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Ryo Miyaichi impresses Wigan boss

If Arsenal had to recall all their young players back from their loaned clubs, the Gunners would be able to compile a very strong team. Probably one that could compete in the top half of the table. So, if its one thing Arsenal don’t lack, it’s talented youths. One such player who is currently out on loan and is an exciting prospect for the very near future is Ryo Miyaichi.

The Arsenal youngster is currently out on loan to Wigan this season and has already earned the praise of his manager. Ryo Miyaichi made his appearance as a sub against Fulham and is expected to get his first chance at a start of the season in the Capital One Cup .

Martinez was quoted as saying, “That’s a real positive for us to have a couple of youngsters of that quality. I did think they were influential (against Fulham), the way that they came on and were infectious, they played with a real enjoyment and probably we lacked that rhythm early on in the game.’

“So I was really pleased with that and I think it shows the competition we’ve got now for places. It’s so important that everyone’s got an opportunity. It’s great to see Callum’s development over the last two or three seasons and I think he showed that he’s ready to help the team in many games to come. Ryo slowly is adapting and getting ready, and when he’s at his best he can be a player that gives you penetration and makes things happen.”

Ryo hasn’t had a lot of playing time so far this season but has already impressed the Wigan manager from his 37 playing minutes and has already bagged an assist. Will Ryo be in Wengers plans next season? If he continues to impress, I don’t see why not…

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23 thoughts on “Ryo Miyaichi impresses Wigan boss

  1. Somtee

    Hopefully he will get enough playing time there and gain some experience
    So that he will be great for us next season COYG!!!!!

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  2. Ray

    His development is slow…. Didn’t tink it †αќε dis long fσr him to join senior teams

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  3. craig2500

    Sod Wigan more importantly he has impressed the Arsenal fans and he’s barely played for us yet. We shouldn’t put too much pressure on him though but this kid has us drooling like a playboy shoot.

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  4. Gooner123

    This guy’s speed already scare the shit out of many defenders. If he can improve his passing and crossing he will definitely be a beast.

    Ryo, wilshere, ox.. Our current and future midfield shall rule EPl!

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  5. Aldo


    You’re looking at a 19year old kid. He has a lot to offer. The reason he’s being loaned out for the last couple of seasons its only to get proper experience. Due to the pecking order in Arsenal, he would only play in the Continental Cup and probably make a couple of appearances throughout the season. That’s why he’s out playing. If you stop his development now, he will never achieve his potential. Wenger knows that and is probably counting on him next year.

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  6. ksgunner

    Martinez i would advice u to use Ryo if u want to earn the 3 points…week and week out..

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  7. Charlie

    If he can’t get into a Wigan team that has sold Victor Moses he’ll struggle to make it at Arsenal. Still adapting as Martinez says but let’s not get carried away unnecessarily because he’s hardly setting the world alight. I’ll get rated out of this discussion but i’m only being honest.

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  8. Goona

    Ryo. Wellington Silva and Joel Campbell will be our attack force in a few seasons time

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  9. Charlie

    If you’re wondering why so negative I put him in my fantasy football team. He earnt me no points for the first 4 matches and wasn’t even on the bench.

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  10. Fin

    Stop hyping up a youngster that cant get on the wigan bench, Ryo may be a good player in the future but it is going to be a little longer than a loan spell at wigan. The expectations of our youngsters are to high let the devlop and grow without the unecessary pressure.

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  11. ojikiti

    Ryo is Arsenal future player whom i believe will be a legend like Beckamp. At 17, 18 & 19yrs he impress at every loan spell, lets hope he get the chance next season to prove all Arsenal faithful. Gunner4life

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  12. Gooner

    What has he done to impress though? Other than the one goal he scored for Bolton and his 94 pace on FIFA?

    One goal and two assists at Bolton last season and this season he is playing at wigan – he is an Arsenal player, he SHOULD be impressing at teams like Wigan. He hould be there stand out player every week, how impressive can a player who played 15 minutes for Wigan really be?

    Reality is he is already 19, 20 in December, and he is nowhere near the level of ability of Ox, Jenkinson, Wilshere, Ramsey even Gnabry. All of whom are his age with all but one playing in a similar position…

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  13. Gooner

    Getting down voted, but no arguments as to why Miyaichi is going to an Arsenal legend.

    I am willing to change my opinion and eat humble pie, but there has to be proof that he is showing the ability of a future Arsenal player!

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  14. Tamil Sundram

    At one time talking about giving talented youngsters a chance….another time talking about signing this and that player,….

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  15. Dan

    Let’s hope he gets game time. Rarely do our youngsters actually do well on loan (apart from Jack at Bolton and Ryo at Feyenoord incidently).

    I feel we need to make sure these players really do excel when loaned to other clubs. I just hope he gets game time to prove it, because if Theo goes then I can see Wenger integrating Ryo next season in his place.

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  16. Charlie

    Seen it all before. Vela, Jay Emmanuel-Thomas, Aliadiere, Walcott, Landsbury the list goes on and on of young Arsenal players hyped up before they were anything just to disappoint. Give the kid time and we’ll see whether he’s really any good. I’ve been rated very poorly which I expected with a partizan audience but I know i’m right. He’s nothing special right now and if he was as good as Ox he’d be starting for Wigan, not sitting in the stands.

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