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Risk vs. Reward-Have Arsenal got it Wrong?

Arsenal fans heard again this week from the chief executive Ivan Gazidis about what a good financial model Arsenal have and how we are going to be able to challenge the big spending clubs any minute now. A couple of recent stories have made me question the wisdom of this approach and wonder whether Arsenal are in danger of falling too far behind clubs like Chelsea, Man City and Man United.

We all know that Roman Abramovich has been throwing money at Chelsea since he took over the club, and it is his money to spend (if you ignore the fact that he is the owner of natural resources that should belong to the Russian people. The thing is, his investment has brought success to Chelsea, culminating in them becoming the first London club to win the Champions League (that hurts). Gazidis and the Arsenal board hve suggested that FFP regulations will stop Chelsea in their tracks but, because of their success, they actually showed a profit last year.

We have all laughed at Man United since being taken over by the Glazers. United fans are furious and quite rightly so. There was a share floatation recently to raise money to pay off some of the massive debt and I read that the Glazer family kept about half of the profits themselves. But, and it is a big but, when Alex Ferguson asked for money to buy players, they coughed up. Many thought that £24 million was too much for van Persie, and Wenger believed he had done a good deal, which he had.

If Manchester United win the league this year and get to the quarter or semi-final stage of the Champions league, they will earn much more than that. Two years ago, when United got to the final to be humiliated by Barcelona, they earned £20 million more than Arsenal who got to the last 16. That is just the payment from UEFA alone. I am not saying that Arsenal should saddle themselves with debt like United, they are in the position of losing a massive chunk of their earnings to interest payments. If they have an off year, they are in deep trouble, but we are too cautious.

The thing that the Arsenal board seem to have forgotten is that success brings rewards. To achieve success, you have to risk a little. I appreciate what the board are trying to do, I just think they are doing it in the wrong way. Spend some money in January, maybe £60 million. With a bit of luck, that will come back to you in extra revenue by the end of the year. Plus, it might stop the Gooners from calling you a bunch of ******

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60 thoughts on “Risk vs. Reward-Have Arsenal got it Wrong?

  1. Gunner_Nation

    I agree 100% with you. We need to go big this transfer window and push hard for a top 4 finish this season.

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    It is a complete myth what the Arsenal board have you understand: ” We have the 4th highest wage bill in the premiership”. that statement makes you think its all spent on players, NO, The Arsenal board have included the fees the directors get, more than any other club, fact, IG is on 2 million plus a year alone, D Dein was on less than a quarter of that and he brought in big Pat, Petit, Henry and Dennis to name but a few, another FACT is that AW is on a contract that reflects more on what he makes for the club than what he wins for the club, well one thing I can say and I know that all gooners feel the same is that next season the stadium without champ league football plus a few more players sold (obviously a better ones) and a few more dodgy signings the stadium will be half full, that’s half empty!

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  3. k

    Surely an investment would actually see a much larger return?

    Firstly, signing a world class player would mean that more people would buy a shirt with there name generating a few million. Include other merchandise and it’s a big some of money.

    Secondly, companies like Nike are likely to pay more knowing their company will be represented (or shown) in the finals of a cup. That generates a nice sum of money.

    Thirdly, fans will be happy to see the team winning and will be more likely to spend some money on going to away games, buying shirts, etc.

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  4. landi

    cavanis agent has comfirmed that cavani have only spoken to arsenal and liverpool. his dream is to play in bpl and he also said that money is not what he is just looking for, goooo and buy him

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  5. Taiwo

    A big deviation from the rubbish submission by gullible fans. At least something following good reasoning and uncommon sense. i cannot agree less. Hope the board takes a cue from this, except they are way much stupid than many of us thought. January is just around the corner, we will all have a chance to assess the level of stupidity or otherwise of the board ….. even with all the answers to the riddle explicitly outlined

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  6. gunnersssss

    Some of the fault is down to wenger he is very stubborn and doesnt like spending. Its the way it is with most french clubs they are very cautious about everything

