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Redemption or Ruin for Arsenal in FA cup!

You couldn’t make it up. Arsenal have been drawn against Swansea for our first round in this season’s FA cup competition. We will travel to the Liberty Stadium in the first week of January and will have some demons to face when we get there.

There are a number of reasons why yesterday’s defeat by Swansea was so galling to the Gunners. It meant that Swansea went above us in the league. It also let West Ham and Stoke past us while Tottenham stretched their lead over us. It was meant to be our chance to begin a good run of home games after two battling away draws, but it was the exact opposite.

Another reason was that Swansea beat us in the way that Arsenal used to beat teams. It was Arsene Wenger who pioneered the fluid, passing game that Swansea used to dominate us yesterday. Arsenal seem to have forgotten how to do it recently.

The worst thing for me was the lack of passion shown by the players. Some Arsenal fans and players might have seen the draw and thought `oh no, not them again,` whereas all of the players should see it as a chance to prove that yesterday was a blip, a one off bad day at the office, and that Arsenal ARE better than Swansea.

No less than 100 percent effort should be given when Arsenal attempt to wrest back some pride in Wales in the new year, and any player who doesn’t give it should be shown the door. Arsenal have the chance to show that they are still a top team, or prove that we have slipped back and are now competing with other teams in mid-table.

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32 thoughts on “Redemption or Ruin for Arsenal in FA cup!

  1. JOhn

    Hopefully we’ll have new quality player by then otherwise I predict a repeat.

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  2. o_0

    We gotta watch out for Michu – again. He is such an excellent buy – I wouldn’t mind seeing him in red and white. Anyway, hopefully we would’ve strengthened the squad by then and hopefully be on some good form.

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  3. leo

    support arsene wenger instead of booing him boo the board & the greedy players like chammakh,squallaci,denislon,bendtner tell them to get the f out of our club same 4 GASdis wait till jan surely wenger now has to bring in quality players if not he should come out & tell the truth

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  4. leo

    it’s his players who ysterday let him down where was walcott,gervinho playing podolski as a striker was good move cazorla has faded away in last few games same for arteta only mertasacker,tv5 & sczesny had a decent game the rest were pathetic what more should wenger do he brought in giroud did everything he could do the only thing now left is to spend in jan on 3-4 signings & get our team back on track

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  5. Craig Taylor

    Our players will be determined to win. Hopefully by then we will have a new player or two. But I really think we will win.

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  6. Segun

    OMG! Deja Vu? I certainly hope not. Realistically, the FA and Carling cup are the only two trophies we could lift this season. I hope we do better by then.

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  7. Arsenal 4 Life

    Yesterday we didn’t play the arsenal way, and we were poor. But now we have a chance to show Swansea and most of all the fans that arsenal is the BETTER team. I also hope to see like many other fans new players at the club, and players like chamakh and park walking out the arsenal door. But overall up the GUNNERS!!!

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  8. Hass

    No one criticised Walcott yesterday. Since he has the most assist you would have banked on him to provide at least one goal scoring opportunity in the game, he couldn’t even dribble past one player like he luckily did against Everton the other day. Almost all our wingers can’t do anything without the support of the full backs. Back in the days the wingers didn’t need the support of fullbacks they would just take players on themselves.

    The triangle passes are not there and instead of having two options to pass to forward or diagonally its hard to even find one pass forward, due to lack of movement from players. Cazorla is fatigue, maybe even Giroud as well.

    I hope to see players like Arsahvin and Eisfeld show the quality in midweek. If Eisfeld starts, I’m sure he will score in that game.

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  9. g882

    The players aren’t playing for Wenger anymore. You can see the urgency and fright in other players faces when they’re playing because they know they’ll get a manager sized boot up their arse+possibility of being dropped if they don’t perform or when things don’t go their way. Manure players literally look scared to death when they make mistakes. Our players don’t look scared of any boot and are happy to be complacent and feel sorry for themselves, 1 because Wengers boot isn’t scary, and 2 because they know there isn’t anyone else strong enough on the bench challenging for their place-this has been going on for years now. When the chips are down are heads follow them and I cant remember the last time Wenger was seen screaming at anyone from the touchline unless its an official, or looking like hes doing anything at all for that matter, apart from lugging water bottles around.

    It just seems like there’s never a plan B, EVER. Were happy to keep knocking on the same door with the same message time and time again and are surprised when no one lets us in. Try something different GO ROUND THE BACK MAYBE??

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  10. Sammie

    The problem is swansea plays thesame style of football with arsenal. We can only beat them if we give them close marking long passess. Also if arteta continue his poor backward passes he should be benched.

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  11. bob

    Let’t hope the world would have already ended by then…. because we may lose.

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  12. RKR

    Our FA cup hopes shattered.. I won’t be surprised if we draw against Barca or Real Madrid in the UCL.

