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Sagna and Wenger deny Arsenal exit rumours

Yesterday it was reported that Bacary Sagna would soon be leaving Arsenal after talks about extending the right back’s current contract broke down. Apparently the wages on offer and the length of the deal were not good enough for the 29-year old French international, so Arsenal were going to sell him before his contract expired.

Arsene Wenger and Sagna himself have denied these rumours and stated that discussions were ongoing and the reports were completely misinformed. Sagna declared that he is happy at the club and looking forward to his future at the Emirates, although he knows that Arsenal have to improve and get themselves back to where they belong in the Premier league table.

“I’m very happy. I’m very happy to be back to football and to play for Arsenal.

“I’m looking forward to playing more games this season because I’ve been injured lately.

“It’s a bit difficult at the moment because we wish we could win some games. It’s a tough month but we just need to stick together and get back to the basics and everything will be fine.”

Wenger declared that the stories coming out were way off the mark, and sounded confident that the club and player would soon have an agreement in place. If there was any doubt behind the scenes at Arsenal whether Sagna’s age or injuries made him a risk, then Wenger will surely have put them right. To think someone is injury prone because they have had two broken legs would be to think being struck by lightning made you injury prone, rather than just unlucky.

“I do not understand these speculations.

“He has one-and-a-half-years of his contract to go and we are in negotiations to extend the contract which are very positive, so I am quite amazed by these statements because it is completely opposite of the feelings we have with the player, and with the negotiations we have about his extension.”

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77 thoughts on “Sagna and Wenger deny Arsenal exit rumours

  1. Gunner

    Ahhhh faakkk off always this bull crap I’m so stressed when it comes to my football team. Sigh. COYG make us proud.

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  2. Dele

    This is no news, we are use to it. wish him the best outside England. AW is just trying to be nice with words

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  3. Twig

    “I’m looking forward to playing more games THIS season because I’ve been injured lately.

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  4. ERG

    Good luck at your new club next season sagna our best right back since lee dixon.

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  5. usmaNOW

    If only Kronke & Gazidik exit rumours were true!

    A perfect Xmas present for all fans with winning mentality!

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  6. Terry norman

    I’m sensing a lot of cynicism here! Add one more to that list please.

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  7. Terry norman

    Add Mr Fox to that exit list please, he’s a complete knob head!

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  8. usmaNOW

    @ T Norman
    Ok mate added him and rest of the muppets on the Board too, to make truly wonderful Xmas!

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  9. villa123

    nothing new. everytime we are about to sell a player, wengers statement will be the same.

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  10. Scorpion

    offtopic… just watched few old Arsenal videos where Pires, Viera, Henry, Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Febregas were there … I am wondering what the heck is Arsene thinking these days with the likes of Santos, Gervinho, Ramsey, Djouru, Squillaci, Denilson, Bendtner… etc … Sorry if missed any other deadwood.
    I hope this Christmas, Santa Claus bring back his old memory of working with legends rather than these dead wood..
    It really hurts to see this Team losing / drawing with the likes of Norwich, swansea, aston villa etc …
    COYG !!!!

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  11. No more excuses

    Stan doesn’t give a monkeys bout what we think of him – all he cares about is his reputation in America – I wonder do they know what an absolute scumbag he is . Thers no way him or gazidas will leave the arsenal cash cow ! Wenger will leave in my opinion – but do we really want him after all his lies and his own personal backing of the board ? He sold his arsenal soul for lump of cash ! Stan and co his behind him while wenger abused our trust . In wenger we trust ? 8yrs ago certainly …. Now – Wudnt trust him an inch – he’s in the same boat as the other thieves .

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  12. mikegooner

    Zaha will be comnig in along with henry with also a cheap option on DM Mohamed Diam. Ridiculous…..

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  13. haywill

    Sagna, he’s not going anywhere. He’s a true gunner (unlike van persie). Trust me!!

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  14. clarks

    While i apreciate this is slightly off topic, i’ve read in the paper today that Wenger is a little frustrated that Theo hasn’t yet signed his contract. Not being funny Arsene but have a word with yourself will ya? This is a player that you continually say is a key member of the team, you say he’s getting better and better, you say you want him to be at Arsenal for many years to come. In light of all these things Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool are following him and want him to join. Two of those are capable of paying much higher wages than we can or will and yet you still want him to bend to your will. You build him up as a great great player, then pay him top wages. Or yet another shining prospect will leave us.

