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Selling Kieran Gibbs to WBA so cheaply makes no sense at all

Kieran Gibbs has been at Arsenal for an amazing 13 years, and is no doubt one of our most loyal and consistent squad players whenever he has been called upon. He has been an England international whenever Wenger deigned to give him some regular football, but for some reason Le Prof never felt he was quite good enough to be a regular member of our starting XI.

Now Wenger has allowed him to leave for the paltry sum of just £7m, and of course at the age of just 27 he will be a regular starter at West Brom for the next few years. Tony Pulis can’t believe his luck in getting such an experienced Arsenal star for practically loose change for the Gunners.

The Baggies boss said: “We’ve now got a deal which I think is right for the club and I’m really pleased to add a player of this quality and experience to our group,”

“Kieran’s a good age and has made over 200 appearances for Arsenal, represented his country, and has Premier League and Champions League experience.

“To add these qualities to our squad is exactly what we’re looking for.”

How does this sale make sense? If we had kept him, even for the final year of his contract, he could have played regularly in the Europa League and shown exactly how good he is and earned an even better move next season. And we are hardly going to miss £7m from our coffers. With Oxlade-Chamberlain leaving and Lemar blowing us out, Gibbs could have been a neccessary backup this year. I for one am going to miss him, and I seriously believe right now that West Brom are going to be one of our rivals for the Top Six this season, and we have strengthened them.

Makes no sense to me at all?

Darren N

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52 thoughts on “Selling Kieran Gibbs to WBA so cheaply makes no sense at all

    1. Remember Resource?

      tell your source no incomings.. Btw Remember resource is kev. And kev is remember resource. Atleast thats the best the best story this window. And I hope that I kept the blog entertained with whatever news. I know Lemar didn’t happen but believe me it was so close. He came to london colony as well. It was arsenal useless penny pinching that held everything up. That upfront payment. Lacazette happened though. But anyway at least now fans understand that arsenal keep switching their position in the window. I think its time for usmanov to make his second bid at 2 billion for the club, I also think its high time you fans do something and stop priding yourselves in dumb support. If you all still attend games and sing, you all are the same as kroenke and wenger because you’re supporting them with your cash. You may say you’re supporting the club/team but in reality indirectly you’re supporting them with money.

      1. BigStick

        Dude, STFU. You don’t have a right to tell anyone what they should do, and that if they do what you think is wrong they are not Arsenal fans. I guess people who love the club and have season tickets should sit at home? Or people who support them on the road are traitors in your mind? People like you are horrible. No one wants to see Wenger stay but we’re Arsenal fans, we support the club even in the worst of times.

        1. jon fox

          Big Stick

          All have equal right to their comments. I disagree with you though in that financially supporting the club by attending, buying merchandise etc, is harming the club we all love by keeping the status quo which is steadily killing us. I say someone who won’t see this fact is not using their head. Oh yes, you are using your heart but it is planned brain work that is the only thing that will save us from our long slow decline. I think you do know what I am saying is true but refuse to admit it to yourself . I urge you to reconsider your views. Remember Resource who made the post to which you rudely wrote STFU, which is an uneducated, juvenile and foolish comment on a serious subject, was correct in his analysis. If you really care for the future of our great club and actually want to help, you should start using your head and not react like an oafish teenager. Up to you , if you care. I really do care!

  1. Robin Vanpayslip

    Bellerin was playing his position so that Ox could play right side even though Wenger knew Ox Washington leaving. And then Laca dropped for someone that is not match fit plus Ox in the squad only so people can speculate about him afterwards.

    I would say Gibbs had a lucky escape.

  2. Trudeau

    The story is that they offered 12m a few weeks ago but Arsenal was holding out for 15m only to then crawl back and take 7m when no one bit at the asking price. Can’t remember where I read that but can’t help but think it’s true as it would sum up what a hash we’ve made of this window.

  3. Lorde Bent_na

    12 years at the club and
    still not a regular starter.
    One of the English core who
    were going to dominate the EPL for a decade.
    He is also injury prone.
    Should have been let go 3 years ago.
    He could have stayed and collected
    his salary for a few starts a season
    but wants more game time.
    Good luck to him.

  4. gmv8

    Especially with WBA asking so much for Jonny Evans! This has been part of the knee jerk reaction to P. Enos Kroenke asking AW to swell the Arsenal coffers, to fund his new $1 billion loan from JP Morgan for his spiraling costs for his new stadium. He has obviously put Wenger under a lot of pressure, and Wenger doesn’t seem to be handling it. He has enough money he can just pay it off himself, but he has to put Arsenal through this. Maybe Usmanov will get involved, he was certainly influential in helping stop Kroenke taking 3.5 million a year out of Arsenal. Haven’t heard much from AST or black scarf – as a season ticket holder, I would be willing to sit out a televised game, and join a protest outside the stadium, but there have to be sufficient numbers. It would work if season ticket holders made the sacrifice.

  5. Ack77

    the reason arsenal have sold players for low prices is because of the players high wages which buying find difficult. with gibbs 70k supposedly wages which he would not take a cut much like the other deadwood. thus they bid lower than normal.