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  13. jamaican goonerr

    Itss the first week of january so chances are we would nt have bought anyone by then notwithstanding though e should be smashing the hell outta teams like swansea ….for fuk sake we are arsenal!!!!

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  14. The Dom

    The number of comments on this site keeps reducing due to fans losing interest in this club.


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  15. Nathan

    It may be a difficult game but if we buy some quality players in January window and wenger do his job well then we can beat them.

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  16. hottspring

    we are screwed
    whoever did the draw has just eliminated their arsenal
    but if our arsenal turns up at liberty we shall win

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  17. John

    Even a primary school boy could see that Arsenal lacks depth I don’t understand how the Board or Wenger dont see it. Its obvious both party’s are run by greed at this point. Theo Walcott has scored the most goals in the club and compared to the likes of Poldi and Giroud he hasnt started as many games…so why did you choose to play Gervinho up the middle? Everyone has been saying it…Cazorla and Arteta need rest haven’t we learned from what happened to Jack that the only thing fatigue leads to is long term injury…both the board and Wenger lack ambition, maybe we shouldnt make the UCL so we can see a change of policy. I Want my old Arsenal back….

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  18. aaron gun

    we need a bad season like this no more paper over the cracks finishing mid table surely will show we cant sell players like we have. too many changes for a team to stay stable

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  19. Andrew

    Hopefully the team will find some spirit by then, instead of looking like a bunch of zombies!! We were the stronger team on paper yesterday and lost!! Losing has nothing to do with the Board when playing against a weaker side!! Yes, the Board is the reason why we cant expect to continually beat teams like MU MC and Chelski. But a spirited side might beat a stronger side. We just look pathetic on the field against sides we should ream comfortably…no excuse!! I’m pissed off by the whole situation.

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  20. Gunnersince15

    Reality check…Look at the way Swansea played, then look at the way we’ve been playing. That was no fluke, they were better at everything, that we thought we were good at. The truth is this will have the same outcome. It is sad to see our team get worse and worse. I no longer look forward to match day, there is no excitement as the game approaches, only dread at the thought of who will humiliate us next.

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  21. king

    lets get a draw and by the time we face them in the replay we should have some new players in the team. we also should be on form by then. fa cup and the capital one cup is the only cups that we can seriously win. NO MATTER WHAT I WLL ALWAYS BE A GOONER. COME ON YOU REDS.

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    if we dont go on a winning run over the next few games we will end up fighting a relegation battle which i have never seen and want to in the 50 years i have been supporting this club coyg get a grip.

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  23. Bob

    Watched one hour of game today.We weren’t as bad as twitter would have you believe.Lady luck and Wallcot deserted us.But I do agree with you,this is a great opportunity to put things as they should be!!! Cheers Bob….

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  24. qone

    it seems that our players are fed up with their manager. they are not giving their 100% effort (which is a shame not for the manager but for the pride of our beloved club, who every supporter wants and wishes to be the best in the world).
    the tactics are the same. as soon as our players get near the penalty area, instead of trying to shot they go backwords and give the ball to our keeper.

    if it wasn’t for our no 1. we would have been humiliated.
    ok maybe podolski was not having a good match but who was? i think he is the scapegoat of the team, cause he is the first to be substituted.
    gervinho is not good for the sake of our team, he keeps on playing him.

    the manager looks really tired and run out of ideas. he should not be sacked but he must be a gentleman enough and resign, before it is too late.

    we should thank him for what he gave to the club, but i think the time is up.

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  25. Uche Edochie

    Frankly, we played well in large parts of the games yesterday, especially in the second half. We had wave after wave of attacks at some point and we looked the most likely to score. But then we got too excited and made the mistake of old by pouring forward. All it took was one effective counter attack and the game was over. My point is that we can beat swansea if we are patient and better organised. I remember an incredible cross that was whipped in for gervinho in the first half but he could not make contact because of his height. We should do more of that but this time with giroud in attack. Secondly, walcot should stop drifting to the centre. If he can stick to the wings and whip in the crosses, we can beat swansea. I watched that game very well and while swansea is a good and fluid team, they are beatable.

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  26. chris from Cambridge

    FFs the Directors leave and always have left the playing side to Wenger. There was a period after the new stadium was built when he did not have money to spend but that has NOT been true of the last 3 years or so.

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  27. Hafiz Rahman

    the B team should play….do not wish the overburn or injured first team players like Cazorla, Arteta, wilshere and etc….

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  28. toptricks

    The worst thing about this season is our inability to create chances. Over the last few years even when we weren’t winning we were capable of fashioning many opportunities to score. On Saturday Swansea played like we used to and completelydeserved their win. Selling Nasri,Fabregas, Clichy, RVP etc wasunfortunate the quality of replacements has been a disgrace. That is where the real problem lies. Wenger seems to have completely lost his touch in the transfer market. Of his recent signings on Carzolla would have got in the team of a few years ago. What i found so painful is that the loss to swansea was not a surprise!

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