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Reasons for Arsenal’s Trophy Drought part 3

Why Arsenal haven’t won anything in seven years by Ix Techau

Is Arsenal going in the right direction? Since there is so much opinion on whether Wenger should go or not, I compiled some stats on Arsenal’s success since Wenger took over in October 1996 compared to some of their closest rivals; Man utd; Chelsea; Liverpool.

League Champions (3 times)
2004, 2002, 1998,
FA Cup Winners. (4 times)
Charity/Community Shield Winners (4 times) 2004,2002, 1999,1998
Total 11 cups

Man utd
Champions League/ European Cup: (2 times) 1999, 2008
Premier League: (10 times) 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011
FA Cup: (3 times) 1996, 1999, 2004 League Cup: (3 times) 2006, 2009, 2010
Intercontinental Cup:( 1 time) 1999 World Club Champions: (1 time) 2008
Charity/Community Shield:(7 times) 1996, 1997, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011
Total 27 cups

League Champions ( 3 times) 2005, 2006, 2010
FA Cup Winners (6 times) 1997, 2000, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012
League Cup Winners (3 times) 1998, 2005, 2007
Charity/Community Shield Winners (4 times) 2000, 2005, 2009, 2010
Champions League Winners (1 time) 2012
Cup Winners Cup Winners (1 time) 1998
Super Cup Winners (1 time) 1998
Total 19 cups

League Champions 0
European Cup Winners (1 time) 2004-05
FA Cup Winners ( 2 times) 2000-01, 2005-06
League Cup Winners (3 times) 2000-01, 2002-03, 2011-2012
UEFA Cup Winners (1 time) 2000-01
European Super Cup Winners (2 times) 2001, 2005
FA Charity Shield Winners (2 times)2001, 2006
Total 11 cups

Since 2005 Arsenal have won 1 cup and in this time their rivals have won:
Man Utd : 13 cups
Chelsea: 13 cups
Liverpool: 5 cups

So it is obvious that we have fallen behind our rivals in terms of trophies in recent years, and that has coincided with the move to the Emirates stadium. The question is, and it is probably a question that we will not be able to answer fully until another five years have passed, is `Was it worth it`? If we go on to win lots of trophies and the young core of Arsenal fulfill their potential we will say yes, but if we have fallen too far behind already, then it will be no.

What do you think, Gooners?

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49 thoughts on “Reasons for Arsenal’s Trophy Drought part 3

  1. NIKK

    Trying to analysis past failures and putting everything in perspective is load of bull! The fact is that the socialist model imposed on the club was never going to be compatible with fast changing market economy in the real football world.
    Hence it was not possible to keep likes of Viera Henry etc etc nor was it possible to replace them like for like due higher wages and transfer fees paid by nouveau riche clubs.

    Nothing will change until this socialist model is discarded and the club joins the real football world!

    That is if the Board still has the honest and genuine ambition to win the League and Champion League!

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  2. tfemi

    Go to n see wengaers letter to david villa he called s idiots

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  3. youngold gunner

    truth is AW tactically is no longer great but it not the only reason of not winning anything for 7yrs.

    About your question- WE WILL SEE

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  4. CUT

    The horse has already bolted out of the barn door…your thesis on trophy drought is bit too late and as such waste of time!

    The Champagne guzzling socialist commie pinko millionaires have hijacked the club and the suffering fans will just have to tow the club line!

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  5. Greg

    Reasons lack of spending to bring in top quality players and a board that cares only about profit and to hell with arsenal FC and its loyal fans!

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  6. Fazzeek

    This article is not top top talent or exceptional talent therefore I wouldn’t be purchasing this article

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  7. Boss

    It’s pointless bitching on this website since nothing ever happens when you do, if you really care that much I suggest you try to contact someone important from Arsenal FC. I grantee this will make a real difference.

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  8. zdzis

    Learn to read!
    “In’s new daily feature we imagine what the Gunners boss would say to tempt the Barcelona star to sign”
    It’s totally made up. If you think it’s true, you’re the idiot.

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  9. john 3:16

    Four out of our next 5 league games at at home

    Man City HOME
    Chelsea Away
    West Ham HOME
    Liverpool HOME
    Stoke HOME

    I’m expecting 4 wins and 1 draw (v Chelsea)

    Or am i being too optimistic?!

