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Reading 2 – 5 Arsenal, This is the Arsenal we know and love!

Reading 2 – 5 Arsenal, This is the Arsenal we know and love! by KJ

We’ve finally got some sort of run going. Its 2 wins now in a row in the Premier League. We’ll need to get a run going if we are going to make this season respectable. Fortunately, the boys seemed to understand that today and it was a relatively easy win for the Gunners.

We started the game pretty well and we managed to get into some good positions but we faded a little as Reading started to grow into the game during the first 10 minutes.

But we held on and punished them with a well taken goal by Podolski. Gibbs got it into him inside the box and one touch took out one of their CBs before a finish with the laces gave us the lead. 0-1.

It wasn’t long until we scored our second with Cazorla this time. It was another cross (from Podolski this time) that was met by the diving header of Cazorla who netted our second goal of the game. 0-2.

The goal scoring wasn’t over for this half as Cazorla managed to net his second with another cross into the box (by Theo). It was met by the head of Gibbs who got it into a position where I felt Chamberlain should’ve ran onto.

However, Cazorla decided to take it in his turn and managed to get it into the net. 0-3.

The first half finished and I was pretty pleased. The front 3 were interchanging easily as well as Cazorla having one of those nights where he was mesmerising.

The second half was pleasantly met with another Arsenal goal. It was a hatrick for Cazorla! Another low driven cross was drilled into the box which was met by an easy finish by Cazorla. It was the first hatrick of hopefully many for the Spaniard at Arsenal. 0-4.

We did get complacent for about 10 minutes and we let in two very easy central goals. One was an awful mistake by Gibbs whilst the second was just general bad play from our defenders. 2-4.

I felt a bit nervous as I could see Newcastle all over again. Fortunately, Wenger substituting on Ramsey changed the dynamics of the game. He slowed the game down which was perfect.

Walcott playing through the middle managed to get the inevitable goal that would give us the win. He was dangerous all night and was very impressive. His finish was brilliant with his left foot. You just have to hope Walcott signs da ting. 2-5.

A good win overall that should push us forward and give us a win away against Wigan.

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66 thoughts on “Reading 2 – 5 Arsenal, This is the Arsenal we know and love!

  1. Rosicky

    At last a WIN!!! Now continue gunning down teams….
    Hoping for a trophy this year however beating Man Utd at Emirates will really please me… 🙂

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  2. Gunner_Nation

    Great game overall. Loved the pace up front with Walcott in front and Podolski and Ox on the sides. Speed killed them in the game. I think we can keep running with this starting lineup against Wigan, we should have a good game. I myself also was thinking of the Newcastle game, but Theo made sure that it didnt happen again.

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  3. Hafiz Rahman

    Wigan followed by West Ham boxing day…Wenger might rest a couple of key players either for Wigan or West Ham game…

    Coquelin Rosicky Kos Giroud for Arteta, Carzola, Gibbs and Pod

    As long as Ram dont play..they stand a chance to win both…

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  4. Gunnerineverylife

    Last season’s form after 5-2 win over Spurs will hopefully follow this season’s form after this 5-2.Looks like Wenger still has not given up on Walcott!!

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  5. Hafiz Rahman

    with walcott and Ox around Arsenal has lots of pace…throw in Coquelin in the middle…it will get better…

    or why not

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  6. Hafiz Rahman

    OX, Walcott, Coquelin, Gnabry, Ryo, Campbell…gosh a very pacey and technical attack….

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  7. mrinal

    this when ramsey and gervinho do not starts .. and when the ox is playing . the oc and wilshere will be invincible once they come to their full potential

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  8. Aussie Jack

    Arsenal fans are hard to please…I know!

    With a score line of 5-2 in their favour you would thinks we would all be jumping over the moon but with all due respects any top team with the opportunities Arsenal had would have made it really embarrassing for the Royals.

    We still don`t have a striker, you`ve had your go Walcott, now you`re a winger or nothing. The defence is still third grade, Metessacker is a liability. Wilshere is trying too hard and Ox-C still tying himself in knots. Podolski has fire in his belly and what can you say about that`pocket battleship` Cazorla?

    Conclusion: Good but not good enough to take on the top three unless they get a bout of the flu.

