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Sagna insists he will not be leaving Arsenal for PSG

The policy at Arsenal Football Club now is not to let the players, the ones we want anyway, to get into the last year or two of their contracts, to avoid being stung and having ungrateful players like Nasri and van Persie forcing a lucrative move to our rivals after being nurtured, looked after and turned into top players by Arsene Wenger.

The next player on the list to be tied down to a new contract is the French right back Bacary Sagna. There have been talks, apparently, but no agreement as yet. That has led to a lot of speculation that Sagna will be leaving the Emirates and there have been reports that the super rich French club Paris Saint-Germain are after him.

The 29-yeat old defender has refuted these stories, however, and told L’Equipe that he is committed to the Gunners.

“The January transfer rumours regarding PSG? I am 100 percent devoted to my club.

“I am only thinking about defending the colours of Arsenal until the end of my contract.

“The fans are angry with me because they heard about PSG’s interest, but I am not responsible for that. I never had any contact.”

I think the real reason that Sagna is not feeling the love of the Arsenal fans at the minute is that his form and attitude are not the same as they used to be. Too many mistakes and not enough passion has left Gooners wondering what is going on with Sagna. It could be that the contract issue is affecting him as it did Walcott, but the best way to ensure that he gets offered the deal that he wants is to prove he is worth it.

With young Jenkinson waiting in the wings, Sagna does not have the bargaining power that he used to have. His talent and experience could still be vital for Arsenal, especially when Bayern Munich come to London in two weeks.

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29 thoughts on “Sagna insists he will not be leaving Arsenal for PSG

  1. fatboy

    Ok thumbs down me if you like but rvp wasn’t ungrateful as he left to win trophy and he knew he was unable to do so at arsenal yes upset still he’s gone but unlike the rest he left for not money but the willing to win.

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  2. Dave

    Sagna has really gone down hill, he used to be one of our most consistent, if not the most consistent, players. He never crosses or beats players anymore, he just back passes it.

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  3. Huge

    should have gone abroad then he would-av got in to any of the worlds top teams an they would have taken him too money was the reason for leaving fact look at his wages now

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  4. Huge

    sagna deserves contract like walcot or more for what he has done in recent seasons he will find that form again sure of it

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  5. biggunner

    id love him to sign but jenkinson is sick and deserves more playing time so its a win win situation either way!

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  6. god's a gunner

    off topic, anyone else having a hard time voting for goal of the month? we have too many classy ones!

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  7. kron

    god’s a gunner
    i’ve been sitting at my computer for an hour trying to pick goal of the month. Its out of Gibbs, Wilshere and Theo vs liverpool for me

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  8. arun

    Rvp went for money only. We showed enough ambition in transfer window with 3 good signings. But he was a coward who just chose the easy way out after everything we did for him. Just imagine the same squad with Rvp in it..we would have been somewhere near the top for sure.

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  9. TheMessenger

    Sagna has been inconsistent this year and personally I wouldn’t mind him leaving as long as we’re going after a player like Micah Richards

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  10. neil moxon


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  11. ram

    his form has dropped, may be bcoz of the contract situation.. He has been one of our consistent & loyal player for a long time.. he definitely need a contract extension.. he deserves a silver ware with us.. Bring in Sergie Aurier as his deputy.. I also feel that Wenger has seperate plans for Jenks, developing him as an CB..

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  12. G.K.

    I’d like to see Jenkinson start against Bayern.

    I’d like to see Andre Santos on the bench…be TV5 at LB.
    Arjen Robben will totally smash the hell out of Santos.

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  13. neil moxon

    Just been on the Arsenal website a bit of a dramatic change
    anyone like it.

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  14. LordZeus11

    Yup that’s what he gets from ye fake fans. the guy puts in 6 world class seasons his a double leg break comes back and isn’t on top form so ye all get on his back and call for replacement. Yet call other players disloyal like no other. Bipola people it works both ways

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  15. gunnerscott

    lets not make crap up on Sagna then beat him up over it, he said he wants to stay, he has gone thru horrific injuries for us and remains a gunner,,,,, we can not complain about RVP or Cesc not being loyal then turn and piss all over a guy who is wearing the colors with pride who sez he want to finish his career here!! every player has better year than others, he is 29 and still has fantastic yrs. RvP had terrible yrs, yet everyone cries when he left… I’ll take Bacary’s bad days over 90% of the prems RBs best days….

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  16. goonerwave

    hey guys,

    i kinda feel that sagna.. should be showed some Gunner love here.. he has been an absolute work horse for us in the past.. and probably will be again.. lets get behind him and he will in turn come around again.. everyone has an off season.. some more than one season Cough “santos”..

    I think its probably his contract situation.. let’s give the guy and the team all the support we can.. and look forward to a great run to the end of the season..


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  17. 1nil2theboys

    @fatboy You may be right that he left to win things (although I don’t think so) and not because of the money but he’s still an ungrateful shit either way.

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  18. fatboy

    Please say you have legal paper work to back that up and you didn’t get it from the newspapers or internet or anywhere else like that……….