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  7. Al Bundy Weed

    what do you-all think of them here in the future

    ————Wojciech Szczęsny —–

    —-Bacary Sagna–Mertesacker–T.Vermaelen—Gibbs

    —-Alex Ox Chamb..,J. Wilshere—Ryo Miyaichi

    –Theo Walcott—Lukas Podolski—-Joel Campbell or Raheem Sterling

    I think about 2 or 3-4 years with this team, I believe in the CL final and EPL tittel.
    I believe mr wenger he’s a guinness GOD bless us and Arsenal

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  8. S.H


    It’s those who don’t understand spots economics and the responsibility of handling millions of dollars that are stupid, NOT THE BOARD. I highly agree that we need more players due to lack of depth, but there is a bigger picture to look at – That is to keep Arsenal competitive for many years post FFP enforcement. Sacrifices have to be made in order to push towards the bigger goal. Fans like yourself wish to only believe what you read or hear from your various media or friends. Do some research, learn how things ACTUALLY work in a big organisation as Arsenal. If you have a mortgage or a huge car loan then you will understand about having to pay off a debt. We can’t expect the board to imprudently spend big dollars (which is still a risk for proven players eg – Torres, Carroll etc) especially when they are doing everything they can to pay off the major stadium debt that has held Arsenal back from big transfers for many years. How long do you want this to go on? Because buying players will only set Arsenal back in their long-term goals.

    You would then argue that I’m disillusioned and I’m actually the stupid one. Well mate, that’s up to you, but like I said, arm yourself with information and facts before you make silly comments like many do here. In time, all this will pass over and one day, if your patience permits, you will see the real picture. It’s the same thing as Koz and Jenkinson being blasted by fans for not being good enough, then after a year the same fans that scolded them are now praising them. I always believed in their quality from the get-go. After all, they play for Arsenal, and we’re the ones talking about it! Go figure!

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  9. k

    I agree with 99% of what you said but I think what most people are asking for isn’t actually a 200m investment like City, but an investment that will end our drought and make us competitive. For example I’m fairly sure most people would stop complaining if this season we was able to get fourth place and win the Capital One Cup or FA Cup.

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  10. Amol

    Its very clear now
    that theo will be leaving unless he gives up to the arsenal demands

    n wenger has warned him he will replace him with a big name

    we all know this big name won’t be any world class player

    possible replacement
    would be zaha or taarabat

    but I would like to see schurrle instead

    not only schurrle is a promising youngster
    but he’s very versatile

    arsenal don’t Av any forward rather than giroud

    of course gervinho does play as striker

    but gervinho can only cause problems for premier league defenders
    I don’t think I would excel in uefa champions league

    this is where schurrle’s versatility comes in handy
    he can play as striker


    if he takes time to adapt as winger
    wenger can rest him n play ox or gervinho

    but schurrle can play as striker in cup matches

    another player good is taarabat
    taarabat is very good getting past defenders
    he’s one of the best in epl

    he can create n cross well

    that eases a lil pressure of cazorla n wilshere
    to create chances

    zaha is very costly for someone who isn’t that much worthy
    n now Madrid are observing zaha
    if Madrid are in
    arsenal don’t Av any chance Thn

    another player arsenal should sign is fellaini

    that would obviously puts an end to either frimpong or francis arsenal career
    but seriously
    at their age
    the kids should Av broken into the first team

    another player diaby
    Can leave with fellaini’s arrival

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  11. k

    I say we start trying to get rid of deadwood as we buy players. For example if we want Fellaini, we should offer Diaby and some money. Diaby is injury prone and I feel Fellaini would offer a lot more. That improves the team whilst also removing deadwood and saving money.

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  12. prithvi

    @ S.H. we r nt askin daboard fr spending like chelsea or shitty we r jst askin da board to giv,higher wages so dat da players don’t leave and moreover of da bord let’s Usmanov take,over den da debt will soon be over and we will hav da money to buy top notch talent…….