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  9. leo

    great win the final missing piece in that mf is the presence of a strong cdm someone who can break plays wenger must dump diaby & get a cdm + a striker & further additons based on who is staying or leaving overall good to see the scoreline of 5-2 becoming quite a regular these days for arsenal coyg’s

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  10. Vish

    Let’s not get carried away. Wigan will be a tougher test.
    We still let in 2 goals.
    Let’s take it one at a time.
    Even if we win all the games before the transfer window we still need to spend.

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  11. Gunnerineverylife

    @Hafiz Rahman If we can keep all our players then we are already set for the future except 1-2 signings,but unfortunaltely it was the same case in the past but we could not keep our players.

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  12. Hafiz Rahman


    Disagree Wenger should not dump Diaby…Diaby will come good just like RVP whom Wenger never abandon…

    Wenger should sign a very experience DM to support Diaby + a engergetic Coquelin…DM position should be secured

    and a pacey finisher…

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  13. Hafiz Rahman



    add a CDM and a pacey striker….

    keep the current squad…get rid of some junkies at the end of season…

    and let the team gel and coordinate…..

    i dont think Wenger likes to see his players developed to class and leave….

    but seriously the board has to get the blame for that….

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  14. Ry

    I’m not happy as yet that was the bottom team and they scored twice, if u ask me they look like us againce top half teams not shutting down players when we don’t have the ball. #14 well done lets see some more when we play top half teams.(gunners for life)

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  15. Gunner4life

    Ok we won but I still am not going to get happy we neednto seal of the end of the year win ALL wins we have all beatable teams that’s only if we keep focused and also I think we should give in to theo because each time he plays CF we win and he is shown is worth we need I keep him because losing him would put us back more than push us foward. Give him the 100K a w week wage and playing him CF on top of that I fink we may need to sign a few good back-up players and stop using dead-wood lik Ramsey and gervhino. We have to know try focus on gaining 3rd spot (not fourth) and even push closer to the top 2. And for cups well the FA cup should be our focus lets forget about champs league.

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  16. AJ

    lol at people that say credit to wenger after a win, and blame players for the loss.
    Good performance though it was against a very weak side. The goals remind you of the team four years back, when they scored after a lot of passing near and in the box.
    I have no doubt we can beat Wigan as well if we are able to put in a similar performance. But then the defense is worrying.
    I would like Koscielny to play CB with Per if he is fit.

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  17. oz gooner

    Steady on Chaps, you sound like we have won the FA Cup. Today we beat the bottom team who have a goal difference of -15. A win is great, but it was only last week we lost to Bradford. Small steps ? Let’s have this discussion in February and hope the improvement continues.

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  18. Gunnerineverylife

    @AJ Its Wenger that chooses players,so credit to him,if he had chosen Gervinho and Ramsey do you think we could have won?

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  19. AJ


    That is my point as well. So why not blame him for the defeats as well?

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  20. Gunnerineverylife

    I have blamed him for the defeat before,I am not blind like some others who will say”Wenger is right” even if he plays Ramsey as Keeper.

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  21. Gunnersarus

    Best Arsenal display for a while. I’m totally syked. Always play this way. Win or loose. Fighting spirit is very good. Shows us how much Wenger knows and what he can do.

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  22. goonar

    WE MUST KEEP WALCOTT!!! feghouli, sanchez, callejon* and el sharaawy* only ones able to replace because of his pace and ability to score. *=can also play as striker

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  23. cboy

    I’m suprised, no “Wenger Out” or “Deadwoods out” from the comments I’ve seen so far..Smh….Anyways, great game last night, even b4 the match started, I told my mate we were gonna win..I just have this feeling we’ll go on an unbeaten streak this christmas/jan transfer period..But that would once again stop wenger from making those important Jan signings..

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  24. Hafiz Rahman

    Lots of media bots…once Arsenal lose they are out….to slaughter him…lots of fabricate stories to get him…..the media was disappointed they couldnt get him fired…..

