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Schalke star Holtby could soon be at Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has had two great opportunities to watch Arsenal transfer target Lewis Holtby recently. The versatile Schalke midfielder can also play on the flanks or as a support to the striker, and he impressed Wenger during the recent Champions league matches enough to earn himself a move to the Emirates, apparently.

His contract with the German club is due to expire in the summer, and Schalke are trying to persuade him to renew with them, but Holtby is putting off a final decision until the German winter break. Recent statements from the player, who has an English father, suggest that he wants to play in the Premier league. He should soon get his wish, reports the Daily Star, because he at the top of Wenger’s list of transfer targets for January.

Liverpool are also thought to be keen on Holtby, although he admitted that if he moved to Liverpool, it would be painful for his dad who is a lifelong Everton fan. 22-year old Holtby has been a star of the Schalke side since returning from a loan spell two years ago. With Schalke striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar also looking set to move on, perhaps Wenger can arrange a two for one deal?

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32 thoughts on “Schalke star Holtby could soon be at Arsenal

  1. Patton156

    Giroud has been playing great in the last few games 🙂 i always had faith he him

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  2. maxi pimpi

    it will be a good addition. but i think we have suppluse in midfield now. what we need in midfield is an out an out DM. we are sincerly lacking creativity on the flanks. thank God for walcott. he is really steping up. personally i think we should get a creative winger who can attack, run at defenders and put in a decent cross in for the beast (giroud). i see him scoring 15 headed goals this season.the likes of navas, isco, konoplanka, arda turan comes to mind as they won’t be expensive

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  3. saton81

    Would be a great addition. Worth around 7-10M. So to get him on a free would be great.

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  4. leo

    Cavani’s agent: “There’s been much interest in the past 6 months, we just want what’s best for him. He has opened talks with ARSENAL and lfc”

    please hope this is true + napoli did make a bid of around 8m for johan djorou(lol yeah i know) so why not make a bid of around 20m + djorou for cavani COYGS

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  5. leo

    Cavani’s agent confirmed he has opened talks with Arsenal and Liverpool. He also says he will join a team based on football, not money come on arsenal wage won’t be an issue come on

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  6. leo

    “Mourinho said I only score against small teams. Well I scored two against Chelsea, now I’m doubting if they’re a big club.” king thiery henry

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  7. Maverick

    leo, where did you find this quote? if true he may well be heading to Arsenal because he has said time and time again he will only consider going to a team that can offer him CL football because he wants to test himself at the highest level………………..BUT what of City, Manu and Chavski? If we go in for a 30m bid they will hike it to 60m within minutes and offer him 5x the amount we could offer for wages!!

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  8. ERG

    Holtby would be a terrific signing looks comfortable on the ball and a decent athlete and hard working would be a great squad addition.
    CAVANI is never happening we dont buy A-list players!!!

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  9. leo

    @maverick it’s there in the italian media his agent has confirmed it no stories from me dude here is the scenario city wants de rossi,jovetic & huntelaar (balotelli out),chelski will get falcao,suarez is also a target,lewandowski to manure,balotelli to psg so the leaves us with cavani question is will arsenal board sanction the deal i still don’t know the talks are on that is 4 sure whether we will sign him or not don’t know

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  10. realist


    i can think of a number of midfielders i want out the door ahead of denilson start with denilson and arshavin then followed by diaby and rosicky who spend more time in the medical room. we need players like ramsey he is fit versatile and very young but highly experienced.

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  11. Maverick

    @ERG it is possible though…….maybe only 1% possible but it is still a chance let me just explain why.

    1. Wenger is fed up of player leaving him with no loyalty and it hurts him and i think this will be the perfect retribution RVP goes to manu and that was the last straw you could tell by Wengers demeanor that he wanted to destroy Manu and Chelsea etc and all of those teams that run roughshod over us.

    2. Wenger has always been one of those characters that when you think he is gonna zig he actually zags. He has been saying for the past 2 seasons that he would pay 40+ million for the right player, and you know what i actually believe him, its almost as if he is trying to tell us something but he is not allowed to say because it could ruin something.

    3. Fans and everyone is getting impatient even if we don’t win a trophy this season i am sure that Wenger and the Arsenal board need to show intent sooner or later and Gazidis is hinting that big things are in the pipeline he keeps on hammering home that in the next couple of seasons we will be competing with the biggest clubs in the world, everyone says he is a spin doctor but he is telling the truth. Did you know that from next season we could be up 70m from new deals and the new premier league money and we still have more deal renewals and are starting to get more smaller deals onboard so that sees our annual income rocket to close to 350m all the while we will be releasing crap from their contracts like squilachi etc.

