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Rennes still waiting for M’Vila bid from Arsenal or Spurs

The France and Rennes midfielder Yann M’Vila has been variously linked with both Arsenal and Tottenham ever since the transfer window opened, and it was thought that Spurs had jumped in after finally completing the sale of Luka Modric to Real Madrid, but according to the Rennes manager Frederic Antonetti there is still no concrete bids on the table.

“We have had some contact but nothing more than that. The more time goes on the more we can think he will stay.” Antonetti said yesterday. “Now, as I have been saying for some time, we know Yann could still go in the final week of the transfer window.”

The news that both Arsenal and Tottenham were keeping M’Vila in reserve in case they couldn’t persuade Newcastle to sell Yohan Cabaye has now been further muddied by the fact that Spurs have got permission to speak to Fulham’s Moussa Dembele, who was also said to be on Arsene Wenger’s shortlist.

Hopefully for Arsenal, Spurs interest in Dembele could give them a free run on Cabaye, although Wenger would need to break his transfer record to get him to the Emirates. This could make M’Vila’s £15million price tag seem a lot more reasonable……

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72 thoughts on “Rennes still waiting for M’Vila bid from Arsenal or Spurs

  1. Sjrc

    Cabaye a much more displined player than m’vila and wid some finishing abilities as well!!

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  2. RealGooner

    damn, fcking spurs agreed deal for dembele… crp crap crap… what wenger doing? fck this…

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  3. Keith

    I’m getting pissed off with everyone making steps forward to improve there teams apart from us. We always sell buy or buy sell. never really improving much pretty much staying the same but will less experience. AW really has to pull something out of the bag in the next few day specially with theo probably going because that what our players do.

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  4. RealGooner

    we need tiote not cabaye… arteta deeply playmaker rule, tiote more defensive like song was (exept last season) so tiote arteta and cazorla in the middle would looks dangerous. i hope we will take him, tiote amazing player.

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  5. C Rocka

    Please Wenger just get Yann M’vila or Cabaye to replace Song, Yanga Mbiwa for defencive backup, and Llorente for a striker.N most of all keep Wallcot.

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  6. Aussie-gooner

    Get Cabaye for sure, he is an already proven player
    As would flourish at arsenal. Im a keen admirer of essien
    He is unwanted at Chelsea and just needs regular football.
    Sure he has been a little injury prone but he is a monster
    And would add that steel we are seeking in midfield. Buy both
    And a defender and it’s game on!! B

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  7. kelvin muthami

    Nothing to show of so far .. we still need a reliable striker an two reliable midfielders for arsenal to compete in the league. It suxs wenger is more interested on how much he saves than how the team performs.that’s not class.

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  8. Gunnerineverylife

    Last 2 summers have been so hard,I assume most people who have still supported arsenal throughout all this sh*t are real fans.

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  9. Ely Gooner

    I cant see Prof Wenger doing much to get new blood in this week or any other week frankly.
    Yes, there’s a lot of deadwood that is not up to standard and needs to go but that doesnt mean AW is committed to buy.
    He has a point, who wants to win the Premiership (like City) on goal difference for example – they’ve tried to buy a team and that was the best they could do on the last day of the season to boot.
    Even one signing this week would surprise me (unless the Board stop dictating to AW)

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  10. Gooner Cape Town

    WTF’s happening with our new acquisitions? Quieter than normal season at Arsenal. Hope Wenger not running down the clock, as there are “special” players out there ready to be bought, like my fellow Gooners have stated. We only need 3 and we DO HAVE THE MONEY!!!!

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  11. Tamil Marran

    Arsenal dont need Cabaye, tiote, M’vila or Llorent….just a waste of money…and STILL REQUIRE Time to Gel with the team….

    Mbigwa is a good option though…..if hes versatille enough to cover both DM RB and CB just like ledley king did for Spurs and England….

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  12. Samiora

    bring us any as long as will accept to toil and do the ditry work to cover our back four. we also need a strong stricker. we shouldn’t depend on only Giroud and Podi to cover for him once not available. and another young back to cover most of our defence positions if not all positions.

