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Danny Rose’s Tottenham rant amuses Arsenal fans – “I want to win trophies”

As an Arsenal fan it is not easy to like Danny Rose, especially as a he scored an amazing volley against the Gunners on his Premier League debut that helped the spuds to beat us on the day. He has been guilty of some naughty challenges on Arsenal stars over the years as well, but this week the England international left back may just have won a few friends among the Arsenal faithful.

As reported by Metro the Spurs star has basically lain into his own club for a number of reasons and even suggested that he is thinking strongly about giving up on the annual under achievers because he is in danger of going through his whole career without lifting a trophy.

‘At my age, and having missed six months with injury, I have been thinking about this quite a lot,’ said Rose.

‘I am reaching my peak and have probably only got one big contract left in me.

‘Time is running out and I do want to win trophies. I don’t want to play football for 15 years and not have one trophy or one medal.

‘Sorry, that’s not what I am about. I wouldn’t be happy with that. I want to win something.

‘My short-term focus is to get back to playing like last year and if I do that the long-term will take care of itself.

‘I’m not saying I want out, but if something came to me that was concrete, I’d have no qualms about voicing my opinions to anyone at the club.’

Even though Tottenham have been doing a little better in recent years they have never come really close to the Premier League title and the last piece of silverware they won was that funny three handled thing that has had more names than Zsa Zsa Gabor and although Rose was at the club back then he was not a first team player.

So as well as sounding like he is keen for a transfer away from north London, Rose suggests that he has no confidence in our rivals ending their trophy drought and he has slated them for a lack of transfer action this summer as well as buying poor players in the recent past.

So if that is what one of their own players thinks, what are the chances that this season will see Arsenal reassert our north London dominance straight away?


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26 thoughts on “Danny Rose’s Tottenham rant amuses Arsenal fans – “I want to win trophies”

  1. Muff d

    Smart kid
    Levy is a bell end …admittedly a smart one

    Pays some of the league’s best players third of the current going rate in wages
    But if anyone wants to buy those players doubles there actual value in transfer fees

    Lol wish we could get away with that

    1. McLovin

      Paying stadium debt, not willing to pay big transfer fees, haggling over contract wages..

      Sound familiar..?

  2. Pablo Picasso

    If there is one thing I admire about Spurs is the very wage structure other people are making fun of.

    Arsenal can definitely learn from them on this. Our club pays players like Theo way more than Kane, Ali, Son, Erickson, Dembele, Dier, etc. I wonder how Levy and Posch manage to keep all these players grounded and still giving their all in this crazy market.

    Cant blame Rose on this, at 27yrs old, this should be a come get me message to Chelsea or United. Conte their is a good home grown player for you, splash the cash and hands off Ox!

    1. Kostafi

      This is the same thing Arsenal did when building the Emirates over a decade ago. Arsenal got rinsed for it, but here you are lauding Spurs…

      I commented on their wage structure in a post about transfers IN before OUT 2 a few days ago. I said Walker won’t be the last to leave and actually mentioned Alderweireld refusing to sign a new contract. I can’t see the future but I remember it all happening to Arsenal.

      Poor Rose: £65k a week is great when you are 23, It’s not so great when you are 27 and approaching your peak. Even worse when your club is going through a stadium rebuild and things are about to get tight. Cue the excuses about “wanting to win things.” The bit about moving back North to his mums was a new one for me. Alas I can still remember our left back then Cashley Cole taking offence at a £60k a week contract offer. Only kids will sign new contracts at Spurs until the stadium is built.

      1. Anko

        Most of their players are just coming to the fore front and wages and trophies will not be there immediate concern. But that will not last at all, the players will soon think they are better than the club especially if there are no trophies, and even if there are trophies, wages and interest from other clubs will become a problem. Imagine if Harry Kane goes to Chelsea, his status will change dramatically, wages will become double or even triple, trophies are more likely. So commitment to club can only last this long soon everyone will want different things. Imagine what Coutinho must be feeling right now?

        1. Kostafi

          The last trophy was Feb 2008 league cup- ten years next feb. They weren’t moaning about no trophies all this time… it’s the wages- always has, always will be. Unless you are a strong believer in Neymar’s cause for Parisiens is genuine.