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  15. goonercrouchy

    Good evening fellow Gooners. Anybody think we will win tomorrow? West Bromwich Albion at home. Tricky.

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  16. goonercrouchy

    Feel so much better. Frightened Podolski, frightened Santi Cazorla, and frightened Arteta replaced in my FFL team with Michu, Fellani, and Tevez. Men replacing frightened boys me thinks.

    2-1 West Brom tomorrow. Sorry fellow Gooners.

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  17. md31

    zaha is good player but we need striker and defence midfeilder one full back we need proven players

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  18. md31

    please mr wenger get rid of these players ramsey santos squallaci djouro fabianski mannone chamakh gervinioh

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  19. Goon-Tah

    The common sticking point that seem to feature in every breakdown of Arsenal contract talks seems to always be… you guessed it, WAGES!!! You mean, as recurrent as this theme has been, and as much money as Arsenal has, they can’t bump up player’s wages to market level? It may be true that money doesn’t buy you everything, but in the past seven (soon-to-be 8) years, we have sacrificed quality, chemistry, continuity, depth, motivation & loyalty every time we failed to offer improved wages & let star players leave.

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  20. Rick Rocket

    Gibbs to the left of me,
    Sagna to the right,
    Here I am,
    Stuck in the middle Djourou!!

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  21. mohawk35

    I have noticed a trend regarding comments on Ramsey. Shortly after he plays a game his poor quality is so apparently so obvious that comments and thumbs up/down reveal mostly negative feelings for continuing the Ramsey charade. After a few days, however, the clarity of reality begins to subside, and the fantasy memories take over, the pro-Ramsey crowd emerges to defend player favoritism over football excellence.

    I watched Dormund vs. City and many of the “backups” played. They were fantastic. It is clear that if Ramsey played for Dortmund, just for example, he would have been sent off to the reserves or 2nd division early last season.

    Why does our Arsenal insist on suffering with proven players of poor quality – no other top team would put up with this for one moment. Is that not what we all want? To be a top team again?

    It is akin to having foot races and continually selecting slower runners and then bemoaning the repeated defeats.

    Just a few observations based in reality and sanity.

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  22. ripple

    I applaud Arsenal for respecting fiscal sanity. Yet, I would argue that paying 2 players who are so bad you can’t use them more than 1 player who is critical to winning – well, that is not fiscal sanity. That is financial and football insanity. Yet, in this regard, Arsenal are continually stuck on stupid.

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  23. Amol

    Arsenal seriously need a versatile midfielder
    who can play as em as well as box to box…

    There’s no.cover for wilshere n arteta…

    rosicky n ramsey are attacking midfielders

    so dm is a must….

    ever banega

    are all good midfielders
    Strootmann is good at em…n is even better as deep lying playmaker..

    Ever banega is a great reader of the game…he can make interceptions
    break up the play as well as provide assists for strikers

    Lucas biglia is a poor man’s lars bender…
    He’s not second to bender
    infact he has a better game reading ability…easily breaks up play…
    Is good with freekicks n corners…n he’s the most cheap em available…with brilliant quality…

    Badelj is playing in German league….he came from Croatian league..n is already making sparkling performances…
    Great ability to break up play n to convert it to counter attack…
    Controls the midfield well…n creates chances for strikers too…

    Hope wenger will add a dm come January

    another players joining would be
    Zaha for quite sure…
    A striker
    demb ba
    Adrian lopez
    is think lopez is better outta the three…coz he provides versatility…
    Huntelar n demb ba can play as cf only…

    Jetro Williams or Luke shaw for fullback

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  24. nchem_

    I pity those of us who call ourselves fans of AFC and still say ”trust me, sagna ain’t going to leave”.
    Firstly, u must know that AFC shows no loyalty to players aged 30 and above and sagna is in that class….he’s been offered a stupid contract for a guy of his quality
    Secondly, this team ain’t gonna win shit anyway, wenger’s trophy(4 place) is our best shot -AGAIN..#FACT
    For the sake of God, stop signing talents who you’ll nuture and sell to city, manure, eleven dwarfs( barcelona) and the rest of them. Sign guys who are proven and ready to win things.