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  13. leo

    so acc to media reports arsenal are set to loose theo walcott to liverpool no surprise there & we want sterling in exchange another kid who already is throwing tantrums over wage issue in 2-3 years we will be loosing him & wenger will sign another kid wtf has arsenal turned into & if theo is leaving get someone better like adrian lopez or lewis holtby

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  14. leo

    the theo walcott situation shouldn’t suprise us always knew he was leaving but wtf does ivan gazdis do & wtf is wenger doing by replacing him with a 17 year old kid sign some quality player or better give theo what he wants it’s about time we fans protest this has gone 2 far

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  15. Sank

    Gazdis is a disgrace to my club. why dont we sell him.

    Please , Please, Please my brothers in london do something.

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  16. Malik

    well i do agree with S.H.

    the way i see it’s 2-3 more years of mediocrity till we reach the promised land of FFP and if that doesn’t get implemented then Usmanov can just takeover. it’s a WIN-WIN for Arsenal, Arsenal F.C are just trying to save the beautiful game of football from the devil that is money and mercenaries but if FIFA refuses to save the game then we will have no choice but 2 join Chelsea, city, PSG exc. and get our very own Abrahamovich/Shiekh

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  17. Alby

    Wow! The bottom line is we need trophies as arsenal fans.thats our only stake in the club.surely we are not paid to support the the club or given any bonuses when we win matches.let each party keep to their side of the bargain.profit to the board,proper remuneration to the players,trophies to the fans SIMPLE.all other things being equal,the club should be well managed though not at the expense of the other two parties(fans and players) to withstand any future will be a somehow perfect situation when this good financial stride is in contention with trophies.can’t wait experience that.still very optimistic about our chances.

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  18. Malik

    cya theo, u didn’t live up to expectations but u were about to come good, oh well

    Arsene Wenger-“we will replace Theo with a big name or just make a big name”

    meaning gnarby’s theo’s replacement. he is raw but does look pretty good

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  19. Scott

    As an accountant i’ve been saying this very same thing for a while now. but the problem is, how can accountant such as myself from South Africa and many more fans with no financial education be doing the simple maths and see that by spending correctly(Including paying more for the top player in order to keep them) is far more financially viable than making the quick buck(cash- dont know if this word is used in the UK) than a person who the board and himself like to constantly remind us has an economics degree?

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  20. Ambrose

    Dear Ivan Gazidis,

    You can always fool all the people for sometime, you can always fool some people for all the time, but you can never fool all the people for all the time. Those are the sayings of one of the Great American politician.

    Arsenal fans have a long tradition of being patient. Their patience has been overstreched. A revolt has started .Trust me, you may find it very difficult to stop. The wave of reason/change against your philisophy is gaining momentum every day that passes.

    Better change before the change, changes you or swallows you.

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  21. kyaw myo thu

    arsenal sonner getting to league 1. Leave our club Wenger, Gazidis, Kronke….. U 3 love only profits from Arsenal. U 3 don’t love Arsenal like fans. Sons of bitch.

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  22. kyaw myo thu

    gunner fans, we have television. We can watch Arsenal matches on TV.don’t go watch arsenal matches at Emirates. Let Kronke, Arsene Wenger & Gazidis learn power of fans who r thinking fans have only words…

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  23. S.H


    So how much do we need to spend to guarantee we win a trophy? 10-20M? 20-30M? 90-100M????? Does even 1 Billion dollars guarantee a trophy? NO! So now that we’ve assessed this risk, lets go back to the topic at hand, which is preparation for FFP and sacrificing transfer funds to pay off the stadium. It’s a sad reality but one that I choose to accept and be patient with. I’ve supported Arsenal for over 25 yrs. What difference does 2 years make? It’ll pass by quicker than we imaginable.

    Hey man, I’m all for it if we buy players in the winter, but something tells me Walcott will be sold (thank God! the boy can’t keep possession for shit) and cheaper replacement bought. I actually really hope we buy Zaha to replace him. You know how hard it is to dispossess Zaha? Ask the man utd defenders he terrorised in the Carling cup.

