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Schneiderlin WILL transfer to Arsenal but NOT this month!

If this latest Arsenal transfer rumour is true and that Arsene Wenger has already agreed a transfer deal to bring the Southampton and France international star Morgan Schneiderlin to the Emirates, it could have big repercussions for what happens with the Gunners in the January transfer window, and consequently could have ramifications for the rest of the current season.

Because, according to a Daily Star report which claims to have a Premier League footballer as its source, the deal that is apparently done between Arsenal and Schneiderlin will not happen until the end of the season and that leaves the fans wondering how we will cope in central midfield between now and then, especially now that we are hearing some rumours that our club captain Mikel Arteta may have suffered a setback and will be on the injury list for a few more weeks.

The report on Schneiderlin comes from someone called the `secret footballer` thought by some to be Dave Kitson of Reading. Whoever it is, they have already written two books under the pseudonym and are believed to have good access to sensitive information about the goings on in English football.

He wrote, “My understanding is that they have an agreement already in place with Schneiderlin.

“I’ve been told that Morgan Schneiderlin will sign for Arsenal, but not until the summer transfer window.”

If the Gunners really have beaten a number of Premier League rivals like Tottenham, Liverpool and Man United to the excellent Saints star, it will be a real coup, but surely we need some help in that position now don’t we? Perhaps another loan deal as long as they do not come with an injury?

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65 thoughts on “Schneiderlin WILL transfer to Arsenal but NOT this month!

  1. Greg

    Would have been good to get him this month, but it looks the summer most likely!

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    1. akuma gouki

      Sorry !
      I want to thumb up but my finger push the wrong end.

      Yes Morgan Scheiderlin!!!!!

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      1. YingYang69

        Would rather we waited till summer to get our top target opposed to bringing in short term fix who wed be stuck with for another two three years.

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      2. muffdiver

        one guy called the secret footballer says hes coming?
        lovely, might aswell be dom the milkman.

        an apparently a 63 million bid for hummels an gundogan-
        someone needs to confiscate there crayons- moronoic tw*ts

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        1. jaweant

          We need to buy the player they’re going to replace Schneiderlin for. Team does good business. They’ll make a ton off him. Got rid of most of the first team and doing better this year. Where’s our youth or scouts. Wtf

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    2. jonestown1

      So according to reports we are linked with Schneiderlin, Gundagon, Bielik, Brozovic and Khedira in CM with Arteta, Flamini, Coquelin, Diaby(!), Wilshere, Ramsey as back up. Well covered now aren’t we – LOL.

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  2. Tas

    Arteta to have surgery out for a further 3 months so we have to buy DM its a must now.

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    1. Tas

      Off topic what the hell happen to Borussia Dortmund second from bottom in the Bundasliga and we are trying to buy their better players, i don’t think that’s happening do you would you sell your best players when your in a relegation battle??

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      1. muffdiver

        its all bullsh*t rumours, ignore it.
        only one that has legs is reus- but hes off to madrid.
        how many gooners were saying we are getting reus? lol
        a 50 million player going for 20- no your right no one else would be interested

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      2. rpk

        Feel bad for BVB fans..Their position is hard to digest. Top team with top players..Just can’t believe.

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        1. Incarnate

          They need to buy a world class attacker like Reus, a world class defender like Hummels….ooops they already have them! Nah its the manager then, they need to get a young and fresh manger like Klopp, gosh they have that too!

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    2. Twig

      We have Flamini, Coquelin, Bielik and Chambers. We have every excuse not to buy a DM ๐Ÿ˜‰

      And besides we have Schneirdelin (next Summer), so what’s the point? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    3. ethangooner

      At least this is not a rumour, Legia Warsaw confirms Bielik will have medical at Arsenal on Friday

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  3. Greg

    I still think getting a quality DM and a CB should still be a priority, and not be overlooked! Coyg!

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    1. KickAssFan

      So I went on my knees and enquired of the Universe the befuddling and seemingly inexplicable reason why we are often plagued with injuries. I was told, in the realm of the spirit, that the founding spirits of Arsenal are ANGRY. Angry about the way the club is run. Angry that the glorious reputation of the club is being eroded by colossally disastrous waves of lies and mediocrity.

      Guys, I really shouldn’t share some of the things I was told, but at least you all have an insight on the matter.

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      1. Grim Bligh

        Man how those guys are gullible, with Wenger and Co it seems always later.
        At the end you see ain the sheet.
        We are fifth on the league because our team is not strong enough,our manager is careless and past it.
        We always delay fixing the void of the team as good miser do.
        They charge you the most but when it came to spend they are the last.
        Since some fools are happy with that state of failure why not keeping it.

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  4. Skandalouz

    If there’s any truth to this it could mean a massive boost for next season. If this is the case it might also be the reason why Wenger focused on getting depth (Bielik) in the position too, but I know better than to get my hopes up.

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  5. cheeterspotter

    Arsene, dont gamble, an extra CB and DM needed to help us move into the top 4 and stay there.

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  6. sohara

    Just read this years world rankings…and ARSENAL are the top English club, being 7th !!!! Chelsea 11th Manu U 128th r something like that….all based on last years rankings and results !!!!!