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  13. Mohd.H

    If we ever going to sign M’vila it will be on deadline day… (pretty unlikely…Wenger is still dreaming of Wilshere and Frimpong return not realising that Frimpong is leaving for African Cup and wilshere is just too fragile… I would rest wilshere for first half of the season if I was wenger)

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  14. Mohd.H

    btw it is pretty much pointless talking about Yanga M’Biwa since he is personally not interested in EPL and has expressed interest to play with AC Milan grandpas

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  15. Afc Zed

    No club in the world makes 1 step forward and 3 steps back the club has no ambition at all….i can tell u if it wasnt for wenger we would have been placed 10 11 many years to come…..time is running almost up losing against pool is foreseeable

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  16. Mehrzad

    We fans are fooled again
    I think we sell Walcott to Man City then we panic buy 2 guys on the bargain + 1 loan in the last day of transf window
    then we lose (or in best case draw) the coming 2-3 matches until the team gels and despite nice spurt we end up at 4th place and everybody hail AW and board for such achievement

    does it sound familiar?

    next summer Vermalen, Wilshere and Ox leave us to Manu, City, Chelsea or Barca

    I dont understand which management strategies AW and board are following but they are definitely out of touch. They dont understand that sustainable revenue is generated by fans and not by player sales

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  17. Samiora

    NB:Why are we always slow while we know clearly we cant compete with big spenders?? and the longer we take the longer we are overbid by likes of Chelasea and City. Why? why? why????????

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  18. Mack Gooner

    Honestly,I don’t see wenger signs anyone unless we offload the so called deadwoods.And if he does (sign),It ‘ll be one player possibly a midfielder.Cabaye or Kaka (on loan) would be great addition {IMO}.

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  19. Bob Dylan

    We ain’t signing no1, we are selling Walcott, bendtner and arsharvin, money goes in junior kronkes inheritance funds, gooneers are going to be hoping for 4th place again, cazorla will probably put in transfer request next season, and captain will be sold

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  20. Tom

    No Cabaye! good player but that’s not what we need. we need a true physically strong DM Someone like Tiote or M’vila. Someone that will stabilize our midfield and sit in front of our back four to give our creative players room to create and attack. Arteta is not a DM and neither is Diaby. they are both box to box players. If you all remember Vieira, I know that’s too much to hope for because he was a beast but that’s what he used to do. He stabilized our midfield, won balls back and protected our back four. It is really a key position and someone like Tiote or M’vila would be great. Song I thought could be that guy but he was not disciplined enough and tried to attack little too much for a DM, that might be why AW sold him out of nowhere.
    Sometimes i wonder if AW understands what exactly we need because most fans do and even announcers point out these weaknesses, yet AW does not address them year after year. Does AW just want to do it his way and prove people wrong because to me it’s just soooo obvious what we are missing.
    I haven’t missed a single game in about 8 years but i am not all that exited to watch us play right now.
    And I hate feeling like that!

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  21. leo

    arsenal are likely to sign cabaye & m’biwa + there are rumors that wenger could make a last minute swoop for dempsey as for a striker still no clue therse are just speculations/transfer targets never know what wenger has in mind

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  22. leo

    we are waiting for new signings while spuds have signed dembele,willian & followed by hugo lloris,loic remy we lack ambition the 3 signings were made just to fool fans & so that they can renew their season tickets now walcott is off for 15m city,looserpool are all interested

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  23. Mohd.H

    seriously Dempsey is the worst possible player arsenal can sign… it’s just like signing benayun and squid…..

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  24. peterrichard

    m’villa want to come arsenal but wenger still wait and i see arsenal lost direction liked liverpool please we sign atleast 3 player like m’biwa,m’villa,llorente our squad can be change for challenge other team like barca in uefa

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  25. let's be Realistic

    So Spuds Get Dembele, We get WHO??….Being an Arsenal Fan is Really Hard sometimes

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  26. on-d-gooner

    We seem to be losing players at the rate of noughts/knots. What’s going on; please somebody tell me. Walcott is surely the next on the list. Thankfully we have The Ox! But it cannot do team morale any good to keep losing these established players like this without immediate and aggressive replacements. I really hope we fire against Liverpool otherwise more questions will be asked of Mr Wenger’s tenure. Why re we not shifting the likes of Squillaci, Bendtner, Chamakh, Park, Arshavin, Denilson etc etc; give them away for free if that will help unblock the financial arteries of the club. I hope history doesn’t judge Podolski as a poor buy as he seems to be the weaker of our 3 smmer purchases so far. I just hope he comes good against Liverpool.

