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RVP’s success will only encourage more Arsenal players to leave

Selling your best players is selling your dreams. by GP

It must take a special kind of denial or stubbornness to ignore your mistakes, especially when they smack you in the face every day.

Over the last few years Arsenal has continued to sell our most outstanding players for profit and replaced them with inferior players. In some cases we never replaced them at all.

But maybe some good may come out of this. Robin Van Persie is making headlines every week for Man Utd and every goal he scores makes me more resentful towards our own manager and board.

His early form and success can only inspire Walcott and Sagna to leave a club that shows no ambition to win again
or real desire to keep them.

My wish is that maybe Wenger and the Arsenal board will confront their mistakes and decide to make amends. The reality is they wont. They insist that this is all part of some Master Plan!

We the fans are the ones who feel it most no matter what players say. The Manchester derby today was littered with ex Arsenal players that have made both teams stronger. This was the kind of top of the table fixture we played in all the time.

I realise that in many cases these players wanted to leave but that is because we stopped showing the ambition as a club to compete.

How can Wenger and our board watch our ex players compete at a higher level than us without feeling uncomfortable with their decision to sell them and invest more money in our team?

I will never question his honesty because he is a man of honour but at some point his conscience and a willingness to put things right should have surfaced by now.

I do not believe January gets the best business done but a couple of signings would be a show of intent.

Some will say that this is a negative post and that is their opinion but surely, beating West Brom at home should be a given for us rather than a relief…

The Manchester teams may still be our rivals, but not in terms of where the title will end up. Only some serious spending can make us relevant again.


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35 thoughts on “RVP’s success will only encourage more Arsenal players to leave

  1. palmer17

    Agreed its sick watching rvp for the filth always scores a late winner we struggle to score at all come on wenger sort yours and the boards wrongs do something right for a change

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  2. nir

    Van persie is the best player in the premier league. Fact. Arsenal made him. FACT. Wenger and the board were stupid to allow a 25m deal FACT!

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  3. mutihaha

    watching Van-Persie carry United breaks my heart everytime. it’s like watching the woman you love having sex with ur high school bully on tape over and over.

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  4. Faruq

    I feel sad 4 us, and i also feel happy 4 him at least he has a hope of winning a title….but what hope have we got? Capital 1 cup? Dats shameful

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  5. Justus Omari Moenga

    I told you RVP has all the characteristics of a dog except loyalty

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  6. shadgunner

    Now I dont think as badly about RVP as about Cashri…two reasons,1) He never ever has said anything bad in the media abt us like cashri..2) He Really wanted to Win Something..and he knew we were at best in d runnin for league cup or FA cup…EPL and CL we dnt stand a chance with this team!

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  7. jamaican goonerr

    What exactly has he won since he left? He’s doing the same thing at united that he did at arsenal scoring all the goals their season would be screwed if he got injured….which I pray every nite for

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  8. Sammie

    Wenger wants to eat his cake and have. That is imposible, Desire to make profit bu all means is the main reason for our problem.

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  9. mukund

    Van Persie’s is surely a gem and selling him has certainly hurt us. But i dont think our board or Mr. Wenger will learn much from this mistake. We still look for cheap deals whereever and whatever. Our ambition is be in top 4 EPL teams to qualify for champions league and than in the champions league make it to the round of last 16 clubs. When that is achieved , well we are in the title hunt for next year would be the comment of Mr.Wenger.

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  10. marker

    RVP has been in form but i wouldn’t say he’s succesful and we will only know how succesful end of the season.

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  11. mala

    Wenger & the board, u have to buy a top top top top striker this Jan for us fans to get over RVP!

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  12. aY

    I am a kenyan fan who has ever supported Arsenal and Wenger but enough is enough.Unless Wenger shows us some magic, my love for hi is dwindling in a much faster rate that tomorrow.
    I wonder what’s happenning.If you imagine if today we had, Nasri,Fab,Hleb,Song,Flamini,Rvp,Toure,Ashely cole,even Adebayor,Las Diarra,Ebue….name them where could we be?

    Do something Wenger or it could be time you hang up your boots.

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  13. suuny.

    RVP will win the league this year.
    Now Platini is planning to remove Europa league and add it to champions league. So even If you finish 7th , you can play CL. It is ggod news for Arsenal board as they can even sell more and earn more profit. Finshing 7th will not need to spend at all.
    Ha ha.
    Selling our dreams.

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  14. Arsenal1Again

    I agree with the fans who point out that RVP has not yet been successful at Arsenal.

    We know RVP is made of glass and that it’s just a matter of time before he breaks again for the long haul.

    277 appearances and 132 goals in 8 seasons says it all. Compare that with Thierry Henry over the same length of time … 369 appearances and 226 goals.

    Being 30+ also means RVP will take longer to heal.