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  24. AYJ

    What risk ?? The only risks the board are taking is by selling champion players, and speculating/taking a gamble that Arsene and the next group of players will be able to guide the club into a CL place for the following season.. So as to recommence the never ending cycle of utter mediocrity.. As well gambling AFC’s reputation as a “big” club, on FFP actually working in AFC’s favour moreso than the other larhe Euro clubs – absolute joke!! The clubs current transfer policy emanates fear, and apprehension.. its no wonder the current team play on a very similar manner.. this is the new AFC culture.. AFC will never achieve true on-field success so long as Gazidis, Hillwood, and Kroenke are at the helm.. David Dein please come back and save this club!! Could u ever imagine MUFC CEO declaring the club will only be successful after two more years, after zero success in previous 7 years!!! Not a chance.. Same applies for Barca, Madrid, Chelsea, MCFC, Juventus, Milan, Inter, Bayern, PSG etc.. Gazidis, Hillwood and Kroenke har completely ruined AFC’s reputation as a club to be feared!! It’s an absolute disgrace!!

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  25. S.H


    Well as an accountant you should understand the risk involved in spending millions of dollars. The Board and Wenger have consistently made profits of 20M per year since Wenger’s inception. Their business acumen should be respected rather than blasted. I own my own business and have a double degree in economics. I highly admire Gazidis for his business nous. Why do you think he got the 650,000 bonus and you and I are debating over what is financially rational? Who do you think has made the better decisions?

    I understand and agree on your theory on paying current players more to keep them which might be fiscally more viable, but you and I do not manage the team to see what Wenger sees everyday. We can’t afford to rest on our laurels and just be satisfied with the current team. We should always look at improving. Sometimes that improvement means having to rid a player, then substitute him for another who might actually have more value than the recently departed. The perfect example is Walcott for Zaha. Zaha is a lot more technically gifted and physically stronger than Walcott. He also has pace. Like you, I’ve been waiting for Walcott to produce the end product consistently. He’s not young anymore. In fact, I don’t believe that Walcott can get much better than what he is already.

    It’s almost like a catch 22, we want to spend but don’t want to get rid of weak links in the team. What do you guys want then? Cos we can’t have it both ways! Then there’s the debate about developing youth vs buying players. Another catch 22. The reality is no one party will ever be 100% satisfied. No one is wrong or right, but we all must assess the risks involved, then prioritise. I think the Board are doing just fine in terms of achieving strategic goals – we just have to be patient and hope that the Board reap what they sow. If they don’t then, fair enough if the fans open the gates of Hell, but until then we just have to play the waiting game which always sucks when we want to see our team do well.

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  26. S.H


    What risks????? Does Torres and Carroll ring a bell? What about Downing and Henderson? Do you remember Reyes? Yes it’s called a BIG FINANCIAL RISK!!!! Why spend 30M when you can spend half for the same if not better player? I bet you wanted Gotze and Hazard like many other idiots and we got Cazorla for about half the price. Are you not happy with the Spaniard? It’s called value! If Arsenal operated like your train of thought, we’d be broke and scouring for players from Stoke!

    I bet you blasted Koz and Jenkinson as well when Wenger first bought them. Now look how far they’ve come after just one season in the EPL! VALUE VALUE VALUE. We could have bought Cahill for 17 million but he remained at Bolton and later went to Chelsea for only 7M. So you’re silly enough to overpay for someone like that? We bought Koz for peanuts and he’s a better defender than Cahill. Go FIGURE! Learn some then talk!

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  27. AYJ

    @S.H. Hahahaha, seriously you amuse me.. You’re wrong on basically every point you have just made in your reply, yet tou portray yourself as having vastky superior intelligence… Hahahaha.. Keep up the long posts bro, so I can laugh at them all!!! You think you know a lot, however you know less than F all really, like most here… im not exempt from that… Calm down and take a seat small fry, we’re all gooners.. likewise, ppl hv differing and sometimes opposing views.. Hahahaha… Just read and accept the comments.. U dont like them, use the thumbs down.. Also, try reading into David Dein’s philosophy on running a club.. this is the approach that will most likely bring onfield AND off field success.. And the approach most supporters would like to see the club adopt.. COYG (less, the board)

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  28. leo

    As you can see, I don’t know if it is the manager or the board at Arsenal but no one has taken what the players and fans say into consideration.
    “If one player has a great season at Arsenal do not be surprised if they leave in the summer.”