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  10. Gooner

    just to say….
    move to emirates was inevitable. it was just a question of now or later and i think we made the right call because we had a fantastic manager to put us in profit every year and challenge somehow for the trophies even with limited resources. Just ask david moyes how difficult it is to do what wenger is doing with ease for a long time. We have a good squad now and we will be able to match financially the likes of man utd in the coming years. so the question is why wenger out now when his plans have brought us here. We will be challenging for trophies from 2014 onwards and i would like to have wenger do it again than anyone else. It was his dream to see this club reach a position where it will be making money on its own and putting it into the club. His recent statements show that too. remember it was wenger who brought petit, overmars,pieres, henry, viera, cesc , cashri and……… the list goes on and on. Just give this man 2 more seasons and he will again be giving sleepless nights to Sir Ferguson!!! Just Believe in Wenger for 2 more seasons. I already feel there is something special about this team and with some cash available and a few more quality players we will become INVINCIBLES again…..

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  11. nick cannon

    I mwith you 3:16, i think we can get those wins at home and very optimistic about playing chelsea as they haven’t quite figured themselves out with benitez at helm.

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  12. craig2500

    The fact we are not challenging for cups in Europe is the worry, Wenger was so close in 2006 if the ref had used his head and not sent off a player when he didnt need to we would of had a great chance. In 2008 yet again we went on a good run but considering Chelsea have now won it with a part time manager it really hurts.

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  13. john 3:16

    Things have got so bad that it will be a major achievement if we reach the quarter-finals… no not of the Champions League… BUT THE FA CUP!!!

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  14. jp


    That letter from Arsene Wenger to Villa on Goal is fake, its meant to be a joke.
    Its poking fun at the fans that expect more then is currently possible… you I guess.

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  15. tfemi

    U fool@zdzis am trying 2 get information on transfer news what r u doing. just crtisizing player for their mistakes if u don’t wanna c it pls do us all a favour n go n die

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  16. Gunnerforlife

    Are we gonna sign anyone this window or its again the same old story of Wenger talking about his transfre policy and wage structure which he will never change. Its becoming really irritating to try n understand Wenger what he is upto. We are a really poor team right now bu it seems Wenger is not gonna buy anyone

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  17. johnverdal

    in arsene we dont trust anymore.
    if u keep trusting wenger we will be in europa league and maybe not even in europe.

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  18. ks-gunner

    Call me old-fashioned, but we don’t need his money and we don’t want his sort…
    Americans are buying up chunks of the Premiership football clubs and not because of their love of football but because they see an opportunity to make money….very true old man but still i wonder what made him change his mind….the answer is simple a greedy money bastard he is……..

    If u think about the yankee and look into his other sports ownerships you will see that he does not invest money and he is not concerned about trophies or league positions… as long as he makes a profit he will bejust happy

    Stan Kroenke and minions ouuuuttt of Arsenal…….usmanov dain in….

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  19. johnverdal

    i hope diaby gets injured this week otherwise wenger will say diaby is like new player we dont anyone and just as the transfer window ends diaby will be injured again.
    sign waynama or strootman or m’vila quickly .

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  20. johnverdal

    i know the americans want to make money but kronke is the most greedy owner of all. he only cares about profit. he never gives money to spend on world class players.
    kronke: greedy owner
    hillwood: arrogant old crap
    gazidis: yesmann
    wenger: dictator
    arsenal fans: suffering

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  21. Matt C

    People call Stan a businessman so why doesn’t he realise that the worse our team gets, the less he will be able to sell our club to Usmanov for. He should just sell it now so that we can all be happy

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  22. Des

    League Champions (13)
    2004, 2002, 1998, 1991, 1989, 1971, 1953, 1948, 1938, 1935, 1934, 1933, 1931.

    Get ya stats right! Or specify prem titles

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  23. ks-gunner

    Matt….he knows Usmanov will be up to buy Arsenal….so all he is doing is milking Arsenal dry to the limits before he sells the club to the max….

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  24. Des

    Why isn’t there more chanting at matches for kroenke to get out? More banners to. Get our message across!

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  25. Des

    Why hasn’t wenger gone out straight away and got the players we need. All business done by 3rd jan. he always drags it out and leaves it til last minute, by which time someone’s already snapped em up! If we’d fit players in ASAP they’d be ready for tough upcoming fixtures against man city Chelsea…. AARRRGGHHH!!!!

