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Real Madrid leave Arsenal free to secure Mbappe transfer

They may not have been the only competition for Arsenal in the transfer hunt for Kylian Mbappe, but the Champions League and La Liga title holders Real Madrid were thought to be far and away the biggest obstacle to Arsene Wenger getting his man.

In fact the Spanish giants were reportedly hot favourites with to sign the young France international star and Mbappe himself is apparently keen to sign for what many see as the biggest football club in the world. Thankfully for us the Monaco striker was also concerned about a move to the Santiago Bernabeu this summer being a real detriment to his development as a player because he might not get the regular game time that has helped him develop so far.

That fear has now been confirmed by the Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, as reported by Metro, so in essence the club has left the way clear for another club to carry on the transfer pursuit and that club may well be Arsenal.

Perez said, ‘I like him but we can only play 11, the squad is 24 and there are many players that I have liked and, because they have not had a place, they have not come.

‘He [Mbappe] is a good player, very young. We did not sign Pogba because we had a great team, as demonstrated. We did not need Pogba.

‘In addition, the players have to play to become better and I last year did not see it [playing time] with him. Anyway, the summer is very long, I have signed more than one player on the 31 of August. Some really good ones.’

‘I know [Zidane] has watched him for several years, because I know he has followed him as he followed [Raphael] Varane.

‘The best one to say if you have a place or not at 18 is the coach, but with that age few players have a place in Madrid. Zidane came at 28, We have to be patient. Zidane has time with Mbappe in mind. Sincerely I don’t know. He has to decide if he’s coming to play, if he better continue where he is and continue developing.

‘If Zidane gave me the OK, I would have to say that he would come. They can’t all play, only 11. That job is not mine, but Zidane’s, who manages it very well.’

Apparently the Gunners were the next choice for Mbappe because of Wenger’s reputation for developing strikers and because he would certainly play a lot, so have Real Madrid just set this huge summer transfer ball rolling?


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19 thoughts on “Real Madrid leave Arsenal free to secure Mbappe transfer

  1. lcebox

    l think if CR. left it would be different story must mean hes staying at RM. still dont think we will get this guy but you never know.

    1. Disgusted1

      Can you guys move on from this Mbappe crap get it in your head it won’t happen. More of the same with this stupid manager. We are coming off the worst season and dropping fast you would think we would sign players that will make a difference from day one as we saw last season every single point count. We will be 6 next season am sure. News flash Arsene sign some players

  2. TongaBull

    Is this true? If so Wenger buy this boy and all your sins in the last 14yrs wil be forgiven

    1. Dory Sater

      Yes. It is true. I read the interview earlier and also saw it in the more reputable news sites. Here to hoping we get Mbappe.

  3. Dory Sater

    Mbappe is coming to Arsenal. The fact that Lemar’s offer has been rejected is a sign the Monaco is not willing to let BOTH go to Arsenal unless they get the right price. This, I think the rejection of the bid for Lemar is indicative that Mbappe is on his way. Or I could be flat wrong. But I am a gooner and I can hope.

  4. Arsenal_Girl

    If this does come to fruition then it will not only be Arsenal’s biggest signing but the PL’s biggest.

    This would definitely show Ambition

    Wenger MUST go full throttle on this transfer and make it happen

    However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s wait till it’s announced on Arsenal website before celebrating.

    Liverpool are in for him as well

    1. Break-on-through

      Liv is poorer city to live in. I hate that accent and I hate that bloody head wrecking song …Jog on, Jog on ..your house will be unsafe tonight, jog on.

  5. Waal2waal

    Its commonly held that the greatest team that ever graced the english prem was the Invincibles – i call them perfection model #1. Lets hope wenger puts caution to the wind and doesn’t revert back to his frugal type but instead thinks of the supporters who once were acustom to Arsenal being an irresistable strike force who wasted opponents with an array of ballers, winners able to assert their superiority at will. In my mind to be trailbazers you have to come away with 3points taken from all Nth-West england clubs to be in with a realistic chance of claiming the epl title. Lemar, Mbappe, Laca and kola and others can help us into another new and exciting era with a wenger team I will call perfection model #2 – What remains is for wenger to identify a player who can be called a leader. The player at that level at arsenal unfortunately plays between the sticks – who will be the mans man captain for purpose of my perfection model #2 whoever it is may soon need to monitor a £100m youngster for an entire season. One that the manager promises he’l build an entire team around. Fans unwavering support is crucial for a yungsters personal development when he comits to wearing the team shirt and goes about realising that perfect moment come the end of may the model #2 agenda concludes with the arsenal faithful waving banners, singing an chanting us on through europa, winning the epl, scoring goals for fun and resuming our rightful place amongst the champions league elite.


    im getting so tired also of all this speculation,,,,, we,ve signed one player,,, that was quick and easy,,,, you know why,,,, because it was on a free,,,,, Now with these other mentioned players,,,, there is money envolved and Arsenal dont like paying,,,,,

    This is why we are we we are,,,, out the champions league ,, out the top 4,,,,,

    And now just talking about players,,,,, No action,,, same as the last,, how many years,,???


  7. john

    If we get him it will be a excellent signing and it will be a statement our rivals and mean business, build our side around him

  8. Ozman

    Im tired too every day reading samething after all one thing my mind dont rest is the news of losing sanchez why dont this team act farst?m there is lot of players who can go out from their team easly and come change arsenal sach as mahrez, abmiang, turan, aguero swap sanchez I think we rest a little bit and wait in july for the whole show

  9. Break-on-through

    The problem is the price now. If Wenger doesn’t have a number to beat, he’s not gonna go over 100m euro without being pushed into it.

  10. Coldzero

    You guys think Wenger will pay 135 million for this kid? Wenger! He wouldn’t pay 40 million for Suarez- but you think he will pay it for this kid? Honestly?

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