    love him or hate but adebayor is 100% right something has to give in before we turn further in2 a joke we could take liverpool’s pos soon

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  29. leo

    @s.h so what you are sayin is we should continue 2 buy kids develop them & sell them so this will happen 4ever we are going in circles we need atleast 2-3 big signings everybody says that someone like cavani/falcao or fellaini they are proven players it will be worth everything they will giude arsenal to trophies it is better to take a risk than bieng a dellusioned

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  30. leo

    arsenal are waiting for the FFP to work thinking clubs like city,manure,chelski,juventus,barca,madrid,psg will all stop spending the stupid board doesn’t realise that they are in much better commercial positions than we are manure commrecial deals are well over 100m compare to our’s worth 38m nothing will change it won’t make a sh*t difference all the clubs are prepared

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  31. Rasta

    The only person who made sense here is S.H. the rest are just spewing the same nonsense that most fans spill. You only have to look at Rangers repeated champions of Scotland who fell by the way side. A.cMilan who had to sell their whole team nucleus to avoid financial trouble and you only need to look at liverpool who spent 100 million in one summer and have all both decided that they wasted that money as none of those played are starters.
    Liverpool have money and have owners that are willing to spend it. What went wrong there?

    You keep saying David Dein should come back. I’m sorry but was he sacked? No. forced to quit? no. Infact, he decided to leave and sell his shares for money to usmanov. took a position in Usmanov’s company and then tried to buy Arsenal with that company from the people he was on the board with a year ago. the rest of the board sold their shares to Kronke so as to avoid a complete takeover and the rest is history.

    You keep blaming Gazidis and Kronke. for what exactly? what could they have controlled that they failed miserably? Did they not offer Fabregas van persie Song and nasri contracts? Did they not give them Pay rises? these players decided that they wanted more money and one wanted to go home so that he wouldn’t wok hard to win trophies. Surprisingly with that mentality he joined barca and barca went on their worst season in 4 years. The only thing those two men are guilty off is common sense.

    Lastly, isn’t there a bit of an overreaction after 11 league games? i mean its an entirely new offensive team. Isn’t there supposed to be an adjustment period? Do you automatically become proficient at your new job? Some people blame the board for a bad run of games. like they are the ones who passed directly to RVP after 2minutes. Or it was them who couldn’t convert a 90th minute penalty. I blame the players. i always will. Because at the end of the day, less talented teams have won trophies with less than stellar coaching. You can only coach and buy so far. the players have to be willing to win. And this team is searching for an identity. Last year we had one,, albeit a useless one. we were rVP reliant. this year we need other players to step up. they haven’t and that is the problem.

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  32. chima

    The bigger risk here is keeping Sqillaci, Chamakh and Benthner in the team with a combined salary of £170,000 and refusing to pay the top scorer from the bench, Theo Walcott, his demand of £100,000. There is psychological problem in the team but bcos Arsenal is a close circuit team where even the captain is not allowed to voice out his opinion, nobody except the fans can say it. Remember when Vieira tried to do it as well as William Gallas.

    The sale of RVP and Song affected the team so much and now they are failing to come to terms with the possible sale of Theo. It was the same with Nasri and Fabregas.

    Why would dead woods remain in the club and active players are sold? This is where the risk lies and I can’t see a team that sells a play maker at the end of a transfer window and refused to buy.

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  33. leo

    Szczesny and Arteta both passed fit and both play against Tottenham

    & i think if stan can’t manage then simple he & gazdis should sell to usmanov someone who is more capable of getting the job done the peanut salary offered by a atop club like arsenal won’t be enough if you need top players to come in or stay you got to pay top wages otherwise stop moaning about bieng trophyless seeing some of the comments i believe stan & a$$dis has unleashed some their fans here

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  34. Rasta

    arsenal fans are fickle. just 5 months ago the following players were useless:
    Jenkinson, Koscielny, Mertesacker and Arshavin. Now almost every week someone screams for wenger to play Arshavin.
    A year ago the same fans said Theo, Gibbs and Diaby are useless. Now Everyone is calling Theo Arsenal’s star player for 2 years now. Gibbs is one of the best full backs in the league and Diaby is still first name for club and country despite his injury record.
    Before that i read a blog which said they do not underrstand why Wenger hasn’t sold RVP. And that he is being stubborn. Turns out the Wenger had a 30 goal striker on the bench that fans wanted him to sell for Players that as it turns out aren’t on his level.

    if any of the bitching these plastic fans do actually meant anything id take them seriously. But more often that not it doesn’t. So go ahead. plan your boycott. Do not go to the emirates. You know what will happen. Someone else will go. The stadium will still be full because there are some fans who happen to understand that winning and losing is part of being a team.