    Hard to believe but true

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      1. muffdiver

        funny we havent won the league in more than a decade, yet were the top club?
        we havent even got past quaters of champs league since 06

        an we are just as plastic as they are, since highbury we’ve become middle class, stadium filled with day trippers an executives.

        i love arsenal, but i wont kid myself

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  7. Ted Drake

    I think we missed a trick with the Bony transfer. He is tall, strong and powerful and can score against the big teams. Last season he scored against City, United, Liverpool and Arsenal. Bony is the top premier league scorer in 2014 and only cost Swansea ยฃ12m. His form at Vitesse was scarily good and he been excellent for Swansea aswell. Now he is at city they will win the league.

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    1. supertuur

      So Swansea took a gamble and got him. Here all our plastic fans would have said 2 years ago. Bony from Vitesse, no we do not want him he is not “World Class”

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      1. Darwin

        I think we use our requirement of “world class” players for the sake of it, sometimes atleast. look at Southampton, all are world class players? its just that they have world class attitude to perform in each game. If our players try to perform at their potential, we could easily beat most of the teams. however this is my armchair view..

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      2. Ted Drake

        same price as Giroud but joined Swansea with a better goal record. He scored 37 goals in 36 games in his last season with Vitesse. Even the plastics would have taken him

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          1. Darwin

            hafiz calling wenger to spend and wants #wengerout. I think universe will collapse on itself with your logic rpk. No disrespect bro, you know how hafiz is..

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  8. Ozzy AFC

    This article is Bollox
    If Schneiderlin is already agreed, what happens of Arsenal Don’t make the Fourth (Trophy) spot and Southampton do? is MS going to want to play for us then?? I sincerely doubt it !!
    Without an experienced CDM we are in serious doubt of making champions league football next sason and without that added revenue do you think our already notoriously tight board and manager will spend in excess of 30 million that Southampton will undoubtedly ask for said Schneiderlin ??? UTTER COBBLERS

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    1. Incarnate

      Has Wenger ever failed in the race for the glorious top four trophy? In Wenger we trust!

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  9. goonerretic

    The writer seem pretty certain.Morgan has always spoken of CL football.There is no guarantee AFC will be in CL next year

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  10. Twig

    Well, we could get Kallstrom once again in that case. Little bit 6 month deal for KK anyone? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  11. rpk

    Guys..enjoy this one. Awesome:
    http : //

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    1. rpk

      No words to explain his talent. I mean greater Hazard or Aguero!! I’m not denying that they are great..but Alexis is at another level.

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  12. sam-afc

    I’ve heard it all now, the SECRET footballer speaks…… Jesus what next?

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    1. Twig

      Where’s Paul you mean?!

      You’re a little bit late on the scene ๐Ÿ˜›

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  13. fred cowardly

    Even if it is true, if we do not qualify for Champions League we can forget about him signing in the summer.

    I’d prefer a top DM in January so that we can strengthen our position in the PL. we have Southampton and united ahead of us, Spuds and Liverpool behind us. All capable of taking 4th position.

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  14. rpk

    “We’re working really hard to try to get one or two players in.” Arsene Wenger on transfers

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    1. john0711

      You don’t have to work hard all you have to do is pay the clubs worth

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  15. john0711

    Every time I think we’ve fallen as low as we can down drops the lift’ we even have to listen to rumours in the next window we are that desperate, I agree with a lot of you it’s BS if we don’t get CL ( which we won’t without signings ) why would he come, and by the way this other midfielder for 6 m , can’t be bothered to check his name is a AM because we dout have enough lol, I will always be an arsenal fan but I cannot condone the way the club is run and the lies we keep being fed

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  16. john0711

    And by the way I would be happier if wenger was honest and said I won’t be buying anyone because of blah blah blah , than being fed the usual spin

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  17. Arsenal4LifeSaj

    When will people understand that Wenger and the board have been taking us for a ride for 10 years!!

    Schneirdelin is a top player but if we wait for the summer, wenger will address other areas rather then the areas we need.

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  18. Ozzy AFC

    We’ve spent 14 days of the transfer window trying to negotiate peanuts for a player that MAY but equally MAY NOT be the next midfield beast we need meanwhile Man City have brought in Bony who is a player that we could have done with and probably could have got before he upped his value with Swansea, I hear people on here talking about Wanyama and we could have got him prior to his move to Southampton, there’s talk of Dybala who will undoubtedly go to either Man united or cheski in the summer, we are missing a trick with virtually every player that is strengthening our opposition and we sit and quibble about ยฃhalf a million for some unknown child from Warsaw. its ridiculous and embarrassing and goes to show that the real agenda from both wenger and the board is keeping the books straight its the continual party line of “in the summer, we’ll do this” then the player is unavailable there used to be a time not that long ago when you knew that whoever they brought in was going to be class, now you know that whoever they bring in will be cheap and wont do much of a job, Sanchez has been the only real good bit of transfer business and I mean really good bit since we were supposed to be free of financial restraints makes you wonder if we ever really had any as its still not changed. Beilik is the only transfer we will make end of story

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  19. Dennis

    The reason Wenger will never get a DM is b/c all the good ones out there cost more than 10 mil which is what he wants to pay. This man is living in 1997 while the rest of us are in 2015. Do you honestly think wenger would pay 28 mil for bony? LOL.

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