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  27. Mohd.H

    and there comes the Bomb news we were all expecting…
    Walcott has rejected new contract and is up for sale by the board…
    I guess we better discuss Walcott’s replacement from now on -_-

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  28. Apostolos

    @ on D gooner Money obviously is a big part of it but I really think Wenger’s getting rid of anyone who won’t commit long term with the club and yeah we do have the Ox and 4 sure someone coming in at that position as well (at least I think so)

    I still see these possibly happening
    DM-Capoue (under the radar of the media)can also play CB
    Winger-Affelay <on Loan (and probably next year Wenger goes after Younes Belhanda having tried allready this summer)
    LB/RB (Mbwenga/Boilesen)

    And probably another striker/winger if Walcott goes

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  29. SlengTeng

    why does everyone keep throwing up different names?? I dont think we will be getting any new names in…. I REALLY hope that I am wrong and we can bring in some quality additions and also keep Walcott… He’s one of the longest serving and senior Arsenal players now LOL

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  30. Tulis


    I support Arsenal and I stay in SA but to all the UK based fans its high time that you guys do something we own that team stop going to the matches till some sense is knocked into the Board AW and everyone who makes decisions at Arsenal we can not afford to lose players every season this is insane whats happening guys please stop going to the sEmirates

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  31. Pat Rice

    What the hell are Arsenal waiting for?

    If we don’t manage to get at least 2-3 players in, then the club will finally show it has no ambition.

    WE COULD GET: Isco, Afellay, Dempsey, Mbiwa and Cabaye

    SELL OR RELEASE: Squid, Park, Bendtner, Chamakh, and Denilson

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  32. ArsenalToTheMarrows

    Honestly, there’s no need for cabaye! He does same thing as arteta! We need a proper dm! Honestly speaking, I’m getting fed up with arsenal having supported for a lot of years now but I’m happy about one thing. Wenger and the board by one singular action(selling rvp to united) have set a time bomb on their heads and they know it. If arsenal wins nothing this season, the backlash from the fans would be unbearable for them. I mean, it’s one thing to stick to your team through trophyless seasons, it’s another thing to watch your team sell all your important players each season without proper replacement and to top it all, they decide to sell to an archrival this time.

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  33. Gooner Cape Town

    Cabaye and M Biwa will be great, also Dempsey. If we can get those 3 we will be fine.
    Come on Wenger and always COYG!

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  34. coolfool

    is it just me or have arsenal gone dead no bids just media speculation do they no time is ticking away and the spuds are making tons moves this is not so good imo…

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  35. KUNLE

    We’re all waisting our time untill we see it done i trust no one ( wenger, board) they dont know d humilation d fans face from opponent. cabaye, m’villa, loriente & jesus naval are welcome nd let dispose diaby, chamack, ashavin, squillacy nd other irrelevant player, against stoke look at our bench it’s empty if our board,coach didnt decide we d fans are useless.

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  36. solgunner

    spurs going for dembele moutiniho willan we are going for ?? oh yeah no one i really thought things were changing with the early grabing of poldi giroud carzola strenghtaning our squad then 5 players leave and we seem to be just treading water now i stick with arsenal through all the shit and it would be nice to be repaid by the club looking to truly strengthan and compete without the turmoil

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  37. KickuPtheArsene

    I don’t believe Wenger ever “panic buys”. It does not seem his style. It may seem like a panic buy to us, but we have no idea who Wenger and his team are keeping their eye on. Look at how good a buy Arteta was. That seemed panic, but I’m sure it wasn’t. Leo Prof is an economist. I am sure he has tabs on many players, and is waiting to see how things pan out. We can still buy until 11.59pm (I actually believe its 10.59, but you know what I mean). I’m sure we are trying to sell who we need to offload, and trying to secure the players we want. Let’s wait and see …. What our other option?