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  26. AmericanGooner

    I just hope the non-Americans on this website don’t think all Americans are like Cheap Stan. Because we are not. Most of us are extremely passionate when it comes to our sports. Most of the owners in American sports are great owners that invest heavily in their teams and still make money from jersey and ticket sales as well as from television contracts. Kroenke is a bad seed(the rams suck, the nuggets have no ambition, MLS is well MLS). Most of our sports owners are great businessmen that win and profit from winning, not what Kroenke has done to Arsenal.

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  27. georgegooner

    The Emirates is a beautiful stadium, with no atmosphere. I think it was the wrong time to move, we should’ve concentrated on keeping our experienced players, bringing in young talent, progressing as a single unit, not keep falling apart. Then save up for the majority of the stadium with money from winning tournaments (premier league, champions league) and put a restriction on how much transfer money we can spend, restrict it to 2 signings a window (in the summer, only in jan if it is urgent) that way we could have still won trophies, been a top club, and helped fund the move to the emirates without getting in as much debt and be able to set up a payment plan for the remainder or the payment, whilst keeping the likes of Henry, Veiera, Van Persie, Nasri, Toure, Cole, Adebayor and also help attract big names players, of recent times Gotze and Hazard would have relished joining a prestigous club with a sustainable plan to move forward.

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    Socialist model….aw earns 7m per year and pays 50-70k for players he bought to sit on the bench.

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  29. ymoola

    Want the true reasons? some people can’t handle it but here they are

    Reason 1: selling Robert Pires: The player was amazing dribbler,passer and finisher, he even scored 14 goals in 04-05 season.

    Reason 2: Selling Campbell:He had a nightmare against west ham and i don’t think i will ever forget it but if he had someone to help his mental state he would have still been excellent CB.

    Reason 3: No prep for Bergkamp retirement: Bergkamp was a playmaker and striker rolled into one. His passing, dribbling and finishing was key to Henry and Arsenals success and when he retired we relied on a young RVP who was injury prone.

    Reason 4: Over reliance on Henry: Wenger gambled on Henry to be the saviour which is just not possible. Adebayor shots per goal ratio was poor and RVP was injury prone.

    Reason 5: Lack of spending/end of invincibles: too many left to quickly ie Henry,cole, bergkamp, pires, vieira, Ljungberg etc that by 2008 only a few remained and youngsters were thrown into first team rather than proven class.

    Reason 6:Eduardo leg break at Birmingham: AFC only lost 2 games and looked clear favourates to win until that accident which followed by a draw and a poor run of games.

    Reason 7: And most importantly Jose’s CHELSEA. Jose found out if you play 11 behind the ball then you can beat Arsenal and he was proven right when more teams did it in 2005 which lead to AFC finishing 4th and losing alot of games 1-0. We could rarly beat the likes of chelsea or Utd due to those tactics.

    There are many reasons guys but the most important ones were chelsea defense tactic, eduardo leg break and disbandment of the ivincibles with lack of transfer activity. Afc never recovered from either, you can mention the pay structure but it played a part in the wider issue.

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  30. ymoola

    Another thing I forgot to mention is Wenger’s tactics are becoming dated. Most teams now play either 4-5-1, 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 formation. This means teams pass the ball better than before making it harder for Arsenal to dominate like before. The solution is to adopt Barca’s High Pressure strategy but this only works if every player does it and has the stamina and quick reactions.

    We also need more technically gifted players in order for the passing game to work. At the moment the best for that are the spanish and south americans so Wenger should be looking at them more

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  31. saras

    we a in titanic and some of are not luky enough to se arsenal shining again as we a on the secound flow mean we a over 70yrs old. but for thoes who a luky on 11th flow may have a chans to se arsenal shine again in maybe 10yr coming. bcs wenger and company semms not to be ready of chenging oround which so sad.. wi will continue sinking while they stand beside and look.

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  32. Mubs

    Sorry to bother. But couldn’t help point out. How difficult it is to standardized the format and order of the Cups?

    You called Premier League as League Championship at times, the order of the cups is jumbled up. Finally, date format is 2011 or 2010-11.

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  33. Kayboy

    Are we really sure arsenal will win trophies under wenger anymore. lets get it straight, wenger is too comfortable in arsenal. is this article meant to exonerate wenger and the board from all these mess?

