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Redknapp: Arsenal won’t finish in Top Four – Tottenham will!

The ex-Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp is still pronouncing that Spurs will finish above Arsenal, despite his departure from White Hart Lane this summer. Redknapp threw away a massive lead over Arsenal at the end of last season and ultimately lost out on a place in the Champions League, but he still thinks Arsene Wenger’s team will struggle again in the Premier League this time around.

Redknapp was asked for his predictions on the coming season and he said: “I suppose City will be favourites and then Man Utd, Chelsea and Tottenham again,”

“Arsenal will be in for a tough season this year if they lose Van Persie, I think they’ve got it all to do and Tottenham could finish above them this year.

“Sir Alex Ferguson will want to win a trophy this year and they’ll push Man City all the way.

“I think Liverpool will do better. People say there’s a long rebuilding process going on at the club, but they’ll be there. They’ve got fantastic players in my opinion – [Luis] Suarez, [Andy] Carroll, [Steven] Gerrard, [Jamie] Carragher, Glen Johnson, a great goalkeeper in Pepe Reina and some good central defenders. They should be pushing for the top four.

“If Alan Pardew gets Newcastle into the top five again, top six even, it will be a miracle. He’ll do well if they finish seventh or eighth this year.”

All Arsenal fans know that Redknapp says that Arsenal will struggle every single year, but in the end they ALWAYS finish above Tottenham. Hasn’t he learnt his lesson yet?

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131 thoughts on “Redknapp: Arsenal won’t finish in Top Four – Tottenham will!

  1. jp. donue

    Arsenal should be favourites to win something!! It’s our time I can just Feel it!

    Like if you feel something good this season!!

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  2. Josh

    Harry u’re no potter….. Face it, u cn’t predict it…. Ths is soccer…. Anythng happen. I’ll continually follow Arsenal.

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  3. Chuks

    There is an addage that says a fool at fourty is a fool forever Harry has since gone beyound that age yet no improvement i think part of his problem is envy because he sees Arsenal as a club dominated by forigners which has performed with a very high pedigree and its like Harry wants to robb shoulders with wenger because he Harry is an English nationale and sees Wenger and his as forigners who has come to take away his food otherwise he will be involving chelsea, man united, man city or even Liverpool in this predictions why only Arsenal every season or probably he wants to avenge loosing the champion league spot to ARSENAL by his coments because its like it got him sacked

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  4. bsquared kuhepson

    This man and everyone else for that matter that always sees arsenal as the team to miss out on top four, is in for another surprise. My goners will go all the way. I love this club

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  5. Aaron

    He couldn’t even spell his players’ names last season apparently, why do we care about what this weirdo says.

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  6. Mizz

    Redknapp is a fool! How can he say ‘if we lose Van Persie” when we have Podolski and Giroud who are both better then Spurs only striker at the moment Defoe by a distance! And then you look at Spurs losing their best player Modric, who they won’t be able to replace and you get Tottenham finishing 5/6th at best.

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  7. Joelsousa

    Lmfao this is the funniest thing I have ever read. There really is some dumb motherf**kers in this world. Lol

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  8. Big mouth

    He seriously needs a psychatric attention. No wonder he’ still jobless

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  9. VM

    Harry-Snoopy-Redknapp has to open his eyes sometimes. We had the worst ever injury record last season and still managed to beat the living c**p outta them 5-2. Also, where did his 6th sense go when we turned around a 13 point defecit to a 3 point lead?

    Oh yeah, i forgot. Snoopy’s don’t have a sixth sense.

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  10. Patrickfoo08

    U know what it okay if they finished 4th n we won the euro champ that will send them back to europa league like what chelsea did last season hahaha

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  11. dee

    and this is the guy who was sucked by Spurs, has no job, all the time finished before behind us, hmmmmmm. Well we shall see!

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  12. Gunnersince15

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, haven’t I heard this shit before? Last season EVERYONE wrote the Arsenal off. Talksport to a man, said Arsenal would be lucky to get into the top 10. I like Harry but he is talking that foreign language again……it’s called Bollocks!

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  13. Chrislike

    Harry is not even ashamed that after failing to top arsenal,he was sacked

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  14. bergkamp

    Redknapp have a strange eye problem , he always see’s the bottom of the table as top. I agree Arsenal will not finish in top four of his table . Only spurs will .lol

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  15. naveen

    Harry is a big fool..he is distracted being jobless

    Tottenham… i see then 9th or 1oth this season…

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  16. Riichard

    Spurs got rid of Redknap in time so that they didn’t end up like Portsmouth, not that I’m saying he did anything wrong, also Mr L wouldn’t let him spend more than spurs could afford. Delusions of grandure comes to mind.

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  17. gunner for good!!!!

    Redbap is just sour graping. we walloped him last season and he has not come to terms since that loss. AND besides his idle so we should understand

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  18. Hademe P

    Prophet of dooooooooommmmm. What you could not do as coach is what you ranting about.Lets watch and see, just like every other season, Arsenal will beat you and Spurs to it again and again and again.

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  19. gery

    Come on guys, he’s been struggling for his poor life. Very pathetic person.

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  20. Roger

    The Manger who left a legacy:
    HE spent too much money for players the club could not support
    West Ham – Relegated
    Southampton – Relegated
    Portsmouth – Relegated (possibly gone)
    So …… Spurs …..

    You Follow

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