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Sean Dyche says Aaron Ramsey did NOT dive for Arsenal’s last minute winner

It is very refreshing to hear a manager that has lost a game thanks to a last minute penalty being honest enough not to accuse the opponent of diving, but that is exactly what the Burnley boss Sean Dyche has done today.

He was directly asked if he thought that Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey went down very easily to win the penalty in Sunday’s last-minute winner at Turf Moor, but he was very clear on his thoughts. “There’s definite contact. Are you kidding me?” he said.

“Have you seen this division? That was like, it was an absolute smash in the back compared to what most people go down with in this division.

He gets contact. There’s definitely a nudge in the back.

“My suggestion is I don’t think he [Ramsey] is gonna get the ball. I think it’s going over him.

“But, like I say I need to be clear on this, probably that gets given. Probably.

“But we’ve had a lot not given when it’s similar, like that. That’s all I’d say.”

So basically he is saying that Ramsey was right to go down from the push, and as you can see from the pic above it was quite a hard push lol!

But one thing Dyche is right about is that players definitely go down easier in the Premier League than they do in the lower divisions where the game is much more physical…

Darren N

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13 thoughts on “Sean Dyche says Aaron Ramsey did NOT dive for Arsenal’s last minute winner

  1. Adena Olatunji

    I think man city will surely win the epl this season that’s why most wrong decisions going their way, the same thing happened to Leicester City 2 season ago. But take nothing away from them, they are the best for now

  2. ThirdManJW

    I think Ramsey made the most of it, but it was definitely a foul. Dyche is probably more annoyed with the fact that these shoves/shirt pulling goes on all the time in the box, and is often overlooked, yet outside the box, the refs cannot wait to blow their whistles, dish out cards, and for nothing challenges most of the time!

  3. Break-on-through

    The fact that Ramsey was impeded from reaching the ball is why it’s a stone wall. If the defender had of used his chest or his shoulder then it’s not a penalty, or if he’d just blocked Ramsey off by budging him forward, but he used his arms and denied Ramsey any chance of reaching it. Whether Ramsey goes down or not is beside the point, yes he embellished it. This is nothing like the Stirling one, Stirling didn’t have to go down and if he’d stayed on his feet he would have had a shooting opportunity, his is like when Alexis stayed on his feet v spu.

  4. Robin Vanpayslip

    I don’t know why such an issue was made of it. Yes it happened at a bad time for a team that played well but went on to lose but how can anyone justify putting their hands on an opponent in the penalty area? The fact that this was even discussed in so much detail shows how pointless the need to constantly fill the airwaves with football news is

  5. Sukhjot Gunner

    Ramsey was shoved in the back,the penalty was given,AS-07 scored,we won 0-1 and got the 3 points….That’s it. Now let us not just care about people moaning about it and concentrate on certain things that are more important-like winning against huddersfield.

    Thank you for your kind attention…..

  6. Steven

    Ramsey was clearly fouled. The defender pushed him in the back, preventing him from getting his head to the cross. Why is the discussion all about him when Sterling made a meal of the incident which led to Man City’s penalty? The defender slightly impeded Sterling, putting a hand on his shoulder, but then let him go, after which Sterling tumbled to the ground.

  7. Kenny Rolfe

    I think some of you are being a bit hard on the editor. This post was written purely to show the good sportsmanship Sean Dyche and I for one agree with that

  8. deleny

    still dnt see the fuss being created. Definitely un-necessary to me since we’ve bagged all three pts or you want Fa to re-schedule the match?.

  9. Midkemma

    I think the refs have brought all this on, they are not consistent and if a player gets constant kicks but no fouls given because he stays on his feet but the one player he does it to goes down and foul given…

    If you are fouled then you need to let the ref know and the more flamboyant the more likely to get attention… hence the superman poses that happen.

    Refs miss a lot and we need VidRef to aid the ref during the games and to obtain a higher level of consistency, until the FA make the changes then they should be blamed as they are the ones who hold back the game.

    Players might make the most out of contact but that is because the EPL encourages it if you want to have the foul given.

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