    1. gmv8

      no – the turn around was very rapid, one moment we had bought Lacazette, and were upping the bids for Lemar, the next we were told we had no money, and had to sell players. This could only come from Kroenke.

      1. Ack77

        talk about having to sell players and no money is bullshit. we are a profitable club.
        i seriously pray/wish that kroenke new stadium cost continue to inflate so he is forced to sell arsenal shares to either usmanov or dangote. he is surely using arsenal as an asset for his 1b loan.

        COME ON, ground issues, technical issues, workers strike or family/person issue anything to take that leech off our club.

  6. Lorde Bent_na

    Surely Sanchez is being sold
    rather than be let go
    on a free next season
    We have Lacazette as his replacement.
    Maybe he is being offered a contract
    extension with a massive salary.
    Still 160 mins till the window closes.

    1. bran99

      Laca as Sanchez’s replacement? Better buy Draxler or Mahrez, true wingers who could put in crosses, assists and some beautiful goals of their own.. but with Wenger’s old rotten mind, Welbeck will be the replacement, average wingers to add to average midfield, Everton is even better than us, most teams now are better

  7. Ronny

    Madness all of it!
    We lose ox where did gibbs start his career and what is he not good at abd good at?
    Answer: winger, bad at defending but quick and good at attacking and crossing.

    Where could you buy a fast 27yo winger for 7m?
    A cb for 10m, Gabriel?

    But don’t worry Jack and Santi will be like 2 new signings! Lol
    Joking apart kept fit those 2 could be massive for us in the mf this season.
    Is what it is.
    Just hope we can eat sanchez on board because he’s staying and as much as that worries me until January at least he’s ours.

    Got feel for lemar apparently he said I can’t make a huge decision like arsenal on the last day just before a match.
    We really are muppets, why not push the city bid for yesterday and give lemar another that is unless we knew of course he’d no! Conspiracy theory.
    All bidding today for 92m did instead of appease the fans made more frustrated that we don’t know what we’re doing and the rest of the pl will be laughing at us as usual.

    Stay strong until January and use that window if we need to.
    # sanchez please behave!

    1. gmv8

      To be honest it would’ve felt like someone saying everythings ok with Lemar coming in, and then being kicked in the stomach with Sanchez going to city

  8. Durand

    Arsenal made £7 million! Another £40 million on ox, and schez also! Damn the LA Rams are going to have a sweet stadium and put Emirates to shame!
    With Rams new stadium they can compete with top NFL clubs now for the top talent.
    Watching our dictator (wenger) tumble has been long time coming. His arrogance, stubbornness, and refusal to relinquish power proceeded his fall.
    We’ll find out what Kronke loves more, money or wenger. Wonder how long Le Fraud lasts as manager when the club bleeds money every week.
    No excuses for the stink about the club, wasted window at best

  9. bran99

    selling on cheap hoping buying will be cheap as well, but his salary ain’t cheap.. fook the old man and his bosses

    Why won’t this American guy hire Wenger in one of his teams in the US? He keeps dragging down our beloved club

    1. Durand

      Because here in the states wenger would not last 20 years like he did at arsenal. St. Louis Rams were s#!t for several years and Kronke finally fired head coach from immense fan pressure.
      Kronke still did not invest in Rams only cashed checks, nothing changed.
      Kronke used public funds (taxes) to help fund stadium and the fans he continued to ignore.
      So the fans went after the politicians who agreed about spending public tax dollars for stadium, and BOOM results. Politicians got after Kronke so he got outta town quick and took the Rams with him

  10. dboy

    I don’t think the London fan base realise what deep crap we are in. The purchase of Lemar was only to get season tickets sold. It works like a bomb every year. As long as we have Kroenke; Wenger; Red Army and the Black Scarf Movement we are going nowhere. Fans should dismantle the RA and BSM first in order to get Kroenke out and ultimately Wenger. Those that bought season tickets must be feeling like monkeys right now. #2moreyears!!

  11. HA559

    This Window proves that Wenger is a liar. All summer he said Sanchez was staying and it’s become clear now that they were ready to offload afterall once another key player was signed. However Lemar move didn’t materialise.

    1. Turbo

      I’m sure that line will come up if it hasn’t already for Wilshere & Chambers, and hopefully they will perform when given the chance. Joel is off again, to Betis. He’s become quite the world traveler now, hasn’t he!

    1. Turbo

      Wow, that’s really Arsenal luck there. Good news is he was able to continue in the match, hopefully he is okay?!

  12. i was a gooner

    people, its not that bad. high expectations kept us desperate. nothing happened. its ok
    we finished last season 5th.
    now we got lacazette & Kolasinac.
    deadwoods out of emirates.
    alexis in & he will respect that.
    now in Arsene’s hand- do or die, hope this isn’t my final season as a gooner.

    1. dboy

      Brace yourself mate. You ain’t seen nothing yet. This Arsene we have been warning people about for last five years is still taking us lower than last season. If only people would wake up.