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  38. Arse

    Walcott can go asking for a 100k , for someone who cant dribble ,lackluster final ball.walcott is not a child anymore ,he is a decent player but there a much better players in bpl he is wearing the the the number 14 jersey and he was real class.i would hav not minded if he stayed but now he is demanding a 100k he is not worth that much

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  39. Arsenal007s

    I’m no longer getting myself worked up with all the transfer nonsense. If we sign quality players, good for us. If we don’t, good for us.
    Whatever premium we place on winning a trophy this season will show at the end of the season.

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  40. S.H

    We don’t have a bruiser of a DM in our team, well not with Frimpong out anyway. I still feel we need this steel in the mid-pitch as Cabeye would only offer more creativity but not power or presence, which is an element our team lacks. We need a hard tackler, one that doesn’t mess around, with each tackle signifying to opponents to NOT dare come in again.

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  41. realist

    I read some peoples posts and it amazes me. they want us to sign 5 non-homegrown players and sell 1 homegrown player and a couple of non-homegrown. look for the last time if you want to sign 5 non-homegrown then you have to sell 5 non-homegrown. djourou bendtner walcott eastmond are all homegrown so can only be replaced by homegrown. the only way we will bring in any non-homegrown players is by selling or loaning out squillaci park chamakh arshavin or any of the other non-homegrown players. that is what gazidiis and other club represenatatives are trying to do. its not easy as its only the english clubs and one or two big boys in each league that have any money.

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  42. MattGooner

    You’re all dreaming we aren’t buying anyone, instead this year we won’t finish top 4 and this will lead to a fan PROTEST!! It is time to stand up for our great club before its ruined! PROTEST PROTEST PROTEST!!!

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  43. Big Gun

    This is exactly what happened last transfer window and the one before. The only difference is Wenger bought in replacements BEFORE he sold our best players. Sorry guys something needs to be done about the way our club is being run. Enough is enough, beginning to sound like a broken record, but if we do not sign anyone we won’t win anything this season. Are you guys really happy with another trophy less season? It is not like we cannot afford better players…just really fed up as this happens every season. Time for the fans in the UK to grow a pair and stand up to the board. If it means boycotting games, merch etc….SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.

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  44. thala

    God Damn It!!! Walcott Sign the Contract Already….Wenger and Fans have been patient with you all these years and offered a 80k contract and u r not signing for just 20,000 a week!!??

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  45. MUDANE som

    Arsenal board:
    Money First.
    Winning medals last.

    Stan’s massage is clear.
    So arsenal supports how long will it that
    You to understand ??

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  46. Anwar

    Sick to death of all this transfer talk wont surprise me if we dont sign anyone so frustrating yet another player leaving aswell what the hell is going on when are we going to learn we have to pay the going rate. All we seem to be is a feeder club to our rivals god help us this season. Oh well its us fans who suffer paying the most money the board are laughing at us.

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  47. xolani

    wen rvp said he wanted 2 leave all of u started hatting on him n said it was bcoz of money wen he said arsenal wer nt umbitious enough wat i think is dat he knew dis was gona happen n dats y he left

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  48. nickw

    you’re all dreaming if you think we will spend another £15 million. The board have no intention of spending any more money and I can’t believe the fans swallow this bullshit every summer. Every year we are told money is available for transfers and yet every year we make a profit from transfer dealings. Arsenal are a great club run by liars who take the fans for mugs and that is the sad truth.

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  49. max

    walcott will be sold affelay will come on loan.. probably a DM will come.. but my prediction no defensive mid this year 🙁 AW will play diaby there and after wilshere gets fit he’ll fill in..

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  50. Jaws09

    sick of Arsenal allowing our top player to run their contracts down to 12 months (RVP,Nasri,Theo and so on)

    yet we act so fast to offer players such as Djoure 5 year contracts!

    we are a good 3-5 years away from coming close to winning the league (if we dont fall even further behind)

    apparently we cant compete with the top boys financially yet we have the highest ticket prices in al of Europe!

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  51. Egware jack

    This is becoming too much of business or manufucturing club instead of a competing club, how on earth every year we sell our strongest players and takes years maturing young players for rivals at thier peak. Please open your eyes if we dont buy N’villa power in centre mid like toure in city,another physical cb and astriker like Defoe hungry for goal who knows more about epl we are a big joke this time arround and keep wolcot we dont have many english players think about support.

