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Schalke player Holtby would love to play for Arsenal

Lewis Holtby is one of Schalke’s danger men and Arsenal will have to keep a close eye on him in the champions league game tonight at the Emirates. The Gunners scouting team may be keeping a close eye on the youngster as well, after learning that his contract is finished in the summer and he would love to play in the Premier league.

The 22-year old was born in Germany to a German mother, but his father is from Liverpool and influenced his son to be an Everton fan. Holtby has revealed that he has always admired Arsenal as well, but is focusing on his form this season rather than thinking about his next club.

Holtby has already chosen Germany over England at international level but it might be the other way round at club level. He is a key player for the Schalke side this year and is helping them do well in the Bundesliga including a morale boosting win against the champions Borussia Dortmund.

“It was a great result to win against our biggest rivals, and it gave us much confidence to play against Arsenal on Wednesday.

“Arsenal have a lot of pace, good football quality and of course a great stadium with a big crowd so it will be difficult. But we are ready for the challenge and happy to play there.

“For me it was always a dream to play in the Premier league and it was always a team like Arsenal that I would like to play for. Now I play for Schalke and I am happy to be here.”

Holtby will be meeting some of his football heroes tonight in Mikel Arteta (because of the Everton connection) and his international team mates Podolski and Mertesacker. Hopefully the occassion will get to him and his play suffers, as he could be a real handful for the Arsenal defence.

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20 thoughts on “Schalke player Holtby would love to play for Arsenal

  1. Carl

    Holtby and Huntelaar contracts expires by the end of the season i would love too see them at the Emirates . Lewis is Arsenal fan . Huntelaar yesterday praise our pitch on twitter 😀

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  2. tobias

    beat schalke tonight and mayb sort a pre season contract with both huntelaar and holtby in jan???

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  3. makho

    On a side note. Wenger says arsenal is “financially strong”. Well in that case he better reinvest that money and make world class signings in jan. If he doesn’t and we end up trophyless, when other teams are on buses parading their trophies, he better get himself and the board a double decker bus where they can go around parading the money they don’t want to invest in world class signings. I’m sick and tired of arsenal not investing money for world class signings. U reap what u sow, we can’t expect to win trophies with players like chamakh and squillaci. Look at the squads we had many years ago… We were oozing class- we had players like henry, pires, ljunberg, bergkamp, viera, gilberto. Now we have ordinary players, plus one or two world class players, like cazorla and arteta.

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  4. theOx @jamie9lashley

    Many players’ contracts running out in the summer, llorente, holtby, huntelaar. Wenger will see a few bargains january or then

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  5. stephen187

    problem is even though there are these bargains flying around come january there will still be a price war when it comes to wages…sure there bound to someone offering llorente etc 100k+ wages if they get him on the cheap

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  6. jamaican gunner

    wenger hardly ever buys any top player in january ,most of them are usually cup tied in the champions league so its a bit of a draw back …so i wouldnt get my hopes up

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  7. jiiith

    Iam going to publish my first post
    FALCAO-Mr Wenger desperate times need desperate measures
    today at within 2 hrs ..pls check it out

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  8. TKC

    Buy Holtby, and move Walcott to striker.
    That way, we can fit the amount of wingers we have, and improve the general quality of the team.

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  9. Zery

    People failed to understand is that what Arsenal lacked is quality players that realy makes a difference and win the game by themselves when the team doesn’t perform good. Arsenal has got more than enough average players. Collecting average players doesn’t win you a title, it never did but it may save you some money in short term. In January what Arsenal realy needs is that two proved world class players: a forward and wide man.

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  10. Uche

    That is some useless information. So what if he wants to play for arsenal? These players all know how to generate interest in themselves and start a bidding war. All they need to do is to talk about how they admire arsenal and before you know it, everybody is linking us with them while Totenham, Liverpool and Man city respond by starting a bidding war. We all know wenger is not going to buy Holtby or whatever his name is. If we are lucky, we will get one new central striker in January and if Walcot leaves, Wenger will likely replace him with chamberlain or Serge Gnabry. Don’t get unnecessarily excited folks. Just pray we don’t get embarrassed tonight by shalke.

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  11. jamseyb

    if walcott doesnt sign a new contract how about we trade him for holtby and then offer huntellar a decent contract with the money we supposedly have

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  12. shady

    I hope holtby and huntelaar both score tonight,and we win 3-2 😛
    atleast that will increase arsene’s interest in both the players.he probably would sign 1 of them,i hope huntelaar

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  13. S.H

    I really like Holtby’s game. The kid has excellent vision and short one-two passes to find an incisive run. He’ll fit right in. Draxler is another to watch.

    And for those screaming out HUNTELAAR, the guy is 29 years old, we’ll pay eff all for his transfer fee but wages will be demanding. Lets just forget him ALREADY! Don’t get me wrong, I do respect his scoring ability, but he’s an unlikely purchase.

    Whilst some fans are thinking of buying players, there’s a dire need to lighten the squad to make room for new replacements. Bendtner, Park, Arshavin, Squillaci, Denilson, Chamakh could all go. That’s 6 potential spots that could be filled with some quality I hope! Exploit the Spanish market at once!

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