  13. John0711

    Ramsey calls the club a shambles on hit twitter account then deletes it

    And Kos, giroud and Lacca try and convince Lemar to join
    One to increase the quality but also I believe to get rid of Sanchez
    I love Sanchez as a player but maybe he’s had issues that have caused too many enemies


    WENGER HAPPY with his transfer business in this window. I Don’t believe that Wenger had any intention of spending £ 92m on Lemar it was all smoke and mirrors from Wenger. He said that by keeping Sanchez show’s his intention to win the Premiership. HA HA the man is more deluded than I thought all the big clubs will wipe the floor with us.Mr Wenger when you look in the Mirror what the Hell do you see you mad man. Wenger and Co out. PS I love watching deadline day on sky but with Arsenal finished buying I am off to Bed.

  15. Ronny

    I don’t watch arsenal tv much but I gather ox is always on there fooling around
    I’ve just seen the short video of him rubbing the Liverpool shirt badge and and smiling proper cheesy!!

  16. Elkaissi

    Its really getting better as koscelny gets injured in France game…. Thank you Wenger for ruining out Arsenal.

  17. Ronny

    Maybe sanchez has had problems so upset the players??
    Are you kidding there’s no maybe about!
    From the day Ramsey gesticulating to sanchez when he didn’t get the ball and sanchez told him to f off clearly, not celebrating at Bournemouth with giroud, getting subbed at the end of a game and showering a leaving the dressing room before its over and so on.
    Great player and I loved him when he came in but he’s trouble and an immature diva.

    Got to be frustrating though when your a Porche and your out for a drive with your mates who are all sodas!

    1. John0711

      Agree Ronny which is why i wish we had sold him, we may miss his talent but it may lead to better team spirit

  18. Lagos Gunner

    To rub salt on injury, our main target that we failed to sign… Lemar just scored an absolute screamer on deadline day!

    Thank you Wenger for ruining all your legacies, I WILL NEVER REMEMBER YOU FOF GOOD, NEVER!!!

  19. John0711

    two different rumours at the moment
    1 we agreed a fee of 92 m for lemar and lemar turned it down

    2 we agreed the 92m fee as long as city spent more on Alexis which they didnt so we pulled the plug- ormenstine

    1. ZA_Gunner

      1) I think the Sanchez move depended on getting a replacement irrespective whether it be Lemar or someone else.

      2) It is true we were linked to Lemar this transfer season because there has just been too much media to deny. The problem is we did not act decisively and quickly in the market, allowing other clubs to pick up Monaco’s players first hence putting them in stance where they are not inclined to sell. Perhaps we didn’t even put down and bid a realistic price in the first place. It comes as no surprise cause we are a club that has a pittance of a budget as well as being meagre when it comes to spending. Someone mentioned on here earlier that we should have just thrown in 50 million, an amount making it hard to refuse, at the start of the transfer window. Now he is now worth at least 60 million.

      1. Daudinho

        Now mourning about Ox & Gibbs but still wonder why loan out Campell then stick on Welbeck. Very pathetic!!

  20. waal2waal

    the first we went in for lemar we tried 30m then 40m then mid 40m (or a figure near to it) then all of a sudden we try 90m+ which shows that our tacit approach to transfers is disingenuous and its an approach thats all wrong. whoever’s directly responsible directing arsenal transfer activity needs sacking. they had weeks and weeks to get it right but instead chose to wait till the window was as good as closed before making an acceptable bid. by that time rivals were involved and any interest in us had already burned out.

    As the saying goes “if you snooze you….? an the official execs at afc are half-aslee …zzzzz (snore)

  21. T2T

    Why all this negativity? We got last season’s best LB in the Bundesliga and Lacazette. ‘Everyone’ was screaming for a top class CF and we got one while keeping Giroud. We still have our core – we’ve kept Sanchez. To me, it’s not about money but all about quality players. We have a very good GK with an excellent back up. Our quintet of CB in Mustafi, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Holding and Chambers are, as a group, top class. Our RB is one of the best around with an exciting 17 year old as back up. Our LBs Monreal and Kolasinac – again very good. Where we probably lack som world class is in CM. When Cazorla is out, we look a little light. Play,asker – he’s good and funnily enough, those who actually know about managing football clubs rate Özil. Up front; Lacazette, Sanchez, Welbeck, Giroud, Walcott – another excellent quintet.
    This has been a good window – not great, but we’ve gotten what we needed. I would’ve loved to see VVD, Lamar, Messi, Neymar,… but it’s not bad. Now, AW, need to get the players to play as a TEAM.

  22. Milton John

    A big salute to Lemar because what Arsenal fans couldn’t do all these years was done by him by ignoring Wenger and Arsenal. Evans and Chamberlain did their part also very well. Let’s hope this is gonna the eye opener for all those greedy people in the arsenal board. One best and last thing fans can do for the change is by boycotting all the home and away games until the required change is happened from now on.

  23. Turbo

    Lots of things to get upset about from this transfer window, Gibbs is not one that especially troubles me. Kolasinac, Monreal, and Iwobi are all capable in that spot as needed. Good for Gibbs, hopefully he gets some regular playing time. I think he is quality enough to be a solid player, just nothing dramatically special.

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