    Geniune fans should stay united and support the team till the end of the season…and judge from there on…

    the team needs the fans support…

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  25. leo

    Ivan’s comment to me last week about seeing more players arriving from Spain,may well have been a hint.llorente/soldado eriksen is a definte target replacement for arshavin probably

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  26. AJ

    This game bears some similarity to the one against Southampton. The opposition were quite open. But when they start pressing our midfield, we start going wide and back passing as usual. I think we should wait for more games to ascertain to see if there really is any improvement.

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  27. leo

    @hafiz rahman did you know back in 2010 diaby said he would love to play for a club like barca or real madrid the thing is moment he get’s fit he will leave i am sorry i had enough of him sell him or release him (last season galtarasy made a 10m bid for him) & sign diame for 4.5m + i think we could sign either capoue or sissoko

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  28. Hafiz Rahman

    Arsenal always perform when teams open up and play…

    when teams park the bus and press they ran out of ideas…

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  29. AJ

    Happen to agree with leo there. We cannot afford to have perma-crocks when our squad is so thin.
    Getting deadwood out is a must. Especially Arshavin, Chamakh, Squid, Djourou. Would free up a lot of wages to get in new players.

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  30. Hafiz Rahman

    @ leo

    well at least Arsenal could get the best out of him and if he wants to leave like RVP, sell him for a higher price for that ungratefull lad…

    but at the same time have a couple of replacement ready unlike RVP and Fab situation where none was available……

    aint sure which sissoko u are talking…but Capoue lacks the experience….

    should get someone experienced

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  31. Gunnerineverylife

    @AJ The major problem is those deadwoods earn lot of wage in our club which makes it difficult for other teams to buy them.Sevilla were interested in Squid in summer but they could not afford the wages.Wage system is in a big mess,thats why we cant afford to give Walcott,Rvp the salary they want,whoever manages players wages probably never watches us play.

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  32. mark

    reading were terrible. this match proves nothing. we didn’t play especially well either.

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  33. Hafiz Rahman

    @ mark

    true…but its a good motivation for the team especially after the loss against a division 4 team…

    theres still heaps of room for improvement…hopefully the millionaire boys dont get too big headed after the win….

    100% concentration and commitment is still required and essential….

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  34. leo

    @hafiz rehaman moussa sissoko plays alongside capoue at toulouse fc he is even played more times than capoue

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  35. stephen187

    i think the win today was because players were more up for the game and actually tried hard. they actually had movement around the pitch today and glad to see wide players in pod, ox, gibbs and sagna overlapping each other and makaing run in behind as opposed to passing back to mert and verm.

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  36. AJ


    Agree with that. Many first team players are paid less than the deadwood we have now. I also feel we pay young players too much, and also increase their wages too quickly. Wenger has got himself in trouble here.As a manager you must have things under control. Here we find people leaving or not coming to us because of wages.Lack of on field success is the primary cause though.

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  37. D1G

    although we’re 5th now… there are 2 other clubs with same points, and it is gonna be tough to knock down chelsea or spurs ahead… title race is over.

    we have to finish in top 4, otherwise, we’ll be signing even worse players.

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  38. Tareeq Saley

    I think this is the starting 11 we were looking for. With Ox, Podolski and Walcott terrorising defenders. Giroud cannot keep up with the quick-pass and move gamelplay of Arsenal, he still needs to adapt to it. And Gervias Yao Koassi (sounds like an xmas deer name) and ramsey on the bench!

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  39. jimbo

    this was only reading ,who our reserves scorced 7 against,we still let in 2 goals.i still want wenger gone i can,t want him gone one week and change my mind cause we have a win the next he been a great manager and will be for somone else but hes gone stale and we need a change of tactics

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  40. jon

    Great result, we really needed that. With Rosicky healthy again, it gives us more options. I am excited to see those two play together. Realistically though, Reading is a very poor side. I do hope that Wenger will buy some players in January. I still believe we need a top class striker and DM as well.
    If Wenger addresses those two positions properly, we can still salvage this season. I think we could challenge Chelsea for 3rd but Wenger MUST add in January. It’s really up to the owner to free up funds and than Gazidis has to encourage Wenger to strengthen the team.
    I hope Wenger won’t be satisfied if we’ll go on a good run in the next couple of weeks.

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  41. gooner sass

    Ramsey and giroud makes our team short by two, ba good performance anyway. Coyg, gunner for life.