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  25. TrueloyalGunner

    England Gunners, stay away from the Emirates. Do not support the Gunners by speeding money directly on them. Go to the pub, bar, or even better, stay at home at watch the game for free. I’m sick of this bullshit. Why can’t we afford top wages? We pay the highest prices in the land. I’m from Toronto, Canada by the way. Be smart and save your money for yourself. What kind of top club pays its players below $100 000? That’s pathetic. Who are we West Ham? Where we cannot afford to pay anyone and sell anyone good. Actually we’re worst than them and that’s exactly what we do too. Selling is our game and profiteering. Well from now on we aren’t having this shit. No more. Be smart and cease buying merchandise and tickets. Please, I beg England Gunners to have some self-control. Find something else to do instead if donating money to Kronke.

    Gunner-tired-of this- shit

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  26. ripple

    @amol: i like your comments with only one exception. Despite your assertion, Ramsey is not an attacking midfielder. Maybe he once was or maybe someday in the future he will be again. Right now, he is defined more accurately as a 2nd division substitute or premier league spectator.

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  27. palmer17

    I actually hate our board they wont just give players what they want and deserve they would rather put the club further and further into depression give the fans something good for a change instead of always selling our best players all the time

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  28. ripple

    @goon-tah: I am beginning to wonder if people even read the postings. You offer an opinion that Arsenal wage structure is killing the team and receive thumbs up. I offer the same comment and get thumbs down. There is no consistency here.

    By the way, is “goon-tah” a Arsenal play on the name Gunther? Just curious.

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  29. Malik

    yeah sure u said the same as song, cesc and co left, in arsene i will never trust!

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  30. Suka

    Almost none of champions so vulnerable at the back like our Arsenal..always wondering how teams like swansea and other table bottom team can easily score goal againts Arsenal…why dont Wenger invest more on defender…. hope Wenger still remember his formula when he built our invincible squad…

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  31. Malik

    what the f*ck do u do

    what the f*ck do u do

    ARSENE WENGER what the f*ck do u do?

    what the f*ck do u do

    what the f*ck do u do

    IVAN GAZIDIS what the f*ck do u do?

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  32. kay123

    Remember when wenger promised us that van persie wont leave especially to man utd…as well as promising fabregas and nasri wont leave and they all did…its got to the point if wenger says someone will stay, they will go 4 sure

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  33. sueki

    So many negative comments – would you rather your board sold their soul to pay for a load of players that are only interested in the money and not the club like City or Chelsea. Arsenal may have lost their way recently but at least they are still in the Champions league unlike the above clubs!!!

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  34. sueki

    The frightened men of Arsenal line up against West Brom. The frightened men of Arsenal want to run into the tunnel. The frightened men of Arsenal hate playing at the Emirates. THe frightened men. The frightened men. The very frightened men. Arsene please don’t pick me in the team. PLEASE!!! I’m frightened!!!

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  35. goonercrouchy

    Sorry fellow Gooners. Sueki didn’t mean what she said about the frightened men at AFC. I DID!!! I’m fed up to the back teeth about all the crap at Arsenal. No fight, frightened players, no leadership, no responsibility, no team, no Arsenal. Goodbye Gooners. Players too frightened to play at home. Players worried about playing away. It’s a pathetic excuse of a team. The INVINCIBLES WEREN’T AFRAID OF ANYTHING OR ANYONE. THE INVINCIBLES WEREN’T AFRAID OF THEIR HOME SUPPORTERS. THE INVINCIBLES WERE THE INVINCIBLES.

    Arsenal circa 2012-13 are sh1t.

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  36. goonercrouchy

    I’m worried. I’m worried about the boo boys. I’m a worried Arsenal player. I’m so worried.

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  37. goonercrouchy

    PS – I’m tired. I’m so tired and worried. I play for Arsenal and I’m tired and worried. I’m so tired and worried.

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  38. ripple

    Wenger denies Sagna is leaving just luck he denied RVP was leaving and just like he is in denial about every bad thing happening to his team right now.

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  39. Gooner

    I am more worried when a player denies that he will move to other club. I’ve heard a lot of that in recent years

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  40. Tamil Sundram

    if anyone is fed up then leave join and support other clubs….

    if not rally behind and support the club till the end of the season….and judge the team performance at the end of season….