          Arsenal’s wage structure was capped at £90k for a long time, and we lost a lot of players. Cesc had his pay retrospectively increased for a year and still left. Snake-ir Nasri left for City despite being courted by United for £10k a week more. Ozil moved the cap to £140k and Sanchez signed for £130k a week. Cue Walcott and Giroud getting top wages. Once again Ozil/Sanchez about to raise that bar…

          Spurs will catch up in about 5 years…

    2. waal2waal

      ..season after season,
      they’re your enemy,
      wen down in the trenches,
      upon seein spuds activity…
      admire nothing –
      the cannon is your friend,

  3. John0711

    I thought this was Arsenal what has this got to do with us. Sort our own %##% out and we wouldn’t care

  4. waal2waal

    in many ways d.rose’s comments regarding his team mirror our own a.sanches subtle muttering towards his – do you see its mutterings and nothing more.

    he’s not exactly expressed he wants out and spuds have a chance of a trophies only in as much as *in 2018 the league cup final and the fa cup final (and semis) will be played out at what effectively is spurs temporary home ground which suggests after they get knocked out CL they will attempt to secure available honours on home turf.

    *i’d guarantee we’ll meet spurs in several cup competitions 2018 one could easily be europa.

  5. The cassete

    Arsenal paved the way for clubs like Spurs…i can imagen them going down the same rout Arsenal went only except the circumstances might be in their favor this time around. Gone are the days when top talent like Fabregas would bring in a measly 30 or so million, nowadays guys like Walker bring you more than what Cesc went for, so it shouldn’t take spurs long to pay off its stadium debt, especially seeing that they don’t spent too much on wages. Also, seeing what Arsenal have now become, the media wont be bashing spurs in the way they did us. Makes me proud to be a gooner, we are bench markers. But anyways i see tough times for spurs, pity no one’s coming in for guys like Kane, Ali and Erikson. Would have been interesting to see what they are truly made of.

  6. John Ibrahim

    Wheres Kev = Resources = Remember Resources?

    still awaiting on his inconsistent updates…

    from done deal -> next week -> pulling out of transfer

    1. kev

      I’m not Resource.The only deal my source had wrong is the Neymar one as he stated it won’t happen.They’ve confirmed many other deals involving other clubs and even Arsenal many days before time.The only deal which I’ve really stated was done is Jadon Sancho.However,I always stated that the Lemar deal was on contrary to what we always hear.If everything goes accordingly Jadon Sancho and Thomas Lemar should be Arsenal players.Still no news on a CM though we hold genuine interest in the likes of Seri and Jankto.

      1. Admin

        OK Kev, can you tell me how someone living in Ghana has an inside source at Arsenal Football Club while us in London have to make do with the media?

  7. Chuks

    Danny is right.most spurs players don’t earn what they ar worth.
    imagine Kane on 100k. and Theo is on 140k

  8. kev

    JUST IN:News making rounds is that David Ornstein is reporting that the Lemar deal is less likely.This news was reported to be bad news by my source last week so it shouldn’t scare any of you.The reports from Ornstein is not from the meeting held this week but it’s old news though true.The current meeting which was held was the meeting held to save the deal and I’m told everything is positive though what really transpired is yet to be known.The Lemar deal is still very much on and I must say it’s Arsenal’s fault for making it take this long though people might not understand me clearly.The only deal one of my sources had wrong is the Neymar one but they’ve been spot on about every other deal involving other clubs revealing them many days before time.

    1. Waal2waal

      given the time its taking and the possibility monaco are auctioning off their prized assets: do you see a reason for wenger not trying to add jemerson or glik both highly regarded (cd) at lemars current club.

  9. Ian wrights bruva

    Good on Danny rose for speaking the truth. The spuds are still a small team in my mind and have simply improved for being a pile of poo to having a good team who celebrated coming 2nd last year and winning no silverware what so ever.

    This is the main difference in fan bases. We moan about the players wages and not winning the epl or champions league for some top whilst regularly finishing above the spuds and picking up a number of FA cups on the way. The spuds were happy to finish above us and 2nd in the league.

    They should also be worried as the low wages and expense of the new stadium could see the spuds getting raided like Monaco have and there better players leaving seeing them free falling down the league, still they are use to the lack of silverware.

    Spurs are a small club, north London is still Red. Whilst our club is not perfect things could be worse, you could be a spurs fan.

  10. gmv8

    A difficult thing to envisage, but if I were a spud, I’d be a lot angrier than as a gooner. They had their hands around our throat, we had an arrow in our side in the form of Kroenke, a self inflicted wound, but a wound nonetheless, that has a massive barb on it, so is extremely difficult to remove, and may still kill us yet, but we are still limping along, and they have let us go. They are no strangers to losing money, so when victory is closer than it’s ever been before, I expected them to invest, but they haven’t, they’ve done the opposite, which, fingers crossed, is a massive let off for us. If Pochettino had any sense, he’d move on as well – he’s proved himself, and it looks like he’s at the top of the mountain where he is.

  11. GB

    Why should we worry about one of the scum wanting to leave his club to win trophies? Also it’s a bit rich when so many of our own have left the Arsenal to win trophies! People in glass houses comes to mind.

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