    Lastly, has any one of you fans who complain bothered to think that these players get affected by these stupid criticisms. The media will always reflect how the fans are feeling so the players will get a sense from reading the papers. Imagine them having to hear over and over and over again that they aren’t good enough. From the people who they expecting unconditional support from. Not everyone has impeccable mental strength infact most of them are confidence players.

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  35. leo

    @rasta dude david dein was sacke or fired peter hill wood himself said that firing dein was one of the greatest moment of his life how long have you been supporting arsenal scottish league is different while milan’s problems are down to the owners like the glazers at manure ARSENAL WILL NEVER GO BANKRUPT LIKE THESE 2 CLUBS & looserpool for 100m could have bought better players burger king kenny made wrong choices had that money bieng given to brendan rodgers or rafa they would have got better players & finished above us

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  36. leo


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  37. Grayfox

    Some really good points in the article but doesn’t the phrase ‘with a bit of luck’ tell you all you need to know about why we should give Wenger and the board more time.
    Besides as someone has already mentioned Arsenal are actually in the unique position of having concrete options whichever way FFP goes.

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    for God sake..if the boards mind only for profit and to fill their pockets with money then they should open up a food franchise or something..NOT by involving themselves in this sport industry that involves MILLIONS of supporters and feelings around the world.

    What we can see now is each year Arsenal are selling/loosing our best players. This year luck is a bit on our side because the cheap replacements we got are those three (Giroud,Podolski,Cazorla).

    We dont mind buy cheap players if it is really worth it for Arsenal. Whats concerns now is that all of them will be sold later when they should become assets for Arsenal. Are we bocoming a feeder club now? At least the board should show some EFFORTS to make Arsenal feared by keeping our star players and not by selling each year.

    Arsenal need PURE GENUINE EFFORTS from the boards/owner that have DESIRE to move Arsenal forward towards success both on and off the pitch..then Arsenal can achieve the INVINCIBLE ERA once more. DESIRE..EFFORT..GLORY.

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  39. vickie

    What is it with Rasta and S.H spewing poo as shit from ass? I guess you both have problems understanding a simple issue. Knock yourselves out.

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  40. gunparadise

    Gizidiss!!! a club & players w/out a trophy worth nothing. Get in your head. Money mean nothing if you dont know how to use it. Your greedy has turn Arsenal a laughing stock.

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  41. leo

    Claudio Annelluci (Edinson Cavani’s agent) : “Liverpool & ARSENAL are the first clubs Cavani have agreed to open talks with YES PLEASE HOPE IT HAPPENS COME ON WENGER

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  42. Rasta

    On 18 April 2007 it was revealed by Arsenal that he had left the club with immediate effect after “irreconcilable differences” between himself and the rest of the board. It is thought that he was in favour of a possible takeover of Arsenal by an external benefactor seeking to invest money into the club. Arsenal had invested heavily in the development of their new stadium which forced the club to take on heavy debts which meant the club was in need of new revenue. The other members of the board were said to have signed a contractual agreement that they would not sell their shares for a year, and they jointly expressed their intention to retain their shares in the longer term”.

    @leo. its easier if you researched before you opened your mouth to spill nonsense on blogs. Its easier that way cos when i call u out i tend to usually piss people off.