    This is why we sold him. He would have been a 150k/pw sicknote for the next 3 years at Arsenal. He deliberately got himself injured half the time. Just look at archive games where he was injured and watch how he deliberately left his leg dangling in dangerous places like he was inviting injury. I never liked him and not even after his valuable contribution last season. Glad to see the back of him. I wanted him sold years ago. Let him score for United, that’s what they pay him for. Instead of whining about the loss of RVP, fans should instead be moaning about Wenger’s failure to sign a decent striker. There are many who could fill the void left by RVP, the service is phenomenal at Arsenal.

    Let’s just hope a striker is bought in January along with the loaning of Thierry. It’s going to be great to see Titi back in the Red and White again as always. If he doesn’t score I don’t care. I just want to see him play for us again. Huntelaar might sign, but will probably have a dim view of Arsenal’s policy of one year rolling contract for over 30’s.

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  15. Arsenal1Again

    I meant **I agree with the fans who point out that RVP has not yet been successful at United.**

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  16. owens

    U guys who say rvp is yet not successful are just jealous..we saw dat despite man city players they got above manure with jst a little margine..dis time with rvp and ro6ney am sure manure and rvp will celebrate being epl champions..and we sha5l be out of the carling cup..just watch out

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  17. john

    The game yesterday showed me th

    ere was 25% ex arsenal players out on that pitch that no other team can boast that we are the best selling team in the world

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  18. Robin Van Payslip

    It is Sunday evening and Wenger has fallen asleep on his armchair while watching tv. Wenger is deep in a dream regarding Saturdays game.

    Wenger: No Santi don’t dive, don’t dive. Noooooooooooooo

    Wenger wakes up in a cold sweat.

    Wenger: Dammit these idiots have been cheating to win at home against WBA.

    Wenger nods off again

    Back in his dream about Saturdays game he now fast forwards to Ox’s goal. It is the lead up to the goal.

    Wenger: Don’t you dive too

    Ox falls over

    Wenger: Nooooooooooo

    Wengers wakes up in a cold sweat again

    Wenger: Dammit. Even Ox is at it

    Wenger looks down and sees his PSG slippers. He smiles

    Wenger: Maybe things will pick up soon. I hear Carlo isn’t doing too well there.

    Wenger gets on the phone to Carlo

    Carlo: Hello

    Wenger: Yo. Its Arsene

    Carlo: Sorry I took so long to get to the phone. I tripped over myself

    Wenger: Ha ha. Not funny!

    Carlo: So what can I do for you?

    Wenger: Have you considered a career as Arsenal manager

    Carlo: Yeah I would be falling over myself for the opportunity

    Wenger: Enough of the diving jokes!

    Carlo: Sorry

    Wenger: My spiritual home is PSG and you want to be in EPL. So?

    Carlo: Its up to you

    Wenger: Cool catch you later

    Wenger contemplates his future.

    Wenger: Hmmm I could move Sakho to DM. Then when we win the league we will be on the bus during the parade and everyone will be like ‘props to Wenger for changing Sakhos position. It made a huge difference’

    Wenger nods off again. He is restless and is awake again in a couple of minutes. He calls Bould. Bould is in bed and his phone rings. He knows its Wenger because of the special ta na na na ta na na ringtone he has assigned Wenger

    Bould: Yes yes y’all. Sup Arsene

    Wenger: Do you feel the shame?

    Bould: Well being bald isn’t necessarily a negative thing. In fact its considered a sign of virility. So I am actually proud.

    Wenger: No the other thing

    Bould: Look Arsene, when I saw Ramsey running towards me with open arms I did not realise you were behind me and that he was running towards you

    Wenger: No not that. I’m talking about the.diving

    Bould: I thought you taught them that?

    Wenger: No. I thought you did?

    Bould: Nope. I hate that.

    Wenger: Well their not going to use their own initiative. Someone must have told them. Get the squad together and meet me at the training ground.

    Wenger is now in his office. Bould walks in

    Bould: Arsene, their in the dressing room

    Wenger walks into the dressing room. Ramsey is still in his one piece night suit

    Wenger: Rambo, I see you’re liking the pressie I got you

    Ramsey: Its so snuggly that I fell asleep 3 times while driving here.

    Wenger: I know! I have one too!

    Bould coughs

    Wenger points at Ox and Cazorla

    Wenger: You two – stand up

    They both stand up

    Wenger: Why did you dive, Santi?

    Cazorla: There was contact

    Wenger turns the screen on and shows the dive while zooming in

    Wenger: Well?

    Cazorla: It wasn’t me.

    Wenger zooms into the shirt no. to show Cazorlas squad no.

    Cazorla: I can’t take this anymore

    Gervinho stands up

    Gervinho: Be strong Santi

    Wenger whispers to Bould

    Wenger: When did he start speaking to the other players?

