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Sagna reveals his love for Arsenal

Bacary Sagna has had a long injury lay off after breaking his leg twice while playing for Arsenal last season, but he is back and happy to be back, just as us Gooners are delighted to have him back. There have been reports suggesting disagreements between the French international and the club over a new contract, but if Sagna’s recent words are anything to go by, he will not be leaving the Emirates stadium anytime soon.

“It has been magic. I have enjoyed a lot playing for Arsenal and I still love it. Every time I go to the pitch, I just give 100 percent for the team.

“(The club) is like my family. My personal family is in France, but I feel at home here, I feel happy to come training and I feel relaxed. There are not many big clubs where you feel that confident.

“I think I have progressed a lot. That was my target, to come to such a big club and improve.

“I am very calm compared to when I came. I used to be a bit stressed before games, but now I am totally relaxed because of my team mates and the manager.”

The 29-year old has been a Gunner since 2007, making him the elder statesman of the current squad. Arsenal need him ti instil what he has learnt and experienced over the years into the newer and younger players. Wenger once described him as `the best right back in the Premier league` and Carl Jenkinson could not wish for a better role model.

Thankfully, Sagna has not been called into the France squad for the game against Italy tonight. He will be faced with Gareth Bale when Tottenham come to the Emirates on Saturday, so will need all of his energy and talent, but Sagna has got what it takes. Hopefully, we will soon hear that Arsenal have given him what he wants and secured his future with the club.

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32 thoughts on “Sagna reveals his love for Arsenal

  1. jk

    Love sagna been a rock at right back since he came, If sagna is sold its a disgrace!

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  2. david

    same sh*t we heard with van p**sy..looks like another case of de ja vu..greedy board will surely sell him in the summer

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  3. T3st0

    Didn’t Song say the same thing couple of days before he moved to Barca? Yeah I take all of this with a grain of salt.

    It’s also the same damn crap from Wenger too. Ohh I think this person will stay, I want them to stay, then they all leave regardless.

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  4. Dan

    Can’t see him getting anything more than an extra year on his current deal which expires at the end of next season. The extra year would take him to the age of 32 but I think he’d want more than that.

    He could instead go to Inter who would probably offer him 5 years + an extra 20/30 grand.

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  5. ken

    Gunnerineverylife…as did Na$$ri before him.
    Thats why I dont understand these people who say Arsenal let their best players go. The club offered everyone of them inproved contracts that were dismissed.
    All of them…fillmypursie,Anyonebuyme,Na$$ri,Cashley etc were judases to the greenback.
    If they had stayed faithfull to Arsene and the fans we would have been top dogs without question.
    By the way all you guys who believe we should be spending spending spending…news that Manure have just reduced their debt to just £360million pounds, thats twice as much as the debt we currently have!!!

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  6. jk

    Your dillusional united are the most profitable club in the world that debt is easily managed by the club and they still can compete with anyone when it comes to transfers as we know to our cost, Also just because the club offer new contracts why should the players accept it when they feel the club are not matching there ambitions! The club want fans to believe they are trying to keep players but there ovbiously not look at song he had 3 years left and they still sold him!

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  7. gunner

    Arshavin, sagna, theo all wil b sold I guess…its hard to see arshavin on bench these..days I mean he looks sharp n fit n rearing to go..certainly does much more than podolski on that left wing…just wish to see him…

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  8. Robin Van Payslip

    When a player says something like that it means he is moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Iamdi

    I agree with everyone’s comments. He loves Arsenal like everyone else but the board don’t care. So the players look and get sold to teams that can win trophies.

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  10. GDL

    If he leaves i wouldnt b mad his been great n loyal to d club n d club hasnt really shown ambition so i would understand

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  11. GDL

    Buy Falcao/Remy/Jovetic all proven strickers
    Buy def mid Sanchez/Mvilla/Tiote
    Buy a left back Armero/sissocko/coentrao

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  12. schizznit

    i stll remember when bale claimed that sagna was his worst opponent and hated to go against him in every north london derby.

    lets hope sagna continues putting fear in bale 😛

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  13. vyash

    buy Christian Eriksen (mielfielder attck) less than 12m
    he can replace santi easily and ramsey will be the sub

    wallcot must sign

    thre will be 23 m for jovetic or andre shurrle

    sell playrer who dont play(20m) and buy a world class defender

    this is the most good spending

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  14. matthew

    If the board and prof wenger can sale big players such as van p, song, nasir, fabregas, and even king henry him self then no player is exceptional.

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  15. gary


    at last – we have another realist
    forget all this ‘i love the club’ – ‘kiss the badge’ crap

    the only thing that matters is the green

    what a great job being an agent must be….
    get a commodity – and then just sell the arse off it for 10 to 15 years
    and do very little, except for a 2 yearly re-negotiation….
    the odd call touting the product to anyone that might listen…
    dropping the odd pearl to the ever listening media….
    and whispering sweet nothings into the ear of your commodity regularly…

    oh — and counting the cash

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  16. Bosko

    some of you guys suggest players like its fifa or football manager, @CDL your delusional if you think we would get any of those players and if we did throw money at them it doesnt mean they will come and its easy to say sell players we dont need for (20mil). We tried in summer and failed miserably, and who out of those players do you rate a couple mil,

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  17. James

    Buy messi and Ronaldo! You guys need to realize if instead of worrying about other players if we kept our stars(van persie, fabregas, nasiri) we would easily be completing, maybe even be in first in the title race. Until the day we spend more than we take in we need to focus on holding down the players we still have players that we cannot let leave (Walcott-playing up to his potential finally) and Sagna

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  18. S.H

    Intuition tells me that the article on Sagna feeling at home at the Emirates after 5 years is a strong sign he will actually leave. There is a pattern I’ve discovered with Their articles are strategically picked out or presented to supporters to appease the feelings of fans and simultaneously protect the Board.

    Revealing that Sagna is happy at the Emirates is more a way of saying yes he is happy, so if he leaves, it’s not the Board’s influence. They did it with various players over the last 10 years and most of those players ending up leaving. Maybe I’m devlving too deep between the lines, but something smells fishy!

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  19. YK

    This line is similar to that of Judas, I hope he stays though….but with Arsenal, nothing is certain

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  20. hamid

    Too bad that the three hounds of hell that dwell amongst us in human forms of ivan, stan and peter don’t share that love, and too bad that we have to see you go somewhere where you can challenge for silverware. Too bad that comes 2014 we will be seeing the backs of Giroud, Santi, Poldi and Gervinho. And if AFC’s ambitions don’t climb up in 2014, then brace your selves for the exciting matches in the qualifications for the Europa League.

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