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  34. Orphal Mandy

    There comes a time when a manager runs out of ideas, especially if he is frugal. Economists do not make good managers, even in the business world. I am ashamed that a manager of AW’s calibre has not deemed it fit to resign to pave way for another manager, having not won anything for 7 seasons and counting. What many Arsenal fans don’t know is that AW is afraid of signing top/established players because they are the ones who can stand up to his weak managerial styles, hence he uses uncompetitive wages to deter them, and then offers younger inexperienced players whom he treats as infants outrageous wages just to lure them. As soon as they mature to the level of questioning his policy he sells them. That’s how he sold RVP, etc. Until he leaves Arsenal, the club cannot win anything.

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  35. Orphal Mandy

    It would be simplistic to assume that ring-fencing was limited to or suitable for countries with large financial sectors relative to the size of their countries, such as the UK, Sweden, etc. However, the concern and challenges posed by the banking crises of 2008 have raised global regulatory consciousness on the need to take a critical look at universal banking by disconnecting high risk investment banking from retail banking. Aggravated by the sovereign debt problems in Europe, some countries are seeking for more substantial in financial sector reforms than what the Basel III reforms are offering.

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  36. Isramdir

    Georgios Papandreou is a sosialist and he destroyed greece.
    Poor Arsenal :((

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  37. 7

    As long as the club makes profits and pays good dividends to shareholders, it can be considered as successful.Top 4 is the only important objective because of CL revenues.

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  38. Archimedes

    It is time for AW to go because his biggest mistake was to admit that he has a socialist wage structure in place and unlike anyone else, not understand its main flaw, which is to retain journeymen and sell out of stars. As the underperformance on the pitch gets worse, even the die hard AW fans will turn against him because his mission is to manage Arsenal, not to change the wage dynamics in professional football. Personally I hope for a very bad season such that the “surgery” will be quick, rather than an agonizing multi-season struggle.

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  39. Big Gun

    Cannot wait for the day Usmanov take over. Unfortunately that day will come when Arsenal become a husk with nothing left to be sucked out of. ks-gunner said it well. Kroenke is waiting for the right moment to sell, after all that is what any shrewd business man would do. Arsenal has no intrinsic value to him, it is just another business investment to cash in on.

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  40. davidrusa

    It is a great disservice to the writer of these series to turn the argument into who should own Arsenal, Kroenke or Usmanov? What happened to analysis, digestion, synthesis? Are majority of our contributors incapable of going beyond simplicity? My answer is I don’t think so. The only problem is those who think they are angry with Arsenal leadership use this as a forum to vent their anger rightly or wrongly. It’s not enough to show misguided anger, it is better to reason like the writer of these series and offer constructive criticism which will benefit the club in the future. Those who don’t see that the squad today is better than last season are simply living in a mirage! True new players took long to adapt and it is expected but the overall squad is better. Last year you could not rest some regular players unless they had a problem but it is happening today even with Captain Vermaelen. What better proof do you need? Which player was like Cazorla last season? How many goals did the other players score compared to Van Persie? How many players had more than five goals last year? How many have that so far this season? How many goals did we concede at this stage last season? How many have we conceded now? Answering these questions will help us to appreciate whether the team is better or worse rather than unguided emotions and decadent language! I believe civilised people argue for purposes of finding solutions to their problems not satisfying their uncontrollable emotions!

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  41. true goon


    Stop smoking that stuff.its damaging your brain,we lose the best player in the EPL ,RVP who was top scorer in the league,and provided second most assists last year.We sold the only strong player in midfield Alex Song,he also provided most assists last year.No surprise these are the areas we are struggling.
    Stop trying to sound intelligent when all that comes out of your mouth is AKB rubbish

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  42. scobbie

    All came down to money at the end of the day we would have won plenty trophies by now if we could keep player by offering the money that they want, right now the team we would have:

    Sagna kolo Vermalen Clichy

    Song Fabregas

    Nasri Cazorla walcott

    Van Persie ox


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  43. Topgunner

    Well I thought the 8-2 drubbing to Untited! was a blatant indication to how far behind we are, and then we still don’t strengthen the defence lool after conciding 8!! Then we sell them are best player that scored the 2 goals for us!!/#! wenger keeps thinking the teams gunna magically jel together. we don’t have one natural defencesive midfielder in the starting 11 and Gibbs yeah brill. GOING to good. But he needs someone to study off. Jenkinson standard, seriously standard could see him playing for any other team below us without looking out of place. it leaves us with an off form sagna, and an sometimes reliable back to but to static. we just need the defence sorted because I bet the attackers are under so much pressure To not loose the ball cus they feel that they will concide cus of the much to reliable defence.

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