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  19. Robbo

    The reason Sagna has had some difficult games is since golden nuts Walcott thinks he is a striker he has stopped playing right midfield and leaving Sagna with 2 players attacking him. We need a Ray Parlour type to help him. Right midfield is an important position anyone who plays football knows this. Sagna is a great right back

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  20. Alex J

    Title should be.. Sagna not leaving Arsenal for PSG… YET.

    He’s been our worst player this season.
    He’s body language stinks and its obvious he wants to move on. Put Jenks right back, pure passion.

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  21. NIcky

    @ fatboy he left because man u offered him 170k a week for 5 years, how many other b4 year old strikers do u know who get that kind of money? He left before FFP rules kick in and wages get moderated down as a result. If we still had RVP alongside podolski, girroud and walcott then we would have one of the ebst attacks in the world

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  22. NIcky

    I love Sagna by thew way I want him to retire with us but Wenger dont like giving out long contracts to old players but this ones worth it, as was Tony Adams and Keown

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  23. Uche

    I love sagna a lot regardless and I refuse to judge him on two or three bad games. He has been in arsenal for years, has been very loyal and has performed consistently. Please name one arsenal player that has not had two or three bad games. Sagna’s record is better than that of all current arsenal players. There is no football player who has not had the occasional bad game and I can only remember Sagna having two or three bad games in his five years in arsenal. He deserves our respect and we must treat our older players with the kind of respect that rewards their loyalty. Barcelona is still giving Puyol and Xavi new long term contracts inspite of their ages. Now that is how you reward your loyal servants. We have too many youngsters. We need our own ryan giggs and paul scholes.

    If sagna does not feel appreciated at arsenal, I will not blame him one bit. I will feel the same way too if I were him. He is good enough to play for any top team in most leagues and has stuck with arsenal instead where he has neither been rewarded with trophies or large sums of money. The least we can do is to give him a two or three year contract and stop the stupid penny pinching. Generosity goes both ways.

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  24. ken

    Sagna is one of our most loyal and consistent players, despite two broken legs in the last two years.
    Jenks is not yet ready for the right back spot, but a very good back up for us.
    Sagna has stated his love for the shirt and we should back him up and make him feel wanted again.
    As for van pursie fatboy, how on earth you can try and justify his actions is beyond me.
    I personally believe he is the biggest judas in the clubs history (yes even over cashley and na$$ri).
    Why…because for eight years we gave him stability, loyalty and taught him his profession under great players like Henry and Bergkamp. He was shielded from the public eye during his court case and after one year when all the above came to fruition (last year) how did the club repay him?
    They offered him £150,000 a week, a £5million “signing on fee” along with three international signings that have shown just what Arsenal was working too.
    He forgot the last eight years, the adoration of the fans, the view of some of his family members and insisted that he be allowed to leave for Manure.
    All this crap about we sell our best players is ridiculous when the club is held to ransom by this lowlife we all supported for so long.
    When I see him in a manure shirt it makes me feel sick and how any gooner can try and defend this man is unbelievable.
    I just hope shitty win the league, Arsenal win CL and FA cup, then I will know there is justice in this world.
    Rot in your manure shirt RVP!!!

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  25. Arsenal1Again

    Class is permanent. Sagna is a class defender and he will sign an ongoing one year rolling contract for a few years. This will encourage other players to do the same. Bergkamp signed a new deal every Summer in his 30’s.

    The only thing really in Jenkinson’s favour is his crosser. He’s our best crosser at Arsenal, and if Nacho proves to be as good or better, Giroud the header-meister is going to be spoilt for choice if they play together. Especially if Walcott can improve his crossing and Podolski can gauge his crosses a bit better.

    Sagna has been a good crosser but like Bob says, he’s off his game. Sagna has many opportunities to leave for higher wages when teams came knocking and he hasn’t gone. It’s essential this loyalty is recognised and respected, otherwise all the vitriol said about Adebayor, Ashley Cole, Hleb and Nasri becomes meaningless if you speak of a loyal non-mercenary player the same way.

    By treating Sagna the same way as the mercenaries you will send the wrong message to other players who’ll see how Sagna’s loyalty is rewarded.

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  26. @_me_official

    @_ken_ you’ve really said it all,its hard to believe bt who amongst you sincerely believes that arsene sells our best players just for the sole purpose of making profit…R.I(v).P was jailed for alledgedly raping a beauty queen some years back,he admitted to having sex with her bt claimed he did it with her consent….all this happened while he was still a young man….Arsene,the fans & the club stood by him through all this…i even heard wenger was the one who had to help mend his crumbling marriage…i wil just stop here coz it realy hurts…if i were messi and stoke could show me such support,i’m gonna stay there my whole career for that sole reason…

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  27. gunnerscott

    @ Uche – brilliant point, you never see a Barca fan turn on Puyols for some of the mistakes he has made as he gets slower,,, support Sagna for the man and player he is! he’s Gunner thru and thru…

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  28. **** Set Gunner ****

    Sagna used to be very good but now he is just average. Not bad, but average. I think we should offer him a 1 year extension only. This would give time for Jenkinson to develop and learn from his experience also. And if need be we can sell Sagna in January 2014 and buy someone else to give competition to Jenkinson.

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