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  42. Shawnzn

    Amazing what a difference it made by dropping Gervinho and Ramsey….team looked so much more solid and lethal in that 1st half…

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  43. Dan


    See what you can do when you don’t play Ramsey and Giroud every second match.

    As Gary Neville said, this is our most exciting front 3.

    I imagine Wenger will change it and play Giroud up top against Wigan unfortunately.

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  44. Arsenal 007

    As much as i don’t want to, I have give credit to the Arsenal Team. Given our recent poor run with seemingly smaller teams, I actually expected Reading to pull a “Bradford” on us. I hope we keep up the good work and improve on our defence.
    Renew contracts for Theo and Bacary, and ensure we buy during January window.

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  45. davidrusa

    The most unreliable people are football fans and so-called pundits. They actually behave like the people of Jerusalem towards Jesus Christ. In one breath they sang hosana,in the next instant they were saying crucify him! What has changed now? Has Wenger bought any new players? Obviously not. In fact nothing has changes except that nobody was played out of position and those who were seen not to deliver were rested. I have all along argued that the problem is not poor players or lack of spending but people being played where they are not suitable which could in a way have led to loss of morale by some players. It looked like Rosicky and Gervinho did not exchange very pleasant words during the Bradford game. The body language of many players was that of disgust! Players seem to have been unhappy with one another for lack of devotion and recklessness. This is a psychological issue which can greatly affect a team. You may spend all the money but once the psychology is wrong don’t expect results!

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  46. Zack gunner

    @ Davidrusa
    I am one of the people that screaming for wenger out.. Because he is too stubborn.. We had crying for walcot and ox play as attacker which can bring pace to the team for long time ago… Yet he still play ramsey as a winger…btw are u a football fan or from jerusalem?

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  47. hamid

    Can someone draw the Arsenal formation of the second half with Ramsey and Coquelin in?

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  48. jibber

    To us, it is no Ramsey + girvinho start= good performances.
    But it’s not because they’re bad players, it’s because they don’t fit the arsenal style.
    I still believe Ramsey has potential, but he’s lacking the focus. And that’s down to confidence. Maybe 2 legs broken is very traumatizing, i wouldn’t know. But much of why he’s slow is because he’s triple/quadruple checking where everyone is with the ball all the time. It’s a sign that he isn’t confident with his gut feeling and choices. What he needs is sub in when we’re winning to give him the confidence that he’s contributed to a winning game.

    Girvinho on the other hand…i duno, this guy’s just confusing. If there is a way to fix him, it may well be AFCON. he might be exhausted, but that might ground him a little? who knos. he looked much better last season before AFCON, doesn’t look at all like the same guy after AFCON. Maybe a part of him was left in the national team… I just hope there’s one less deadwood and one more quality player.

    we need to keep this line up until january when we can buy players. Without it, i don’t see how else we’re gonna get vigor and confidence out of the team.
    And Wenger should let Walcott play that role, even if he’s not signing.
    because without him, the team isn’t working. it’s still better to have a key player leave in the end of a great season, than to not play a leaving player and screw the whole team over.
    we’re not gonna attract players if we play poorly, and we won’t get top 4, no champions league football. And we’ll still lose players that way.
    The only thing u really can do is make the best out of every situation.

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  49. Aussie gunner 247

    Our attacking was great because were looking dangerous sneaking in through balls. Counter attcking with walcott and his spped is great. We played and crossed mostly on the left side so gibbs was very busy while sagna quiet. Vermalan was great and looking closer to his old self. But mertersacker had a shocker. U watch the second goal and he sees tle fondre (the guy who scored) runs past and gives to much distance so the person with the ball can pass it through. Its like he wanted to concede. Cazorla scoring a header lol. We nerded a midfielder to run into the box into the cross and finally we did it today.

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  50. dboy

    @cboy It’s only Reading, everybody beats them. Only time AKB’s come out to play. I still say Wenger out!! Week in and week out people on here sugested he drops Gervinho and Ramsey. What took him so long to come to his senses.

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  51. Gundam

    goes to show… when you sit back you have goals scored against you (early in first half, and most the season)…. they should learn to attack the whole game…

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