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  41. S.H

    The best news I’ve heard in a month is Wenger upset with Walcott not signing. Get rid of him, he is the most hyped player. If he wasn’t English, fans would be all over him and Wenger would have gotten rid of him years ago. Walcott is there to make up the English numbers, so Zaha can take right over no worries!

    I want to watch professional players play, not players that pretend to be as good as the hype built around them. Walcott is a chump, there is no substance to his game!

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  42. LP

    @goonercrouchy Oh you’re an arsenal player??!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha………..

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  43. James

    It pains me that Sagna is on his way out. An extremely unappreciated player in my eyes. Had a passion for the club and deserves way more than 60k a week. One of the few remaining veterans and you can see how disappointed he was when wenger sold all the players. take a look at his disgusting looks at rvp and Adebayor before matches while they’re lining up. An unsung hero in my eyes

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  44. leo

    this could have been arsenal’s season city are struggling united are conceeding far too many goals chelski looks confused if only we had replaced rvp & song we could have been in much better position still there is a chance hope we win the next 5pl games & stay in capital we could be facing either bradford or brentford (depends on suspension) & then move into jan & spend money to bring 3-4 players

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  45. leo

    @S.h yeah i don’t know what so special about theo ox & zaha will be much better in 1-2 years than walcott is 2day he wants more money simple as that let him go where was he against swansea & how can he dictate to wenger where to play & all this stuff sell him & get adrian lopez he is an excellent player his performance in europa league was good last season even this season against chelski he was good + his contract ends in summer get him don’t need theo

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  46. leo

    sagna deserves to stay as long as he wants he has been the most desrving while the undesrving sh*t players like park,denislon,bendtner,squid,dojrou,arshavin,santos should be all dumped

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  47. Gunnerineverylife

    It all started with ashley cole,it’s been 6 years and the board still havent learned.

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  48. Gunnerineverylife

    @S.H. I agree with you that Theo is overhyped but he has been our top scorer this season,and we know that even though we may sell him we will not buy anyone that matches the quality of theo let alone a top class winger who is needed to supply crosses for Giroud,Jesus Navas or someone of that mould would have been perfect but this is Arsenal,we fans can only dream about those type of signings.

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  49. leo

    Borussia Dortmund’s starting XI cost £32m and they got 14 points, Man City’s starting XI cost £250m and they got 3 points in uefa cl
    bottomline money doesn’t guarantee sucess but wenger you better spend

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  50. leo

    Borussia Dortmund have spent less on their starting XI two night ago (£32m) than Liverpool have spent on Carroll (£35m).

    lol & now they want to sign theo for 8m fu*k off

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  51. S.H


    Yeah mate too true! i’m glad i’m not the only person that can see Walcott’s flaws. I mean there are so many, that it flabbergasts me when Walcott lovers blatantly ignore it. don’t they watch the same games? Does a goal excuse the fact the he stuffed up 2 open scoring opportunities which could have put Arsenal 3-0 up at halftime? I want clinical players. Guys that give you confidence when they’ve got the ball at their feet. I don’t want to be a wishful spectator, I want to feel confident that we can score when a particular player or players are on the field. We felt that with RVP because he delivered. I can never say the same about Walcott. When he receives the ball, I go into panic mode, thinking, what’s going through your small brain Walcott!? Just pass it already before you lose it. We all know Theo isn’t going to take any opponent one on one on the dribble. He doesn’t have the techncial ability to do so. Boring! Bring in Zaha already!

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  52. S.H


    Did you just say we can’t bring in another winger with the same quality as Walcott? Are you effin kidding me? Navas, Farfan, Cabella, Zaha are only few names that are far superior to Walcott’s technical ability. I think you are completely brainwashed! if you think Walcott is better than the names I just mentioned, you know nothing about football!

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  53. leo

    @s.h arsenal should swap theo with raheem sterling he is a gooner since childhood like zaha just imagine arsenal team with all these players we will have that english backbone + signings like huntelaar/adrian lopez/fellaini or m’vila or anyone else/m’biwa/holtby,zaha we will be unstoppable we could even challenge for the league title last season city blew 12 point lead then manure threw away 8 point lead we need to win till jan & reinvest for once i hope arsenal changes it’s policy besides it’s not like all these players are going to cost a lot most of their contract’s end in summer

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  54. Gunnerineverylife

    @S.H you think we will bring a player of the quality of Navas,Farfan?you can dream and where have I said walcott is better than them??