    4. Remember the Arshavin incident, everyone was saying at the time “Arsenal will never get him he is a 30m+ player, his wages will cost too much etc” then he came much to the surprise of everyone and no one could quite believe we got a player of that calibre for so cheap (i remember the club that sold him much like Cazorla said it was almost an insult that he went for peanuts but they couldnt stop it) admittedly Arshavin has falling from grace from how he was once revered but no one could quite believe we got such a high calibre player that only the season before didn’t leave his club when 30m+ was offered for him and we got him for 16m………..So wenger has got it in him to pull off surprises.

    5. Wenger knows we can’t defend for toffee, so what will he do, make our attack so fearful that other teams will have to be careful how they attack us because if we had the likes of Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott, Podolski, Cavani etc that they could pay for it dearly…….i think Wenger wants dearly for us to get that fear factor back. Say what you want about Wenger but do you see his face when we lose or do so well then throw it away, he looks hurt and angry.

    Stranger things have happened, i admit it might be very unlikely BUT not IMPOSSIBLE!!

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  12. NIKK

    Nothing new to be excited about….Every youngster’s agent advises his client to sign for Arsenal, for he knows the greedy balance sh*t loving board will sellhim at right price in future!

    Fans want experienced quality signing, who can win us trophies!!!!

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  13. irish gunner

    gr8.great just add add belhanda,lb and cdm to dat nd wer set.i tink we shud also sign shane long as well.hes fast,strong,can finish nd wud be a real leader on de field

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  14. Essien

    @Maverick. Hmmmm… So the brainwashing is back on eh? After JUST ONE great win, wenger is d best in d world or is no longer insane? Wow! Lets wait and see. But i stil think wenger is has lost it for me!

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  15. Maverick

    @essien, eerrrrmmm where did i say that wenger has not got his faults and has not made bad decisions. All i said was his general characteristics and how he likes to throw curveballs etc and he has got the odd elements of surprise in him. He is also a man that is proud and you can see it hurts him to do lots of work with players for them to crap on him from a great height………..for all his faults he is not stupid and as i say he has been left wounded time and time again by scumbag players and i reckon he is going to be out for retribution and i KNOW that Arsenal will be taking in a huge amount more money from next season. Before anyone says ‘oh all of that will go in the boards back pocket’ CUT IT OUT Arsenal are transparent and cannot take money out of the club without it being in the accounts because arsenal is a plc and that would be ILLEGAL and they wouldn’t risk the club over something like that.

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  16. mo

    Average player nothing to rave about, come January Arsenal aren’t buying anyone you all know it so plz stop with the rubbish rumours

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  17. Kingbong10

    How are people still on Ramseys d1ck? The guys had a terrible season so far..YET AGAIN..He was absolutely useless against Spurs for the time he was on..We should of done a straight swap for him & Dempsey last season and even Clints not amazing. Looking forward to the thumbs down from the Ramsey Brigade on this one..Hit me !

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  18. mohawk35

    Great addition – therefore it probably won’t happen. With all the competitions and injuries there certainly is room for a talented and versatile midfielder.

    @Kingbong10: The great part of getting Holtby is that there will be no room in the squad for Ramsey and we won’t have to watch him run chaotically and randomly around the pitch looking for another Arsenal attack to disrupt.

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  19. S.H

    Cavani sounds like a long shot, but man would we laugh if we got him and Chelsea spent a ridiculous buck on Falcao? I actually believe our chances of landing Holtby is greater. He would definitely be a good buy with his versatility.

    WE STILL NEED A LB AND A DM IN WINTER. STRIKERS ARE NOT A PRIORITY. I’m just sick of seeing Ramsey in the holding midfield or RF roles. The kid is completely useless and Diaby can’t be trusted with his injuries.

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  20. Ali

    It looks like Arshavin could leave for Reading and its time for Arsenal to let go of Ramsey and Frimpong, they could both do with more regular football at another club. This creates room for Lewis, who is brilliant and quite versatile. I hope Diaby can stay fit for the remainder of the season otherwise come summer we should look for a midfield enforcer in his place (I say this with a heavy heart because if fit he is an amazing talent). I also hope Walcott signs a new contract in January. With his improved finishing I am sure he will get more chances to play as a striker, he has to be patient and also open-hearted (as he has been so far this season) as he may be used on the right more so than through the middle. I really enjoyed Santi and Theo swapping places every now and then against the Spuds. Really hope he stays, we sign Holtby, a LB and a quality striker in January. COYG!!!

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  21. Agung

    I hope Wenger can deal with both of Holtby and Huntelaar 🙂
    It can be the best squad 😀

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  22. Chris

    Wenger should bring Cristian Tello from Barcelona and Holtby, and then let Walcott stay

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