    Milan’s owner is the former prime minister of Italy. silvio berlusconi. if you haven’t followed the news which i suspect by the way your life revolves around your soccer team, he was recently convicted of fraud and tax evasion. How is scottish league different? In fact Rangers should be set as they were dominant in the last 7 years and were constantly in Europe. But the club was run by people who targeted short term success to long term and when they were on the ropes the whole league decided against them coming back anytime soon. Arsenal WILL go bankrupt if they buy players on 100 k a week for 25 million plus and decide to pay them without letting their debt run out. Its sixth form economics. Surely u shut be that knowledgeable.

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  43. Rasta

    @ leo.
    julio cesar was released by an Inter milan team who finished 5th in the league last year. They happily replaced him with Handanovic when he was waiting for a new contract with them. They got tired of the overrated players like him and Maicon and sold both to English clubs who do not have brains. QPR is last i the league and have conceded almost double the goals arsenal have. As far as examples go that was a stupid one. which I’m realizing is the norm with you.

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  44. Rasta

    What is with us. Ill tell you. common sense. Its simple. We realize that first of all that Teams aren’t managed like the way you manage them on football manager. i have tried to get behind this hysteria of crisis. thinking id be a good fan. but i cannot see it. i really can’t. Arsenal is one of the few clubs who are actually honest about their financial situation with their fans. teams like Portsmouth who invested in good players and actually won a trophy. But you know what. these players were on huge wages. (Utaka was on 70K and he barely did anything noteworthy there) and when they got relegated, they went into double administration and barely have 22 players today on their books. What was even worse was that they sold Lassana Diarra for 20 million or so to real madrid but still went under.

    granted the results haven’t been great.But there is still no better team to support. Why anyone is angry that his club or “board” doesnt spend money they do not have so that they can give you ammo next time your mate mocks you that arsenal hasn’t won a trophy in 8 years is beyond me. remember its just a game. it shouldn’t be that serious.

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  45. leo

    @rasta &@s.h dude i respect your views fair enough but arsneal will never go bankrupt forget my views call me what you want i don’t care just read an article written in the daily mail bu neil ashton about how the board members & other earn more than anyone else wenger is the highest paid manager in pl even sir alex earns less ivan gazdis is the highest paid ceo yet we have wage cap for players arsenal’s second share holder is worth 20 billion should stan go or arsenal go bankrupt we will survive these are simple facts scottish league is no where near epl + we will be signing 5b deal for tv rights

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  46. leo

    @rasta the very same inter just in 2010 won cl & serie a with the same players rafa benitez messed it up plaese don’t talk garbage the entire team turned it’s back on rafa benitez + they are now rebuilding sagna is set to join them along with other big names & we don’t need to spend 220m like city all we need is 2-3 big signings cavani,fellaini & alb tha’t it + sell the overearning deadowood

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  47. leo

    @rasta i know who mialn’s owner is i know their ceo adriano gillani but that’s not imp they have won trophies more thant what we have won in the last 8 years including a cl in 2007 & serie A but despite their financial crisis due you know that russian president valdmir puttin worth 22b is set to buy stakes in club & help them even qataris are interested bottomline is top clubs will always finda way & won’t go bankrupt these are even the views of noatable journalist so don’t tell me you know better than them

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    VERY GOOD COMMENT !!! Thing is if we have 60m to spend can we now trust Wenger to spend it on top quality players that will help us get rewards ?? Some of the buys Wenger has made over the last 5 years have been rubbish !!!! If i had 60m to spend i nor sure i would give it Wenger

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  49. Rasta

    @ leo.
    Ivan gazidis salary is the big thing with fans like you. its your evidence that the man doesn’t do his job and that he is useless right?. the fact that you believe his salary is tied to the club on field success shows how deluded you are. whether Arsenal win or lose is irrelevant. we do not know why he is paid what he is paid. But he is. And any CEO worth his salt in the world in an organization like Arsenal earns 2 million in bonuses alone. Add to that he has a law degree from cambridge so you know he knows how to negotiate.

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  50. Sun

    I really do not think anyone really knows what they are talking about. Its all your opinions and no one really knows how to run a football club.
    Though Rasta, s.h, and leo all raise some good points that peeps should research and see for themselves rather then “thumb them down” lol

    The only way I see things is when FFP comes in to effect we should start to compete. (in around 2-4 years)

    If that does not happen I will drag Kroenke and Gazidis out of their office myself.