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  55. leo

    navas suffers from homesickeness there is no chance of us getting him 2 years back barca tried to sign him ahead of alexis sanchez but he refused even to stay in the same country but move to different club what makes you think he will move to england farfan last season we could have signed him for free cabella is a good player but i would still go for adrian lopez & zaha experience & one for the future + raheem sterling i am 100% sure he hasn’t signed a contract he will leave & could join us like zaha

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  56. Gunnerineverylife

    @leo I havent watched Adrian Lopez play much but his statistics in this season does not seem exciting,17 matches played,3 goals,0 assists.

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  57. leo

    @gunnerineverylife yeah because adrian lopez was injured & also because he hasn’t signed a contract extension last season he was good even pep guardiola wanted to sign him but he refused to move to barca another option would be andriy yarmalenko ukranian winger had a great euro12

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  58. Sank

    Diame of westham linked and just for 4 million.
    he is a quality DM and available cheap, is 25 and perfect for us.

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  59. VonMich

    Let’s face West Brom now! It’s REDEMPTION TIME!!! Stick behind the guys!! They need our support!

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  60. No more excuses

    At the end of the day theo is 1 of the players who won us points this season and weighed in with good goals . He’ll yeah he’s flaws – and it’s just a pity he’s 1 of our better players . Zaha ? Seriously ? Get real guys – if he was a player who cud make such a difference then man city , utd , Chelsea , spurs , or even west bloody ham would sign him b4 us ! Not only cos they’d offer him more money – but wot ambitious player would sign for a team run by these useless pack of bas*rds ? Seriously – sure sterling and theo looked to Liverpool b4 us ! Apart from that afc need pedigree winners – all this sh* t started when wenger decided to sell off quality for young hopefulls … And people on here wanna keep goin that way ….. Sometimes I really question some people’s wit on here !

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    please remove deadwood..not sagna. by removing deadwood we r removing wasted wage money..can use that to obtain other players or ups the contract of current stars.

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  62. dude

    Stop bullsheetin’ us board & old chepaskate Wenger – GOOD LUCK to Walcott & Sagna , other teams would be lucky to have you guys !

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    both leo n s.h. r right..when we have players who supports arsenal its motivates them to win and do their best on the pitch for their club..currently what i know is mertesacker and jenkinson are both arsenal fans. The rest im not sure their status..maybe a loyal player or a player cum supporter..either way we need players who have high determination to give their best for their club.

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  64. No more excuses

    Some people on here votein facts down – I reckon stan and co must have a name on here . Either that or thers a few dummies on here that are happy with wengers activities the past 8 seasons …. Which include – buyin deadwood , sellin quality , buyin kids , sellin proven winners , backing the board , making excuses , sh*t tactics , no plan b – etc etc etc . Ok genius’ tell us now with all ur wisdom what wenger and the board have done to improve or even sustain our status ! Was better under George graham . Wenger can’t be credited with everyfin u numbskulls – he inherited a team of fighters and winners – without them vieira and co would not have become the forces the became – there another FACT for Wengerites to choke down ! We won doubles and leagues b4 wenger came u know ….. Or maybe u’z dnt !

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  65. Famoz de smoking gunzzzz

    Hello and good day to my cogunnerzzz,really appreciate all those beautiful comments,but you all know this AW of a man he would n’t want to go against or have a stand off with the board.They have enough money @ hand now but would n’t spend a dime.Deep love or sincerity of the club from AW is under question.Those clubs spending to achieve better results are not stupid or idiots.Ohhhhh my Abrahamovic !!! How lovely you are even though I love not the blues but still want to glue to cups.
    AW shud just sell off the likes of Walcott,Djorou,Santos and let Ramsey and that effort wasting Gervinho,bearing name with Brazillians and Italians but without any success as thus,tarry so much watching from bench.They just refuse to grow !!!

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  66. Doc

    Say we buy the likes of Huntaleer at 29 for a 4 or 5 year contract why wont we give the likes of sagna who has served us well something like at least a 3 year contract.

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