t do nothing he will accept the offer and doesn’t sound confident even the slightest.

    I agree with this fan (Gunnerdaremacedonia) to an extent. However we could be wrong as we are only speculating….

  9. mark

    Ranieri should not be commenting on this. Yes, Vardy is still contracted to Leicester, but these type of negotiations should be kept behind closed doors to not influence or aid anything to do with the players future.

    Yes, speak to Vardy in private and try to persuade him to stay, but we don’t need a running commentary, that’s poor form and manipulative…in my view.

    Vardy would be a decent addition to our goal scoring lineup, but not sure he would be the 20+ goals a season man he was last season. Gives us something different though, which is worth the punt by Wenger.

    As usual, it’s all speculation until the ink is dry.

  10. supertuur

    Blame it all on Ibra. His move will leave a massive position to fill at cash rich PSG. Who will they buy? Higuain, Neymar, Coutinho. It will be big big money. That money filters through and these clubs that lost their star player will go on the hunt.

    We also have Madrid who need a new Galactico. Do they go for Aubamaying? Will Dortmund sell if they have already lost Hummels, Indugan, Mkhitaryan. It will have to be mega bucks. Who will they buy as replacement?

    Arsenal can not compete with Real, Barcelona, City, PSG, ManU, Bayern when it comes to transfer fees, wages or appeal.

  11. stubill

    I’ve made my thoughts on Vardy here before so I’ll not go over old ground.

    I don’t think his indecision is anything to do with re-location, he has one baby, no school age kids to worry about the upheaval it would cause them (new schools, friends etc), Arsenal would organise everything to do with the move if he wanted them to, they’d even get a list of property for him to look at and organise temporary accommodation if needed.

    I think it could be more about guarantees regarding playing time, at LCFC he was the main man, at Arsenal I could see him more of a squad player, having to share the role with Giroud and Welbeck

  12. Jansen

    Long summer ahead of us with no football, so I take the liberty to repeat myself, please excuse me for that.

    I would be happy with Vardy if he comes to the Arsenal but mainly if he replaces Giroud since I believe he will allow us more tactical freedom to go back to playing a faster game maximizing the skills of Ozil and Sanchez. Giroud’s lack of pace is one major problem I have with him, besides his poor finishing abilities.

    Of course I would prefer a better striker but I simply don’t think we will spend 50-70 whilst Wenger is manager. And for 20 million Vardy, a much better finisher and fighter in my book, is not a bad gamble.

    I would be furious if we wait on Vardy all summer only to have him turn us down and for Wenger to have not lined up an alternative striker equal of better.

    This is the scenario I am most afraid of since it seems to me in the past that we have a “habit” of flirting with one particular prospect only to fail signing him and then to not sign any striker at all.

    Blame me if you want, but I don’t care who else we put in the team, as long as Giroud is our main striker we will not win a major trophy.

    1. Big Gun

      Good comment. Every transfer window it’s difficult to try and decipher what is happening behind the scenes, so much propaganda and gossip, we just will never really know if what Wenger, the Board and even players say is really the truth. For example the whole Suarez saga, still a bit hazy on that one.

      Bottom line is concerning Vardy, I honestly think he has already made up his mind and I even believe a few select people know of his intentions and are keeping it extremely hush. Just look at a few of the big signings Wenger has done, like Ozil. Very quiet and then boom he was a gunner. Remember, the Euros are massive for England and Vardy making a public announcement right before the competition (if he decided to join AFC) would be particularly unfair on LCFC and his country. The very fact that he has decided to wait till the competition is over, gives us a good idea of his intentions. If he wasn’t going to sign for Arsenal, he would have made the announcement before the competition began. No harm done to anyone. But he must be hiding something if he has to wait until after the competition. So my educated guess is that he will be a gunner next season. Not to mention the fact that LCFC have been looking for new strikers.

  13. Jansen

    In defense of those of us who are surprised about the Vardy situation below are some comments by Henry who very much has the benefit of a players perspective and not just a fan who has never been faced with the choice of changing clubs;

    “All I can say is, if I was playing for Leicester and I had Arsenal coming, and I’m 29, I would have gone,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live.

    “But I’m not Jamie Vardy, either he has another proposition on the table, or Arsenal doesn’t seem attractive to him anymore.

    “He had an amazing season, don’t get me wrong, it will go down in history. But I have my question marks about if he can play in the last third when teams are waiting for you. He’s been brilliant, but I’m just asking some questions along the way.

    “I would have walked to Arsenal. I find it bizarre. To turn round and say, ‘I’m going to think about it,’ I don’t think Arsene Wenger will like that.

    “You either want to go and play for Arsenal or you don’t.”

  14. jonm

    Transfer window opened 1 June, arsenal made bid to leicester, no doubt leicester had to take legal advice regarding whether release clause was triggered before informing Vardy. Leicester then made improved offer to vardy and on 6 june vardy left with england squad. Not much time to clarify any issues, have a medical etc.

    Roy Hodgeson has made it very clear that he does not want transfers distracting players whilst on england duty. So vardy has to give the impression he is totally focussed on england and says he will give decision after the euros.

    Who knows what all this means but before accepting a contract there will be lots of issues to be resolved. Vardy may also be trying to get an improved offer from either leicester or arsenal or hoping for an offer from another team. Whatever the case, vardy has an excellent excuse to delay, nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

  15. Bolly from Borehamwood

    Vardy, 29 years old? 20+ million?, so what?
    If he converts the chances Giroud missed last season and we win the league, would you complain about not getting 4 or 5 years out of him?
    Peace and love, Bolly still in Ibiza. Well, someone has to do it!

  16. Xoviat

    Personally, I’d respect him for not coming. He’s gone from nothing to winning the EPL and representing England at Euro 2016. He hasn’t been on serious money for a long time, is loved by LCFC, is with a closely knit group of players, and either way will play ECL football next season.

    In the scheme of things, where he’s not been playing top flight football for long and is probably slightly overwhelmed by, well, everything right now., he may just say ‘I have everything I want here and don’t want to leave’. If he does, then good for him.

    That said, I’d love to see him at Arsenal with the quantity and quality of supply coming his way. His pace, aggression and persistence provide us with a different type of striker to what we have now and I would welcome that. We could attack more effectively from deep versus Giroud’s hold-up play which requiries pressing so-high up the pitch against tight formations that we spend most of our time in the final 1/3rd inviting bad tackles. For us, that’s a VERY good option to have.

    I’m pretty sure that it will NOT be the money that makes him move, but how Wenger & Co sell their ideas to Vardy and we all know what a phonecall from Arsene Wenger can do…

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