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  51. Sank

    Sh and rasta
    i really admire your patience. i feel u have got age and wait for any years. my blood boils when i cant see any player showing desire and losing and struggling agst norwich, qpr.
    i we had been a low earning team i would have understood.
    because of some fans like you all other are suffering.
    gunner till i die.

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  52. Rasta

    @ leo.
    it is you who is misinformed. Inter won Champions league because of Mourinho and not the players. those players had been under performing in europe for years. years and thats why they sacked mancini.Cesar was decidedly useless 3 months later when Gareth Bale destroyed the whole Milan team home and away. where was he then?

    Benitez had the full team’s backing. I don’t know who is informing you but he was sacked because he was always experimenting with his team and couldn’t find a starting 11. His team lost chemistry and that was that. his replacements couldn’t replicate mourinho’s success despite having virtually the same team.

    I do not know where you heard Sagna was joining milan. especially when they have Nagamoto Perriera and Johnathan at Right back positions. but I’m sure you believe every transfer rumour.

    You want 3 big signings right? And you listed one who just resigned for his boyhood club which happens to be the best in the world and just declared he would never leave them again. And one who would no doubt cost up to 40 million with 250k in wages. yes, you are not delusional at all. Maybe it is you who doesn’t know the club he supports

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  53. Rasta

    @ leo
    There is no way Puttin, as high ranking as he is, would invest money in a club with the way his economy is. You need to get out more. You live in this bubble and I’m scared that you have no understanding of how anything financial works.

    would it be the same qatari’s that invested in PSG? ill be waiting for that investment. funny thing, didn’t they just pay 60 million for 2 of milan’s best players and steal verratti from under their noses? they did? So are they investing by poaching them for themselves and stripping them of all quality.

    once again u prove u have no idea what you are talking about. If A.C milan get relegated they will get bankrupt. there is no club that can escape it. That is why most of them have rich owners to offset their debts. If abramovich died today, within 2 years chelsea would fall so fast it would scare you into eating ramen noodles for a year.

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  54. LP

    @Rasta absolutely true even I wonder sometimes what this leo guy is thinking while commenting………

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  55. Rasta

    i disagree. Arsenal’s problem is two fold. One we are essentially playing square pegs in round holes offensively. Podolski is not a winger and will never be. Dunno why Germany and Wenger decide to play him there. By january last year he had 16 league goals for cologne as a centre forward. Giroud needs a winger or anyone who understands that he isn’t RVP who drifts inside the box making space between defenders to get a shot off from split second tight angles. He is a Target man who should be the teams #1 Aerial threat. ramsey is not a winger and gervinho isn’t intelligent enough to be striker. Carzola isn’t allowed to switch between the centre and the wings like he does because he has players who aren’t versatile enough. Thats why he gets isolated during games because he gets double teamed in the middle and can’t change positions to effect the game elsewhere

    2. Arsenal has no leader. This is partly wenger’s fault because he keeps choosing kids as captains. Immature players can only feign leadership for so long. There is no way Puyol, Vidic, Cannavaro some of the best captains would have done what RVP did or what Fabregas did. You need leaders. when your captain is immature the whole team would be immature.

    Arsenal have essentially been an adolescent team for the last 5 years because they allowed the most important aspect of football go away. Leadership. when fabregas was captain we were timid and had no backbone. Like fabregas who would rather be a follower than be a leader. When Van persie was captain, we were erratic in form. Like RVP is. last year his form blew hot and cold. Granted when it was hot it was scolding, but sometimes he went missing.

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  56. Mehrzad

    good article but i dont thing they invest even 6 mill in january window
    more likely that Walcot will be sold at 15 mill
    wenger wont buy any replacement and motivates that Rosicky will be back to the team !!!!

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  57. Zery

    @S.H do u know any big club in Europe that do bussiness Arsenal way? Do u realy believe one day in near future M United, Chelsea, Barcelona, Realmadrid, Bayer and M City will be bankrupted? Arsenal is losing its brand through out the world rapidly and the fan base around the world is eroding fast-I hope u understand what this means in sport bussiness.

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