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Roy…Can you insult Arsenal every week please?

As Arsene Wenger and his Arsenal squad were getting ready to play Chelsea for the Community Shield at Wembley, a former Manchester United player was gunning for the Gunners.

Roy Keane, who had some (in)famous duels with Arsenal players in his playing time – more often with his counterpart Patrick Vieira – came out with the suggestion that the current squad is ‘more interested in selfies and six packs’ than challenging for trophies.

The players may have wanted to answer him and the critics with a win – although it comes in the season opener and the not-so-important Community Shield. But, the fact that it comes against his arch-nemesis and helps him break the hoodoo may have satisfied Wenger.
But, the scorer of the solitary goal Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain dismissed Keane’s suggestions and claimed that the side has proved the detractors wrong over the weekend.

The England international believes that this squad is hard-working and is always looking to win silverware. Wenger’s side gave a fight to Chelsea for most part of the last season only to see their campaign fizzle out at critical points. They eventually finished 12 points behind the champions.

Most of the analysts believe that Arsenal will run Chelsea close once again this year. Some of them believe that Wenger can finally put his ghosts to bed by claiming the trophy. But, bridging the 12 point gap – and may be more – will not be an easy task. And Ox believes that the squad is up for the task.

Oxlade-Chamberlain believes that the current Gunners squad is stable and can take confidence from beating the Blues in the curtain-raiser at Wembley. This is exactly what would remain with the squad as they prepare for the first game of the season against West Ham United.

No one is under any illusion that winning the Community Shield will lay the marker for the rest of the season. Far from it, since history always puts the winner of the Shield away from the Premier League title. But, if the confidence can flow into the initial games and help Arsenal start well (unlike last year), the club can build up to a successful campaign.

The Gunners won the FA Cup for two years in a row but step into the new season on the back of a decade long drought with the Premier League trophy. 11 years, to be precise, is the time Arsenal hasn’t won the domestic title and Wenger will happily swap all his pre-season trophies for that.

Wenger may even find time to thank Keane for invigorating his squad with his “selfie” comments at the end of the season.


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16 thoughts on “Roy…Can you insult Arsenal every week please?

  1. Greg

    Yes roy please do! Your negative comments just will motivate us to excell more! Coyg!

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    1. dragunov762mm

      Do the arsenal players the only EPL footballers who have selfies? I really don’t think so. It seems that our football brand, which is the best in England now (not yet established thought) has envy some pundits.
      Roy Keane is ManUre’s legend, but for many of us he’s nothing. He’s disgusting. If you planned to brake some one legs to end his career and wrote down on public, you’re not just “bad boy” on field, you are truly a BAD person in life. If gunners recognized it, I’m sure Roy was bring no motivation at all. The lads have got it from someone else like JM.

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  2. plastik Fan

    I don’t remember the rest but i can quite remember ramsey saying almost the same words last year and i believed him only for the club to be kicked out of the title race by November…love the spirit boys but a plastik fan like me needs more than just words to be convinced…you need to get on that field and show live….ain’t falling into that trap of believing words again…action is what i need

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  3. BigWilli

    I used to visit this site for its articles and the comments but now all my attention goes to those handsome Russian girls this site is promoting.

    Keep up the good work Admin.

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  4. Jerick

    Four days until I officially get my life back. #AFC Barclays Premier League. #yagunnersya #coyg

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  5. Greg

    I wonder how bale felt after scoring for real madrid against his “awful” former club the spuds today?

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    1. Godswill

      On top of the world. Who would not like to go far from sh*t.
      Eh, our back is solid but our front? I can’t be too sure but pray they improve. All the same, more confidence this time around.

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  6. pdstrijders

    Off topic, at the game vs Chelsea I realized that we need to buy Benzema whatever it takes. Walcott is a great player with lethal pace, finishing and his off the ball movements are class but the guy cant be our main striker for the season. We need someone big and strong with great link up play like Giroud, and with pace, movement and finishing like Walcott. Benzema is EXACTLY that. I really believe he can be tempted to move and we should do everything we can to get him. If it happens IMO we will have the best first team in the league and we should be winning the title this season.
    Lets make it happen Wenger….

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      1. josh37

        What!? Hafiz? I thought you were completely happy with our squad??
        Aside from not having your main men Balotelli and Falcao who guarantee goals!!

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  7. josh37

    It’s not just Roy…
    There’s a lot of fans on here who have been all too critical of our players selfies, Wilshere and smoking, and a whole host of other things.
    The media takes snippets of players personal lives just as a lot of us are guilty of and act like it’s a telling sign of their commitment. It’s bullshit. There’s only so many hours in the week, they can’t be as obsessed as a lot people seem to expect.
    Read up on the substance abuse of Tony Adams yet his performances and commitment to the club were unquestionable. Everyone needs a release, and the people with the highest commitment, drive and determination often need it the most.

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  8. Darlingbudsofarse

    Roy who? Forget that ego-maniac who has nothing better to do than going on a jealous rampage against our team. This time the boys answered him the best way they could by letting their footie do the talking. Now you’ve got your footie-wise answer from our boys Mr Kean, can you now focus all your vitrols on your former teams, Forest, Manure and Celtic? We may need your help again in geeing the boys up when it is time to play your ex team Manure and perhaps those in the the top 5. But stay put and zip it in the meantime as we will let you know when your advice is needed! Muppet!!!!!

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  9. dilla

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    1. josh37

      Ergh! this, this is everything wrong with a lot of fans.
      So obsessed with glory and bragging rights can’t enjoy the little things. Taking celebrations so literally, you can’t comprehend that our players are allowed to be happy with victories you deem not worthy enough? You’re right, they should dedicate their entire existence, all their happiness should hinge on reaching the pinnacle of success you deem good enough!!!!
      You’re ‘disappointed..’ Grow up…

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      1. josh37

        ‘The only picture I’d want is with EPL Trophy, CL Trophy, FA Cup, or World Cup’
        Well…. What are you waiting for!? Go outside, put on your boots and get cracking!! If that’s the only expectation you think they should have in their lives why’s yours any different??

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  10. Rationalist

    Victories alone should be enough to dismiss critics. Arsenal players shouldn’t be worrying about going to the media and having their say every time someone with a provocative streak decides to get his face in the papers with a nothing sort of a remark.

    Roy Keane played with a generation of complete party boys. The reason they didn’t get stick whereas Liverpool were labelled the “spice boys” was because Man United were winning things and Liverpool weren’t. I guess that’s how you answer critics who question commitment.

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