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Robert Pires tips Yoann Gourcuff to join Arsenal

Arsenal’s former star Robert Pires has offered the Lyon’s midfielder Yoann Gourcuff a way out of the situation he’s currently in at the French giants, saying that Arsenal is the best escape route for him.

According to Pires, the best way for Gourcuff to come back into the form which made him highly-coveted a few years ago is by getting a transfer to Arsenal and being guided by Arsene Wenger.

“I know Arsenal well and it would be ideal for Gourcuff. Arsene Wenger rarely fails to help a player, particularly if they are French.”, Pires told French TV

“He would be perfect for Arsenal’s team game and the system of play. He is too much on his own at Lyon.”

Gourcuff is currently out a bit out of form after an injury which kept him off the pitch for a while and he has been mostly on the bench since his return to fitness. The same injury changed Wenger’s mind in the summer when he was ready to submit a fee to transfer the French international playmaker.

Wenger could help him make the comeback without a doubt, and if Gotze can’t be brought to the club, Gourcuff might be a viable option for the Gunners. Although others like Hazard or Reus seem to be better at the moment and with higher potential, if Wenger could return Gourcuff to his former glory he could be a bargain buy right now.

Should Wenger take a chance on the out-of-form French international?

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23 thoughts on “Robert Pires tips Yoann Gourcuff to join Arsenal

  1. Newmy

    Cissokho and Gourcuff from Lyon is what we need in Jan! The second team need to be stronger with the FA Cup and CL coming around in the new year…


    Chamakh and Gourcuff together again like they were in Bordeux might bring the best out of Chamakh!

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  2. TKC

    Get him, remember? Henry was playing badly in Juventus, and look at what Wenger helped him achieve.

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  3. S.H

    Gourcuff is a very typical Wenger buy but who’s complaining?
    He’s world class when he’s fit. We prefer Gotze for obvious reasons but I think he’ll rest with Hazard in the zone of the unreachable. If Wenger pulls a Gotze Motza, I’ll tattoo a picture of Wenger on my forehead!

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  4. Ron

    Yes I think wenger needs to cash on him. He got the hidden talent that he is not able to show lyon fc. Injury set back is not letting his talent yo unveil but If wenger gives him some chances then I am pretty sure he will be a great success and as you said it will be a bargain as well.

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  5. ravi

    gourcuff would be good, but as far as I’ve seen him, he hasn’t performed as well as he did before going to ac milan. yes, he requires a mentor who could revive his former talents and make him the potent player he was, and yes there is no doubt that arsene wenger could be touted as the man for the job looking at the talent that he has nurtured over the years. but this bet would be completely one-sided as, gourcuff’s revival would take at least half a season, which includes him adjusting to the premier league and getting his game right. arsenal would not benefit with this deal, we should chase a player like goetze or reus for they could help the team succeed as our present target is to retain a top 4 position by the end of the season, thus acquiring champions league eligibility and assuring the main players that we are a leading club.. so i’d say that gourcuff should be signed, but not until summer.. i’d like your views..

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  6. ArsenaLova


    haha. .you mke sure u put that tatoo on ur forehead if wenger realy bought him,alryt dude?? ;D

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  7. S.H

    @ ArsenalLova

    The ink’s all set to go, but after RVP hit that stunning volley to give Arsenal the famous 1-0 victory, I might get the letters RVP on my forehead from ear to ear.

    Go you gunners! Bring on Man Shitty next week!

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  8. Stuart G

    Signing Gourcuff would be great if we sign Gourcuff and Gotze we could then loan out players like Frimpong and Coquilen give them some first team experience so they would be amazing next season im sure he would play amazing at arsenal iv seen him play he looks like an arsenal player all over if we get him gotze and podolski then i would be so happy and with willshire and sagna back we would be invincible

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  9. jb

    he may not be the best option but could be the right one. he will install belief into chamack and re energise him and lyon is squilacis old club so wouldnt mind him returning their;)

    also aly cissoko lb cb wants premiership lets have him

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  10. William

    I think Yoann Gourcuff should be brought in on loan to find out how he settles in at Arsenal. If he comes back on form, then we could make it a more permanent deal.
    I think Arsene is the perfect manager for Gourcuff and I have no doubts he could bring Gourcuff to be one of the best in the world. When Yoann was at his best, he truly was world class!
    I think this is a great move for Arsenal.

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