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  52. yaseen

    Yann M’Vila,cabaye,capoue,llorente,and a defender get a move on arsne or all the good worrk gone

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  53. jonjiric

    If i was in UK, i would have organized a revolution to dodge all arsenal games played at the emirates to make a point to the board tht the arsenal fans r fed-up with lack of ambition from the club.

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  54. bac2basics

    with all this talk of needing a solid dm in the team a tough tackling bruiser i have to ask with man utd being the most succesful team in epl history where is their so called bruiser type carrick?? cleverly?? anderson?? SCHOLES??? lol hav to laugh at that one, what is with this obsession none of the top teams really employ this kind of player they all defend as a team much more effective to me it seems like todays best dm’s dont have to be tough tacklers rather good readers of the game interceptors and importantly creative pasers ala busquets the biggest proof of this is in the epl tell me where would de jong be if g barry was fit and playin way out sight probably long sold my point? arteta is a more than capable dm and has been excellent in that deep role since he signed for arsenal. The problem? for one he needs help which is what song occasionally used to do last season and for which diaby has so far been tasked to do this season however even with the clean sheets it is obvious diabys lack of game time has left him at least a season off the pace, and secondly arteta is the only one in the current playin staff with the nous experience and intelligence to play the deep role effectively which means if he is injured we are royally screwed this is why i believe wenger is looking for intelligent 2012 type dm and chief among those believe it or not in terms of intelligence and ability is mr cabaye also maybe bender and others only wenger will know failing that we might fall back on the less intelligent m’vila types if their still around!

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  55. Truefans63

    Why board and Wenger play mind game with fans… Arsenal ticket to watch match is cost more than every team i EPL and Board and Wenger will wait till fans renew the season ticket before they will sell out our best player and allow those Chelsea and that small team man city to talk to Arsenal fans anyhow… Arsenal fans base in London, you need to do something, i am travel from New Jersey USA to watch Arsenal big match every years, i am not waste my money because i love Arsenal forever..Wenger goes after player that will give us Glory this years… In Wenger will trust.

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  56. omar abaza

    i hate to say it but i told you so 🙁
    a new update on the transfers. Chamakh is almost out and ivan gazidis is meeting with malaga officials to agree terms for the sale/loan of chamakh im not 100% sure. Steve Rowley is in germany for a player who i believe is lars bender. For you who dont know lars he plays as a defensive midfield and right back at times for bayern leverkusen and not schweiny as some reports have suggested. Iam a bundesliga fan and watch it weekly and i can assure you lars bender is a joker player and even can play as a box to box player. He will be a great signing and if terms where agreed an official bid of 8 million will be submitted. Terms are far from agreed with the club and the player himself and thats why arene said a while back that he has to find QUALITY and is laying low with this transfer. Hope it happens and also affelay comes to us instead of walcott and we get one more attacker. I will try to find out any more transfer updates and will be back in a few hours 😀

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  57. kenities

    for a change walcot should be made to run down his contract in order to discourage those vultures( man city& co.) from perching on our club.

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  58. Nick

    Seriously irritated that Spuds have agree terms with Fulham for Dembele. He would have been an incredible addition for Arsenal. If we sell Walcott we should buy Dempsey Fulham.

    Now that they’ve spent their Modric money I don’t see them in for M’Vila.

    I think Arsenal will sign M’Vila on deadline day.

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  59. Daymee

    Tier 1: MCFC, MUFC, CFC
    Tier 2: Arsenal, Spurs, L’pool

    This is what it has come to.
    I have followed Arsenal all my life and nothing saddens me more than the reality staring me in the face everyday that Arsenal have regressed. 7years ago, Arsenal would rather sell their player overseas. These days, it doesn’t matter if we sell players to other PL clubs. It’s a pain that nothing can take away. This is the second summer of exodus – I fear it is only the beginning! 🙁

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  60. DanO

    It will probably go down to the last sec as usual,still think he will bring mvilla in,no need 4 panic yet,if he was finished in the market he would have said it by now

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  61. Tamil Marran

    get real guys Wenger is not interested in M’vila….hes not signing him….like what some fans have said…Wenger wants a modern intelligent football…that plays ball…not just a tackler or defender….anyone can do that.. vermalen, djourou they can play the DM tackler role tooo…

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