    Bould shrugs his shoulders

    Cazorla: No Gervinho. If it wasn’t for.ypu I would have taken two steps out and curled it in

    Gervinho: Think carefully about what you say

    Ox: They say you should never trust a man with a combover

    Gervinho: This isn’t a combover

    Wenger: Yes it is

    Gervinho: No my hair has always been like this

    Cazorla: Liar

    Wenger: Whats going on?

    Cazorla: He told us to dive

    Ox: Yeah

    Wenger: Why?

    Gervinho: Because I thought I could score the penalties, get my tally up and move to Man City

    The whole group laughs

    Wenger: You can’t score. Even penalties

    Gervinho: Yes we know. So far our insurance has paid out for broken wing mirros on Podolskis, Artetas and goalkeeper who name I can’ pronounces cars

    Gervinho: I was close

    Wenger: No the car is on the opposite end of the pitch

    Bould: Get out

    Gervinho: For my Man City medical? Have the made an enquiry?

    Bould: No. You’re off to the reserves.

    Gervinho: Because Man City scouts have requested a behind closed doors game to see my talent

    Bould: Wenger, please help

    Wenger: Nobody wants you. You are terrible. If there was a demand for bad combovers and even worse shooting then they would have broken my door down by now

    Wenger presses the buzzer

    Wenger: Security

    Security arrive

    Wenger: Take Mr Combover here as far away from Arsenal as you can

    Bould: Now lets all get home and forget taking tactical advice from baldy

    Wenger: Please note he is referring to Gervinho. You can still take tactical advice from this baldy *points at Bould*

    Bould: Oops

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  19. paul balamu

    it pains down to the bones and inside the bone marrows when i see a team at heart,mind and soul.just breeding the best and leaving the best year by year, time by time.pliz why sell our pride.if by now we had the likes of flamini,clicy,nasri,fab,persi,song,even the likes of bacelona would struggle to atleast get a draw.

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  20. Uche Edochie

    There is this assumption that wenger and the board are weakening arsenal without realising it. But that’s not true. These guys are professionals. They crunch numbers and digest statistics for a living. They know what they are doing. They know that they have been weaking this team and that is part of their grand plan. Dont you get it? Their plan all along was to cash in as soon as they have a valuable player on their hands. Grow up guys. Money making is the name of their game which is precisely why they will sell walcot. Keeping walcot means taking more money out of their pockets and they hate that. This board does not share wealth with their players. They pay them as little as possible and as soon as a player excels and starts agitating for a wage increase, they sell that player so that they dont have to share that loot with the nasris, the van persies and the alex songs. Add walcot to that list too. So that is the grand plan fellows. It is about investing as little as possible while maximising as much profit as possible. Wenger perfected that plan and that is why he will never get fired. Which other manager can make you money with average players?

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  21. Bomber

    While selling RVP and Cesc was painful ( and completely out of Arsenals hands – they wouldn’t have signed for any amount ) seeing Song and Nasri play recently makes me wonder is we weren’t better off.

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    Gervinho: Because I thought I could score the penalties, get my tally up and move to Man City
    The whole group laughs

    funny drama u got there

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  23. Alexandra B

    What is it with you naysayer miserable fans? You have absolutely no cajones. For years Arsenal were dining on caviar football. Fans were even fortunate to have the chance to watch a team capable of going a season unbeaten, playing Harlem globe trotter football while there were at it. Ironically that team did not contain the underachieving primadonnas (namely RVP, Nasri and on a minor level Fabregas) who didn’t have it in them to try and get a trophy for AFC despite the time and energy Wenger and the club invested. Just because Arsenal are going through a slight (yes I used that word slight) fallow spell you are you whining like babies who have had their mother’s left tit whipped prematurely from their mouths.
    You know what? Get over it. While he is fan of prudence, Wenger has clearly been hamstrung by the board to the extent that players of the calibre of Henry and Vieira have been priced out of his reach. He has done well with the money he has. With that stingy board any fan who thinks that AFC would be able to attract the likes of Guardiola when Wenger departs is tripping.

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  24. dgadel

    you arsenal on need to get grip honestly listening to press will kill ur emotion am always in control of my bdont go over board over something out of ur control. a player was nurse for 8 good yrs where were u then slagging arsene all the time am hapy he left good money we can only wait and see the same horor show of RVP very soon then i will be remiding u abt u have said. i dont think any one of u knw how to run a club do u? RVP want to go even if wenger sign falcao,xavi etc bcos is made up is mind since the begining of the season he work hard for the first time in order to get sold well planed by agent and him. so stop killing ur self ok

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  25. LOL

    Who cares about RVP, hes a champion but who cares. Arsenal need to worry about their selves not the people across the road.

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